Thursday, May 31, 2018


A man rang up to his friend and said,

"Dear! As an expert in the field, I need a piece of advice from you!"

The friend replied with a warm smile,

"Dear! I'm visiting you next Sunday. I'll clarify your doubts then and there. Don't worry; relax till then!"

Accordingly the friend expert visited the man, discussed the issue with him and said,

“Don’t worry.. Do the way, I told you.. If you get any doubt in between, just phone up to me. I'll clarify on your doubt!”

Many years passed..

On one of those days, the man had to travel to the distant place on the other part of the globe on some errand and rang up to the same friend who had moved to that place some time back for settlement. He rang up to him and said,

"Friend! I again need a piece of advice on another issue of mine. Why don't you join for lunch with me on the coming Sunday at my home and I can equally talk over on my issue?”

There was a pause for a moment and then the friend answered,

“Dear! Nice to hear that you are here.. OK! I may not be able to make it, this Sunday at your home. Meanwhile, why don't you just visit me at my work place tomorrow so that I can straight away help you out then and there?”

The man got surprised a bit but the next moment decided to visit the place mentioned and accordingly went there the next day..

There, he was received with a welcome and asked to wait for a while. Wondering at not knowing what was happening, he asked the person in charge there,

"He is my best friend.. Can you call him, please?"

But instead, he was asked to sign few papers.. The man quickly did that and asked,

"Where's my friend?"

At that stage, he had to pay a certain amount but the next moment was informed that the friend had paid the money on his behalf..

Totally lost, the man asked,

"Can I meet him now, please?"

But, another gentleman befriended him, noted down a few points of his problem and left.. A few minutes later, the friend came in and said,

“Hello.. Dear! Happy to see you here! How's life? How are other issues? OK! Am sorry.. In this place, I can't directly give a solution to your problem as per rules. You got to go through this min procedure. But the required money I paid off on your behalf.. As for as your problem is concerned.......”

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


A Saint in an Ashram was once asked by a devoted disciple,

“Reverend Sir! Pardon me for asking this question. As I see, you don't interact much with the world daily. What's the ultimate use of living an isolated life this way? I beg you answer my question and clear the doubt in my mind.”

The Saint smiled and said,

"All living beings, in particular human beings are potentials of some pre-disposed actions in this world and all will be involving accordingly in the respective actions..

Here, the choice of an action in a particular direction may not be with the individual as he/she is propelled in that direction but that between long and short term benefit oriented actions is purely left to the individual’s discrimination..

In such a scenario, it is always wisdom to stick to actions of long term benefits to the max extent and hold acting in the direction of short term benefit ones..

Indirectly short term benefit actions are pleasure oriented and long term ones welfare oriented.. If one can cultivate this discipline in day to day life, one's life will be more time peaceful except for the happenings which necessarily have to happen but not due to the out come of his/her actions..

This is the best way of living the life towards betterment in the world and inside one self!

Here, I am sitting alone all the time meditating and doing not many activities most of the time.. All my interactions in the world are minimal.. I understand that if I lead life this way, I will do good to myself and good to the world..

As I sit through this process of meditation doing almost nothing,

  • The highest peace is with me all the while which is the true long term benefit of this discipline.. 
  • But at the same time, actions of short term benefits are also there at this level of understanding.. 
They comprise of spreading out philosophy of life tailor made.. These actions vary from
  • A feeling of helping out the distressed world to 
  • A feeling of making hay with the special skills of impressing people one got in this direction..
But ultimately these actions are associated with entities varying from
  • Certain peace to 
  • Some sort of unrest and agony 
As they become
  • More and more self oriented and
  • Lesser and lesser taking care of the other man's interest..
Thus you find in this field too people of different approaches varying from end to end and there can be no exception of that!"

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Sunday, May 27, 2018


The Great Saint said,

'A thief escaping in hurry from the house he robbed with his heavy bag of loot on his back chances to come across the lonely Little One of the family, the child just smiles at him seeing his funny Avatar with a total joy in his/her heart; nothing less at all!'

The Little One, 2 yrs old with his 2 friends 6 months and 1 yr older were playing in the park swinging side by side in their swings.. The big boy was in the middle with the other 2 boys side by side with their moms. At a small distance away the middle boy’s dad was standing as his mom couldn't come to the park on that day..

Suddenly, the boy at the end started saying,

“Mommy! Give me a flying kiss!”

The mom smilingly did that in no time..

The boy turned to the one in the middle and passed on his kiss..

And the middle boy in turn passed it on to the Little One next to him..

The Little One in no time passed on his to his mom by the side which she reciprocated with all admiration..

The Little One just waited for a minute and suddenly said aloud,

“Mommy! Not to me.. Pass the flying kiss to …… ’s dad!”

The neighborhood family just returned home in their newly bought red Lamborghini car. As they were alighting from the car along with their 4 yr old, the next door family along with their 3 yr child just came out of their house on certain errand. Instantly, the Little One was attracted by the red car in front.

“This One, today only we got it from the show room. How is it looking?"

Asked the owner of the car..

“Oh! Congrats. It really looks fantastic! How much did it cost you? Was it all down payment or you had gone for Loan?”

“Oh! It costed a lot! And, almost I paid off all of it except few lakhs for which I had gone for a loan..”

Said the man with a pride distinctly seen on his face..

The 3 yr old had never turned off his eyes from the new car.. He with all softness, touched it a few times and was looking himself in the shine of the side door..

The lady asked with a smile,

“Dear! Do you like our new car? Actually, we all can go to our park in this.. There Aaakash and you can play for sometime time!"

The Little One, with eyes wide open immediately said,


And after a while again said in broken words with a distinct excitement seen on his face,

"I too have a red Lamborghini car.. Also, I have a red Audi car and a blue BMW car.. 3 cars I have.. Do you want to see my cars? Wait.. Don't go.. I'll go and get them from my cup board!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prmpt Child is father of man. Have you ever felt humbled by a child's words or deeds or have learnt a lesson from one? Share the power of innocence #Powerofchildinnocence

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Thursday, May 24, 2018


Sometimes, there may be thoughts in me like..

"Philosophy of life isn't for me.. Being homebound where's the time for me for all this? 
It's very much for elders with no active work often advising and helping out the youngsters on the right and wrong in life.. 
Let me just get into my activities without wasting further time in this direction!"

Apparently it may be seen correct to firm up so with almost 'Nil' time in front of me to breath but when carefully seen in depth with certain openness, I equally understand that..

I'm constantly doing my routine jobs in life; both at home and outside with certain 
Naturally, I'll be very happy if all of my expectations come true with 
Experienced by me in every direction.. 

But it's equally true that there's a 
In me here with an ever live question by my side.. 

'What am I, if my expectations go wrong in spite myself doing the best in the situation?' 

Here alone, 
Gives me a 
By providing certain guidelines which define the
Required in all my actions as I start doing them..

That quality is nothing but involving in all my works as I deal with people around with a

'Let me care a little less for my comfort and 
Care a bit more for the good of others
and thus 


Further the guidelines say, 

'Constantly try doing a little above the min level which is easily possible and see what happens!'

No doubt in such situations, a minor criticism from others is seen but no problem as that soon fades out and people around me quickly understand my true intentions and become supportive..

Of this attitude is 

'The good accrued in this process becomes the useful entity for the people around me and I get my mental peace of that level with a certain
At my own level!'

Sloka 30 Chapter III (Karma Yoga) of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, 
Lord Krishna
Affirms the same saying,

'ye me matam idam nityam anutistathi manavah
sraddhavanto nasuyanto mucyante te pi karmabhi'


'Those human beings who always execute these injunctions of mine (perform their duties) with full faith and without envy (caring for others), all of them become free from the bondage of reactions from actions (grief in their life)!' 

So the next time I am in full action, let me remember that 

The philosophical attitude is for me too, 
In fact, it's very much for people like me only with active homebound responsibilities and 
Sure it ever becomes lesser for those whose energies drop down with age unless 
The individual is otherwise tuned!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


*** The usual talks around as the man who lived a big life helping himself all along was no more..

"Am his distant relative.. Years back we met.. Later his life had changed a lot.. Sure he lived life a king size and seen end to end.. Something unique.. The program goes for 2 days but unfortunately, 

  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...."
"Am a long time acquaintance of him.. He must have sure forgotten me amidst his too busy life.. A man of special life style.. None could challenge him.. Heard the news and immediately am here but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"Am his neighbor and I live some houses away.. A few times we met in the park and he just used to wish and smile during those occasions.. Good life he lead all along.. I want to make a visit again in the evening but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"I work under him.. We are all here to join the activities involved.. He was our boss and we all feel for the loss.. I want to be with my group but unfortunately,
  • Got few personal works to do.. Let me see...." 
"I'm a small earner and daily I pass thru' this street on my way to work. Heard of the big life he lead all these days.. Ultimately,
  • Nothing comes with us except the effect of our good deeds!" 
*** The usual talks around as the man who lived a simple life helping many around was no more..

"I'm his distant relative. Years back we met. Our clan itself never had such a personality. He truly lived to what he used to say. I decided to be here till the end of the program and then alone.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!" 
"I'm a long time friend of him and he never forgot me even in the midst his very busy different life. Truly lost a friend for my life time..Heard the news and immediately came here to be with the family.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!"
"I'm his neighbor and I live some houses away. A few times we met in the park and he invariably used to wish me and smile during those meetings. Hearing the news, I immediately came here. I decided to come back in the evening and tomorrow and sit thru' the entire program.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!" 
"I worked with him.. There was no word called 'Assistant' in his dictionary.. We just worked thru' all years like a close knit family.. Till now it was never the practice but we decided to keep his photo in our office and take his continuous blessings.. I'm going to be here till the whole program finishes without any hitches.. Sure,
  • All my other works can wait!"
"I'm a small earner and daily I pass thru' this street on my way to work. Heard a lot of good he did to others and knowing his greatness, I decided to stop for a while, pay my homage, take his silent blessings.. Ultimately,
  • Nothing comes with us except the effect of our good deeds!"
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Monday, May 21, 2018


The Great Man forever used to carry the sacred thread on his body. People close to him who observed him for long asked,

"When you preach and practice Oneness so much, why do you still carry this piece of thread on your body?"

The Great Man smiled and said,

"Years back, my mother had tied this thread on my body with a belief in her heart that it does eternal good to me. I'll totally honor that belief of hers by ever carrying this on my body. But if the thread by itself tears off and goes, I, myself will not replace that with a new one!"

That's how Great Men and Women of my country ever carried their importance to the customs and practices of their ancestries indicating the true respect they had therein!

The Saint who used to practice Spirituality to the core was once traveling with his disciples in a forest area when a Tribal Chief met him and invited home for dinner. Accordingly, all had their dinner and at the end of the dinner as a customary practice, the Chief offered some wine to all the guests. The disciples were clueless on how to deal with the situation and looked at their Master. The Saint saying, 'Anando Brahma' drank the wine given to him whole heartedly and blessed the Chief..

That's how the Saints of my country ever upheld the various customs and cultures around with a unique feeling of carrying respect for the other man's customs and practices!

A Great Personality was sailing across high seas. On the ship, there were people of different groups segregated themselves to their 'own' and thus were continuing their activities effectively keeping off from other groups. And the journey continued thus..

On the way all of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship. It was terrible for a while and the ship was a tiny piece of man made item in front of the gigantic winds that were passing over the ship with terrible speed!

Suddenly, the psychology of all the passengers had changed and all in no time, became single minded and started praying to the Almighty together chanting a single line of Prayer..

"God! Do Save us!”

The Prayer continued and the typhoon too for a while but soon it came down in its intensity to the relief of all and in few hours later totally vanished from the scene with the weather returning to normalcy..

In a short time, people again segregated themselves to their smaller circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others..

The Great Personality thought,

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

That's how the Great Personalities of my country ever stressed the importance of all groups of people of different customs and practices living together and helping each other!

The Great People who lead my country all along from the Mohenjodaro and Harppan Civilizations to the present day India of modern civilization, the Unique Centre of various religions and cultural practices forever upheld the above 3 Sacred Practices together Viz.,

The Ultimate Unity in Diversity!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt India is supposed to be a nation of cultural diversity, are we still culturally diverse? #culturaldiversity

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


A young adult approached an elderly gentleman known for values in life and sought his sincere advice on an issue which was pestering him day and night..

The elderly listened to him and said,

  • “I'm a little busy now. Why don’t you come tomorrow?” 
The young man readily agreed. The next day evening he went to him for the same.. The elderly again said,
  • "Sorry dear! Today too I'm busy.. Can you meet me this week end? I'll sure help you out!"
The young man was a bit upset but instantly agreed to meet him on the said date.. Accordingly he went to him that weekend but to his surprise found the elderly not available..

He waited for some time and as the elderly never turned up, returned and visited him once again the next day after confirming on phone. The elderly invited him, talked for some time but never raised his issue. The young man was annoyed. At the end, he meekly asked,
  • “Sir! What about an answer for my question?” 
The elderly said,
  • “Yes! I know…. I need some more time. OK! Come after two days at 6 PM in the evening!” 
The young man took leave, went away and finally made it on the day.. The elderly looked at him and said,
  • “Your issue this moment has no answer from me!” 
The young man was really upset at this point of time. He could not control his anger and said in a harsh tone,

“Sir! Why did you waste so much of my time to tell this?”

The elderly smiled at him and said,
  • “It's not a waste dear.. I had my own important works till now and your need was not ripe to this moment to be answered. The saying goes, 
‘Nothing comes free!’
  • You should truly feel the pain of getting it. Then only it'll have its value. Else anything free is taken in the light way.. 
I'm not a professional here doing a business so that I can charge you accordingly.. That's why I made you undergo the right strain of getting my advice till now and here is my answer now as you are truly eligible to receive it!”

Thus saying, the elderly sincerely clarified the young man's doubt!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018


I am a bundle of desires and these desires work through my thought, word and deed making me feel satisfied through an expectation and the related achievement.. 

But the fine truth here is that my thought, word and deed together alone do not bring in the desired result even though that appears so as this result is equally controlled by certain unknown forces Viz., 

The happenings around! 

Thus, when the result comes up as different from that expected, it truly becomes a pain in life and the quantum of pain directly varies with the fact Viz., 

How much I got addicted to my satisfaction thru' my earlier achievements whose beginning to this day is unknown to me! 

This satisfaction of mine when seen in depth is ultimately nothing but the 'Me' in my body which as on today is the propelling force around my physical existence..

Here, I should make a note that I can't do much and sometimes may not be able to do anything to bring a change in my thought, word and deed in this life by mere thinking and disciplining myself as my thinking i.e., 

My mind in action is just the out come of this 'Me' alone and that never negates itself at any time in life!

But no despair, it's still possible to do that in a fine way..

Through a dedicated observation of the whole phenomenon in me 
(Path of Discrimination), 
Through a dedicated discharge of the attached responsibilities in my life
(Path of Action) 
Through a dedicated offering of prayers to the Almighty 
(Path of Devotion)!

The Absolute Paths mentioned above are sure for the Highly Evolved Souls living on the earth with traces of ignorance and never for an ordinary personality like me but

The 3 together everywhere sure do the required wonder!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

'Nature is my Original Teacher' 
And I can learn everything from Nature. 
What all I need here is an 
'Open mind' 
Nothing else and nothing less! 

‘Gate Way to my Open mind’
Is ever firming up to free myself from the 
‘Worth or Specialty’
I defined myself with my 
'Opinions, Dogmas and Theories'
And with my 
'Values, Beliefs, Likes and Dislikes' 
Without ever questioning the same in my next man!

Freeing myself here 
Is never a path of burden and 
Is ever a path of effortlessness 
through the instantaneous understanding of
'True Spirit of Living'
And a
'Light Hearted Way'
Alone works here the ignorance by my side 
Making every effort to stop that! 

I should wholeheartedly acknowledge
'The Entire' 
Gently get off from the overpowering ignorance with me ever living through
'Discharge of my Responsibilities'
Which forever results in
Betterment of my next man and the world at large! 

Any deviation here, by force of habit is no sin but 
Is to be corrected instantly as I become aware of it 
Equally setting right the damages accrued therein to 
'The Outside World' 
And beyond, what is in store for me is purely the 
'Wish and Will of the Almighty'
And none else can define that in advance!

All honest works ever help, 
No special paths bring quick results and 
No materialist experience has an edge 
With the progress made securing 
'Immediate Peace'
And ultimately becoming the 
'Best Offering to God'
In my life!

Nature, Offering, God

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I might have got stunned in life when 
An unexpected misery took over as
The Dark, Thick Clouds of Uncertaint Moments 
Filled with 
Tension, grief and gloom started dancing to their own tunes!

Getting out of that misery is
The Right way in Life 
Life is ever worth living for a higher cause 
And if a strong determination sets in, soon 
I notice specs of recovery and happiness! 

The world ever watches the man undergo this change.. 
Here, I should never try changing my living style covering up the misery, instead, 
Should straight away look up ending that within! 

That study is a big science itself, 
As the man sails through this study, soon finds 
Nothing like misery of this or that nature and 
The self within is the real misery! 

That misery never goes if 
I just wish for it, think of it or trY to escape But sure there's less of it if I start 
Facing it and living in the Right Way! 

That Right Way 
Can never be taught or learned but is 
The Only Way 
One feels the best within legal boundaries and 
That Way 
Continued, the up-coming life alone teaches 
What this misery is not
The Colorful Rainbow seen in the Sky
Assuring Peace and Harmony! 

The Great Prince passing thru' the streets of His kingdom on the chariot came across 
A celebrating group jumping and dancing out of an endless enjoyment, 
Equally in a certain distance, 
A mourning group crying and weeping out of an untold sorrow and 
On return, 
A Saint embraced renunciation being in His own Peace and Tranquility.. 
The Prince instantly firmed up, 
'The only way to be at peace in life is
Renunciation of the earthly pleasures!' 

Sure me, the ordinary personality is infinitesimally small compared to the Great Prince but never zero and so, 
A certain renunciation however small is feasible here Which ultimately is nothing 
Voluntarily giving up my rightful feasible 
For the benefit of the next man in need! 


Saturday, May 12, 2018


Often I'll be living my life in a complex way with an 
Thereby indirectly neglecting my 
In respect of 
My family, 
My work and 
The people around me! 

Continued thus, after some time 
Those my doings appear correct only, 
I develop my own justification to that and 
I'll have the like minded people next to me 
To concur on that! 

My future pain in life is thus 
Sealed and 
as the 
By my side with the beautiful butterfly 
Making me rewind and live my life again and again 

Better sooner I firmly say no to this 
Making it clear to all that 
Am bound to live my life thus alone! 

If that becomes my stand, 
The simple criticisms around instantly change to 
Stern questions 
Ugly remarks and 
Endless resistance! 

All these have no bearing to 
And if faced patiently continuing my discipline, soon that resistance  
Reduces in intensity  
Starts waning off slowly and
Finally sure fades out 
With my streamlined actions steadily 
Of the confusion and the like minded people around 
Seen spreading its golden colors 
And I'm ever bound by that 


Friday, May 11, 2018


(An old Post is edited/modified without altering the core message and presented here befitting the message conveyed in this week's prompt.. If we have a lot of comfortable things, a lot of money etc but why did today every man is feeling more insecure? Why did distance is increasing in between 2 people? #insecurity)

At the end of a day’s well done work, I just relaxed for a while letting my thoughts go wild..

I was proud of my wealth for a moment.. Instantly the Inner Voice warned,

  • “Are you ready if misfortune strikes and some of it is lost forever?
Better be humble and start sharing part of that wealth with the deserving man next to you as you live through!”

I pondered over my professional growth achieved next to that.. Instantly the Inner Voice remarked,

  • “Are you ready if someone else is favored in your place and you become secondary in the scenario? 
Better be humble here and work for the betterment of the man next to you through your achievement!”

I thought of my intelligence for a while.. Instantly the Inner Voice laughed saying,
  • “Are you ready if something fails here eternally and you got to live with the ultimate situation? 
Better be humble here and make use of that God given gift for the uplift of the man in dire need next to you!”

I banked upon my name and fame next to that.. Instantly the Inner Voice said,
  • “Are you ready if the same is tarnished through a meticulous plan hatched around you? 
Better be humble here and divert those otherwise lost energies for the welfare of the man next to you!”

I pondered over my achievements immediate to that.. Instantly, the Inner Voice said,
  • “Are you ready if the next one is sure a failure? 
Better be humble here and try passing part of the benefits of those achievements to the man in distress next to you!”

I was proud of my character for some time.. Instantly, the Inner Voice busted the truth,
  • “Are you ready if the same is targeted and tarnished? 
Better be humble and stop banking upon those worldly gains putting the less privileged man next to you in an eternal disadvantage position!”

I thought of my self imposed discipline the next instance.. The Inner Voice was too quick to remind me,
  • “What do you do if bad luck strikes and you are pushed towards the wrong?
Better be humble and physically keep off from doing the wrong as much possible which ultimately benefits the weak man next to you!”

Finally, I memorized within me my own values of life as an escape.. Instantly the Inner Voice brought out the point,
  • “What do you do if the same are least cared for by the next generation in coming days?
Better be humble and forever carry respect for the unique and valuable expressions of man next to you!”

In spite of all the above reminders, I became confident of my own safety measures taken everywhere so that all the above are kept under good control.. The Inner voice was laughing from behind..
  • “What do you do if in spite of your best care too something straight away fails?
Better be humble and wish for the ultimate good of the man next to you in all your doings!”

And I was totally at a loss for a while not knowing what to do next.. Suddenly, it struck me..
  • "Why not I Surrender to the Almighty carrying an ever Compassion for His Creation thru' a Service and a Humble Prayer in my heart with a firm Faith within that that alone ultimately is 'THE RIGHT WAY OF LIVING' in my life?" 
Next moment, the Inner Voice remained totally silent with an instant Peace ruling me straightaway putting an end to the unknown agitation of 


Existed in me till then!


Thursday, May 10, 2018


Two close friends met after a long interval and they had a great time together. In the process, the one visited noted that his companion was not really well off. He felt bad for the same and firmly decided to help him out. At a convenient time during his stay, he gently made a suggestion..

His friend smiled but immediately enquired what the offer was.. The first one got stunned at this behavior as he never expected his best friend asking that way..

But then he felt it as challenge and said that whatever his friend wanted he would give.. The companion said,

“Can you give me lifelong what I'm going to ask?”

With this the first one really got upset and instantly admonished his friend saying that he never expected such a mean behavior from him whom he treated all these years close to his heart!

To this, the friend smiled, embraced him with all affection and said,

“I'm sorry dear, for hurting you this way. I meant nothing bad. Really to say, I don’t want anything from you. I should earn myself alone what all I need but never take free from anyone even from the closest!”

He paused and continued,

”See! Whatever you give me today as lump sum will be over in a certain time. Then later onwards, where's going to be the money with me to live with my habit that would have developed in me because of this free money?

Even if you start giving me a fixed amount for my entire life,

  • The life style I start living will not be acknowledged by my present circle of people as the same is not with them and they soon reject me making me the loner of my life.. 
  • The group which lives with this life style will see me as a stranger only as they know that I by myself, am not entitled for this and as such they also will not accept me in my life as their group man.. 
This way seen, whatever lifestyle you give me will not make me any better as soon I lose all my people. That's why I am declining your offer in total.. Whatever my
  • Ancestral transfer, 
  • Progeny support and 
  • Own effort returns
Together give me in my life alone are the right possessions I can claim as mine!”

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018


A man expected a change in his associate and accordingly advised him on the change..

  • The associate instantly promised to change, appeared too changed but in a short time turned around and zeroed down with no change in him.. 
Subsequently, he offered a benefit to the associate for a change..
  • The associate again agreed to change, appeared too changed but in a short time turned around and zeroed down with no change in him.. 
Next, he created a competition for the associate to change..
  • The associate once again attempted to change, appeared too changed but in a short time turned around and zeroed down with no change in him.. 
In the end, he created a fear in the associate of certain consequences if not changed soon..
  • The associate instantly appeared changed, continued showing the change but in a short time turned around zeroed down with no change in him!
Not knowing what to do further, the man approached the wise man and asked him how to bring the change in his associate.. The wise man advised,

"Leave him to continue his way of living and where he expects you to say something on what he is doing, simply use the words..

  • 'Fine.. No problem.. Go ahead.. Everything is OK!' 
Without a single negative comment from your end on his actions!"

The man took the advice and soon started implementing the same..

  • That looked initially encouraging to his associate with a 100% surety with him on what he was doing
  • But soon made him doubt a small part of his actions
  • Further in time that rose with increased confidence in more right
  • And finally settled firmly at a point of action with the distinct change in him his confidence firming up at that level!
The man again approached the wise man and said that the full effect was not there in his associate in spite of following his advice.. The wise man said,

"That's the ultimate right!"

"Sir! How can it be? I distinctly see even now that my associate is in the wrong line!"

"Dear! If Absolute Truth is compared to a huge elephant, here..

  • I may be holding to the trunk and feeling that that's what it means an elephant,
  • You may be holding to the leg and feeling accordingly and
  • Your associate may be holding to the tail and feeling equally so..
With none of us truly knowing what exactly an elephant is..

In such a scenario, each one is right in his/her own way and each one is wrong in his/her own way and I am nowhere superior to the other

  • However knowledgeable I may be, 
  • However great I may be and 
  • However aged I may be!
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Sunday, May 6, 2018


The fans of the Master of the modern poetry were pouring out praises after praises about his poetry thru' words thus..

  • "The beautiful mind pours out those thoughts non stop like a running stream!"
  • "The ever energetic hand pens down that flow of words endlessly!"
His mind and the right hand without a second thought were claiming 100% of that praise and applause with humility seen no where in the vicinity as the 5 fingers of his right hand were the silent spectators of all that with a certain murmur within..

The index finger:

  • 'I who often help my man in giving directions everywhere is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The middle finger:
  • 'I who often respected by my man by tying a leaf around me in many ceremonies too is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The ring finger:
  • 'I who often receive gold rings of my man is also straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The little finger:
  • 'I who often help my man's children for their basic need of expression is no exception and is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
The thumb:
  • 'I who often is made use of by my man for giving 'thumbs-up' for an achievement is no way recognized and is straight away taken off from the scene!' 
That in no time picked up tempo and the next day morning as usual as the man got up, refreshed and was into his job,
  • The mind readied to pour out the best of it's content extempore 
  • The right hand too readied itself to pen down the stream of those highly valued words.. 
Instantly, all of its fingers

Together refused to hold as well as support holding the pen!

Thus the mind and the right hand for the first time lost their importance which otherwise sure was theirs

With the 5 fingers together refusing to support for not sharing with them part of the benefit and recognition accrued in the process!

The man suddenly got up from his strange dream, rubbed his eyes and as he slowly started pondering over the the same, it instantly struck to him..

'Never say 'NO' and ever try passing partly the benefit received at the end of every success to those too who contributed for that indirectly and silently off the stage as without their unfailing support therein, you couldn't have achieved that!'


Saturday, May 5, 2018

  • “Hello, Rakesh! Your ex-Boss, Suresh.. How are you doing?” 
“Oh, Sir? Is it you? Was thinking of calling you.. How are you? How's life after the retirement? How are other things?"
  • “Dear! Am doing good. You may know.. I applied for the Advisor’s Post in our Department before my retirement and now I'm offered that Post. I would be reporting for duty from this coming Monday.. Hope everything is fine!"
“Your good wishes, Sir! It's a pleasure to have you back with us.. We await your joining!”

The Monday morning..

“Welcome, Sir! this's your room.. You can have this PC.. From today, we look up for all the valuable advice and guidance from you in our day to day issues!”

3 months passed..

  • “Rakesh! I've a request..”
“I am a little busy Sir.. Has to go for a meeting.. Can we talk when I'm back?”

The next 3 months passed..

  • “Rakesh! There's a problem..”
“Suresh, Sir! You know that I'm very busy in the morning hrs.. Can we meet at 3 PM?”

Another 3 months passed..

  • “Hello, Rakeshji! Congrats on your promotion….”
“Thank you, Sureshji.. How's the work going on?"
  • “Fine ji.. No prob!"
“Ok ji! Carry on.. We'll talk later.. I got a meeting with our GM at.... Got to go now!”

The last 3 months passed..

"Mr. Suresh! I need to discuss on one of the issues of..... I'm not all happy with what happened yesterday…. You should have been more attentive here and given timely guidance to.....”
  • “Sorry, Sir.. For what had happened.. I promise it won't repeat!”
“OK.. OK.. Got to go now.. I'll tell you how we can resolve the issue of......”
  • "Done, Sir.. No problem!"
In a week's time, the news in the department was that the retired man had resigned and got into a smaller job in a distant area.. All were with the elderly man..

“Sir! What’s the reason for this sudden decision? The job was so comfortable here.. You know everything and really can do your best?”

There was a broad smile on the elderly man’s face..
  • “Dear friends.. Back to the same place of work after retirement is forever a pain indirectly. That way presently, I'm totally free in my new place. My present Boss, 
May be young,
May lack experience and sometimes
May look childish when he talks

  • But he is totally 'NEW' to me and
Any scoldings from him in respect of my job will forever remain in me at surface level only and never go an inch deep into my heart!”


Friday, May 4, 2018


That night the Angel appeared in my dream, smiled and said,

  • "I'll give you one chance at this point of time to rewind into your past and make a single correction wherever you wish..

  • The change that comes up to you in your life subsequent to that is entirely yours and you can thus mould your further life towards betterment in that way.. Go ahead and do this great experiment in your life!"
And instantly, I found that opportunity of making that change in front.. 

I looked into my early teens.. My mind said,
  • 'You have everything today except all those endless unpleasant experiences of being coaxed and taught lessons in this time.. Make a change here and feel your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'Those experiences of following that disciplining alone had made you 

The right man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

I looked into my later teens.. My mind said,

  • 'You have everything today except those many of the unpleasant experiences of being advised and guided non-stop.. Make a change here and make your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'Those experiences of taking that advising and guiding alone made you 

The capable man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

I looked into my late twenties.. My mind said,

  • 'You have everything today except those some of the unpleasant experiences of being thrusted responsibilities and meeting the demands of others.. Make a change here and make your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'Those of experiences of proper discharging the responsibilities and meeting the demands of others alone made you 

The caring man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

I looked into my early forties.. My mind said,

  • 'You have everything today except those on and off unpleasant experiences of being made the victim of game play and foul practices.. Make a change here and make your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'Those experiences of being cornered thus by the vested interests alone made you 

The matured man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

I looked into my mid fifties.. My mind said,

  • 'You have everything today except those few of those unpleasant experiences of being the victim of power play and authority.. Make a change here and feel your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'Those experiences of properly handling the situations alone made you 

The exact man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

I looked into my early sixties.. My mind said,

  • 'You have everything today except the very few of those unpleasant experiences of being the man in queue for essentials.. Make a change here and make your life full!'
My consciousness asserted..

'That experience of living the replica of a humble man's life alone made you today 

The complete man of your destined life.. 

If not exposed so, what would you have been today?'

My dream ended there and instantly as I got up and looked out thru' the window, I saw the golden twilight of rising Sun in the eastern horizon with colors spread out in all directions.. I instantly folded my hands and offered my Sincere Prayer to the Almighty..

'Lord! Whatever You gave me so far in my life was ever the golden opportunity with me to learn the max and thus rise in my life..  Looking back, I feel I did only an infinitesimally small part of it with the unlimited still left behind.. I Pray.. Lead me further in this Path at the back of Your Unlimited Compassion for me!'

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt.. If we can Rewind our life ? What do we want to add/delete/modify in it #Rewindlifeflashback

Keywords: alternative, total, change