Sunday, May 21, 2017


When on an occasion warned that the enemy was too powerful and could straight do a certain damage, the Great Man smiled and said,

  • "They may torture me or they may kill me.. Nothing more they can do.. And I'm ready for both!"
On another occasion, when the enemy warned Him that they could take away His possessions, He further said,
  • “You may take away anything from me but not my Will Power!” 
Such an indomitable courage of facing the ultimate threat is sure never with me this day and I'm truly far away from this type of assertion. So to say, it's definitely an ideal situation with respect to me as that 'Divine Strength' is/was never with me.

It indirectly means.. I can never challenge at that level and not even much, much the lower level and if at all I do so at any time, that's only under a fit of emotion, that will never stand the test of time and sooner or later I would sure be overpowered.

But it never means that I'm not for that and a trial by me in that direction should never be avoided as there alone always lies my true strength in this world. In front of such a trial, my money and my power are always less and the trial is much superior in that way. And this particular trial is definitely in a different direction of normal living well known to me.

In this activity, I start negating all that in front and start questioning constantly that with the powerful tools with me Viz;

“Why, What, Where, When, Who, Which and How?”

Such an Investigation is truly timeless and in front of that, the life span is far less.. Here the destination is never visible but the resistance from the world is continuous at simmering levels but no despair, the Goal is certain.

Further, the world constantly mesmerizes and at anytime when I am amused by the same, the Elevation Process halts temporarily. That's the true 'Block' to progress in this Path.

If that happens I alone have to realize, get up from where I am and once again start moving ahead with all steadfastness towards the Eternal Happiness. This Path, by itself is ever Blessed with the Joy of its own that would truly be firming up my faith to move further in this direction towards the Ultimate!

But no despair as that alone is the ultimate way to happiness, this moment even though I am far away from this strength, I shouldn't deter and never leave the matter but continue with a feeling within..

“I am bigger than you!"

and with a undaunted faith sing within myself endlessly..

“We shall overcome
We shall over come
We shall overcome some day
Oh, deep in my heart,
I do believe
We shall overcome, someday

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