Saturday, July 29, 2017


That night I was restless.. 

Yes.. I want to help the difficult and less privileged people around me max and bring a meaning to their living in the fastest way.

But I was constantly discouraged here not to overdo and advised to be in the right path.

'That soon made me rage within.. 

Why can't I do a good thing straight away? 

The people are sure stopping me to bring in the faster change; I don't know why!'

‘Give me a magic wand and I will bring a drastic change to the social surroundings the next moment!'
I thought.

Lo.. To my surprise.. 
The next moment the wand was in my hands.
'Yes..This's what I wanted and
None can stop me now from doing what I wanted!'

In no time, 
I wielded my wand with certain numbers in the list and
That change I wanted instantly materialized.
Yeah! Truly a great achievement; isn't it?

What next?

Let me include more and more numbers and bring the great change in their lives.. 
Sure.. That too soon happened in no time..

What next?

Yes.. Include more.. more and more! 

Wait.. What's happening?
Where are those more and more numbers here?
The wand had sure done it's job perfectly and wiped out all those differences in no time..
With no more numbers left and peace ruling everywhere!

But without numbers, what further is there for me to do in this life?
No.. I don't allow it.. I shouldn't allow it!

It's simple.. Let me create the numbers required..
I have the magic wand and I can sure do what I want..
More numbers than earlier!

Suddenly I woke of from my deep sleep..
God.. It was a dream only.. But sure a very bad dream!

The Unbalance in Nature is a fact and no doubt, setting right as much as possible is my task here
But that sacred work ever is thru' 
2 noble traits of me alone with
nothing less and nothing more of it too at any time Viz.,

Lessening my self interest all along and
Putting in my efforts max in the direction required!

They alone bring the true harmony in living by reducing the gap between haves and have nots in this world.. 
And my life should continue thus here all along with a firm belief that

I am not the doer but I do my job well! 

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  1. Loved reading your blog. ☺️

  2. Profound post!
    Anagha From Team Mocktailmommies

    1. Thank you very much for appreciating the message!