Sunday, December 17, 2017


The time was morning 6 AM.. The mobile phone rang up aloud.. 

  • "Hi, Suresh, Yeah! I'm starting in 1 hr and I'll be there by 745. Take 15 minutes extra in case there is any hold up from my side. You should be ready at 8 to straight away get into our work. Don't delay beyond as 
I don't have much time!"

The time was 0715 hrs.. The phone rang up again..

  • "Yes! Vignesh! I'm finishing my work with our Suresh by 9. Take just 10 minutes extra in case it spreads beyond. You should be ready to brief me at 910 last. Don't delay beyond as 
I don't have much time!"

The time was 1030 hrs.. It was an out going call..
  • "Hello! This's Ganesh speaking. How are you, dear? Listen Dinesh.. I'll finish my morning meeting by 12. A max of 10 minutes spill over may be there. Let's have our lunch at 1215. It's so many days since we met. Sorry to say, I've got another appointment at 130. I can just bargain for 10 minutes concession there.. A very important appointment. To tell you openly, these days I'm finding that
I don't have much time!"

The time was 3 PM.. The mobile phone rang..
  • "Hi Veeresh! Today, we've to meet at 3.30 PM. I've got to brief you quickly on tomorrow's program. Come to my Cabin at 330 sharp.... I'll just wait 5 minutes more. Don't come with excuses for delay more than this. I'm too tight and 
I don't have much time!"

The time was 5 PM.. The telephone rang up again..
  • "Hello, Ritesh! Sorry, I am very busy with my work. Running minute to minute.. Today is not possible. If you are coming to me.... OK... OK... Now, don't waste my time on phone. I'm giving you appointment at 530 today. I'll allow just 5 minutes beyond. If you are within that time, done else don't look for me.. I've to move and 
I don't have much time!"

The time was 6 PM.. It was an outgoing call then..
  • "Hello.. Hi, Ramesh! I'm going home. Sorry, I've another work. What? Are you waiting since.........? Yaar.. I told you not to wait for me like this.. For you hrs may not matter, for me minutes do matter. OK! Listen.. Tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp, meet me.. Your grace is just 5 minutes.. If you are there at 806, you won't find me. And don't test my patience.. 
I don't have much time!"

The telephone rang again..
  • "No.. No.. Not at all possible.. Am too tight.. Already full with schedules for the entire week.. Sorry, not possible. Let's see next week..
I don't have much time!"

Immediate to that, it was a brief distant incoming call..
  • "Hello! Ganesh? Dear! You've to come urgently. 'Xxxxxx' is not doing well.. Take a week off from your work and be here by tomorrow morning. Don't delay.. The situation is grim and
"We don't have much hope!"

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    1. Thanks a lot.... There was no Internet for 4 days.... I could not reply!

  2. very heartwarming!
    Time is all about priorities.

    1. Thank you very much.... Sorry for delay in replying....There was no Internet for 4 days!

  3. Fortunately I had time to read this wonderful post!

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    1. This is a satire depicting the way I run round my routine works daily as if there is no breathing time but in a totally new situation demanding my full attention, all the time is with me taken off from those works the next moment without a say.. Thanks for the right comment here on the Post!