Monday, December 25, 2017


The Ruler proclaimed,

  • "Till now, I myself was taking care of your interests in full. I 'm proposing much more efficient system to do this work. Soon you yourself see all that and feel contented!"
An independent Organization soon declared,
  • "We'll do this job on the behalf of Ruler. But without spending nothing can be done. We just charge a nominal fee of 5% of your wealth in that context!"
The earlier Organization which was in that job till then on the behalf of the Ruler said,
  • "Ultimately we only know that job of taking care of your interests and even now we'll be doing that indirectly. Since now we are driven more in this direction, we are planning to charge just 5% of your wealth in this context!"
A Care Taker stepped in between and assured,
  • "All said done, none is sure how the take care is ensured 100%. If something goes wrong in between, we sure help out in that if you are ready to share 5% of your wealth with us!"
One more Care Taker said,
  • "To make it doubly sure, let's too help out here. Just give us 5% of your wealth, the job is done!"
The Group who kept open a lot of avenues for enjoying the life and silently was doing that job suddenly said aloud,
  • "You've a life and you got to live that to your satisfaction. Just say 5% is not yours, we'll make that happen!"
Immediate to that another Group said,
  • "Your peace is sure at stake with all these happenings around as your interests are jeopardized. Just feel that 5% of your wealth is not yours, we take it and provide you sure certain peace!" 
Finally a prominent Authority on Spirituality said,
  • "Ultimately life is Nul as nothing is yours. You come empty handed here and go empty handed. In between why all these tensions? Donate just 5% of your wealth and have guaranteed eternal peace and tranquility for a life time!"
The man quickly calculated. 1/3 of his wealth had to go on all those else he was not sure what was in store for him in future. He thought,

"At leaser 2/3 of my wealth is sure mine now!"

Some one whispered,
  • "That's not the end here. The Ruler is working out a detailed plan of how to permanently take another 1/3 of it on some pretext or the other!"
The man got vexed and said,

"Let all this go.. Finally, I'll be left with at least 1/3 which I can call as my own!"
  • "Life is sure tough with such monies.. You got to take a chance here. I'm the owner of the famous gambling den of the town. Come and play in my den and you may get back all that lost here!"
Said the vicious man with a mischievous smile.

"What, if I lose that 1/3 also?"
  • "Always there are 'Haves' and 'Have nots' in this world. In no time you'll fit in one of the categories and life around goes to perfection as usual without a say!"
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  1. Nice satire. I can relate some of the entities with the commonly known ones.

    1. You are very right, Somali.. Nothing stops the Rulers from going ahead with their plans at any time in their ruling time.. Thanks for the good observation on the Post!