Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Sir.. Now a days, I'm not finding any time at all to do my personal works because of too much pressure at work in my Company. My family and people say that I'm not paying necessary attention to them in time. I'm finding myself helpless in meeting both the demands at the same time. Is there a way out here?”

“My dear, I can surely say that you are not very clear on the concept of true working and so this confusion in you. The ten Golden Rules ever to be remembered as I take up my work are..

  • Whatever said and done, my work alone truly supports my basic living all the time not the many other activities which appear to do that..
  • My work starts in youth in twenties and ends with retirement past sixties. All along, it's to be seen as a single entity with me and never in bits and pieces..
  • My job except in very few cases invariably is in buyer's market and the buyer has no time to listen to my stories other than taking the best available in the market..
  • No one truly knows when the work picks up pace and tempo and when that eases in between. I necessarily need to wait for that right time to attend to the important personal works of mine..
  • Leave from my work is just a privilege given to me and never a right bestowed upon at any point of time in my employment..
  • Leave from work should be either for sickness/injury of self or family and to discharge the related core family responsibilities, for meeting social obligations or for personal needs and no other reason has a place here..
  • I can't take the leave off from my work without appropriate permission except in case of exigencies / emergencies as it may affect my Employer's business and can create loss therein which can't be corrected subsequently..
  • Too much of leave taken for any reason in spite of being sanctioned appropriately forever gives a feeling to my employer that I have too many personal problems and hence another one with less problems may do his/her job better in my place.. 
  • Unnecessary leave from my job gives certain leverage to the members of family to take issues easy as additional help is readily available for them making them indirectly less effective and dependent.. 
  • Finally to say.. It may be difficult to understand in depth the concept of work but all other ways of grasping it quickly is nothing but ultimately myself working against me only.. i.e., 

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  1. Very focussed rules, which we need to remind ourselves often.

    1. Thanks Smriti for such an appreciative comment on the Post!

  2. Nice rules that employees need to keep in mind.