Sunday, February 19, 2017


As I got up yesterday(Saturday) morning, the immediate thoughts were..

'All the week I struggled at my work answering the unending questions of the Boss, taking inevitable rebukes from the Customer and working invariably beyond the normal hrs even though everything was well planned in the week beginning..

Let me at least stop that meticulous planning and constant taking care of things for these 2 days and thus relax!'

Instantly from the distant loud speakers, I heard the recitation of Sloka 5, Chapter III (The Karma Yoga) of Srimad Bhagavad Gita with meaning explained in parallel..

'Na hi kascit ksanam api jatu tisthaty akarmakrt
karyate hy avasah karma sarvah prakrti-jairgunaih'

  • 'One cannot remain without engaging in activity even for a moment; Every one is helplessly driven by actions endowed with the qualities borne of materialistic nature!'
I suddenly got impressed by the Truth revealed right at that point of time, quickly got up, readied myself and moved to the Venue to get clarity on what actually I should do in my life.. As soon as I came out of my home, Sloka 19 was heard on the loud speakers with the meaning explained which straight away clarified my the then doubt..

'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purusah'
  • 'Therefore Without attachment without interruption perform prescribed actions.. By performing prescribed actions alone a person achieves the highest good!'
No doubt I was clarified on my course of action a 100% but soon got another doubt there in respect of the meaning of the Message..
  • 'For a day stop that all meticulous planning and constant taking care of things and be at peace!'
As I reached the Venue, the Narrator just then finished his discourse and few people were seen asking him some questions.. I patiently waited there for my turn and when that came up, I humbly asked Him my doubt.. The Narrator smiled at me and repeated the Sloka 18 of the same Chapter with it's meaning which I missed in my hurry of coming to the Venue..
'naiva tasya krtenartho nakrteneha kascana
na casya sarva-bhutesu kascid artha-vyapasrayah

  • In this world a man of no purpose is neither gained by discharge of actions nor any sin is incurred by non-discharge of actions and among all living beings never he/she needs to depend on anyone!' 
He further advised me to first to look into the essentials works in front of me for the day thru' minimum planning and beyond just remain calm without getting into too many imposing involvements!

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  1. It was a nice read. got reminded of these gems of wisdom.

    1. That's nice of you to say so Durga Prasad.. Thanks for the same!

  2. As always , a wonderful and wise post!

  3. Without attachment working , needs lot of practice. Nicely written...