Monday, March 19, 2018


It was evening hrs.. The child of 6+ had to study for an hr after his evening play.

That day, he was not in a mood to do that. The mom tried to convince him for a while but seeing his relentless mood not to study, she decided to impose her own discipline.

That situation soon lead to an emotional out burst of a cry from the child who appeared to be firm not to study.

All the while, the grandfather was observing the happenings and the helplessness of the boy's mom to make her boy study at that point of time. He knew that such a situation could become too emotional if not controlled in time and thought of making it lighter if possible so that the child did his work happily and the mom kept her cool.

He patted the boy, smiled and said,

"Okay, dear.. If you don't want to study we won't. We'll do what you like to do. Promise!"

"I want to play!"

The little boy said in a crying tone looking at his grandpa..

"Okay, okay..You'll sure play.. But today, You'll not play with your usual play items.. You'll play with your books!"

"Silly.. How can I play with my books?"

"Yes.. There's a way.. Bring your maths, history and geography books. I promise it's play only!"

The child was amused. Instantly, he brought his school bag and took out the 3 books. The grandpa looked at maths text book for few secs and instantly said bringing out an old riddle and his own addition to it,

"Why's the maths book so sad?"

The boy got wondered with what his grandpa had said and looked at him. His mom too was not knowing why her dad asked thus..

"It's very sad.. Do you know the reason? If I tell you, you should promise me to help the book. Nothing more!"

"Sure, grandpa.. I'll help!"

  • "Because it has so many problems, it's very sad. So many problems and no one is solving its problems.. We'll help in solving at least few of them today. Rest we solve slowly over many days. It'll be very happy, okay?"

That funny talk instantly made the child very curious.

"Next, the history book is not caring. Shall we tell it to be more attentive?"


  • "Because all the people it talks of are not there today to question it, isn't it? So it became careless. We'll make it alright.. We'll open the book, I know where it had become careless, we'll read that portion and say aloud to the book, what great works the great people had done to the world and ask the history book to be disciplined, okay?"
The child was too jubilant to listen to his grandpa talk thus..

"The next.. The geography book is very anxious.. You know why?"

"I don't know.. Why?"

  • "It has everything of the world in it and wants to share that with others.. So we'll open the book, read some chapters, take all that for today and make our geography book happy..
If you do all this,
  • The maths book will be happy because it's problems are solved..
  • The history book will be happy because it knows now how to keep up it's discipline..
  • The geography book will be happy because it can share it's treasure with us.. and
  • We'll become happy because we make our books happy!
We'll do this now and then you will have your favorite drink..... I promise!"

"Yesssss...." said the little boy coming to a totally different mood and soon got into the studying mode for the day!

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  1. Nice one and useful tip 👍
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Simple minds are always been a matter of playing for the tricky one....ha ha ha just kidding Sir.

    Your way is really very creative, loved the concepts you have used to convince your grandson.

    1. That's so nice to hear from you, Jyotirmoy.. Yes.. These tricks do help the child do his/her job required at that point of time.. Thanks for the compliment!