Wednesday, February 27, 2019


There was a problem and all were trying to give a solution. 5 minutes of struggle ensued, the man intervened and just resolved it..

  • "You should have done that earlier itself. We were struggling all this time!" 
Were the instant harsh comments..

On another day, a similar thing repeated and the man was silent for a while. Subsequently, they asked him to try..

"I may not know.. Let me try!"

Saying thus he coolly solved the issue..

  • "Great! You could do it!"
Were the instant praises!

On another occasion, a video movie was abruptly stopped for a while.. Before re-starting, someone asked,

"Where did we stop it?"

  • "It's the point where the hero... I remember because, I never liked the way he handled the situation!"
Said the man..
  • "We just wanted to know where we stopped it; not more than that!" 
Were the instant sarcastic comments..

On another day, the story was similar and when a member asked the man where they would have stopped it, the man smiled and kept silence for a while..

They soon recollected that, restarted the movie and asked the man in the end,

"How did you like it?"

"Yeah! Everything is good except where the Hero.."

  • "Yeah! We too feel that the scene should not have been included!"
Were the instant supportive comments..

On a 3rd occasion, the discussions at a meeting soon turned into heated arguments..

The man intervened and said,

"Why unnecessarily point out each other? Every one is equally correct!"
  • "Who asked your judgement? Just keep off!"
Were the instant reactions from all..

On another occasion, the heated discussions climaxed to squarely finding fault with one another. Subsequently it subsided and certain calmness prevailed for a while..

The man kept quite all along and finally said,

"Why unnecessarily point out each other? Every one is equally correct!"
  • "You are right. We only got into this unnecessarily!"
Were the instant reactions from all..

The man mused..

"All situations are not good enough to say 


Unless the time is ripe for that. Till then many times


Alone is the best solution everywhere!"


Monday, February 25, 2019


The No 1 clarity available with me this day in my living is..

I continuously live with 3 groups of people in my life Viz;
  • The family group, 
  • The working group and 
  • The socializing group.. 
Whatever be the conflicts therein, I shouldn't at any time
  • Fight with them, 
  • Try to transform them or 
  • Ignore them.. 
But only

Serve them wholeheartedly

And that'll bring all the required magic to my life!

Sri Adi Sankara says,

'Bhaja Govindam Baja Govindam
Govindam Bhajamuu Dhamathe
Samprapte sannihitekale
Nahi nahi rakshati Dukrijnkarane!'

'Worship Govinda Worship Govinda Worship Govinda.. When the leaving time nears, rules of grammar will not save you!'

While He was going thru' the streets of Kasi with His Disciples and when noticed a Sanskrit Scholar repeatedly stressing upon his students to pronounce one of the words to perfection..

Equally thru' Verse 4, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says,

'na karmanam anarambhan naiskarmyam puruso snute
na ca sannyasanad eva siddhim samadhigacchati!'

'A person can never achieve freedom from reactions to activities without first performing the Vedic duties prescribed; neither perfection would be attained by renouncing them as well!'

As I start understanding the 2 Sacred Messages in front of me, it soon becomes clear that

My Ultimate Aim in life is to be in Total Communication with the Cosmos which is infinite time away from me at this moment with the worldly bondage embracing firmly and to reach That Ultimate, the only way in front is..

Be doing the basic duties thru' the traditional approach known..
Here alone when certain thoughts surface in me no doubt, totally law bound like..
  • ‘Let me be myself all along enjoying myself in this one life in front. I needn't do anything different!’
I should be aware that the self interest in me which the law of land doesn't question within limits alone is stressing that never permitting me truly rise in my life except
  • Making me feel that I lived my life to full satisfaction thru' the comparative living.. 
In the process, it makes me forget that that freedom is time bound only and when a tough situation surfaces which no way is guaranteed not to happen whatever care I take,

I'm not going to be the same person but sure
  • A distracted personality in the situation feeling miserable finding no way out! 
As the purpose of this Vibrant Life in front is never to be such a lost person at any time, it's a must that I with all alertness,
  • Look at what I am doing, 
  • Streamline my thinking and 
  • Get into the so called duties defined with me.. 
Seen in such a spirit, our Original Traditions advocated by

The Great Seers and the Wise of the world

Who equally cared for providing changes to these with passing times are truly rich in

Values and Disciplines..
  • With no reason required to know beyond in that direction as 
Nil injury to the Creation alone is proposed all along

At the back of the Selfless Love of those Great men and Women!

No doubt with time, some of those traditions were interpreted by few powerful people for their selfish gains who could forcibly bring changes to them making it a hectic job for few dedicated Personalities to fight out those evils if not in full and bring them under control..

The remaining coercive rules and regulations still in vogue this date are truly a black mark on the society and here alone

I should 100% refrain from following these modified/wrongly interpreted traditions of course again,
  • Again with no reason required to know beyond in that direction as
A certain injury to the Creation however small it be, is invariably proposed therein
  • Due to the inherent self interests of few powerful!

Saturday, February 23, 2019


I was thrilled.. At last, I am going on my dream vacation for a week..
Instantly I was on my travel plans.. Everything should go smooth with perfect designed items put into service but strangely I was advised all along..

Don't use lifts but use stairs where you can with ease in order to not to get trapped unnecessarily in the new place.. 
Make sure, you keep all your extra cash and valuables in the bank before leaving.. 
En route, try eating food items direct from Nature as much possible.. 
Don't lean on to the car door and keep off from it as your taxi zooms.. 
Take Care.. Good luck!

In spite of 

All lifts in general fully designed for smooth automated operations, provided with instant communication facilities for emergency hold ups and checked fully for safety of operations,
The thick walled steel wardrobes at home designed specifically to be burglar proof kept locked, double locked, further the home itself is firmly locked/bolted and carefully checked before leaving the premises,
Many nutrients and essentials added to the well designed balanced foods available around and equally checked for stringent quality and safety,
The sophisticated car design keeping the door firmly closed and locked with the 'child lock' positioned as an extra measure for accidental opening during the travel
Stringent travel plans made in advance backed by good monies in purse, essentials in carry bags, emergency contacts in phone book and details of stop-overs in the mind..

With Uncertainty thus looming everywhere and Fear ruling all along as I heard en route, 
The Prayer to Lord Shiva 
On the distant loudspeakers recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel going thus..

'Om Trayambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanath
Mrytor Mukshiya Mamrutat.'

'We worship the three eyed one lord shiva who is of spiritual essence and nourishes all beings. 
May he severe our bondage of samsara and thus liberate us!'

That truly made my agitating mind instantly calm down and remain peaceful,
I paid my Salutations deep in my heart to 
The Ultimate Designer of the Universe 
Moved on further!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019


The voice of the Chief in the Client's Chamber was heard loud..

  • "We sent you the message about the rectification required 2 days back. The flight takes just 2 hrs to come here. And sure, you really are in time.. 48 hrs later!
  • Having arrived late, you waited 2 hrs doing nothing to have my go ahead signal.. Great!
  • It looks you are tired of the long flight journey. Why not rest for the day and start the job coolly tomorrow?"
The 2 engineers already tired of continuous work at their place, kept their cool and soon got into the rectification work in front suggesting a change.. Listening to that, the Chief made a sarcastic comment,
  • "I got a message from your company that the Expert Team is coming to attend to this rectification work. The other day, the non-Technical man of our Group exactly gave the same suggestion!" 
The senior engineer keeping all cool very politely said,

"Sorry, Sir for the inconvenience. Right now, we are on the job and it will be rectified in 3 days. I request you kindly bear with this problem till then. I very much apologize for the delay from our company side!"

The Chief got cooled with those words, the work started thus, the engineers had put in their whole and soul into it and finally brought it to an acceptable level..

Having finished the work successfully on the 3rd day evening, they were preparing to return to their hotel, collect their luggage and travel back..

The Chief suddenly smiled and said with all warmth..
  • "Am going home that side only. Come.. I'll drop you in my car!" 
The engineers couldn't believe his benevolence and were wondering whether that was again a sarcastic joke. Initially they politely refused the offer but the Chief insisted on giving the lift and finally they couldn't say 'NO' to that as it might attract his dissatisfaction once again..

Soon with the 2 engineers in the Chief's car, the vehicle zoomed past and covered half distance till a T Junction was reached. Meanwhile, the Chief never kept quiet, got some informations from the engineers at the back of few promises for supply of some extras. The engineers quite relaxed with the sudden rapport, readily agreed to all that without a second thought..

As the car reached the T-Junction, the Client saying with a smile,
  • “Sorry Boys! I've to go left here. You can easily manage from here!”
Quickly dropped them off and zoomed past..

The engineers were in their own lighter mood for a while for finally making the tough man happy. As they stood there thus for a while and started looking out for the usual 3 wheeler transport , they in no time noticed that they would never get a transport from there as the regular vehicles plying in both directions were full all the time..

They had no choice other than wait for a long time to get a vacant vehicle, walk down half way to reach the Town Center or walk back half way to get the transport at the starting point. They preferred walking to the destination and thus slowly walked down 1.5 km with their heavy bags on the back!

In the end, the engineers were wondering within themselves,

“Did the Chief really help us or made us struggle to reach the Town Center in addition taking few promises of extra work from us?”


Tuesday, February 19, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says..

Being flexible and not rigid about opinions wins more hearts than anything else. Flexibility makes love happen.#FlexiLove

No doubt it's an old Post but seeing the Prompt, I thought of modifying the same to suit the Prompt and bring it to the notice of many of my new Readers too without losing the grip on the core message of the Post.. Here it goes in the form a story..

Once a medium sized gravel stone was lying by the side of a walk path. A dry colorful leaf severed from the tree above had gracefully landed by the side of the stone..
  • “Hello!”
Wished the tiny leaf with a beautiful smile..


Said the stone with a stern face..
  • “Why are you so stern faced and rigid? Why don't be flexible, relax for a while and smile once?”
The leaf asked..

“If you want, you do that. I’ll not respond so timidly. I'm all by myself with my well established opinions on how to live my life the best!”

Said the stone looking more rigid..

The tiny leaf just kept quiet for a while observing the Nature around. Soon, a gentle breeze started blowing and the leaf was ready to move..

“Go, you helpless one! Even a small wind shakes you up in no time. Every moment is shaky for you. You are ever a slave to the world around you..

I've firmed my roots here deep into the earth. Do you know since how many years I'm here? All these years, your wind however strong could never shake me up even a little bit. Go dear, go.. I don't know what for you are living on the earth. I pity you!”

Said the stone at the back of great pride..

The tiny leaf simply kept quiet and moved on with the breeze gently getting rocked in its cradle. The Little Boy playing around suddenly noticed the colorful leaf dancing above and mesmerized by it's graceful movement instantly started pointing out that saying something totally being in a state of joy..

In a short time, the stone came in the way of one of the passers-by moving in a hurry and made him about to topple. In a fit of anger, the man instantly hit the stone hard with his tough right shoe totally shaking it off from its roots..

Utterly confused, lingering in pain and cursing the man all along, the stone had no go but get uprooted from its permanent settlement thought so and settle at the new spot under a tree. Surprisingly, it found the dry leaf too lying there coolly taking rest. As the stone started recapitulating that happened sometime back, a Celestial Voice spoke from Above,

“You both were next to each other sometime back and you both are again side by side towards the end of the day. All along the tiny dry leaf, 
  • Remained flexible,
  • Never carried an opinion of it's own deep,
  • Remained sensible in respect of it's existence managing here and there for basic security,
  • Carried due respect to the life around,
  • Was ready to accept that came up and thus
  • Lived it's life with ease and adjustment ever spreading Love around..
In the process the colorful leaf could truly amuse and enchant the Little Boy on the way thus becoming a feather in the cap of my Creation..

Here, you forever

  • Remained rigid,
  • Ever carried an opinion of your own too deep,
  • Remained insensible in respect of your existence ruling everywhere for your pleasure,
  • Never carried respect for the life around,
  • Were not ready to accept that came up and thus
  • Lived your life with pride and authority ever cursing around..

In the process you were ready to injure others thus indirectly becoming a threat to My Creation..

The end result is..

At the end of the day, the dry leaf could sincerely accept what came to it with a smile where as you sure failed there frowning all the time!"

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Sunday, February 17, 2019


  • "I achieved!"
I proudly declared.. My consciousness smiled and said,

"It's one of the minutest happenings in the Universe!"

  • "It's my money.. My precious metal!"
I said aloud.. My consciousness again smiled and said,

"The papers burn.. The metal melts.. Beyond; nothing more!"

  • "I'm powerful!"
I boasted.. My consciousness looked at me and remarked,

"It's infinitesimally the smallest capacity compared to the mighty energies of the Universe!"

  • "These are my people!"
I declared.. My consciousness shot back,

"When the entire Universe is by your side, all are your people only; your mind alone is tricking you here!"
  • "This is my plus!"
I affirmed.. My consciousness laughed and said,

"That's so when it has become minus with someone else otherwise never!"
  • "This is purely out of my intellectual expression!"
I proclaimed.. My consciousness equally asserted,

"Your intelligence is a spec of the ever probing Scientific Temper of the Universe trying to find out the Beginning of the Entire!"

  • "Okay.. Leave all that.. It's my opinion here. I'll express it 'As Is' and remain humble.. That way you can't point out anything here!"
I asserted.. My consciousness instantly clarified,

"Humility and rigidity never go together. Any opinion is basically of self born and is limited. It looks no doubt, impressive and makes you appear/feel truly humble but forever is away from Truth..

Here alone, our Philosophy of life says to follow

The Principle of Neti (Sanskrit) meaning Na+Iti

Not that.. Not that.. Not that..

And go on switching over to the higher and higher.. Thus, the ever noble path is..

  • To drop your rigid stand, 
  • Look at issues in a broader way where in you'll accommodate the views of other man too in picture and beyond alone you constantly
  • Investigate, experiment and arrive at certain conclusions 
All along remembering that
  • That too is not the ultimate and 
  • It's better not hold there but 
  • Move on to find the 'new' again..
If your thoughts are set in that direction, soon you'll get into total flexibility with you every moment carrying due respect to what

The other man carries as his/her own belief in spite of you knowing more with Specs of Love spread over everywhere

As confirmed thru' the Great Saint's Words

When the close Disciple queried on the Existence of God,

"I have seen God. If you want, I can show you!"


When an ordinary man expressed difficulty in meditating,

“Imagine the picture of your most loved goat kid in front and continue your practice. You need no God beyond!”

Affirming thus..

'Truth is as hard as the rock but as soft as the butter too!'

The Post is written in line with the requirement of this week's IndiSpire Prompt Being flexible and not rigid about opinions wins more hearts than anything else. Flexibility makes love happen. #FlexiLove


Thursday, February 14, 2019


A bad workman quarrels with his tools..

I'm the No 1 tool at my work and thru' my neglect, I'm eternally linked to this quarrel..

  • Let me be a good workman of care and attention first and then only talk of the rest! 
A problem shared is a problem halved..
At work, being worried is sure a problem and then why bottle it to a breaking point?

  • Let the safety valve of talking to a close member/colleague be opened up soon to let off part of that pressure and myself remaining cool!
A stitch in time saves nine..

The moment of action is right in front of me to correct my mistakes that crept in thru' my earlier neglect at work..

  • Let me do that correction immediately before the doings of devil neglect start eating me out! 
All is well that ends well..

The end for the day is just to be happy and it doesn't matter how my day went off..
  • Let me relax, leave the worries and let the steam go for a better tomorrow! 
Better late than never..

I may be a sum of 100 averages this moment but glad that I am a single piece..
  • Let me not try making all these averages the best, myself in the process becoming 100 pieces out of the accumulated worries all along! 
Failure is the stepping stone to success..

Am I going to use this stone of failure to break my head thru' today's neglect and complacence at work?
  • Let me be wise and disciplined! 
Make hay when the Sun shines..

Sure the very much required sunshine to do the best at my work and
  • Let me not block that by the dark cloud of worry at my work!
No man can serve two Masters..

Yes.. Very much right..
  • Let me sincerely serve my first master i.e., who feeds me all thru' my life keeping away the second one, the 'monster worry' which invariably eats into my that food! 
No one died of hard work..

Sure never died but many times made themselves 'living corpses' by being worried all thru'..
  • Let me live my life king size!
No pains, no gains..

As lots of pains have already gone in that direction and there's no much energy left to redo all that..
  • Let me not throw away that materialized straight into the trash bin by the present neglect at my work! 
Opportunity knocks at every door. Some think it is nuisance..

What am I doing to my this one opportunity that knocked my door long ago when I was in dire need and is with me till date?
  • Let me not call it nuisance unable to face the challenges involved there in!
Practice makes perfect..

Yeah.. Right..
  • Let me practice my job skills and not worrying myself!
Rome was not built in a day..

My boss forever tries to drive me towards completing the work in the time set but memorizing this proverb,
  • Let me not worry beyond for meeting those time schedules exact!
There is a trick in every trade..

A small time gone here to set right my house in order before involving in active work is sure worth and in that context
  • Let me first master every trick of managing my worries before I use the same tricks at my work!
There is no substitute for hard work..

As worry stands no where in the queue of even the those substitutes,
  • Let me not value that so much and stop doing my hard work!
Time is Money..

Since worry is a negative money with a fortune going on medical bills,
  • Let me straight away aim at saving this fortune right from this moment!
You never know what you can do until you try..

It's sure worth the venture and here
  • Let me try to be worry free at my work which is 100% possible by seeing others around me so jovial as living proof of that!
Work is Worship..

What else need to be said?
  • Let me without a second thought, start worshiping the First God of my life! 
Thus go the musical notes in alphabetical order of staying cool at work and if I play all these properly, my job is safe but thru'


The queue in no time will be broken with the ultimate harsh note Viz.,


Surfacing, empowering my Boss plan my replacement..



Tuesday, February 12, 2019


The Little boy of 7+ was ready for his favorite bed time stories..

The mom said,

"Dear! Tell your Prayer before grandpa tells you a story!"

The child instantly kept his folded hands close to his chest and closing the eyes recited the Prayer which the mom had taught him. Subsequently, he turned to his grandpa by the side and demanded,

"Grandpa.. Tell me the story!"

The grandpa smiled and said,

"Dear! Today, I'll tell you totally a different story.. Okay?"

"What's that, grandpa?"

He asked with all curiosity clearly seen on his face..

"It's the story of a soap bubble!"

"Okay.. Tell me!"

"See.. A soap bubble is made of many many tiny ones called soap molecules. One end of the soap molecule likes water and the other end is afraid of water. Isn't it funny?"

"Very funny.. Tell me what happened next!"

"Yes, dear! The end which likes water is called hydrophilic and the other end which is afraid of water is called hydrophobic..

The hydrophobic end likes oil which is always with dirt particles on our hands and the hydrophilic end freely moves with water molecules..

When the soap molecules are in water, all hydrophobic ends together make a round with oil and dirt in the center and the hydrophilic ends freely remain out..

When we wash our hands by rubbing, the soap bubbles freely go away from our hands along with water taking away the oil and dirt particles in the center and our hands become clean..

As bacteria always remain attached to the dust particles, they also move away from our hands without getting killed..

Don't you like our hands to be clean always like that?"

"Yes! Grandpa!"

"And whenever we go to rest room, there will be bacteria on our hands and so it's always good after using rest room, we take some soap liquid, rub hands, wash with water and thus come out clean...

Then it's healthy for us and for others too. I know you are doing that daily but now you know how that cleaning takes place.. Am I right?"

"Yes.. From tomorrow I fully clean my hands with soap and water when I use rest room!"

"And let us do that before eating our food too. You know..


It means.. God always wants us to be


If all of us follow this and other clean rest room habits, our country too remains clean and healthy..

That is called


Don't you want to help our country?"

"Yes.. Grandpa.. I want to help!"

"So today's story of soap bubble.. Is it interesting?"

"Yes.. Very interesting.. I like it.. One end is hydrophobic and the other end is hydrophilic.. hydrophobic.. hydrophilic.. hydrophobic.. hydrophi.. Hydropho.. Hydro......!"

Softly saying thus, the little boy soon fell asleep..

The grandpa comforted the boy with soft bed sheet and patting and blessing him, moved on with a satisfaction in him for implanting

The very much required good habit into his boy's mind at that tender age!

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Sunday, February 10, 2019


A man mused..

“I had taken all precautions in my life and am guarding myself all the time effectively..

  • I keep good habits, follow many safety norms, discipline myself everywhere and remain law abiding.. 
  • I keep sufficient money ready for exigencies which is easily accessible.. 
  • I've the important telephone numbers of my close friends and relatives so that their help can be sought in the right time.. And 
  • I pray to God regularly and surrender to Him as I firmly believe that ultimately, He alone takes care everywhere..
But still

I'm constantly worried,
Not able to relax in anything around me and feel
Lost many times

In my life!”

His friend recalled..

  • “I had taken all precautions in my life and am guarding myself all the time effectively.. 
  • I keep good habits, follow many safety norms, discipline myself everywhere and remain law abiding.. 
  • I keep sufficient money ready for exigencies which is easily accessible.. 
  • I've the important telephone numbers of my close friends and relatives so that their help can be sought in the right time.. And 
  • I pray to God regularly and surrender to Him as I firmly believe that ultimately, He alone takes care everywhere.. 
Thus, I'm

Relaxed with what is in front of me and feel

In my life!"

There was a Message from Above..

Here, I could straightaway Grace the 2nd friend with 
  • Happiness and Contentment 
And could not do that to the 1st friend a bit as the greed totally filled him with 
  • Worry and lost feeling..
Because in 'MY ONE CREATION'
The 1st friend ever sees variance and feels that
  • He should give only that which matches with what he would get back in return..
Whereas his friend ever sees Oneness and feels that
  • He would give invariably that which matches with what he should give at that moment!" 
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Friday, February 8, 2019


As I travel according to my journey plan to meet the tight work schedules, let me equally join with the oft unnoticed passing scenic beauty of Nature outside with 

The distant majestic hills merging into skies, 
The silvery edges of the same shining intermittently at the back of 
The sharp sun rays from above which scene 
a few times getting covered by 
The passing high speed clouds as white as snow no sooner turning dark bringing cool drizzles wetting on and off 
The cool wind blowing past all along 

And equally with, 

The vast sloping landscape invariably joining the blue waters below 
Surrounded by the green bushy trees moving rhythmically to the breeze going over them Spreading their greenery all over making truly a feast to the eye.. 

And join too the never ending scene inside as the seated companions of travel of various age groups making endless conversations, sounds and noise.. 

The children screaming having got mesmerized by the passing Nature in front constantly clarifying their doubts with their moms.. 

The young lovers their hearts filled with true care for their partners whispering to each other with the breathtaking Nature as a single Entity is constantly seen in front of them.. 

The responsible adults casually talking on their important issues getting refreshed by the Nature's appearance in front and 

The seniors sitting in their own comfortable places and looking at all the hustle and bustle inside and outside totally lost to their memories of past life.. 

All at that moment with their own 
Inherent Ambitions,
Innate Tendencies.. 
Innovative Ideas and 
Interesting strategies..
Ready to take coming up life in front with a renewed energy and never failing spirit 

Myself too at the same time becoming unmindful of the 
Heat and cold around,
Blowing winds from all directions, 
Wetting rain on and off and 
Striking hunger within 
Ready to lose myself to Mother Nature for a while 

Leaving my specified priorities of travel in front and forgetting the differences with my companions around which my petty mind often creates in me calling myself superior for nil reasons making the Travel the ever cherished memory of mine with a totally refreshed feeling as 

Specs of 
Reality of Oneness 
Certain Newness 
Is seen at that moment in 
Everything and Everywhere

Truly standing as witness to the age old Saying
'The beauty (of outside) is (ever) in the eye of the beholder (alone!)' 

The Post is written in line with this week's 
IndiSpire Prompt 


Wednesday, February 6, 2019


A man on a day, visited the distant place thousands of miles away from his native place on the other part of the globe. The next day, he was at the nearby grocery cum fancy store for buying few items. Everything looked a bit different at the new place in respect of the
  • Local English spoken, 
  • Social customs followed and 
  • Rules and regulations around.. 
  • Picked up the required items marked the cheapest, 
  • Kept a single currency note of higher denomination ready in his hand, 
  • Handed over the note as soon as the items were billed, 
  • Collected the change/items

And walked out of the store hurriedly!

A week passed and the man had to venture out again to buy. There, he
  • Picked up what he wanted marked the cheapest, 
  • Kept a single currency note of a little higher denomination ready in his hand, 
  • Handed over the note as soon as the items were billed, 
  • Collected the change/items

And walked out of the store slowly in a relaxed way!

Another week passed. That time, the man at the store
  • Picked up what he wanted all good items, 
  • Carefully looked at the display while billing for the total cost, 
  • Gave almost the required cash, 
  • Took back the small change/items saying

And came out with all ease!

Soon in few months at the store, as the man started
  • Greeting few people saying ‘Hi’ with a smile 
  • Picking up the best items required, equally 
  • Noticed few ‘self check-out counters’ and decided to give a try there, 
  • Felt some confusion but quickly took some help there and exclaiming

Completed his buying and came out victoriously!

His visit to the foreign place ended by then and he was back to his native. But in 2 months time, he was again there and on the day of his arrival itself at the new place, he was at the stores and after picking up his items soon was at the automatic counters,
  • Briskly scanning the items, 
  • Inserting the cash, 
  • Collecting the change/items and 
  • As some other customer requested for help smiled and saying,

Helped there and subsequently walked out with his bags!

After a while.. On a day, the man was heard requesting at the shop,
  • "Hi! I billed this item yesterday and am finding it defective.. 

Here are the receipt and the item intact!"

On another day later, he was heard saying,
  • “Hi! I don't like this item. Don’t have bill for that but you can check on your computers for the details..

Here are the items!"

Finally it was time for the man to return again from the foreign land. The day before his travel, he was seen at the same shop arguing on something..

“Sir! This's beyond the period of exchange. Sorry.. We can't exchange!”
  • “Why not? As a customer, I'm unhappy with your item. The time limit might have crossed, but I see no great point in that. The item is intact and you can use it a 100%. And please.. Don’t want any replacement 


Monday, February 4, 2019


A father was of the opinion that children should learn on their own and only where they were likely to miss important events, the parent should either keep things handy for them or help them at that moment..

'Teach them fishing but never give the fish!'

Was his motto!

An elderly well-wisher who was observing him for a while decided to correct him gently and accordingly said one evening,

“Why don’t you

  • Leave normal issues other than those with potential problems/hold-ups to your children, 
  • Allow them struggle a bit and thus 
  • Learn the required
Instead of you keeping part of many things ready for them in day to day dealings?"

The man replied,

”Sir, That way, the children sooner or later sure get themselves held up and lose their precious time!”

The elderly smiled and said,

“Dear! It's imperative that in one's life,


Too is experienced on and off to make oneself ultimately a strong personality..

Actually in life,
  • No one had truly come up with all success and 
  • No ordinary failure brought down one's personality 

There that much of spending of time, money and energy has never become a waste..

This is where one can take a chance and continuously correct himself/herself. In fact, it's always seen as the bigger part of learning in our life as few failures in safe zone will soon enable especially our children
  • Become mentally strong, 
  • Learn how to correct in advance and thus 
  • Equip themselves to face such moments of life.. 
Seen thus, it's nothing but an investment alone just the other way.. I advise you..
  • Spend more time of yours on health, safety and well being of your young ones and 
  • Ever make sure that they never get into issues of major problems but 
Beyond leave them learn freely

Not only knowing fishing but
How to equip themselves to fish too!"


Sunday, February 3, 2019


That evening, I decided that I would embrace


As a prerequisite to be in the Spiritual Path with many Philosophers all the time advising the ordinary personalities like me saying..

"Your mind never rests unless you listen to what it says and do that to a certain extent. In that context, you sure need to find and start leading


First as a prerequisite but never stop there and investigate constantly. Your purpose of life would be truly met!"

As I was thinking in that line, it suddenly struck me..

"Why not a gadget do this job of deciding the decent life for me? Now a days for everything there is a gadget and here too I can have one to address my doubts like..

  • How much I should work and earn?
  • How much I should involve in my enjoyments of life?
  • On what I basically spend my monies as essential?
  • How much charity I should do?
  • How much I should involve myself in my artistic expressions?
  • To what extent I should take risks in life?
  • To what extent I should save and grow monies for the fag end of my life?
  • How much time I should spend in reading and listening to religious books and praying to God?
  • How much helpful I should be in the neighborhood leaving my priorities in front?
  • What are my family and social responsibilities?
  • If I fail in my ethics vouched to follow, what should I do?
  • The good and bad exist next to me.. What should be my attitude in dealing with those interactions?
Etc..etc.. in respect of leading


As I was thinking thus, the gadget maker was instantly by my side saying..

"We understand your requirement and we readily kept this gadget for people like you. At every moment of your life, it straight tells you what to do as part of retaining


Make use of it from now onwards and be happy!"

I was instantly thrilled. Yes.. My eternal problem is straight away solved. Now I needn't break my head with what to do and what not to do in my life.. Great!

As I was thus in my own ecstasy, in distance the wise man was seen smiling at me saying..

"Do you think this gadget will decide everything for you? You'll in no time, become a robot in the hands of this monster gadget instead of becoming a free individual!"

"Then how I can embrace the Philosophical Path as I don't know what my decent life is?"

I questioned.. The wise man again smiled and said,

"My dear! Philosophy is never a set path of living. It is a dynamic attitude of involving yourself in the vibrant life in front.. As you start leading such a life, every moment of yours becomes a moment of decision making..

No doubt, the decision is never exact there as your mind without a say, mesmerizes you towards untruth and tries to hold you..

This fall takes place continuously but you are not totally helpless here as you are equally gifted with a single original quality of yours.. Totally yours alone Viz.,


God ever would be watching you how you tilt the scales of justice making use of this precious gift He bestowed upon you..

Here, let me be attentive and use my discrimination as much possible, let me alone firm up which action is to be done by me and accordingly take the return that accrues..

Whenever my ignorance temporarily takes me away from the above discipline and make me fall flat, let me sincerely get up and make the corrections required therein with the help my discrimination..

Thus seen, the whole process of living such a life is to be addressed by us alone thru' our discrimination and no external gadget can do that job for us. Finally what comes out of those actions alone is


Defined by the Great Men and Women of earth for a personalities of our levels!"

The dream ended suddenly and as I got up and looked at the clock, it was showing 6 am. Again as I looked out thru' my window, the Sun God appeared smiling on the eastern horizon saying,

"I'm back to my duty and


Starts now.. Are you ready?"

I instantly folded my hands, offered my Salutations to Sun God and got up from my bed with the renewed energy to start my day!

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Friday, February 1, 2019


The Great Saint said, 

'A thief escaping in hurry from the house he robbed with his heavy bag of loot on his back chances to come across the lonely Little One of the family, the child just smiles at him seeing his funny Avatar with a total joy in his/her heart; nothing less at all!'

That's just the pure innocence of the child and the little one's happiness and smiling nature accordingly exists at that moment..

Sure as a grown up adult with my established self interest and knowledge, I'd never be able to express my happiness in such instances but that does not mean that I lost my true smile and happiness in life when often I notice myself forcibly doing that..

That's truly possible when I broadly take care of 8 disciplines in my life which go thus..


  • As the robber chased by security men dropped his loot in the lap of a Saint on the way and fled off, the Great Man smiled and said,
"I stole the items!"


  • Lawful attitude forever is the true safety net for me as the dead end of unlawful living is sure the welcome gate to hell!
  • The Great Saint proclaimed that He need not learn and need not work as he had no desires. When asked how he'd survive without work, He smiled and said, 
"Some of you may feed me. If not, I go hungry and in the process if the body perishes, let it go!"

  • A sincere and hard work makes me a wonderful human being without a say and a second thought there in no time brings down that title! 
  • When the Great Saint’s mother asked for spending her last moments by resting on His lap, the Master immediately held her head on his lap as she breathed her last. Subsequently, the Master requested the disciples with a smile,
"Yourself do the rest related activities!"

  • Discharging the family responsibilities to core brings in the true joys of life to me but a neglect here is definitely a life time regret! 
  • The great saint had thrown a handful of gold and a handful of sand into the river waters and proclaimed with a smile,
"Both are equal to me!"

  • Money truly gives a feeling of safety and security and helps me all along the life but a craving for and a wrong use of this one entity surely leaves me with only a single choice between the 'Devil and Deep Sea!' 
  • When the 80 yr old Saint afflicted with terminal disease was offered help by the disciples, the Master smiled and said, 
"As this hand moves, let it alone do the job. When it refuses to move, you can help!"

  • Challenges are definitely the opportunities in front of me to grow and expand and devoid of those challenges invariably is the inevitable rotten routine alone! 
  • Seen as their right with tenants of his houses continue staying in the premises, the Great Man proclaimed,
"From today, they are the owners of these houses!"

  • Charity as part of life makes me a certain sure worth. and devoid of charity, what else can be my plan of leaving the world? 
  • A Great Saint forever living outside in open area used to say with a smile, 
“Earth is the floor, Sky is the roof and Hills around are the walls of my house!”

  • Preservation of nature forever is a healthy way of my living and any attempt to do less there is the waiting chance for disease and disaster! 
  • A Saint once beaten by a rowdy sheeter and lying unconscious when served by a disciple and subsequently asked whether He could recognize the person serving him smiled and said, 
"The hand that hit me is serving me!"

  • A sincere Prayer to God is the sure outlet of many tensions of my life and the conflicts around and no such Prayers; Who else can rescue me from the Eternal 'Fear of Unknown?' 
The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire PromptHow happy are you? Do you look for reasons to be happy? Are smiles linked with happiness? #HappinessSmiles