Sunday, December 24, 2017


Call it a fiction or non fiction it really didn't matter to me all these years, as I read one Great Book in my life from end to end, myself all along noticing that the problems in general I experience in life are no problems at all, in fact the sum total of all those problems together is alone called 'My Life' on this earth and I only mistook them to be problems..

Thus this one Great Book had taught me the true spirit of living at the back of various problems of life..

With a smile,
With an attitude of service to humanity,
With a feeling of identifying with Cosmic Oneness where in the phenomenon merges with noumenon!

In time as it is said,

'Truth is stranger than fiction',

Those glimpses of Truth alone brought a glow to my other wise dull life forever showing me a path wherein..

'I am made to see a problem as not a problem but task in front throwing away part of my ignorance and thus rise in my life as I start dismantling the endless walls of selfish expression I built around and make way for a service attitude enter my life non stop thereby finding a greater meaning to my life day after day thru' the sub-genre therein Viz;

'The Selfless Actions'

with the 2 Slokas of the Great Book Viz., Srimad Bhagavad Gita  ever conveying what to do in a crisis situation 
(Verse 14 Chapter II and Verse 19 Chaper III) thus..
'matra-sparshas tu kaunteya sitosna-sukha-duhkha-dah
agamapayino’nityas tams titiksasva bharata'

'The mere contact of Senses as is, O Son of Kunti, cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain. They come and go and they are impermanent. Endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata!'


'tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara
askto hy acaran karma param apnoti purasah'

'Without attachment, without interruption perfectly perform prescribed actions since by performing those actions a person achieves the highest good!'

Perfectly befitting my problem and the very much needed solution therein..

Thus inspired, I read in the whole year of 2017 only this Sacred Book and that I read it daily if not full partly without fail.

And I as read this Book daily, there isn't a single day I got the same message as the earlier day one as each day, it was different forever inspiring me with certain new energy and an unknown inner strength.

That way seen, I can definitely ascertain that in 2017, I sure read 358 Books in all till date, one New Book on each day.

The same is conveyed in this Sacred Book towards the end as Prince Arjuna confirms on the new inner strength he got by listening to what Lord Krishna said thru' Verse 73, Chapter 18 thus..

'nasto mohah smrtir labdha tvat prasadan mayacyuta
stito migata sandehah karsye vacanam tava'

'My illusion has been dispelled O Krishna and by your grace realization is restored to me; I am stable (now) and all (my) doubts are removed (as I am gifted with a new strength). I shall (sure) execute your command (at this moment without fail).'

And Sanjaya confirms the new energy he was bestowed upon thru' Verse 76 of the same Chapter thus..

'rajan samsmrtya samvadam imam adbhutam
kesavarjunayoh punyam hrsyami ca muhur muhuh'

'O King! repeatedly recollecting this sacred and wonderful discourse of lord krishna to Arjuna, I rejoice again and again (thru' the ever gifted new energy)!'

The post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt How many books have you read in 2017? Which one has left the deepest impression upon you? Write about it. Has there been one which you'd like to recommend?#Books2017

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