Saturday, August 5, 2017

  • No doubt, he was the best friend of my life, many times he came into my life and never he left me a day alone.. 
  • Whenever he was with me, forever he was in great need but never left his smile a single time as he interacted with me.. 
  • He never became impatient just because I was in a hurry and couldn't pay the required attention towards him even though I might have felt irksome to see him daily and a few times might have cursed myself as my patience ran out.. 
  • Wherever I used to go, he invariably happened to follow me forever giving certain specific works to me never keeping me idle.. 
  • He never expected me to treat him in a particular specified/royal way and whatever I could deliver in his case, he used to take it wholeheartedly..
  • I might have not noticed his presence often but ever he was by my side appearing in various styles..
  • He never robbed me, I never became poor in my life just because I constantly helped him and in fact, I was rich the other way..
  • His patience, politeness, obedience and a certain discipline were forever commendable..
  • This life is nothing but a golden chance given to me by the Almighty to serve such a friend and to see myself truly rise in my life and I don't know, how much I really did my portion of duty in this context..
  • Whatever I might have done till date to this my best friend of life is forever less only as God expected me to act sure at my level which is truly given to me to discharge this sacred duty keeping aside all those usual murmurs and protests for a while for not getting something in my life and help this very unforgettable friend of mine..
The 'other man by my side' in my life!

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  1. wonderful illustration on friendship

    1. Thank you very much for the appreciation.. Love the comment!