Monday, July 31, 2017



The citizen mused.. 

'I distinctly enjoy a 100% 2 freedoms in my life under the democratic ruling in practice in my country..

The no 1 of that being my freedom of expression in my life! 

When I proceed to talk on any specific issue, the concerned Specialist group challenges me on lack of experimentation from my side.. 

When I talk 'what is what' about any ruling issues, the powerful around stop me from doing that through a threat of physical attack.. 

When I talk of any general issue around, the concerned group invariably stops me from doing that through a threat of litigation.. 

When I try to talk as a representative of my own group, my group Head gives me guidelines on what to talk.. 

I am left with to talk freely only what I learnt in my schooling and feel safe which 
no one objects, no one questions and no one modifies! 

Thus I enjoy my freedom of expression for a full 5 yr term being constantly tossed upon the frying pan from end to the end with the freedom from which end to which end being totally my choice alone when 

The second freedom of mine.. The Right to Vote surfaces!

Here in, I'll be free to elect my Ruling Rep again for getting tossed upon the frying pan for the next 5 yrs but 
Electing the Rep sure saves me from directly falling into the fire below my pan 
As that process indirectly prevents the readily waiting dictator to take over once for all making me lose both the freedoms at one stroke.. 
Else no regrets..

Let the caste/religion based politics be part and parcel of my life!' 

The Post is written in line with the 
Indispire Prompt 

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