Tuesday, February 27, 2018



In life, 
Ever have I a specific role to play at a given moment 
A dynamic entity, continuously changing, assigned to me as per my energies, strengths and maturity and equally, 
Never have I a specific role to play at a given moment which too 
A dynamic entity, continuously changing, assigned to me as per my energies, strengths and maturity!

As the first role temporarily looks 
Burdensome and Painful 
Simultaneously the second role becoming 
Alluring and Pleasant 
My 'self' 
Invariably propels me to embrace the second, 
The Preyas 
(The Pleasant Ones of my life) 
And conveniently avoid 
The Shreyas 
(The Ones that do Good to me) 
Thus making me deviate from the Truth in front continuously! 

Unless I break this viscous circle in me thru' certain 
(The discrimination) 
And standup for doing the Right,
Pain never leaves me and in time increases only by leaps and bounds! 

The Realistic Spiritual Life for ever stresses on 
myself doing the right to the best of my abilities and 
where I fall off due to force of habit, sincerely
Get up from the fall,
Make amends for the wrong done and
Firm up beyond continue doing the Right 
All along keeping my body and mind intact without an exception!

It becomes the parallel duty of mine along with main duty and to discharge both, living with 
Sat Sang
(Association of the Good)
alone is the way which total discipline is defined in the Sacred Books as my
(The Known Duty with me!)


Monday, February 26, 2018


3 men had entirely different approaches in their life in correcting their mistakes/weaknesses..

The 1st man used to getup from the fall, sincerely feel within self for the mistake committed succumbing to the weakness firming up within

  • 'Let me face further!'
And thus move on with an understanding that

The Almighty expects him continue correcting thus all along!

The 2nd man used to getup from the fall, just feel within self helpless for the mistake committed succumbing to the weakness thinking within,
  • 'Let me try further!'
And thus move on with a feeling that

The Almighty expects him continue living thus all along!

The 3rd man used to getup from the fall, immediately undergo strict penance as per his own social and cultural ethics straight away purifying himself from the so called evil beaming within,
  • 'Let me rise further!'
And move on with an assumption that

The Almighty expects him continue improving thus all along!

And equally the Sacred Message from Skies in that context flowed in thus..

'I forever support the humility in the man thru' sincerity and straight away help the individual grow to a full personality sure in a short time..

I never support laziness in the man expressing helplessness but sure can monitor the individual continuously come out of it's clutches and grow to a full personality of course, in a longer time..

I can do nothing to the man taken over by the pride of feeling superior as the monster within the individual systematically overrides and destroys the personality to the root in no time!

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Friday, February 23, 2018


Being part of the routine of my retired life, that day too after my morning walk as I settled for a while at a small restaurant for my favorite cup of morning tea, I could hear the conversation going on between the Manager and the Waiter..

"Is..... available? Our customer wants!"
"Not available!"
"OK! Is..... available?"
"No.. Not available!"

As the visitor appeared to finally settle with the next available item, the Manager was heard softly correcting the Waiter..

"Don't ever say bluntly in front of our customer

  • 'Not available!' 
Instead say
  • 'Sorry.. It's just got over!'

At the back of the vast experience with me, I smiled within myself as my further thoughts ran thus..

The Manager was 100% right in advising thus because,

  • One shows off a casual approach towards the customer and

  • The other depicts a caring attitude for the customer's demand coupled with helplessness as the item prepared was too delicious to be available on the racks for a longer time! 
As I started sipping my tea, slowly I was taken back to the memories of my past work life where in the boss/client interactions that took place were seen moving thru' my mind afresh..
  • "You spoke to our customer on phone? Yaar! In this Company the GM or CEO alone can do that. Right now go to him and say sorry for that. And here after, never do this mistake!"
  • "You want your GM's permission to come to my place? No problem.. Be prepared to be in my Office in the next 15 minutes!"
  • "What dear.. Time is not enough? The Customer wants the item by tomorrow.. Find 25 hrs in your day today and complete the job!"
  • "You came to the meeting to tell that your deliveries would be delayed? Right now talk to your GM and get me the right answer else your CEO will make you give that answer!" 
  • "I expect you to be the witness to the verbal accusations made at me by your other customer in the meeting. Please sign on these papers!"
  • "You were witness to that verbal fight and you yourself address that. I may be your Boss but I don't want to get involved in such sensitive issues!" 

And at the back of those never fading memories, I could equally recollect how the importance of customer had grown in my eyes starting from the initial concept that

  • The customer is an important person in our premises.. 
Thru' stages..
  • The customer is not just the important person but a VIP, indirectly a king, truly a king, more than a king, like the God in our premises.. 
Rising up to the ultimate..
  • The customer is none but the other God in our premises!
It was almost a dream like situation as I lost myself for while with those memories of intense interactive moments at my work life. I suddenly came back to my senses, quickly got up, paid off the bill and as I was moving out of the hotel, I heard the loud voice of a middle aged man next to me on his phone..
  • "What? Have you forgotten how tough is the competition in our field? Just leave all that day dreaming of doing a cool job and start showing your competitive skills by working smart. Next time, if it happens, I'm not going to keep quite.. Show me the progress you made when I come to office, okay?" 
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Dreams are unlimited.. Day dreams and night dreams.. Share any one of your day dream and a night dream in a humorous,creative and adorable way... #Dreamsunlimted

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


A man initially was careless and was doing less for his people all along making them unhappy thus
  • Jeopardizing the Principles of Ethics with him! 
Suddenly, there was a sizable difficulty because of which the man's people were put to certain stress..

They couldn't take it beyond as their man all along as well as there too couldn't do anything to alleviate their pain and soon they vented out the one time anger of theirs on him.

The man became sad and instantly firmed up to do from that moment more for his people to keep them pleased beyond thus once again
  • Jeopardizing the Principles of Ethics with him! 
Again, there was a sizable difficulty because of which the man's people were put to certain stress..

There too, they couldn't take it beyond as their man there couldn't do anything to alleviate their pain other than comforting them and soon they vented out the one time anger of theirs on him.

At that moment, it suddenly it struck the man,

"Why at all I got into doing all this less or more? Why not I do the exact
  • In line with the Principles of Ethics with me?"
Life soon picked up and all became normal and started leading their life as the pains faded away.

The man too started his life but totally in a new direction where in he just would be doing the right interactions alone.

No doubt, there too certain murmurs were there from his people but soon all of them tapered down with the man all along sticking to his principle..

  • 'Smile and Leave the protests!'
No need to say, there was another sizable difficulty in the lives of his people, every one was dull for a while but soon picked up their strengths with the man too extending his helping hand in that time.

Strangely, the man noticed that no blame was aimed at him other than certain routine unpleasantness that too for a short time in which period the man equally found himself energetic to truly help them out to alleviate their dullness. 
At length, the man mused..

"How effectively sticking to the Truth in my life Viz.,
  • 'All are with you but they never belong to you. You have a certain duty towards them all along your life. Just do that to the best of your abilities and beyond keep calm!'
Helped me sail thru' the tough moment of life with all stability!"

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


It was Saturday evening hrs.. The family was out on a visit to the famous park in their neighborhood.

Soon they secured entry into the park by paying a nominal fee for the adults and nil charges for the children.

The park was spread over a huge area with many criss-cross paths all along for visitors to walk round and spend their time amidst the natural environment of countless trees, beautiful flowers, falling twigs, chirruping birds, ponds of waters, few built in fountains and a special play area for children. No doubt the park was truly a boon for the city dwellers to expand for while and get lost themselves to Nature after a tiring week's tension filled busy life!

The family quickly selected an area where they could spend their time in a relaxed way and settled there. The little one of 6+ along with his grandfather soon moved to the near by play area where many children were seen playing, the grandpa all along guiding the child.

The boy in no time was into his active play. A few boys near by instantly became his friends and in a short time they were together running round the play items screaming aloud totally lost in their own world. The birds on the trees started beautifully cooing along with the screaming of the children.

The play went on thus for almost an hr and half and finally the other kids had to move with their parents. The little one said good bye to them and looked at his grandpa.. The grandpa said,

"Dear! It's time we too go home. Mummy and daddy will be waiting for us. We'll come here again the next week. And daily we'll go to our usual park near our house for your play.. Do you like this big park?"

"Yes, Grandpa! I like it.. I can play here with new friends!"

"Do you like all these trees, the flowers, the waters round you, the fish in the waters and the chirruping birds on trees?"


"See dear! We'll keep our home clean, neat and orderly because we love our home, isn't it?"

"Yes.. Grandpa!"

"This park is the bigger home of ours and our Mommy Nature keeps it ready for you to play, make new friends, listen to the chirruping of birds, observe the fishes moving in the waters and see many colorful flowers all round!

Because of our Mommy Nature's care, clouds come over the park, pour rain filling the ponds with water for all the plants and trees. With the rain waters, plants grow and give us beautiful flowers of different colors and smells. The old trees give us shade and cool winds keep us happy..

Do you like what all our Mommy Nature does for us thru' this Big Job?"

"Yes.. I like very much.. I love my park!"

"Then thank Mommy Nature for giving such a beautiful bigger home for you to come whenever you like to run, jump, scream and play!"

"Yes.. Thank you Mommy Nature for giving me all these.. I love you!"

"Also say.. I'll keep this bigger home of mine safe as I play here like my home.. I'll not hurt any plant or flower as I play and when I grow, I'll plant more trees for you everywhere!"

The boy instantly folded his hands and closing his eyes, repeated what his grandpa said!

"Now let's go .. Mommy and daddy will be waiting for you.. On the way, you can have your favorite hot chocolate, okay?"

"Yesssss......" screamed the little boy with an unknown joy clearly seen on his face and soon the family moved towards the near by eatery with the elderly grandpa feeling happy having implanted in the young mind, the concept of protecting Nature and Environment!

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Monday, February 19, 2018


A certain wrong was very much in front.. The young man of early 20s with 100% energies instantly reacted to the issue with a single thought in his mind..

  • 'Let me straight away question here and end this wrong at one stroke!'
No doubt, some results were there instantly and as the youth continued to mature with time, the wrong too continued showing its presence in some form or other subsequent to that. Soon he was a man early 30s and the reaction to ending the wrong by the side existed in him at 20% lessened energies and 20% maturity with the corresponding thoughts going thus..
  • 'Let me assert my say here and end this wrong!'
No need to say that he was in his early 40s in some yrs with no signs of the wrong vanishing from his vicinity. By then his energies were down by 40% the maturity simultaneously rising to 40% with his thoughts too going according to that thus..
  • 'Let me use my position and manage the wrong from crossing it's limits!' 
Time never waits and soon he was a man of mid 50s his energies sliding down by 50% and maturity rising to 70% with the wrong firmly remaining next to him all along and his thoughts too dropping down to..
  • 'Let me just be off from these endless activities and equally safeguard myself from becoming a victim to any counter attack in the process!'
Further time moved on and he was by then a man of early 60s at the back of 30% energies and 90% maturity with the wrong in front continuing exist in different avatars and the seasoned thoughts of him too going thus..
  • 'Let me remain calm and equally accept the fact that whatever I do, the wrong never vanishes as history always repeats!'
The count down began and in no time he was a man of 70s. Soon the ultimate understanding in him with the energies zeroed down and maturity touching the sky remained thus..
  • 'From now on wards, it's better I smile and leave all this pursuit. It's just for those able bodied and energetic minds to pursue in this direction ever keeping in mind that it's sure an herculean task to eradicate the wrong and that way it never goes from our vicinity but equally never leave an attempt in questioning and controlling it as much possible without an exception!' 
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Friday, February 16, 2018


A man of mid 30s at the back of a chronic simmering problem for which he tried a number of on and off solutions started looking for a permanent solution there and soon came across
  • An Excellent Inspiring Solution 
As a one time remedy for that. Happily he started implementing that with all vigor and to his great relief found his problem gone at one stroke. With a 100% confidence, he in no time expanded and started living his life full.

A month passed. Slowly the man noticed his problem appearing at a small level, soon showing up half alive and in a short time returning back to 100% level. He was sad for a while..

Soon he picked up strength and again started searching for another solution for his problem when he came across

  • A Marvelous Unique Solution
To address his problem. No need to say, he started implementing that solution with a renewed vigor.

Yes! There too, his problem straight away got off from him. With a confidence of just 75% at the back of the initial failure, he expanded a bit slow and again started living his life the best.

2 months passed. To his dismay, the problem appeared again and soon it was back to the original. He became doubly sad and was convinced by then that the problem would not leave him so easily when one day, some one told him
  • A Miraculous Onetime Solution
To that. He didn't believe there in the beginning but when advised that there was nothing wrong in looking at it, half-hearted, he took it up and followed and again saw his problem gone.

His confidence remaining only at 50% level with 50% doubt of getting back the problem, soon he picked up his energies and started living when just in 3 months he was squarely back to his original.

Again in some time, he came across
  • A Practical No-harm Solution 
To his problem. Initially he showed no interest in that but coaxed by his friends and well-wishers and his confidence remaining just at 25%, he followed it and in 6 months the problem was back to the original level. But, the man was not disturbed much as he expected that to happen!

A few yrs passed..

To the surprise of a few close people, the man was seen much better, the problem appeared not troubling him and they thought that it must be a miracle in his life that he got over the problem.

On a day, a friend casually asked him,

"We see you normal now! What happened to your that problem for which you tried many solutions but nothing worked? Have you tried anything on your own?”


Said the man with a smile on his face.

“Is it so? What's that?”

  • "Equally The Right Solution"
"I didn't get it?"

"I started living with the problem adjusting my life style to it's tune and it just stopped troubling me beyond a level!"

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I thought.. 
'Let me stop my work and relax for the day!' 
Soon proverbs and quotes of the Great Personalities started ringing in my ears..

'No bees, no honey; no work, no money!'
-- Proverb

'When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die!'
-- Roosevelt

'A man grows most tired while standing still!' 
-- Chinese proverb

'There is no substitute for hard work!'
-- Thomas Alva Edison

'Work keeps at bay, three great evils..
Boredom, vice and need!' 
-- Unknown

'It is the working man who is the happy man.
It is the idle man who is the miserable man!' 
-- Benjamin Franklin

'Mankind's worst enemy is fear of work!'
-- Unknown

I was instantly taken a back, regained my senses and modified my thinking,
'Okay.. Let me some how finish my work and relax!'
Again some of those Sayings were into my ears..

'When I was a young man I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures. I didn't want to be a failure, so I did ten times more work!'
-- George Bernard Shaw

'It's quite possible to work without results but never will there be results without work!'
-- Unknown

I got shaken up and instantly firmed up to get into the work to rule attitude!
Again few Sayings were around me..

'Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!'
-- Confucius

'If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe!'
-- Abraham Lincoln

Those finally encouraged me soon get into my active work.. Right at that moment, the Highest Message was in front of me..

'If everyone thinks about the work one is doing and so works intelligently, one would 
get the best education, 
find the work interesting, 
develop own intellect, 
enlarge and purify one's heart, 
acquire efficiency in the work and 
make inventions and improvements 
which would benefit the world.. 
As the work has become more interesting, 
it gives joy and 
makes the person feel no fatigue in doing it and 
thus the work becomes artistic!'
-- Mahatma Gandhi

As that discipline finally put me into the best mode of working with total dedication, right at that moment Sloka 10, Chapter III, Bhagavad Gita 
was heard on distant loud speakers very much affirming
The Sacred Concept of Working

"saha-yajnah prajah srstva
purovaca prajapatih
anena prasavisyadhvam
esa vo ’stv ista-kama-dhuk."

"Having first created mankind together with ygna,
the Prajapati said, 
‘By this shall you propagate; 
Let this be to you the cow of plenty!’"


Monday, February 12, 2018


In college, you paid money to acquire the basic learning and at work the employer pays you expecting you help him/her out making use of that learning.. 
No pains; no gains.. 
It's better, you soon start exerting to the requirement!

Your college was a place of acquiring your basic skills at root level and thus the learning there was broader. In employment only a part of those basics will be used repeatedly refining them to touch the sky..
Work is worship.. 
It's better, you soon start making that sacred exertion of yours very much streamlined!

Your college had limited working hours as that was basically a Learning Center. In employment, the hours of work will definitely be more as you and your employer have to struggle to sell your work in the market to get the related money..
Time and tide wait for none.. 
It's better, you soon start saying 'good bye' to many time wasting activities around you! 

At college a personality of yours was built almost without your knowledge. At employment a skilled professional will be built all along with your full knowledge making it your No1 identification towards the end of your professional career..
To err is human..
It's better, you soon start correcting your mistakes to help this ultimate personality of yours rise to the peak levels!

Your Principal at college had okayed you to get into the employment thru' issue of the related marks/conduct certificates. Here, your employer/s should okay you for continuation of that employment thru' the related experience/relieving certificates.. 
Hard work pays.. 
It's better, you soon start adding to this future experience certificates as many achievements as possible out of your employment!

Your parents would have taken loans to send you to college. At employment you'll receive enough monies to help them clearing off those loans..
Take care of pennies, pounds will take care of themselves.. 
It's better, you soon start accounting all your receipts and expenditures as you continue your employment! 

At employment, too much earning in too little time is ever to be avoided as all monies should be earned over the full employment period in the right way alone.. 
The golden goose lays only one egg per day.. 
It's better, you soon get into the habit of making use of that sacred receipt in the right way and await for that in store the next day!

Readiness to exert, right capability and sincerity at heart alone become primary tools at your work all along your career..
A bad workman quarrels with his tools.. 
It's better, you soon start not allowing these right tools of yours slip away from you at any time in your future work life thru' laxity! 

Your next stage in life is taking up the family responsibilities which is a herculean task for which you will be guided by your elders.. 
Rome was not built in a day..
It's better, you soon start saving enough finances and get the best work experience by working more hours before taking up that responsibility!

And finally to say.. 

Beyond your work, there's a specific interest in you to express in a particular direction..
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..
It's better, you soon make a note of this interest, find time in your tight scheduled day and do something in that direction to have an ultimate meaning to your life! 

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Sunday, February 11, 2018


The boy of 6+ was too much into learning. He had that great interest in him and everywhere the questions were with him to his parents endlessly..

  • "Mommy! What's this white thing?"
  • "Where should we go now?"
  • "Daddy! Why's this kept there?"
  • "When will that come again?"
  • "Mommy! Which of these red ones should we take?"
  • "Who'll come to school today?"
  • "Daddy! How does this change it's colors?"
The '6W and 1H Formula' of Mother Nature thru' which the Original Mother eternally teaches everything to everyone around Her in the Universe. Let whatever be the age, wealth, name and fame of the person seeking that knowledge, She sure imparts that to him/her out of a limitless love within Her.

The replica of that basic teaching is again part and parcel of every mom by the side of her child supported by the dad and there too the boy's mom was ever ready to answer her child's endless questions thru' that one known formula there by helping the little one grow to a full fledged individual in his/her life..

Such a keen interest of the boy soon turned towards learning the places and their locations on the globe.. And equally, that quickly made him a master the atlas and globe with him which his Grandpa staying 1000s of miles away purchased with all love and sent to him.

That day as usual it was the distant video call. The child was too active in answering the grandma's quiz about places on the earth and nothing seemed to stop him in quickly grasping and learning the new. The family was astonished with the boy's inquisitive nature and naturally those around were a bit eager to push more learning on the boy..

The grandpa observed that for a while and soon felt that that learning should continue as the child's zeal had to be supported fully without a single lapse but sure it should go in a little softer way to make the learning more interesting. Thus in no time he had seen his unique role there and firmed up to work in that line which ultimately was nothing but making lighter of the entire learning process..

Suddenly in the midst of the video chat, the grandpa asked with a big smile..

"Where's the Great Wall of China?"

The boy instantly was seen trying to recollect from his memory the answer but the next moment laughed aloud saying..

"What? It's in China. You only told that!"

Every one around too laughed aloud with that reply from the child. The fun further continued. The grandpa asked..

"Where's the.......?"

The child of course could not answer that. The grandpa smiled and said..

"It's on the earth.. Where else it can go?"

That funny answer took the child to his own ecstasy. Again, the gentleman asked..

"Where's the.....?"

The child knew by then that it was sure fun again.. With all eagerness, he looked at his grandpa to know that funny answer. The grandpa smiled and said,

"It's there in the same place where it was yesterday!"

With that funny reply, the boy instantly burst into a loud laughter. It was truly a great fun for the child and others around..

The grandpa smiled and said,

"All along here, let's add some fun too to the little one's learning.. You all can add the learning and I'm ready to add my fun.. That way, sure our boy's learning becomes 100% complete!"

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Friday, February 9, 2018


The Great Man was once approached by a man asking for some food. The Great Personality said,

  • “You have to do an equivalent work for me for the food I give you!”
  • “Sir, people call you Great! How can you straight away ask me like this when I'm dead hungry and have no energy at all?”
The man shot back.. The Great Man smiled and said,
  • “If that is the case, I give you food immediately. But promise me you will do the required work after eating the food!”
The man refused to do that saying that it was too selfish to demand work from a man when he wanted some food just to satisfy his hunger. The Great Man said that he had nothing further to say or do in the situation.

The Highest Message conveyed to me here is..

The Truth in the Universe never changes because I wish in a different way. And if I act according to my wish not caring for the Truth, I've to sure face the consequences that follow. And the sum total of such consequences of my earlier actions alone is the ‘Eternal Conflict’ I'm experiencing in my life today!

To be free from this conflict in my life, the only way in front of me is to win over myself and try following the Truth in life at every moment..

But equally too, it's a fact that I'm not that great to perceive the Truth in life ‘As Is!’ Then what is the way out for me here as an ordinary person?

Sure, there the Almighty kept a ready path of action for me thru'..

Sloka 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita,

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged.. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

Equally with an embedded duty therein as part of that Swadharma of mine to remain myself as true human in my life as the Lord further says..

'Shradhhavan labhate jnanam tat parah samyatendriya
jnanam labdhva param santim acirenadhigacchati.'

(Sloka 39, Chapter IV of Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

'One with full faith attentively focused who has conquered the senses, achieves transcendental knowledge and having achieved that knowledge quickly attains supreme peace!'

Which carries an equal message to me on how I should have my own sharddha (attention) here..

“Along with your doings, never get lost. Be alert as much as possible so that unknowingly, you are not dragged too much towards the pitfalls of attractions around you ending up there forever!”

Thus seen, the right way in front of me is

Living thru' attention cum relaxation

To win over myself ultimately!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt.. It is easy to win from anyone but win from your self is so hard... #winyourself

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


"Believe in God and beyond only believe in yourself!"

Was the assertion of one young man..

"Believe in yourself and beyond only believe in God!"

Was the equal assertion of another contemporary young personality..

The arguments and counter arguments in that context were endless! A wise man intervened and said..

"Dear! You both are one way correct and one way not.. It depends on the context!"

"Can you elaborate, Sir?"

The youngsters questioned back.. The elder replied,

  • "When I am in an endless enjoyment mode with my 'self' remaining at the base gross level, the first statement very much supports..
  • The moment, I get into a sincere service mode with my 'self' instantly rising to the higher sublimated level, the second statement very much remains supportive!"
"How do you say that?"
  • "Because in extended enjoyment modes, I remain the weakest when my 'self' in no time slides down to the lower mundane levels and in such a state, if something goes wrong seriously, I'm just gone the next moment unless a firm belief in God takes care of me and sails me thru' the tough moment all along, my 'self' remaining of no use to me..
  • When the 'self' remains at higher sublimated levels thru' a sincere service, I'm in my best shape and there believing myself straight away adds a new strength in me to continue those sacred activities with more vigor simultaneously the belief in God by the side streamlining my other basic issues of life!"

Monday, February 5, 2018


Once, a Master asked a group of disciples thus..

  • “Suppose a friend of yours leaves his advance aged parent with you for a day under the pretext of some urgent work but goes around for his own relaxation/merry making..
  • You, suppose at that point of time fully knowing the friend's intentions still accept the task not able to say 'NO' there.. 
  • In such a scenario, if the parent develops some urgent requirement on the health front which needs your time, energy, money and attention and further the friend can't be contacted at that moment, what is the best course of action you would like to follow in that situation?”
A few replied on their own perceptions what to do and the Master smiled and looked at the others who were silent all the while. At length, one disciple with all humility said thus..

“Reverend Sir!
  • It's no doubt that one should never leave the responsibility of taking care of such a parent with any one else around for own enjoyment in life and that way the individual is surely committing a great sin in doing that.. 
  • And who knowing all this accepts the care of the elderly man just because he could not say 'NO' on the face of the request is equally committing a sin..
  • But that having happened, at the time of prime need, the one given the temporary charge of the parent if stops the required service to the elderly person, he is sure committing a greater sin..
  • It's imperative in such a situation that the man takes care of the friend’s parent in the best way as required and handover that responsibility as soon as the friend is located or returns on his own.. 
  • Further it's better there, he doesn't ask for the return of that spent on the elderly in that connection unless the amounts go beyond his affordability.. 
  • It's equally important that he firms up and never feels weak in saying 'NO' in all such future instances whoever be at the other end..
  • And finally to say, it's the best discipline if the man subsequently speaks nothing of the service he had done in the absence of the original caretaker thus avoiding criticizing the friend in the process!”
The Master smiled and said,

“God bless you dear! A true service to humanity in total ultimately lies in such actions alone!”

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Friday, February 2, 2018


Sloka 62 and 63, Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita say that in a case a normal human being if not in attention,

'dhyayato visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate
sangat sanjayate kamah kamat krodho bhijayate

krodhad bhavati sammohah sammohat smrti vibhramah
smrti bhramsad buddhi naso buddhi nasat pranasyati!'


'By brooding over sense objects (involving in self gratification), attachment develops, from attachment desires come up, from desires (when not satisfied) anger comes up,

From anger delusion occurs, from delusion bewilderment of memory takes place, after that discrimination capacity goes and losing discrimination one perishes!'

With no exception other than such a god given personality with me who needed continuous correction as I look back into my past, I can easily recapitulate the various roles I played in my life varying from days to years to life long living thru' many travails the number never remaining small.

I feel it's right on my part to broadly divide these roles under 5 sub-headings Viz.,

Close family area
Extended family area
Educational area
Work area and
Social Circle area

  • In close family area the primary roles were/are those of a son, brother, brother-in-law, spouse, son-in-law, father, father-in-law and grandfather..
  • In extended family area the main roles were/are those of a cousin, nephew, maternal uncle, paternal uncle etc..
  • In educational area the roles were those of a pupil, under graduate student and post graduate student..
  • In work area the roles were those of a Technical Trainee, Engineer cum supervisor, Junior Manager, Senior Manager, Chief Manager, Dy General manager, Advisory and Consultant, Sub-ordinate, Colleague and Boss and
  • In the social circle area the roles were/are those of a friend, neighbor, uncle, well-wisher, Senior citizen etc!
Thus seen the number roles I played/am plying are innumerable with some permanently going into history and some continuing even today.

As far as switching over from one role to other is concerned my practical experience goes thus as I recollect,

  • Some roles were automatically with me without my knowledge and equally moved away from me as time passed with little of my notice..
  • Some roles came into my life with a certain impact as well as with a force at the back of certain unexplained feelings and in time alone I got adjusted to those roles ultimately taking control of the situation..
  • Some roles were highly interesting to me and I was whole and sole into those roles in the right time they were in front and
  • Some roles constantly stay with me even this date with continuation of the associated responsibilities..
It's appropriate I close such a subject with a small story..

The highly evolved Great Saint when decided to embrace Sainthood was advised by His Master to have the final experience of one more full life on the earth..

Thus the Saint took the birth of a king, lived thru' that life playing the various roles as a king, family man and the social personality and beyond that alone embraced Spirituality thus becoming Himself the fully qualified Personality to reach the Ultimate!

That shows the importance of living this life in all the roles in front of me to the best of my abilities sincerely correcting the endless mistakes I make in the process forever remembering at the heart the Sacred Message of

Sloka 9 of Bhaja Govindam

'sastangatve nissangatvam, nissangatve nirmohatvam
nirmohatve nischalatatvam,nischalatatve jeevanmuktih'


'From the company of seekers of truth (Living thru' awareness) non attachment develops, from non attachment comes freedom from delusion, from the freedom from delusion develops self steadiness and that self steadiness (alone) leads (one) to true liberation!'

The post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt..

The roles you have played in your real life so far. How easy has it been to switch/transit from one role to another? How many more do you wish to play? #rolespeopleplay

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