Saturday, May 6, 2017


It's not just one quote here but the 2 quotes together interwoven alone seem to make my life full and invariably I have to say the 2 quotes of the Great Saint together Viz.,

  • 'Truth is as hard as rock but simultaneously is as soft as butter!' 

  • 'Like the mother who leaves her child to play, the Almighty leaves His devotees when they are amused around but like the same mother who runs and embraces her child the moment the child loses interest in play and cries for her, the Lord too takes His devotees into His Fold the moment help is sought with all sincerity!'
And the two instances quoted in our Sacred Books in respect of these 2 Quotes go thus..
  • When King Yudhisthira with all humility asked the Lord what to do if the toughest situation surfaces, Lord Krishna gave him a folded Write-up and asked him to open only when the situation would become the toughest. At one point of time, the situation was felt by the King as the toughest and when he opened the Write-up, a message was seen there Viz.. 
'Even this will pass!'

  • When the mighty Elephant King Gajendra relaxing in his favorite waters was suddenly caught by a huge crocodile, the next moment the powerful King found that all his power, strength and stamina were nothing in the situation. But not losing heart with a deep devotion, as he instantly prayed to Lord Vishnu in total surrender, 
The Lord the next moment moved from His Abode unprepared, reached the spot and relieved the Elephant King from the clutches of the ferocious crocodile!

In our life tense moments do come and go and there is a definite agony and confusion during that period with no meaning to the on-going eternal pursuit of issues in front all the zeal suddenly becoming zero with no energy to move a step forward.

But that's never the end. Hold the breath, wait patiently doing the required for the moment. Suddenly a flash would be seen sooner or later. And here patience alone is the virtue and nothing else. A ray of hope with the beginning of a set of new activities and new challenges to face. In fact, life would be seen not really that much hopeless as appeared earlier.

Further to this, the right actions would be very much seen in front with a message that the earlier pursued wrong actions had to be braked and the energies had to be diverted towards the 'Right.' 'Do the Best Possible' is the Message attached therein.. With such a Sacred Message, the moments would become live and vibrant again with the world looking all green and friendly.

  • As long as the pride over takes me with a feeling that I am everything, the Almighty leaves me to my play with the Truth appearing to me like a hard rock.. But when I realize there and become humble with a feeling that 'He is All!', instantly the Lord is with me like the mother with her child and my tough moments pass with the same Truth in front of me seen like the soft butter!
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  1. Quite an insightful post, Sir. Lots of wisdom.

    1. Thanks Ravish.. Love the comment.. And the Message here in total helps in every movement of our life!