Sunday, June 11, 2017


“I sincerely do the jobs given to me at my work and that way there is no complaint from any quarter. But of late, I'm noticing that many works are pouring out on my table thru' the Boss and thru' the Hierarchy above him either directly or indirectly and because of this happening, I am constantly under pressure with volumes of works pending with me at any point of time.

Of course they too see my difficulty and allow sufficient time for me to do all the works. In that way, today I am in good rapport with all and my job is stable. But many times they too can't help as the jobs need to be done in a specified time and delivered whatever consideration the Bosses may have towards their Sub-ordinates.

Finally, I am tired beyond by the time I go home with no relaxation.. Thus seen, I feel I'm a totally a lost person in such a scenario and at times equally feel helpless!”

“Dear! I understand your predicament and I know how much sincere you are at your work. And I feel very much for you in this context. But still I can say that all this is solely invited by you alone and none else are responsible here for your burden of today!”

“Sir! I am confused!”

“I'll explain! A desire in us sometimes not to get a bad name will bring this type of situation. Truly speaking, you are

  • Simple in living,
  • Master of your Speciality,
  • Artistic in your expression and
  • Rule-bound in all the activities.. 
The best qualities which any Employer would love to have with his/her Employee. But along with these another quality is required which is very much missing in you. That is to say.. You are not
  • Tough..
As you interact and start doing your work. When this toughness lacks in an individual, all the 'Plus' of him/her in no time is made use by others and some times beyond. And if this is not rectified in time, soon it leads to situation you experience.

In case, without the necessary toughness in you from the beginning, if you suddenly refuse to do the job you are asked to you, the other party can never digest that opposition and they naturally get into the usual way of mending people to their line
  • Initially they try to lure you.. 
  • Next step, they question you mildly.. 
  • The next, no doubt they do that with authority.. 
  • And finally they threaten you and beyond may abuse too! 
And with one of the above, they expect you to listen to them. If you refuse even then,

Permanent enmities do surface and none knows in which direction finally it goes..

I say, rise yourself and start being tough where required. The problem is only simmering now and this pull back is very much required in your case..

You may be thinking that you are 'SMART' at your work but please remember.. As of now you are only 'SMAR' all along and unless 'T' joins here, it never makes you the complete man at work!"

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  1. True that sir!
    I myself face the same problem:Cant' say "NO" & it certainly has got me into a lot of troubled yet eventually satisfying situations. Like you said , We human beings can't stand the idea of not being considered "Good" by our peer group. We do require approvals inorder to make ourselves feel good/happy/satisfied about ourselves. That's how we are & that is indeed the sole reason for our sufferings.
    Thought provoking post , sir.
    Very well written.:)

    1. Thanks Nikhil! You have expressed the meaning behind my Posting so well with your personal experience... What you said is right.... We gain one way but lose the other way.... Good Analysis!

  2. This want to always impress no matter what the consequences really leads us down a slippery slope. We keep doing stupid things, participating in gossip and slander to make sure we look 'cool'. It's tough to say no for the fear of being an outcast and yet it is definitely a thing we all need to learn.

    Congratulations on being the top post for today on Indiblogger. I had fun reading your post.

    1. That's nice to say so, Aparna.. You have rightly said the point here once again.. Yes.. It's a problem many times in our life but no despair, if we firm up we sure can reduce the impact of it if not the total.. Thanks for the appreciation.. Happy to know that you liked it!