Sunday, March 5, 2017



to go to be freed from the present... At last I can breath my own air of freedom then.. But.. Whatever be it.. I can never forget all those who are responsible for my this state today and I've my own plan of punishing them.. Till then I won't rest.. People don't know who am I within when roused!"

I was fuming within.. The Inner Consciousness gently asked..

"What are you saying? Don't you know because of such thoughts alone you got into this presently?" 

I retorted back..

"Whatever, I don't care.. How can I forget all that happened to me? I'm not a fool here to keep quite.. I can't let them go off.. Tell me.. What else I should do now after I get out of this rut? Go and touch their feet?"

The Inner Consciousness reminded..

"I'm not asking you to do that.. Can you just  be aware of the total turmoil you had undergone till date from a certain time when all these looked normal?"

I explained 1:1..

"Yeah.. I know.. In the beginning it was all rosy and everywhere there were smiles.... I thought it's cool situation and thus relaxed for a while.. And without my own knowledge, things started speaking different..

I could have easily brought the situation under perfect control had I paid a little extra attention in the right time.. That's where I have done the wrong calculation.. Unfortunately, as I further relaxed a bit more, things just went out of control!"

The Inner Consciousness questioned..

"So basically you agree that you erred.. Then why talk of others now? Tell me why did you relax beyond foregoing the care required in time?"

I pleaded..

"Yeah.. I know that was my weakness and these people knew where I could be pinned down.. Tell me why at all they should do this even though partly I was at fault?"

The Inner Consciousness firmly asked..

"Leave that now.. Your present interest should be not to do all those mathematical calculations.. It's not your job on this earth and there is a Higher Order which controls that.. Being 100% equipped yourself as a human being, why did you let lose this weakness?"

I had no say there.. The Inner Consciousness concluded..

"Whatever, you are now blessed with the quality of discrimination with you as the right weapon to wage this war against the single enemy pride in you all along driving out from you the attitudes of

  • Taking things easy, 
  • Getting into an endless enjoyment mode and 
  • Constantly hovering over the lower aspects of life thru' a grabbing tendency!
Go ahead steadily and replace the above weaknesses in you with these strengths Viz.,
  • Ever Alertness, 
  • A sincere Service to Humanity and 
  • A Meditating Attitude on the Higher aspects of life thru' certain Sacrifice 
and thus rise thru' Humility within..


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  1. As always, a post with a natural flow strewn with wisdom .:)

    1. Thanks Kokila for the appreciation.. That's so nice of you to say so!