Wednesday, December 12, 2018


During a session of teaching archery, as Master Dronoacharya asked the Pandava prince Arjuna who subsequently became the famous archer of the times what he was seeing in front, Arjuna said that 
  • He was seeing the eye of the target alone! 
When the famous Sculptor was asked on how he felt about his work, he burst out with an awe seen on his face saying that
  • He was freeing the angel imprisoned in the stone! 
A visitor who entered an Art Gallery and saw the painting of the famous Artist depicting a lady facing the early morning sun with her hand above her forehead to avoid the glare of the sun instantly
  • Placed his hand above his forehead!
As the wife of the famous Scientist advised him on a day to stop the monotonous job of going to his lab for a day but do what he liked, he promised to do so and the next day in the early morning hrs
  • Straight went to his lab!
The famous Devotee cum Poet when asked by the King to write praising poetry on him describing him as the highest for money proclaimed,
  • "I see the Almighty alone truly the Highest!" 
When the Great Saint was warned by the authorities on Scriptures from speaking out openly on what was taught to Him,
  • He came out and declared to the world that known to Him!
When the disciple asked the Master whether He had seen God, the Master to boost his confidence a 100% said with all firmness,
  • "I have! If you want, I can show to you too!"
These are few examples of assertions and actions of the Greatest Personalities of the world but in our life in other areas too we constantly see around many men and women incessantly working in their own areas like,

A mother charged with an abundance of love towards her child constantly protecting, safe guarding, bringing up the personality in the right direction and finally making a fully grown up individual to perfection thereby

  • Giving a true meaning to the artistic expression of hers that makes one perfect with the Sacred Task in front!
A Patriot charged with the overflowing emotion to the motherland trying to
  • Free Her from the chains of barbarism and establish the original freedom expression around ever ready to take all the punishment meted out in the process with a smile!

A Statesman sacrificing many of own works day and night, educating the country men on their rights thus
  • Bringing a revolution in the world with permanent change taking place!
Thus seen, it's a fact in our life that each person comes into this world with an aim of doing something original to him/her in Nature and that alone remains his/her aim for a lifetime..

As the individual grows up, this original trait basically guides him/her most of the times and tries to make the person the best in that field..

No doubt, many hurdles and obstacles will be coming up in the process but having dreamt of his/her goal at heart strongly, such an individual gets an unknown energy within to overcome all those and expresses the way he/she wishes but never leaves the attempt..

Here, the person is part of Nature or so to say the Nature and the individual are originally One. The Nature gets Its Sacred Works done through those expressions around which actions maintain the eternal balance of vigor and vibrancy required in life in general..

That way seen Serious Blogging too is nothing but that Original Expression in Nature, It sure has it's own purpose in our lives, that Spirit of Expression never takes a step back when threatened or lured but pours out the heart as is and

  • Every Blogger is a part of this Sacred Task!
The gradations are a fact here and accordingly alone as a Blogger, I would be negotiating with my worldly offers/gains and would be settling at my own level of give and take policy as
  • My bondage to the mundane life is a fact today!
Thus goes the unending blogging around us whether it is written for a Contest Post or for an IndiSpire Prompt may be the numbers vary and the contents get edited to suit but
  • That's the only life known to me at this moment and I should sure do justice to it 100% till more clarity comes thru' the Grace of God!
Thru' Verse 35, Chapter III of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita too Lord Krishna iterates that message saying..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'


'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Ten or less entries for Indispire topics BUT hundreds for a contest... what does this reflect about the state of blogging in India? #BloggingTruth



  1. Everyone that blogs, do it because they love it. Prompt is asking them to diversify, if possible and respond to prompts that are less lucrative.

    1. Thanks for a critical comment on the Post, Abhijit and sorry for a late reply to that.. You very much rightly said that every blogger loves to blog and that's a fact with us.. My Post too says that.. Seeing a blogger as a contributor to the world taking lesser returns and expecting a blogger to do that way is not truly right and it should be truly left the blogger himself/herself.

      Since our Dharma constantly expects us to give 10 to 20 percent of our earnings in charity in any field of earning depending on the individual's capacities and background, here too this much return alone can be expected of a blogger like any other professional.. Beyond, what to do in this direction is to be purely individual's choice in any field too..

      Hope I brought out the point here.. Thanks again for a chance given to me to explain this.. Wishes!