Tuesday, June 13, 2017


“It appears that God is unfair to me. Many times what I plan would happen exactly the opposite leaving me sad in my life.

I regularly pray to God,
I am all the time devotional,
Further, I do many good things in life and
I am simple and humble.

Still the Almighty is not kind to me. I don’t know why my life is like this!”

thus used to say a man of mid thirties very often!

An elderly well-wisher happened to be a man of wisdom observed him for quiet sometime and at length decided to correct the man. Accordingly, one evening he met him and started enquiring about his well-being. Soon the man started talking in his own way. The elderly simply said,

“Look my dear! For a minute, I wish to ask you some questions which you have to answer me honestly directly. Are you OK with this?”

“Yes, Sir.. Sure I will!”

  • “Have you not got your birth as descendent in the family tree of yours of which you are proud today?”
"Yes Sir! Why this question now? I love my ancestry like anything!”
  • “Don’t you like your parents?”
“What like them? I just worship them. What's that they haven't given me in my life?”
  • “How do you like your siblings?”
“They are the dearest to me; I work a lot for them and ready to give them the best always!”
  • “Do you love your Mother tongue?”
“Sir, my Mother tongue is the sweetest language ever known to me in the world!”
  • "Don't you like your Native Town?"
"I'am proud to call my self one born in my Town!"
  • “Are you not a proud man of this great Country?”
“I Salute here!”
  • “Are you not happy of your own ‘Self’ comprising your physique, mental capabilities, well-being etc?”
"Yes, I love myself without a doubt!”

"Now tell me.. Whether God had truly given you all the above in your favor or just given them and you yourself are feeling happy with all that?"


“Then why are you stopping there alone? Why don't you start taking further to that the situations too favorable or unfavorable that come to you as His Gift to you, live thru' them in the right way and just remain happy and contented instead of craving only for the favorable ones?


“Dear, let us forget all this type of grumbling, get up and first thank the Almighty for all that He had given/ready to give us without asking..

A sincere Daily Prayer and living our life with all humility forever being ready to return to Him through a Service to His Creation around 
covers this without a second word. 

This Act of Gratitude is always required from me who is really much better off in life on this earth one way or the other compared to the many have nots around.

Don't you feel that leaving this, continuing living your life through the unending murmurs and asking for extras forever is really a sin?”

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  1. True! While running behind the things we want, we forget to be grateful for the things we have. I wrote on similar lines sometime ago, do give it a read http://www.nehatambe.com/perceptions/

    1. Yes.. You said it right.. And further some of the issues on which I have absolute no control, I take it as is without any murmur with a true inner satisfaction too. Where, there appears a chance alone, I get into murmuring expecting the best there. A control here over my mind with an understanding that so much is enough in this life will surely be the right support in such cases.. Thanks for the good observation here and right now am going to the link you mentioned!