Tuesday, November 29, 2016


A man was of certain firm thinking,
  • “I never leave the benefit of bargain.. There's always a lot of cushion when a seller fixes a price or a worker working for you demands his/her payment.. If you firmly hold on to your stand, soon these people come back to the exact level or market level price.. That price alone is the right one.. I'll be strict here and never yield whatever the resistance they may show.. 

Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

Another man was of a different thinking,

  • “I do not bargain when I deal with small sellers and small self employed people.. Instead, I always add a small percentage and give them as tips for the works they do for me.. I strictly bargain with the well off but there too, I tip the working staff when they deliver those goods/services to me.. I'm ever liberal here, as basically I'm better placed in the world compared to these people..
Thus I discharge my duty of respecting the Fundamental Law of Economics!” 

Finally the D day had arrived and both the men were at the Gates of Abode of Bliss.. The second man was freely allowed in where as the first one was squarely stopped.. The man protested saying..

"I strictly followed the Fundamentals of Economics in respect of earning, bargaining and spending as each work is to be valued at a certain level and rewarded only based on that.. 
Instead, your other man had broken this rule and given away his money without an equal return.. Your evaluation had forgotten this Truth!"

A Voice replied,

  • “It's agreed that it's one of the Truths.. But there's a Greater Truth behind all these actions which need to be equally followed for overall assessment!"
"What's that Greater Truth which I did not follow?"
  • "You've no right to hurt my Creation at any point of time in your life!"
"What are you saying? Being disciplined I helped your Creation by weeding out laziness.. Where as that man very much encouraged it!"
  • "Our Records say that's a small omission from his side.. The greater damage happened to you here because.. All along,
The needy who dealt with you cursed you behind as you used to leave their place where as similar people blessed the other man in their hearts as he used to do so.. That's a bigger yardstick for us!" 

Keywords: Economics, tipping


  1. Thanks Sapna for promoting the Post on G+!

  2. Great lesson Sir. I realized it at some point of time in my life and now I have been following it for several years. Thanks for refreshening.

    1. Thanks Jitendra for the appreciation.. I'm just a follower of this Philosophy of life.. Due to the recent demonetization, as a few payments have become cashless even for medium service providers, I'm making it a point to see that reasonable tips are invariably paid to the delivery personnel in cash and thus be overall supportive for the cause.. A nice comment from your end!

  3. What a Gr8 Post Sir ! make it a Good Read

    1. Thanks Pooja.. A nice comment of appreciation on the Post!