Wednesday, July 12, 2017


3 young men once approached a Saint in an Ashram and requested Him to accept them as His disciples.. The Master gave them a 'Single Instruction' to complete a particular task and report to Him after a fortnight on the progress. All the 3 moved on accordingly, spent that time on the task assigned and at length returned. The 1st young man said,

“Reverend Sir! I couldn't exactly do the job you asked a 100% but completed in a limited way!"

The Master said,

  • "You could have at least done to the level I advised!" 
The young man replied,

"I was afraid of the consequences of doing thus!”

The Master looked at the 2nd one.. He said,

“Reverend Sir! I could do the job you asked a 100%!"

The Master said,

  • "You could have done a little more than I advised!" 
The young man replied,

"I was afraid of the consequences of doing thus!”

The Master looked at the 3rd young man.. He said,

“Master! I started doing the job you asked me to do. But soon I was convinced of a better way of doing there with a certain associated risk and as I couldn't do anything less in that context, I firmed up and completed the job in that direction!"

The Master said,
  • "But I never asked you to do all that!"
The young man replied,
  • "I agree but my intuition propelled me to do in that way and I could never say 'NO' there!"
The Master instantly accepted the 3rd young man as His disciple. The 2nd one protested saying that he did exactly in the way the Master asked him to do but still was not taken as His disciple. The Master smiled and said,
  • "Forever ready to do something beyond setting aside one's own fears as well as the inhibitions all along giving importance to the intuition within is the primary characteristic of a person in the line of spirituality and one who aspires to be in that line better exhibit this quality before entry into the related Institution.. 
  • And this fine way of doing our actions in a better way truly to say has an 'Infinite Depth.' An Evolved Soul alone can see at that 'Infinite Depth' where in all actions cease into a totally 'Action less State!'
  • For all others who are not at that level, continuing doing the ordained duties with them to the best of their abilities alone is the safeguard in their life till more Clarity comes through the decent of 'Grace of Lord' which is part of 'The Divine Plan in this Universe!'”
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  1. Such a wonderful life lesson for everyone. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Sir. 😊

    1. Thank you Saumy.. A nice appreciative Comment on the Post.. Love the same!