Thursday, March 22, 2018


“Sir! At times, I feel unhappy in the way my parents had brought me up imposing their own ideas of culture, customs and rituals of social life around. Had I not been thrust with those ideas, I would have been relatively sure a free person today..

Because they told me from my childhood to give value to certain of these practices which really have no significance in life, today my entire personality is filled with them and I'm totally chained through that conditioning. I can do nothing about it at this stage and no one else too can help me here..

I understand that certain values are to be stressed by parents upholding truth, honesty, work orientation and family values but not all these meaningless taboos and beliefs!”

“Dear! There's no use of weeping over spilled milk and if you do so and it's never heroism. You should rise, cheer up yourself and start going ahead in your life with the other precious gifts invariably none else other than your parents alone bestowed upon you..


  • For all that had happened in your life so far, your parents alone are not responsible except that they shouldn't have thrust their beliefs on you.. Instead they should have allowed you to express within the limits of social, legal and ethical norms around..
  • They were helpless there and you had no option in front of you at that point of time. But they had given their sweat to you and kept you in society as an individual having your own dignity and freedom a 100%..
  • Why not you do a bit here making use of the status given to you in the society by your parents and try spreading the right message everywhere on lines of truth and reality of life equally bringing laurels to your parents instead of constantly finding fault with them and thus remain in your own cocoon?”
Again remember..

  • The Great Men and Women of the world many times never had great parents. Many had ordinary parents alone and some even couldn't bestow upon their children that what you have today in your life.. 
  • It's the Great Personalities alone that had seen life in front as different, taken the best out of what their parents had given, experienced freedom in their own way irrespective of various cultural and social pressures on them and did the untold good to the world and nothing less!"

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