Saturday, January 27, 2018


On the day of his appointment with a total lost feeling when asked the newly introduced-first time- Boss if he could refer all his future problems to him and as the Boss replied with a sweet smile,

  • "Why not dear? You are 100% welcome!",
The then young man of nil work experience and no maturity believed the words of his Boss 100% without an iota of doubt!

On the day when he approached the Boss for permission to leave office early to catch his train and as the Boss said,

  • "Yes, dear! The train is just scheduled at this time to help all our early going people from work!",
The then young man of barely 1 yr work experience felt a bit strange with the Boss reaction as traces of maturity in him sensed something fishy in that talk!

On the day when the GM straight away wrote ‘Not Approved’ on his personal sanction note and subsequently handing over the same the Boss comforted him saying,

  • "Don't worry, dear.. Take it cool and get into your work now.. I know how to help you out in this matter!",
The then man of 5 yrs of work experience pegged his faith in the Boss talk at 50% with a certain sure doubt in what he said!

On the day when another equal Boss who assumed indirect power on him with all sweetness made him do his work for a short time and the Official Boss fuming in anger said,
  • "GM wants a written explanation from you on the dereliction of your duties!",
The then middle aged man of 15 yrs of work experience felt totally directionless for a while but further to that in a short time became an expert in answering all such indirect Bosses with smile!

On the day having asked for additional manpower to complete the new Project, when the Boss humiliated him saying,
  • “Dear! Don't you know that in our company whenever extra hands are required, seniors borrow manpower from their colleagues on mutual basis?” 
He, the then grey haired man of 22 yrs work experience felt sorry for asking thus simultaneously firming up his own course of future action in the matter!

On the day having requested the Boss for a bit long leave to celebrate a life time event and when the Boss said,
  • "What are asking me, dear? You must smartly manage both without going on too much leave!”, 
The well known man with 3 year’s service left out instantly felt for not able to rise to the occasion as by then he was able to understand well the requirement of the Boss and thus moved on with his work!

Finally at the back of such valuable experience,

On the day of his retirement from the company when the Boss said,
  • “Go ahead.. It's your day today!”,
He, the then 100% matured man of around 38 yrs of work experience instantly became speechless with an over flowing emotion within for permanently leaving the so much adored place all those years but the next moment with a shaking tone saying,

"Yes Sure, Sir!",

Picked up and delivered the highly awaited emotional speech perfect fit to the situation non stop at the back of a thunderous clapping from his beloved staff and colleagues!

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