Saturday, December 23, 2017


The boy of 14 yrs just cried a little bit..

  • "Do you still cry like a kid? You are going to be an adult in a year or two. Behave like a grown up boy!” 
A well-wisher pointed out instantly..

"The other boy had hit me for not listening to him!"

Felt the boy within tears rolling down his cheeks but afraid to say that out.. Time moved on and he was the then young man of 22. He was just showing off his style and ease..

  • “Hi! What's this behavior? You should be taking up some responsibilities of life at this age. Some of your friends are already doing….....”
He was squarely commented upon..

"What's wrong with me? I wanted to dress up smart.. That's all!"

He murmured.. Time ticked on and he was the then responsible young man of 30s..

  • “The problem with the present day people of your age is that they think themselves as still 20. At your age, I was having so much to do, so many things to answer….”
He was scolded by the worried parent for certain lapses on his behalf..

"You don't allow me to do little on my own.. Every where sermons and sermons only!"

He was seen complaining.. Soon he became a fully responsible and grown man of 40s..

  • “For a man of your age, I should be seeing here, a personality guiding youngsters on crucial issues but…....”
The Boss nicely pulled him down on a day when he acted a bit odd..

"Sir! If you permit me, let me say this.. These people should be firmly told and no guiding and advising will help here!"

Replied the 40 years man very much asserting his actions but hurt within.. Soon that man alone was a good Guide and Mentor in fifties and on a day, he just lost his cool and made a little more noise for a while..

  • “Hello dear! Do you still talk and argue like this even at your age of greying hairs? You should control yourself, man…. Have you seen how others looked at you when you lost your temper….....”
A Senior Colleague cautioned him..

"Yeah! This man too had lost his control the other day.. Now he is advising Me.. Limit to the hypocrisy!"

Vented out the man his anger at Tea time with his colleagues.. Finally, he was a man of matured personality guiding many people on many issues, solving the most crucial problems at work and in life and coolly retired from service on the D day. Post retirement, he was at home for a few days taking rest..

  • “You are not that aged to sit at home doing nothing.. People of your age are doing many things running around with their own plans and schedules.. Your that friend who retired a year ago is very active today and is seen as just 50+.. You too can do…......”
Were soon the words of soft advice from the active family members with 


Reply from him!

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  1. Maybe he really stopped bothering when he was 25 and just went along with the game? :D

    1. These are the general comments from the world as one grows up here towards maturity where in the giving back ultimately zeros down or settles at the lowest! Thanks for the Comment!

  2. Real stories of life, but people nowadays really don't bother what others are saying....especially the young generation...

    1. You said it... But the saying goes in life....'A son may not listen to his father on what he says but sure keeps it safely in his memory and passes it on in total to his child in the right time!' The Right forever stays only Right in this life!

  3. Empathy and understanding is so much in need here.. as we all face all these situations but we never hold back our tongue before saying/sermonising to the other ... no matter of what age , we have a words or two of advice for all....except ourselves !

    1. Rightly said.... If I advise a person in the right way retaining the softness in my saying, the job is well done.... My harshness in advising indirectly shows my authority alone.... But it's truly difficult to be aware of that whenever I advice.... Thanks for leaving such a nice Comment!

  4. Reminded me of the story of the father, son and the donkey with people having varying views on how they should travel from one place to another.
    The unsolicited commentators are best ignored....

    1. Yes, Rajeev.. Really the funny part of our lives as we grow up all along.. As you said, there is a message and there is equally pointing out.. No escape.. One has got to live thru' the situations.. Thanks for a nice observation here!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Swathi for the appreciation.. A nice comment on the Post!

  6. There is a lot to learn from you. I mean it!