Monday, March 20, 2017


A man of mid thirties planned to make his house and when asked said,
  • “Just a small house for my living for the rest of my life!” 
A decade passed and when enquired on the news that he booked another Flat in a Housing Complex, the answer was..
  • “Yes! You know, I need some modest earnings through renting as I have no pension!"
Another decade passed and he was heard of buying some land..
  • “I got some monies by selling off my ancestral property.......”
was his the then reply.. Just before retirement he was seen negotiating with a Builder.. When enquired he said,
  • “Yeah! Before my energies taper off, I decided to sell the site I purchased years back and make a small house for the benefit of my children!” 
But at 65 too people heard him of being quite active.. When enquired he said,
  • “As my old house needed many repairs, I thought of bringing it down and make just 4 flats it's place.. In one I can live and the rest......."
He was soon 70.. On a Sunday morning, a friend visited him at home and as he enquired on his the then activities at his age, the man replied..
  • “Now a days I'm not able to move much but 8 yrs back had I taken the right decision and purchased the same present Apartment Complex in one of the Metropolitan Cities............."
Exactly at that moment from distant loud speakers, Sloka 12 of Bhaja Govindam was distinctly heard being recited with the meaning explained by the side..

dinayaaminyau saayam praatah
shishiravasantau punaraayaatah
kaalahkriidati gachchhatyaayuh
tadapi na mujncatyaashaavaayuh!

daylight and darkness, dusk and dawn,
winter and spring (do) come and go,
time plays and life ebbs away (sure)
but the storm of desire leaves never (the man)!

Keyword: desire