Wednesday, July 31, 2019


A man visited a Monastery, bowed to the Head and asked thus,

“Reverend Sir! Our Scriptures say that God sends TIMELY HELP to every one of us. But I don't see such HELP around me either for me or for someone. Does it mean that our Scriptures say wrong?"

The Head smiled and silently asked him to follow to the terrace of the building from where the man could clearly see the outside main road with various vehicles busily speeding and people moving around on their works. The Master asked the man to sit for a while and observe the happenings there..

  • A young man in haste cut across the road to cross and the next moment, he faced the wrath of the vehicle drivers who pointing out his glaring mistake, made him say ‘sorry' and retreat..
  • A High School student made a mistake in respect of traffic rules and an elder next to him instantly instructed on how to adhere to the rules from his safety point of view..
  • A very old man, was trying his best to cross the road and a young lady seeing him, immediately came forward and made him cross the road with the vehicle drivers waiting patiently for them to walk across..
  • A child walking with his mother was totally in a playful mode but the mom all along controlled the movements of the little one to see that he does not run helter-skelter with few passers-by advising the mother to be extra careful..
The Head looked at the man and asked,

“Is your doubt clear now?”

As the man looked at Him still with a doubt on his face, the Great Man smiled and said,

“Dear! Here, you might have observed 4 incidents around you in a short time..
  • In the 1st case, the capable young man who thought he could do the job easily had to face the wrath of drivers on road when he erred and thus had learnt a lesson instantly..
Here the HELP from God was there to the young man teaching the RIGHT

Through the shouting from others..
  • In the 2nd case, the adolescent boy no doubt needed further guidance and support and
Here HELP from God was there to the young boy teaching the RIGHT

Through the elder next to him who rose to the occasion and taught him in time..
  • In the 3rd case, the very old man truly needed help and
Here HELP from God was there to the elderly man

Through the voluntary service of the young lady doing the RIGHT work with rest waiting her complete the job..
  • The last was totally a case of innocence and helplessness..
Here, the HELP from God was there to the young one

Through the care of the mother with others on the road giving their own advice to the mother doing the RIGHT part of their work..

Is it clear to you now that..

In Nature, timely help is truly a built-in mechanism?"

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Sunday, July 28, 2019


'Om saha naav avatu
saha Nau Bhunaktu
sahaviiryam karavaavahai
Tejasvi Naav Adhiitam Astu Maa vidvissaavahai
om shaantih shaantih shaantih!'

'Om! May God Protect us both
May God Nourish us both
May we work together with energy and vigor
May our study be enlightening
Om! peace Peace Peace!'

- The Shanthi Mantra

As the new born feels the presence of it's Mother next to it and that of Mother Nature all around together fully equipped to teach all that required for the young one at that moment thru' the 7 in built-in tools of enquiry with little one Viz.,
  • What, Who, Where, Which, Why, When and How..
The fundamental learning in one's life begins!

Started thus, as an endless process on the earth, eager to know all from end to end with Mother Nature sincerely answering all questions put helping him/her continuously learn more and more..

That learning continues!

In time, as Mother Nature continues teaching certain hardened lessons of life to the individual,

That learning becomes matured and stabilized!

In that process at times, such an young aspirant asks questions of deeper enquiry like

  • What is the scientific name for this?
  • Who had first brought it to my country?
  • Where can I find more info on this?
  • Which part of the world is it available in abundance?
  • Why is it not available in my area?
  • When can I find time to know more about this?
  • How can this be utilized for certain specific purposes?
Leading to a great scientific discovery and spectacular invention thru' a process of constant experimentation and endless evaluation

At a memorable moment backed by sincerity and dedication

That becomes truly a milestone in the learning!

Beyond, once in million years, looking at the Universe and Life as the aspirant asks self within the highest questions of enquiry like
  • What is the cause of the suffering in the world?
  • Who is the Originator of the Entire?
  • Where is the end to the Endless?
  • Which Direction leads to that Beginning?
  • Why is the Truth hard to percolate?
  • When does the time end and the Silence begin?
  • How does the Entire work perfect?
Leading to dawn of the Ultimate Truth and restoration of Eternal Peace thru' the process of constant negation and endless renunciation

At a Sacred Moment backed by the Grace of the Almighty

That brings in the True End to the Whole Learning!

The post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Learning has no age bar. It is a limitation that we put in our mind. Share your views. #selfimprovement


Monday, July 22, 2019


'tvam aadi devah purusah puranas
tvam asya visvasya param nidhanam
vettasi vedyam ca param ca dhama
tvaya tatam visvam ananta rupa.'

'you are the original lord, original personality,
you are the supreme refuge (safe shelter) of the universe,
(you are) the knower, the knowable and the supreme abode,
by your infinite form all the universe is pervaded!'

- Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter XI, Verse 38 

When the difference between bad and good in the world rises beyond with bad ruling everywhere, the unbalance sure will have catastrophic results..
  • Let me ever refrain from proposing/doing bad by myself!
It is ever my duty to make use as much raw and maintain that given by Nature..
  • Let the stuff my mind likes to add to everything around for sensual gratification be ever limited if not able to stop that in total!
It sure needs a huge river of water to wash the hidden dirt of my mind often goes unnoticed..
  • Let me clean up this mind too as much feasible along with my daily vacuuming!
My friend never betrays me; I only think so..
  • Let me reboot my mind and start afresh every time corrupted by the opposite thought!
The Concept of 'God' and 'Freedom' are never different..
  • Let me not accept anything blindfold unless tested and evaluated max!
My life of this moment is the sum total of the contributions of millions of Species working continuously in my body and outside in the world..
  • Let me straight away ensure that the right contribution from my end had gone to the world at the moment!
God had not given so many 'negatives' to me which the Almighty could have easily given without consulting me..
  • Let me begin my day with a 'cheerful note' and end with a 'thankful note' to the Lord!
This Sacred Day is given to me by the Almighty. Yesterday’s remembrances / influences should not spill over into my actions of today except the knowledge part of it..
  • Let my actions of today be as much realistic and truthful as possible!
Fear, Pain and Loss.. They dictate my life indirectly..
  • Let my ever lurking pride within be constantly reminded of these 3 entities around me as much possible!
As I take one step towards God, the Lord takes 10 steps towards me shielding me from the mistakes I commit in following the above discipline in my life..
  • Let me take that final one step at this moment thru' my ultimate action of living with a prayerful attitude towards


Friday, July 19, 2019


annad bhavanti bhutani parjanyad anna sambhavah
yajnad bhavati parjanyo yajnah karma-samudhbhavah

-- Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III, Verse 14

Living entities come into being from food;
(Basic necessity of one's existence and expression)
food is produced from rain fall;
(What mother nature gives one and all equally and originally)
rainfall occurs from the performance of sacrifice unto supreme lord;
(That giving out is nothing but the sum total sacrifices done on the earth for no reason as well as out of an unknown happiness)
the performance of sacrifice unto supreme lord originates from prescribed vedic rights.
(The origin of that sacrificial work is ever the relentless sacred work done by the mothers (parents) around us who are the only one that do/give to their young ones unconditionally and relentlessly)

That day 50 yrs back, I was busy preparing for my next day exam. The tension of exam practically robbed me of my hunger..
  • My mom gave me lunch and without her knowledge I put that back to kitchen various items to their places after taking a bit..
  • She gave me dinner and without her knowledge I put that back to dustbin after taking a bit..
  • She gave me the next day breakfast in a box but as my exam tension continued, I thought of eating that after the exam in spite of my hunger returning by that time..
By 10 at school, I started experiencing strange black-outs and a less-energy situation with a falling off feeling. I somehow finished my exam, straight walked back home and the moment I reached home, just rested on the floor in the veranda closing my eyes in half sleep mode..

My mother who was alone at home, came out and as soon as she saw my condition, she ran inside with lightening speed, quickly brought some rice with thin buttermilk mixed and made me drink it slowly saying that I would be alright and further took care of me..

My father and my elder brothers returned home by evening and my mother explained to them what all happened saying,

"I totally knew every moment since he stopped eating properly. Yesterday,

  • He missed his major lunch by eating only a bit of what I gave him..
  • He never ate his dinner except again a bit of it..
  • At school too he did not eat the food I gave him in his box!"
"But Ma.. All the while, you only gave him food and monitored his eating. And he carried his food to school too. How could you make out so precisely that his condition was due to lack of food and nothing else?"

Asked my eldest brother. My mother tears rolling down from her eyes said..

"Yes! I gave him food myself and checked too at 2 AM whether he ate the food. Seeing the empty plate on the table, I left it in the kitchen and further went to sleep. Today morning alone after he left for school,
  • I could find that he did not eat in the night because the dustbin had that food..
  • I saw some excess food of every item of yesterday left out in the kitchen and that confirmed that he had not eaten yesterday's lunch too..
  • Seeing his exam tension in the morning, I was sure that he would not eat the food he carried with him..
I couldn't do anything more and was praying to God that he should be alright at school. And when I saw him at the gate with a dull face almost in falling off condition, instantly a single thought struck my mind..

'God! My boy is starving.. Let me feed him immediately and take care of him!'"

As I look back at this 50 yrs back story of a mom and her child relationship, even today, I feel that I had the best meal of my life comprising of


On that day at that moment and beyond all along my life that single meal seemed to supercede the endless meals of different tastes I consumed subsequently in my life rich in almost everything but never filled with


My mom gave me on that day in the right moment saving me from the impending danger lurking next to me!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Memory of the best meal taken so far #MealUnforgettable

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Thursday, July 18, 2019


On Monday morning I blurted aloud.. 

"Oh! A week's working in front!"

My Consciousness warned me saying..

"Only the Great Saint could say.. 'I need not work. I have no desires to satisfy!'

  • You are a bundle of desires and for you, hard work alone is the safe way of sailing thru' life. Don't ignore!"
On Tuesday morning I screamed within..

"Weekdays drag on. Feel like I'm spending long hrs at work!"

My Consciousness mentioned the missing link there saying..

"When the spouse advised, 'Why not take rest for a day and do what you want?' The Famous Scientist said 'Okay', got up the next day early morning hrs and went to His Lab!

  • An attitude of liking what you do alone does the trick of overcoming such dull feeling in you!'
On Wednesday morning, I complained flat..

"This boss is eating my head. No time to breath.. Unending tasks!"

My Consciousness made it clear saying..

"The Great Man refused to give food to a hungry visitor who refused to work equivalent after his hunger was satisfied..

  • No go.. Bosses speak thus as they are under double pressure. None is free here!'
On Thursday morning, I wondered within..

"I have an urgent personal work and the boss asks me to make alternate arrangement. If I can't do that much to my family, why am I working so hard?"

My Consciousness brought out the right point there saying..

"The Great Saint too before embracing Sainthood was advised to live full family life and then alone go for Renunciation..

  • Family responsibilities are Sacred, family problems need to be addressed in time but there is a way to do that thru' good planning. Check up if that plan is missing with you or you have taken it easy there!"
On Friday morning, I thought I could at least assert myself..

"Oh! It's already Friday! Great.. I need to plan for a good weekend!"

My Consciousness advised me there saying..

"A Great Saint said, 'Earth is the floor of my home, Hills are walls of that and sky is roof over that!'
  • It's still a weekday of dedicated work and postponing or fast closing of issues in front never does the good. A Service attitude to humanity makes you take this day too like any other weekday!"
On Saturday morning, I expanded full..

"It's my day now.. I can do what I like.. None can say anything here!"

My Consciousness reminded me there saying..

"When the Great Man was asked whom he would serve first when His own son and another man with the same need were in front of Him, He said, 'If so, I serve my son first as I have more duty towards him than towards the other man!'
  • The day is basically for the family. They worked with you all the days sincerely supporting you all along. Make them truly happy by spending the day with them well!"
On Sunday I unconsciously murmured..

'Ahh! Many personal chores are pending. If I miss here, there'll be no time next week to attend to them!'

My Consciousness well clarified to me there saying..

"The Great Saint too having taken up Severe Penance and finding no dawn of Realization, stopped that for a while, got up, freshened, ate some food and then alone sat for further Meditation and Penance..
  • Taking care of self and family is the basic duty. Those pending works are not chores but important tasks that could wait for a week to have your attention but no more than that. Finish them diligently and be at peace!"
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


The pseudo optimist said,

"Even though enjoyments are short lived and we have been asked to be moderate in everything everywhere, I strongly feel that if some thing really goes wrong seriously which is almost rare, I'm sure sooner or later I

Recover and become normal..

For this, why should I cut down on my present enjoyments and be living a small life?

If done so, there would be no meaning to the word


In my dictionary of life!"

The pessimist said,

"Sure, enjoyments are short lived and rightly we have been asked to be moderate in everything everywhere as if something goes wrong a bit seriously the person connected with that would be in no position as thought before to

Face it's magnitude and become normal..

For this,

Why not I cut down on my present enjoyments and be living a realistic life?

If done so, then alone there would be a meaning to


In my dictionary of life!"

The ever cheerful man said,

"Our Sacred Books have recommended


Comprising of
  • Performing certain duties all through our lives with
  • Limited enjoyments and
  • A sincere Prayer to the Almighty to take care overall
In our life..

It is a fact that there is no meaning to one's life unless he/she involves actively into his/her mundane needs and thus satisfy his/her basic urges within and

It is equally a fact that when something goes wrong a bit serious, in general the person connected with that would be in no position to face the magnitude of its impact and recover easily as thought before it happens..

Bent upon taking care of these 2, here, should I lose meaning to the word


Which is equally there in my dictionary of life



As much beyond sticking to the said discipline and thus truly uphold the Golden Precept



Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The day was cool and pleasant in the morning hours. I decided to finish few important works in the city and accordingly, took my vehicle and started driving towards city. Soon I was in heavy office going traffic..

At a signal, I am supposed to take a right turn. But I saw in front of me a board,

'No Right Turn' and as I got a doubt to turn right, I saw below 'For City Buses' in slightly small letters.. I got relieved, turned right and became thoughtful..

May be.. There's no fixed route for city buses!

As I moved on, at a small junction I saw 2 riders of 2 wheelers following the rules..

For left turn showing left hand out and for going ahead showing the hand forward..

May be.. The best way of making your intentions known when on road!

At a particular point, I noticed a driver sincerely showing hand out for right turn but the adjacent vehicle driver shouted at him saying,

'Don’t extend full hand out. We can see if you just wave a little.. There is no space around!’

May be.. A better way of driving thru' narrow roads!

Suddenly, a speeding vehicle overtook me. I was feeling worried about the over speeding but Oh!

In front of me a little distance away, the vehicle stopped altogether..

May be.. A ditch on road saves in time!

As I drove ahead,

I saw the ditch and my thoughts continued..

May be.. A ditch is many times welcome as an indirect concave speed breaker naturally formed!

I parked my vehicle and as I was about to cross the road, to my surprise I saw

A signal of green and red pedestrian figures simultaneously glowing for my crossing..

May be.. Sticking to the saying.. 'See and go.. Much safer!'

As I moved on to my destination, I saw a man on 2 wheeler with a family of 2 as pillion being charged fine for traveling 3. He paid off the fine but

Confidently continued as 3 on the vehicle..

May be.. One can continue once paid off fine for the day!

I entered a small road and saw a long ditch fully cut across the road. As I stopped there and was wondering how vehicles would move on that road, I heard the honking behind me as

A small car driver requested me give way to go ahead partly on foot path to cross the ditch..

May be.. The foot path is for duel purpose!

Soon, I finished my jobs and as I started driving back home, at a signal I got 'Green' to move straight ahead and as I and others started moving,

A speeding car from opposite took the right turn and moved on putting me and others in confusion for a while..

The driver in the car crossed confidently waving at us conveying 'Thanks!'

May be.. Like what is often done in some advanced countries when some on road voluntarily yields!

As I approached home, near my house I noticed that an inexperienced driver made certain mistake and that provided ample time for

Others struggling to cross the road and make right and U turns to complete their tasks

May be.. Thanking in their hearts to the erred driver!
There was chaos and confusion in front of me for a while before I could safely conclude my journey!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Look at life around you and write a post that makes everyone laugh. #laughter

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019




Jungfraujoch of Switzerland situated at 13642 ft height..

The day.. Morning hrs..

Cool with it's own breeze.. Temperatures touching 1-2 deg C.. That's the point of Alps where snow is spread all over as a huge white sheet..

No doubt, the man travelled all the way up that height passing thru'

  • Majestic hills en route merging into the skies with silvery edges shining intermittently at the back of
  • Sharp reflected sun rays from above which scene in no time getting covered by the passing high speed clouds
  • A few times as white as snow no sooner turning dark in the next few minutes bringing cool drizzles around the wind blowing past all along
  • The vast sloping landscape leading to the picturesque waterfall joining the blue waters below
  • Surrounded by the green bushy trees moving rhythmically to the breeze going over them spreading their greenery all over with
Chill weather all round,
Rising wind speeds from all directions,
Increasing rain all over..

But settled in the cushion chair with his cell phone on, he was heard saying,
  • "I just want to enjoy the whole throughly!
  • I'll not keep quiet if anyone comes in my way!
  • Why should I leave even a bit of it?
  • The whole thing in future is mine alone!
  • One who interferes with me does not know my power!
  • I don't allow another man here at any point of time!"
With the 6 eternal enemies within Viz.,


Pushing him finally shout at



"I don't accept anything less. Straightaway I need an apology from that person. Let him say that first and then alone give a call to me.. Okay?"

Making him instantly experience

The Misery of Hell within

With visitors a little away in numbers seen playing in full swing with the snow in the beautiful scenic place often called

The Heaven on the Earth!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Look at life around you and write a post that makes everyone laugh. #laughter coinciding with my visit to the place!

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Friday, July 5, 2019


The turbulent clouds are part of our life,
They appear, look ever threatening but often give us 
Copious waters quenching our thirst and cooling our lives.. 
The tensions too are part of our life, 
They appear, look ever overpowering but often give us 
Great inner strength calming our minds and making us joyous within!

  • You've studied reasonably well all the subjects the whole year. You'll have a fair knowledge of there, whatever way you might have studied. So as the first step, have a calm attitude to face your examinations. Remember.. 

Good things come for those who wait!
  • The examinations basically test the competitive edge of the learners. It's good to be smart in life for a better future and let the tests tell you where you stand. Remember.. 
The taste of pudding is in eating!
  • All examinations lead to award of the related Degree/Certificate towards the end. Try maximum to do the best here and soon become the owner of that degree. Remember..
Knowledge is power!
  • Minimum sleep and nutritious food helps to maintain good health and fine memory. No sacrifice is permitted at any cost in those matters. Remember..
Health is wealth!
  • Your parents may be outwardly expressing that you should do well in the examinations but they are two hundred percent anxious about your well being first. Listen to what they advise here. Remember..
Your parents can give you everything except good luck!
  • Your Institute and your Teachers have taught you the best possible way. A prayerful attitude to the Institute and the Masters is the right spirit with you before writing the examination. Remember..
Only one person in million years becomes enlightened without a teacher's help!
  • You may make some mistakes in one examination. You should remain cool and the thoughts shouldn't be carried over to your next day examination. Remember..
To err is human!
  • If the question paper is tough or if the questions are out of syllabus, whatever you would answer based on your effort put in for the whole year is the best in the situation, nothing less.. Relax and there will always be a solution in the interests of the affected individuals. Remember..
Every cloud has a silver lining!
  • The thought of a miss in one examination, no doubt is a pain but there's always a process of coming out of it. So, no despair in that direction and do the best now. Remember..
Failure is the stepping stone to success!

Finally to say,
  • When all exams are over, relax for a while but concentrate simultaneously on the next course of action.. Either further studies or employment; nothing less. Remember..
Time is money


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Monday, July 1, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says.. Can teachers today be called "the untalented leftovers"? Give reasons. #Teachers.. A short post in that context..


That's how the Sanskrit Saying glorifies the Basic Learning Process in the world meaning..

'(In this world) the Speaker is a Wonder; the Listener is (equally) a Wonder!'

The night watchman on his usual rounds at mid night was shouting aloud,

  • “Awake and be alert!”
Every one woke up, re-checked the locked doors and went back to sleep. A Great Personality too got up but thinking within,
  • “Am I sleeping in my life?”
Opened the doors, moved towards forest, meditated and attained Salvation!

Thus, any learning with an individual truly starts from such basic urge within and continuously moves up endlessly so that all the subsequent contributions of the person from that learning would be helping to meet certain requirement of world invariably existing by the side..

In all such situations, both the teacher who becomes instrumental in imparting that particular knowledge and the student who learns something new in the process actively participate in

The Curriculum of Sacred Learning..

The main activities of this basic System of Educating at any time remain:

  • Molding the personality from the tender age,
  • Inculcating certain qualities of morals and ethics of life,
  • Developing the basic learning skills,
  • Expanding the knowledge base,
  • Developing equally the competitive skills,
  • Developing special skills for taking up specific job/work etc.
Subsequent to that basic Learning, the same is continued at advanced levels thru' various Developmental Programs at work like
  • Improving the special skills related to the basic qualification / job,
  • Developing the Managerial Skills,
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships,
  • Organization Development,
  • Personality Development,
  • Quality Management etc.
Seen thus, in the whole structure of learning at any point of time, a teacher sure might have contributed/is contributing his/her might directly or indirectly if not all the time at least a major portion of the time else we don't see the present level of knowledge and talent spread over around as that can never be the sole achievement of the student alone..

In such a scenario, no doubt few unfortunate negative contributions from the less dedicated teachers might have occurred and would continue to occur if not with all those students but few taking the lesser path

Which of course happens/is happening in any Field of Profession around us..

Beyond, the record of a few of human traits exhibited by a student in personal life like

  • Caring for the fellow human being,
  • Taking a lead in a movement and 
  • Upholding truth and justice around.. 
Culminating ultimately to the quality of
  • Humility and a Service Attitude with certain level of Sacrifice from within
Complete the proof of

Sure contribution by the dedicated teachers at various stages of one's life!

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