Sunday, March 19, 2017


A Great Saint in His Monastery used to conduct daily discourses and prayers with many devotees around Him.. One devotee used to come in time, sit from beginning to the end of the program, do his prayer and then only leave the Place.. He had a weakness with him and the other disciples repeatedly reminded the Saint that the man's presence made the place unholy..

One day the Saint smilingly told the disciples, “I see daily this man dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed sitting in full attention till the end of the program.. Why don’t you open up and learn this discipline from him which I presently see missing in you?” thereby conveying me the message that

  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my comparisons! 
A night watchman on his usual rounds at night used to shout, 'Hoshiyaar.. Jagte Raho' All used to wake up, check the doors and after a while go back to their sleep.. A Great Personality too doing that suddenly thought one night, “Am I sleeping in my life?” The next moment he opened the door, came out of the house and moved towards the forest to meditate and attain Realization thereby conveying me the message that
  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my easy life! 
As a crow got a piece of meat, flew to a tree branch to eat the same, a dozen crows attacked it.. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack but the other crows never left it.. Finally it dropped the piece to ground and stayed at peace on the branch as the chasing crows went after the piece fighting within themselves.. Seeing this, a Sage meditating below the tree firmed up, “The only way to be at Peace in this world is to drop the attachments with me!" thereby conveying me the message that
  • Better I leave the comfort zone of my ownership! 
When I thus force myself out of my comfort zone, the world starts looking different to me with the process of elevation starting in me..


  • Expressing myself to what I am within
  • Understanding my next man which hitherto was nil in me as I was ready to explode at the slightest discomfort
  • What exactly I am destined to be in this life thru' a certain sacrifice thus truly elevating myself in the eyes of Almighty!
Don't we want this precious jewel of discrimination with us in our life by saying a firm 'No' to the comfort zone with us?

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  1. Beautifully written Sir, with the examples you have made it easy to understand 'out of my comfort zone"

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the appreciation.. Love the comment!

  2. Beautiful post, Sir. Loved reading it :)