Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The conversation between 2 men went on thus..

“I get invariably a few dreams when I sleep!”
“So nice! Are they sweet dreams?”
“No! Most of the time they turn out to be bad dreams only!”
“Oh, I see! But it’s OK.  Any dream is always worth having it!”
“Not bad dreams alone.. Some of them are very bad dreams!”
“Is it so?”
“Yes! And of late, these bad dreams are turning out to be nightmares too!”
“Oh, I see! Strange!”
“And some of these nightmares are too scary. When I wake up from such dreams, I'll be almost shivering and sweating!”
“Oh! My God! Are they so bad?”
“Yes.. Really so.. Don't you dream in your sleep?”
“How nice.. You are really a lucky man!”
“Actually, not so!”

“I’ve a chronic Sleep Problem. Most of the times I don't sleep and even if I sleep for a short time too, it's just a disturbed one always!”

Thus for a man, his own problem may look very big and he may be under the impression that the rest of the world is happily doing their jobs and living their life in spite of the fact many times the man next to him is having a greater problem at the same instant in the same direction..

Such a specific outlook is called cynical approach where in the impression forever with me would be, 

‘Every one, every where all the time is happy and I am alone forever left out to be unhappy!’

But let me look at myself once closely..

  • Being born in a good family,
  • Brought up by lovable parents, 
  • Ever surrounded by siblings and close family members,
  • Having made use of the education facilities around to an optimum level,
  • Having got into a job with certain earnings and
  • Thus settled in life at the back of reasonable good health and well-being with may not be the best of everything but sure the average of many I'm much, much better off..

And instead of constantly getting worried that 

My glass is largely empty, 

Let me feel happy that 

What is full is good enough for me 

With a further feeling that the Almighty truly bestowed upon me these certain plus for making use of in the right way so that I can bring up myself to a level with a few more added to it wherein I continue my life at a decent level and become useful to those who lack that basic life!'

Should I straight away embrace such a vibrant life very much feasible for me at this moment or go on condemning myself endlessly for not getting/having something with me in this life?

.. My wisdom alone will truly answer this!

Keyword: Rethinking 


  1. So inspiring & true words sir :-)
    Count your blessings :-)
    Good wishes