Saturday, November 17, 2018


The young man of 25 smartly dressed and well groomed was traveling by train. The co-passenger, another youngster of his age soon befriended him through introductory talks. Subsequently, he just commented,

“I guess, you are 20 yrs old!”

The young man coolly said that he was 25.

"Dear! You look so young!”

Remarked the friend with a clear astonishment seen on his face..

The young man for the 1st time in his life, felt proud of his young looks..

7 yrs passed just like that..

The man of 32, a family man by then was at a social function with his family once again well dressed. Suddenly one of his friends said aloud,

“God! What's happening to you, dear? You just look like 25 yr old young man!”

The then not so young man for the 2nd time in his life, again felt proud of his younger looks..

Next 8 yrs rolled over without much notice..

He was then a man of 40 yrs with quite a number of graying hairs. He started coloring them jet black and dressing up trim to his personality. One day, when he was on the road a gentleman said,

“Hi, You! Can you make a little more space for me? I'm 40 and have a problem of.........”

The man took that as compliment, smiled and disclosed his real age to the gentleman. The gentleman got astonished and exclaimed,

“Oh, dear! I thought you are just around 32-33!”

The then middle aged man for the 3rd time in his life, again felt proud of his much younger looks..

Another 8 yrs passed..

He was then a middle aged man of 48 yrs and a Senior Executive in his Company. A new General Manager had taken over his Division and in that context, the GM had a welcome meeting with his Seniors. During the session, the new GM remarked to him all of a sudden,

"What dear! You are a Senior Executive at such an early age I think around 40!”

For which the man confided with all pride,

“Sir! I've just 2 yrs to go for fifty!”

The astonished GM instantly remarked with a smile,

“Oh! I thought you are just 40 yrs. What's the secret of your younger look, my dear?”

The then man of early 50s for the 4th time in his life, felt again proud of his much younger looks..

Another 10 yrs passed thus with no look back..

It was a joyous function in the house busy with all family members and many guests around. The occasion was the birth day of his 4 yr cute grand child who came from abroad and was the centre of attraction of every one around..

The then grand father of 58 secretly wished to appear much younger to his age so that people around definitely appreciate him on that point. He dressed up trim in his attire for the function and as he looked into the huge mirror on the dressing table, he instantly felt proud of his looks and get up and was very much sure that people would talk on that. With all that confidence he walked into the hall to wish every one there..

The kid’s mom along with her boy went up stairs to open the door of the hall for some of the visitors to relax there if they wish..

‘She Turned The Key In The Lock And Opened The Door’.

Seeing the room not arranged orderly, she said to the little boy,

“Dear! Go and call your grandpa once. It's urgent!”

The Little One came down the stairs to take his grandpa up, got tired and sat on the last step with his fruit juice tumbler saying aloud with a cute smile,

"Grandpa! Come! Mom wants you up!"

As the man moved on towards the steps, the boy said,

"Carry me up!"

He with smiled took the boy into his arms and started moving up the stairs slowly..

The child suddenly shouted aloud to be heard by all in the hall..

“Grandpa! You are too old.. Put me down.. I'll climb faster than you!”

No need to say, hearing those sweet broken words of his dear grand child ultimately, 

The then old man nearing 60s for the 1st time in his life, felt proud of his true age!

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  1. So true. Time and Tide waits for none. The old may hide their age but somehow it will catch up.

  2. comes full circle in such moments... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna.. The saying goes.. Steps speak the age! A good Comment!

  3. So true sir... time and tide wait for no man!

    1. Yes, Archana! Ultimately one has to accept that in their life.. Thanks for the Comment!

  4. That's how life is. Never waiting, never halting, always going on and on. If we live it while we can, we have a great story to tell in the end, if we didn't we'd have wasted it for nothing.
    Kishor Kr

    1. Rightly said.. Thank you very much for the nice Comment!

  5. Oh! He didn't deserve that rude shock.

    1. Of course Indrani that was a bit rude shock for him.. It happens a few times!

  6. The bond between grandparents and grandkids is something so special and magical. Who better to melt a stubborn heart, than a child. Nice interpretation.

    Seema - Artist & Writer
    Lonely Canopy - Scallywags Summer

    1. Thanks Seema for the compliment.. You said it very much right.. That bond between grand parents and grand children is ever unique anywhere in our lives!

  7. Very nice take on the prompt, time plays his own game with "time".

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy for the compliment.. Love the comment!

  8. Such a natural take on this week's prompt