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*** When the Contemporary Philosopher was approached by the grieving lady who requested Him to help her bring back her dead husband alive as she could not cope up with the separation, the Great Man remarked,

  • "Can you please tell me which husband of yours you want alive?"
Stunned with His questioning, the lady looked at the Philosopher not able to make out the meaning of His asking thus.

The Great Man said,

  • "Your husband from the time he was born on the earth to the time he passed away was sure a different individual at every moment of his life. I want to know which of these infinite personalities you want in front of you at this moment?"
The lady instantly understood that as change is an ever green aspect of one's life, death automatically becomes one instance of that change and yearning for constancy there indirectly has no meaning ultimately. That soon made her feel light and helped her freeing herself partly of her grief.

*** When the grieving mother approached the Lord asking him to bring back her succumbed child and take off her pain, the Great Saint asked her to fetch a handful of mustard seeds by borrowing from any house which never witnessed sorrow in the times known.

The lady instantly moved from house to house to get the item asked by the Lord. People were ready to relieve her pain by lending their mustered seeds but when informed of the other condition there, every one expressed their own limitation there as sure they experienced certain sorrow in their life thru' the separation of one of the family members.

  • She finally returned empty handed but no doubt with a better understanding that death is common to all those born which truly balances the existing ecology 'as is' around!
*** When Prince Yudhisthira was asked a final question by Lord Yaksha,

"What is the strangest part of man's living on the earth?"

He instantly answered,
  • "What is born is sure to die in this world. Strangely, man forgets this Truth very much in front every moment, continues his thinking that he is permanent here and thus lives his life!"
Whenever I look at such Great Revelations made by the Great Personalities of Earth from time to time who all along lived a life of Truth, I may temporarily be carried over by that Truth and it may sure appear to me that I could understand this and that's all the living of life with me in front..

Thus a type of emotion sets in me but sure it is temporary and short lived only as my inner nature in no time mesmerizes me that life is permanent on the earth and accordingly I start moving with my activities.

This truly is the Power of Illusion with me and just because something is clear to me at mind level, it never means that I am the embodiment of that Understanding. Thus, all Great Personalities who are/were truly Embodiment of this Truth can sure inspire me in this direction thru' their preachings and living but really can never take me to that Truth level which ultimately I myself alone have to do.

Till that time, the IndiSpire Topic If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?#defeatingdeathforaday

forever remains with me as truth of my own understanding as well as the untruth of my own ignorance and that life I got to live here never able to answer the IndiSpire question with a 100% surety.

No doubt my life should continue at this level thus thru' time in front at the back of nothing but a dedicated and honest work diligently discharging the ordained responsibilities of mine all along which no doubt lessens/partly removes my ignorance in this life paving way for dawn of certain truth which aspect of course again finally is thru' the Grace of Almighty alone..

Thus seen the life in front, let me without an iota of doubt do my job to the best level known to me, offer a sincere Prayer for the Ultimate Illumination and remain in peace!'

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  1. Thought provoking one. We are scared of death I feel.

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