Saturday, October 13, 2018


Broadly speaking, I would be fitting into one of the 3 psychologies mentioned below as I make use of various gadgets around me..

** Let me struggle and do many jobs myself with simple tools, save the hard earned monies and thus lead a simple life rather than endlessly go round so many gadgets available around me which promise wonders in my life but ultimately I'll be there where I was..

In the process, I truly remain nearer to God given Nature 'as is' never tampering that a bit!

** Let me make the max use of every gadget in the market I can afford, thus expand and lead a comfortable life with me to the brim..

In the process, I would be enjoying the one life given to me on the earth a 100%!

** Let me use the gadgets available in the market for a better and energy saving life with me and in turn let me use those saved energies of mine for the betterment of the world..

In the process, I very much optimize my energies simultaneously taking care of no damage to the God given Nature around and use those energies not for my enjoyment and self satisfaction but truly for Serving a Cause around me!

Various levels of thinking exist between these broadly divided psyches in the world with varied opinions such as

  • So many gadgets are really not needed for me to lead this life happily..
  • May be many provisions are there with the gadgets with me to use but I don't have a real requirement as well as no time to make use of all of that..
  • The gadgets too have a life and if I constantly use them exploring each every aspect therein, soon I need to run round the repairs spending my time and monies endlessly!
  • The manufacturers of these gadgets may say all that but I doubt if all of that will work to perfection. Let me just make use of all these gadgets for my basic day to day requirement!
  • It's like this.. If I don't use these gadgets, they accumulate dust and rust and would be done with in no time. So I need to use them but for each and everything if I depend on them, daily cleaning and keeping them in place remains no small job!
  • All those disturbing sounds around me coming from these gadgets wherever would soon take out my peace. Let me wisely limit here these gadgets use!
  • Yes.. Sure, some of these I should use with extra caution. If something goes wrong.. You know.. Accidents happen only once!
With so many varied psychologies of people around us, all these arguments and counter arguments look perfect and the life around in general goes thus with the various gadgets of our life they being fully used, partly used, sparingly used and a few times not used at all but I should ever remember one point here..

Every gadget more than it's max use for humanity, is the symbol of certain Scientific Temper of man gone thru' a dedicated effort of analysis and research and finally took that basic shape..

Rest may be business but that Unique Scientific Temper in an individual is the Sacred Gift of God originally present around which sure invariably does an unknown good to the world where the ultimate betterment of man lies..

This Scientific Spirit is never less at any stage of our life and every one around us from age '0' to age '100' constantly carries this Spirit of Enquiry thru' the 7 Tools of Investigation Viz.,

What, Why, Where, When, Which, Who and How 

And thus lives thru' his/her life with the never lost Inquisitive Spirit as we see here the sparkling glow in the eyes of the little boy who is seen all proud of

The Original Innovative Idea of his Laptop Design!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Most of us use only 30% of all that a gadget can do. Why then must we spend so much to buy the latest and then not use all the features? #GadgetFacts

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  1. Gadgets were designed to help humans. Now gadgets are devouring us. Nice post.

    1. Rightly said, Abhijit.. A balance is truly required in their use.. Thanks for the appreciation!

  2. Frankly, gadgets aren't irrelevant nor are they demons in any shape or form. If we just understand them a bit more, we shall know what magic they can weave.

    1. Yes, Arvind.. As human mind is ever tuned for evolution towards finding the ultimate of happiness and peace in life, all gadgets sure become part and parcel of our life. There it becomes my duty equally to use them properly in my life for my betterment simultaneously caring for the environment and the spirit of living in me beyond the horizons.. That spirit can be investigating into further fineness of life as well as working for uplift of the other man too in my life.. Thanks for the informative comment on the Post.. Wishes!