Thursday, June 27, 2019


A group of ardent Aspirants once visited a Monastery to have Blessings of the Great Saint and follow the discipline what the Master would tell them. The Master revealed certain Truth to them and said,

“Go and live your future life on these lines of discipline!”

They returned homes with a firm decision to do that but soon all had fallen off from that Path with 80% of them going back to their earlier life and 20% returning to the Great Saint disclosing their inability to stick to what He told them..

The Master revealed more Truth to them and said,

“Go and live your future life on these lines of discipline!”

They returned homes with a firm decision to do that but soon all had fallen off from that Path with 50% of them going back to their earlier life and 50% returning to the Great Saint disclosing their inability to stick to what He told them..

The Master revealed some more Truth to them and said,

“Go and live your future life on these lines of discipline!”

They returned homes with a firm decision to do that but soon all had fallen off from that Path with 20% of them going back to their earlier life and 80% returning to the Great Saint disclosing their inability to stick to what He told them..

The Master took them to be His disciples saying,

“All are not truly evolved to follow all the disciplines of Truth. The Aspirants have to be repeatedly tested by their Masters in practical living and then only accepted as Disciples.. Thus,

The Original Truth forever remains a Secret with the Masters


They alone know when to speak that and when to keep silence over that..

Concurring with what the Master had said, Verse 67, Chapter XVIII of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard simultaneously on the loud Speakers of the Monastery with the meaning explained wherein Lord Krishna says to Arjuna..

'idam te natapaskaya nabhaktaya kadacana
na casurusave vacyam na ca mam yo bhyasuyati'

'You should never disclose this science to one devoid of austerities, nor to one who is not devoted, nor to one adverse to spiritual advancement and never to one who is envious of me!'"


Monday, June 24, 2019


The situation in front looked gloomy and disheartening. The man firmed up,

"The Lord alone has to save me here and my pledge to the Almighty goes thus.. 

'From today, I'm going to refrain from xxxxx pleasantry for life time!'"

Soon the tension passed and the man reiterated..

"I'll keep up my promise a 100%!"

That 100% discipline no doubt continued for a while but in a weak moment watered down and the man fell flat to the inner urge..

He felt sad but recovered soon and once again got into his busy life..

In time, there was 2nd tough situation in his life and again, the man took the pledge of refraining from yyyyy pleasantry..

No doubt, the toughness passed but the man's discipline failed again in keeping his pledge..

And no need to say the whole drama just enacted 100% when a 3rd zzzzz pleasantry was put on hold in one more tough situation..

That night with total confusion within, as the man went to bed, he had a strange dream in which the wiseman was seen smiling at him saying, 

"My dear! The Great Personalities too were no exception here as..

  • The Great Saint lost the Celestial Position He acquired thru' His dedicated Penance because 
He just yielded for praise in a weak moment..

  • When the Great Saint having his own habit of chewing pawn questioned, said with a smile,
'May be, this body is living for that only!'

When threatened beyond, the Great Man on the advice of the In-charge escaped in disguise from the wrath of His attackers over which later, He said,
'If repeated, I would face the wrath rather than escape!'

  • King Yudhisthira known to speak no lie yielded when the enemy became challenging beyond repeating the words of seemingly Truth..
  • 'Aswathama hatha.. kunjara ha!'
Seen in that context, the ordinary mortals are nothing in front of the powerful inner nature. Equally, it is no sin too to yield lawfully when the core desires are forcibly put on hold..

Instead, why don't you pledge to the Lord in all your bigger difficulties about 10 to 20% deviation from the pleasantries, limiting yourself there and all along keeping a vigil in maintaining that percentage..

Any time yielded, try making up for the same and thus 

On average maintain 10 to 20% off from involving in the pleasantries..

If done so with all sincerity,


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Saturday, June 22, 2019


“When you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show it - clap your hands!” 

I might have taught the Little One that rhyme myself reciting it aloud along with a firm clapping and

The Little Boy seeing me doing that might have repeated the same out of a natural happiness within..

But when I looked at myself, it appeared crystal clear that I was not truly blessed with such happiness the Little One possessed as my endless worries constantly were seen eating me out.. 

Right at that moment, my consciousness smiled and said,

"What can I say here, dear? The craze for wealth and following a wrong discipline made you really blind to see what is good for you in your life!"

I shot back,

"How can you say that? I'm just in the same path equal number of people followed for centuries and I strongly believe that the money with me can sure give me whatever I need!"
  • "That's what exactly the greedy Midas too thought about his gold and 
You know what he lost finally. Money is not everything, dear!"

"Come on.. Without these extras, this life is really meaningless. Shouldn't think too much here!"

  • "That's where the greedy rich man too got as his answer when he thought of taking gold and cash with him at the time of leaving the earth..
'No way, dear! The metal melts and the papers burn!'"

"See, how things around me move and glow? What's the use of all those so called great talks in life except starving myself everywhere with limited finances?"

  • "Yes, dear.. That's exactly, where the miser got his answer when his huge stored monies in the backyard were stolen on a day..
'No problem, friend! Just keep a stone there and that sure helps you in the same way!'"


"Remember dear,

  • You may happily be quoting today that money is everything but the moment you start searching for love in it's list, you sure find it a mirage..
  • Money may speak a lot but the 'man in picture' speaks much better. When that man is simply forgotten and a fortress of safety is built around you with your money, it sure turns into a prison of agony alone in the end..
  • Know yourself, dear.. God created man, man created money and money invariably created evil and the association of money and that evil is well known from the times immemorial..
  • No doubt, money frees but in limited way only as beyond money sure chains. And here, it's just your wish that turns the plate and none else are behind that..
  • A craving for and a wrong use of this one entity called money surely leaves one with a single choice between the 'Devil and Deep Sea' alone!

Beyond the decent finances earned and saved, the discharge of family responsibilities to core alone brings true joys of life in you.. 

All along sticking to such a discipline finally,

A sincere Prayer offered God at your heart, takes out the left out emptiness in you whenever you happen to look at 

The 'Eternal Fear of the Unknown' 

Thursday, June 20, 2019


"These days, I'm not at all happy with the way my grown up children are deciding on some of their trivial issues of life. I many times told them to be careful there but they aren't caring much for my advice. It's really a pain to see all this happening in front of me..

I'm just praying to God all the time that nothing should go wrong and thus pulling on in my life!"

Thus was pouring out an elderly man his agony on the behaviors of his grown up children to an elderly well-wisher of the family. The well-wisher listened, paused for a while and said,

  • "Dear! Even though all those are 100% your grownup children's decisions, you should never keep away from them but act as if you too are a party to all that. My Praying to God should always be after I discharge my that duty in that context!"
"What can I do, Sir? They just don't allow me to talk on the matters also. I'm really helpless!"
  • "Dear! Long, long ago you were single grown up young man in your life and were totally free all by yourself
  • You never remained thus and happily created the so called your family..
Morally speaking, aren't you a party to this latest confusion too well connected to your original creation only?"

  • "Dear! Our responsibilities towards the world never cease as long as we live on the earth including towards ourselves. And there's no safe way of this living other than
  • Discharging those responsibilities including the tiniest ones often unnoticed to the core of course, with reasonable ease with us falling neither
On the laziness side nor
On too much vigor side..

  • That medium way of living sure secures immediate peace of mind in our life and
Beyond alone,
  • It should be left to the Almighty wherein all of us are bound to abide by His Ultimate Decision but never, never
  • Without discharging those final ordained responsibilities however small they may be!"
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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


"My Boss never leaves me for a moment. How can I do any personal work that comes up during the active day?"

  • Work priorities forever override many of personal works except the welfare oriented ones. They necessarily have to be delegated to someone else; no go!
"Why's there no incentive bonus this month with no annual bonus announcement so far?"
  • Quality work turnout against the book order with saving in standard man hrs in the month is the basis for paying monthly incentive. And profits earned after sale of production is the basis for annul bonus announcement. No other trick works here!
"My job pays peanuts. I'm struggling day and night and getting a pitiable amount by month end!"
  • Remuneration is broadly related to value addition using one's capabilities to meet the market demand and no other equation works here!
"My boss exactly catches me when I'm ready to leave after my defined shift hrs and he never stops doing that!"
  • Overtime stay at work is precisely either to meet the customer’s need or to cover up my deficiency for lapse in timely deliveries and a negligent ‘No’ there can create a sure havoc!
"After so many days of continuous work, I applied for 2 weeks off to go on holiday and my boss just rations that forcing me cut my leave. If I ask a bit firmly he says, 'Forget about the sanctioning, I can even ask you comeback in the middle of your vacation canceling the sanctioned leave if required!'"
  • Leave from work creates a deficiency in business and there is no way there other than minimizing the same if required!
"I'm off for 2 weeks for training. It's a wonder my Management suddenly asks me stop such urgent works I do and go for this? What wonders this training will do except that I comeback and do my same work?"
  • To get trained on job during working period is imperative to accommodate the fluctuations of demand in the market for the existing skills and that has necessarily to be undergone, if necessary at the cost of personal finances too sometimes!
"They all talk a lot but I got nothing during my difficulty as compensation except the basic pay. All other monies are lost because I could not work!"
  • Welfare at work, the constitutional provision is a safeguard for all eventualities, would always be at a minimum maintenance level and never beyond that at any time!
"I resigned from the present hectic Job as I needed some rest and more time to do some of my essential works. I wish to take up the next job in a short time!"
  • Continuity of job is the most important aspect of work life and an official declaration of gap in the Career for no valid reason is just suicidal!
"What's the use of my promotion? They posted me to the remote jungle area where even for a match box, one has to go a mile!"
  • Being promoted to higher responsibility in career has to happen in time and any delay there is truly detrimental to the continuity of job and future promotions!
"The final point here.. You can't believe any one in this environment. Speak one word, in no time the same is modified for personal advantage and presented to boss who simply believes it. And if that happens in front of the customer?"
  • Work environment is virtually a war zone, it's a blessing that there one is only on the frying pan and not in the fire. How effectively that atmosphere is managed towards smooth functioning is basically a skill of the employee alone, nothing else!
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Sunday, June 16, 2019


“Dad! I need some money. Need for my....”

The son in schooling asked swallowing a few words in between..

  • “Pass your schooling with Good Rank first. Till then I'll only buy you what you want!”
Said the dad with all firmness.. Soon the son was into his college..

“Dad! Can I have my money now? All my friends carry their own....”

He was demanding a little more..
  • “You should finish your Degree first before asking any money so easily. Take this for this month and let me see where it goes!”
Was the dad's answer.. Soon the son completed his Degree and got into his job..

“Dad! This is my first salary! Wanted to give to your hand first!”

Were his emotional words..
  • “Keep sufficient monies for your personal needs and give me only the balance every month. I'll save it for you!”
Said the dad.. Years rolled by..

“I need some monies for investing and if I use mine, I would be left with nothing!”

The son was murmuring..
  • “Monies are precious and monies are never in excess. Don't ask me anything now!”
Was the dad's reply for that.. Some more years passed..

“Want to do a planned investment but can't meet all those extra expenses without a support. I need my own savings for exigencies. If you don’t support, how can I ever grow in my life?”

Was the son's demand at that point of time..
  • "--------"
Was the dad's 'NIL' answer to that.. A few months passed..

“OK! Don’t want your monies. I've my own investment plans. Straight away going for sizable loan. And I'll repay that with the growth expected in my job!”

Were the son’s words then..
  • “No problem and take this one time check from me as a support. At this stage I can venture this much alone into your investment..
  • As planned, for the balance go for a loan but remember, the loan giver checks you ten times before giving the loan and takes installments through tough measures. You should, from now onwards streamline your spending and pay off loan installments in time..
  • But here too don't think that the loan giver gives you the loan simply because you have a handsome salary. I need to sign for you as the Co-borrower!" 

The dad smiled and said.. Many years passed and there was a day, the fully grown and responsible son found some time to chat with his father on some of the issues with him..
  • "I'm confident.. You are the right man here to handle these big money dealings..
  • Still remember.. In this world, the trickster is always smarter than us.. Be callous in financial matters, monies change hands too fast. Being eternally cautious is the only way here in our lives. Good Luck and Best Wishes!”
Said the elderly dad with a feeble smile..

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Saturday, June 15, 2019


    • Even the lovable parents show the way out, if I do not work and contribute my share in time..
    • A lakh may be huge but that's just a hundred thousands and will in no time be over when a thousand starts weighing light in my pocket.. 
    • Spending lavishly may look the real life but it invariably means putting bundles into drain and if continued unchecked, soon the drain gets chocked filth overflowing all round.. 

    • Expand double without checking the need of the hr, come back soon to part of the original without an exception.. 
    • Between the 'Intrinsic Worth' and the 'Fascination Price' I pay thru' my irresistible buying, I'll slowly and steadily be pushed to the lower end of my living without my knowledge.. 
    • When additional money is sensed, new relations would be defined and if I don't implement an effective pest control there thru' my vigilance, soon I need to face a catastrophe.. 
    • Stop spending part of the money on improvement, soon that be passed into hands who will invariably misuse the total of it without an exception..
    • 'Retirement Approaching' means the second ‘Cool Honeymoon’ is getting over with the ‘Blazing Sun’ awaiting to strike. Is the 'Safety Net Umbrella' ready?
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    Thursday, June 13, 2019


    "People say that you ease man's life a lot but 
    The same people again say that too much of you brings in sure contempt.. 
    What exactly is your stand in this scenario?" 

    "Yes, dear! Here goes my answer for your query..

    Have nothing of me, you'll be nothing,
    Have excess of me, you'll again be nothing..
    Keep off from me, you'll be desperate in life,
    Embrace me, you'll again be desperate in life..
    Give no importance to me, you'll be off from your well-wishers,
    Give me too much of importance, you'll be again off from your well-wishers..
    Try making me zero, you'll be made zero,
    Make me a mad Hero, you'll be again made zero.. 

    Respect me, you'll have your.. 

    Ease of living, 
    Quick acting, 
    Ability to fight for your rights, 
    Bringing of people close 
    Finally certain peace of mind! 

    But try coming too close to me, your 

    Histories will be out, 
    Popularity will be downgraded 
    Personality will made zero,
    Relationships go sour
    Peace of mind will get off from you!

    Live in Peace dear.. 
    Treat me just 'As Is' to the level required through a judicious decision and leave beyond 
    I too love my freedom 
    And never want to be chained in the name of


    Wednesday, June 12, 2019


    Dear IndiBlogger Team,

    As my observation goes, for quite sometime things were seen not alright with Indiblogger and I had my own questions unanswered for that happening. 2 days back, as I read your blog and came to understand what's going on, it was a pain in heart to know that my fears were confirmed. At the same, it's great that you kept up your ideals here, in spite of the tight situation in respect of day to day management Viz.,

    Truly caring for the free expression of  bloggers!

    No doubt, the Saying, 

    "The pen is mightier than the sword!"

    Ever rules, as setting right issues thru' use of sword meaning muscle power, however easy may look is always temporary compared to the real transformation that good blogging brings about..

    This is the exact reason that made me start blogging, become a member of Facebook, Indiblogger and later Blogadda and thus remain communicating freely with my dear Readers..

    Having started this activity around 2010, till date I could bring about 1200 + Posts narrating my life experiences and perceptions thus freely expressing myself. That experience had become truly a unique one in my life as some concrete things are done here for which I feel it's worth living this life and in that way I am truly indebted to Indiblogger..

    Over the past 9 yrs of blogging, around 700 co-bloggers have joined as my network friends and our interactions thru' comments on the Posts and IndiMail was an invaluable addition in my life especially after my retirement and I continue remain thankful to my blogger friends for the great interest they have shown here and continue patronizing my blog..

    No doubt, life has its own ups and downs and the present scenario for the time being remains painful at my heart to say good bye to my beloved active IndiTeam with whom all these years I had many interactions clarifying my doubts and taking personal help where required..

    I participated of course not in many but few Indivine Contests which truly boosted my writing skills and made me stand in my place in blogging field of which I feel truly proud..

    My greatest satisfaction of being a member of IndiBlogger was when I won the 2017 Blogger Award on Religion and Spirituality which had truly given boost to my blog 'Reflecting on Life' and equally given its ultimate place in blogging arena..

    Thank you IndiBlogger Team, for all that you have done towards my successful blogging and I wish you soon come back with double energies to help out the young blogging minds do the blogging at their best..

    My humble request here is.. I don't know how much that is feasible.. Not to say 'No' and provide a method to any new blogger wishing to join IndiBlogger, join and contribute his/her might towards sacred blogging!

    I remain,


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    Monday, June 10, 2019


    "These people don't listen so easily. I want my freedom at any cost. I'll not keep quiet.. Let me

    Tell good,
    Win over and
    Get my lost freedom!

    These people again don't listen so easily. I want my freedom at any cost. I'll not keep quiet.. Let me

    Give something,
    Please and
    Get my lost freedom!

    These people once again don't listen so easily. I want my freedom at any cost. I'll not keep quiet.. Let me

    Use diplomacy,
    Manage and
    Get my lost freedom!

    It's the limit and these people don't listen so easily. I want my freedom at any cost. I'll not keep quiet.. Let me

    Show my muscle power,
    Create fear and
    Get my lost freedom!"

    The wise man smiled and said..

    "Are you really free now, dear?"

    "Yes, Sir.. I now know the tricks of trade. I need to use them liberally. None in the Universe can take away my freedom!"

    "By doing so, are you becoming free ultimately?"

    "What do you mean, Sir? When I said I'm free, I'm free in total and that's the ultimate!"

    Dear! You could


    And could get your freedom thru' these


    But if destiny doesn't favor for a moment, what do you do?"

    "What any one can do there, Sir? We have to accept the reality and get on with the life given!"

    "No.. Nor really so.. A lot one can do.. If one wishes!"

    "Like what?"

    "Start using the same discipline of

    • To educate people,
    • To make people better,
    • To resolve issues of people and
    Muscle power.. 
    • To protect people
    And thus


    As much possible to help those in need. If done with dedication, those actions alone make you face the tougher life of the moment with a smile making you experience


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    Saturday, June 8, 2019


    The gentleman on a particular day traveled to the distant lands on the other part of the globe for stay on permanent basis. A few days after his arrival whenever he ventured out, the usual greetings and talk around used to be..

    • "Excuse me!"
    • "Did you find everything?"
    • "It's OK!"
    • "Thank you very much!”
    • "You are welcome!"
    Soon, that had produced a total dull feeling in him having got disconnected thousands of miles away from his dearest conversations..

    One day, he visited the neighborhood shop to buy some fresh curd and was soon at the billing counter. To his utter surprise all of a sudden, he heard a gentle voice greeting him with all warmth saying,

    • “Aap kaise hain?”
    As he was coming back to his senses, the friend further asked,
    • “Dahi le rahe hain?"
    And before he could reply, the friend continued saying,
    • "Ek choti si kaali mirch aur namak ke sath roti dahi vaastav meh ek achha naashtha banaatha hai!”
    Finished billing, took the cash and handing over the item said with all pleasantness,
    • "Dhanyavaad!”
    The gentleman could no more hide his emotions and responded with a big smile to his new friend at the counter. The friend bid him bye saying,
    • “Alvida!"
    And soon the gentleman returned home with an unknown great feeling at his heart!

    Thus his life picked up in the foreign land as a permanent resident and life moved on again with full vigor. After few years of stay there on a particular day, he had to visit his home town and soon travelled back to his place. He was welcomed with all warmth by his close friend at his home for the stay..

    Soon he had lunch with the friend's family and decided to rest for a while as the jet lag was pulling him down. The friend with his family was going out on some errand and before leaving he said,

    "Please keep your windows closed. Anyhow, this is winter and so no problem. The market is next to this house. Those continuous conversations, screaming and shouting sure will not let you sleep if window is kept open!”

    The gentleman bid bye to them and went to bed. But the new place never allowed him to fall asleep and kept him awake as he was accustomed to hear..

    Certain familiar conversational sounds out side the window at his place in abroad like..
    • “Hi! How are you?”
    • “Am doing good!”
    • "What do you say? Am I not right?"
    • "Very nice talking to you!"
    • "Bye.. See you tomorrow!"
    And they were truly missing at that moment. He could no more lay down on the bed, got up and opened the windows facing the market area. Instantly, a cool breeze started blowing in making him feel refreshed followed by the sounds of certain outside conversations..
    • “Saab! mai iss se kam kaise de sakta? Aisa kareto, mujhe kya milega?"
    • “Mam, ye fresh maal hi.. Aap mera paheli Customer!"
    • “Aaj do Chai de do.. Mera dost idhar hai!"
    • "3 din school ka chutti hai.. Meri beti market dekh ne keliye aayi!"
    • "Abh my jaa rahaahun.. Kal jaroor ghar aana.. Mera doosra dost be aanewala hi.. Ham sab milkar bath karenge!"
    Suddenly, it was an experience a totally another world. No.. No.. Surely not the new.. A quite familiar one ever part with him. When felt deep in heart, those very noises were seen highly welcome, sweet, pleasant and cool on ears..

    Fully relaxed, in no time the gentleman went into deep sleep for few hrs forgetting all that strain of his travel!

    The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere- Tim Mcgraw - Your take! #InseverableTraits

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    Friday, June 7, 2019



    • My truthful living may be a fact in front of my eyes but the ignorance of mine is invariably a double fact behind me..
    • My truthful living sure helps me in my life but that alone can never lessen my ignorance unless a miracle happens..
    • My truthful living indirectly makes my pride go up however careful I may remain and there my ignorance plays a major role making me not see that..
    • My truthful living many times remains copying a great personality unless I constantly chase thru' a bit of my own ignorance in the process..
    • My truthful living no doubt brings me certain peace of mind but that peace can wither away in no time when I do not remain cognizant of my ignorance..
    • "Yes.. I got the point!" may be my assertion in my truthful living but there I coolly forget that my ignorance alone made me say that retaining it's powerful hold on me..
    • The Great Saint when asked by a mother to advice her child not to eat sweets told that to the child only after a week when he stopped eating sweets.. My truthful living has got to keep such stringent checking myself in respect of what I am doing every moment..
    • My truthful living is out of divine intervention and guidance; the discipline I stick to getting that living into my personality is out of my ignorance equally intervening and misguiding me..
    • My truthful living sure makes a dent in my life if certain definite sacrifice from my end is voluntarily chipped out; if not my ignorance sure makes a dent much harder by coloring that sacrifice and speak volumes on that..
    • My truthful living becomes my indirect untruthful living if I do to accept my ignorance.. It again remains untruthful living only even if I accept that but remain lax or inattentive!
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    Wednesday, June 5, 2019


    The stranger in distance was seen waving at me calling me. I walked up to him and asked what he wanted. He smiled and said something softly in my ears. I couldn't believe myself. Am I dreaming? I pinched myself. No.. It was 100% a reality in front of me. An instant offer on the spot..


    • Totally my own,
    • Perfectly lawful,
    • No great effort from my end needed and
    • Can be bargained for a higher amount too if wished so..

    In return of a single simple action from my end..

    What else any one wants in his/her life?

    No doubt, it was the moment of great excitement for me. A permanent solution for the eternal shortages of my life..

    "I'm ready!"

    I proclaimed with boundless happiness..

    Smiling at me, the proposer whispered something in my ear on what I need to do..

    No doubt almost effortless action. But

    Hearing that I became pale a great fear instantly overtaking me..

    What really would be my life if I give up what the man asked for when

    • The vagaries of nature suddenly shake me up,
    • The life around which I believed appears the next moment empty,
    • The trust I kept would be at stake in no time,
    • The ideology on which I relied upon for years, suddenly looks dry without substance,
    • The escape from the unpleasant looks totally meaningless and
    • The involvement with heart looks all disheartening..
    Which otherwise can never pester me beyond, the moment, I become attentive and with total devotion..


    Which other involvement/dependence in that situation can truly restore Peace and bring Calmness to such an agitated mind?

    And how can I auction that for any amount of truly worthless materialistic gains?

    No never.. What an unthinkable proposal..

    The very thought sure shakes up any one on the earth!

    Suddenly I got up from that very bad dream of mine almost shivering all over my body my heart pounding hard and as I sat on my bed, I slowly recollected where I was and understood that it was just a bad dream of my life.. 

    Instantly, I switched on the light and looked at the clock. It was showing 2 am beyond midnight.. The weather was cold outside with the sound of drops of rain hitting the tinned roof hard. As I looked outside a powerful flash of lightening instantly blinded me followed by a deafening sound of thunderbolt struck in distance..

    Instantly I came to attention, folded my hands, prostrated in front of my Deity Lord Shiva's Idol in my room repeating Shiva Panchakshara Mantra within myself..

    'Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya
    Hara Hara Bole Namah Shivaya!' 

    Having calmed down thus, further I switched off the light, rested on my bed and slept peacefully for the rest of the night for not relinquishing the thought of


    ....... Even in my dream!

    Keyword: FAITH

    Sunday, June 2, 2019


    The friend No 1 said,
    • “I love my friend so much and words stand no where to speak of that!”
    The friend No 2 said,
    • “Anything is a wonder in this world, if my love for my friend fails!”
    The friend No 3 said,
    • “What else I've to do here other than loving my friend the dearest?”
    The friend No 4 said,
    • “Time alone proves my love towards my friend that never fades!”
    The friend No 5 said,
    • “Don’t know what would have been my life had I not become his friend!”
    The last friend said,
    • Nothing there but silently was doing the related works..

    The friend No 1 said,
    • “I still love him the same.. Only thing is presently he is a little bit away from me and I just can’t reach him!”
    The friend No 2 said,
    • “My love never fails.. How much I wish he takes one step towards me and we move together? I'm waiting to hear from him!”
    The friend No 3 said,
    • “I still love him so much.. I pray with full heart that God truly save him from the present situation.. Already spoke to him!”
    The friend No 4 said,
    • “Time alone proves my love.. My heart yearns for his betterment.. I've my own plans of rescue!"
    The friend No 5 said,
    • “Am totally gone presently.. Right word is.. Devastated! My life looks just empty.. Lost the most precious.. The weekend, I'm going there!”
    The last friend said,
    • Nothing there too but instantly extended his hand with a smile keeping the other firmly on his and further they moved on together..

    Keyword: Friend

    Saturday, June 1, 2019



    Whether it is Specialization or Generalization in the world, all search and research in that connection ever hover over from the Highest Universal Oneness Existence to the lowest mundane survival forces as Stated by the Great Seers of the world thus..

    'om puurnamadah puurnamidam 
    puurnaat puurna mudachyate
    puurnsya puurnamaadaaya 
    puurnameva vashishissyate
    om shaantih shaantih shaantih!'

    'That (Outer World) is Whole (full of divine consciousness);
    This (Inner World) is also Whole (full of divine consciousness).
    From that Whole comes this Whole
    From that Whole, this whole removed
    Indeed what remains is the Whole
    Om Peace Om Peace Om Peace!'

    (The Shanti Mantra from Ishopanishad)


    'jatilo mundii lujnchhitakeshah
    pashyannapi cana pashyati muudhah
    udaranimittam bahukritaveshhah'

    Many move with matted locks,
    Many move with clean shaven heads,
    Many have hairs plucked out,
    Some clothed in saffron,
    Others various colors,
    All for a livelihood..
    None sees the truth so evident in front of them!

    (Slokha 14 of Bhajagovindam)

    Those limits of Truth ever rule the entire probing going on in the Universe thru' search and research with the 7 powerful tools gifted to one and all equally.. Viz.,




    That come out in the process, all limited will hold power for a while but sure in time drop out with the powerful questioning tools again and again trying to find


    Thus go the entire specialized and generalized interests around me endlessly

    The hunger and basic survival instincts ever forcing me stick to No 2 Truth and present that found out in a colorful way with No 1 Truth remaining away from my domain of action..

    It's sure a long, long journey for me thru' infinite time this moment to reach 


    Here all along that journey of mine,

    • Stops under shade called pleasures of life comforting, alluring and interesting should be optimized quickly, I should leave each stop as per plan and steadily continue my journey..
    • Break-downs called the issues of health and safety are inevitable in that journey and I should be well equipped to carry the required repairs and move on steadily..
    • No doubt, rough paths, steep climbs, down slopes and sharp turns called the problems and difficulties of life come in my way. Here, the journey could continue only through stretching, care and attention..
    • A constant look-out, observation and rule bound discipline sure make my journey safe which are nothing but constant attention, learning thru' mistakes and discharging my duties well in my life.. Beyond

    Offered at the end of each day of my that life thus sure makes me 


    'Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah
    Sarve santu niramayah
    Sarve bhadrani pasyantu
    Ma kashchit duhkha bhagbhavet
    Om shantih shantih shantih!'

    May all be prosperous and happy
    May all be free from illness
    May all see what is spiritual uplifting
    May no one suffer
    Om peace, peace, peace!

    The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Would you rather be a specialist or a generalist? Future society will need more specialists or polymaths? Your thoughts on this debate which is going on since 'Philosophy' branched out to know more and more about less and less. #SpecialistVsGeneralist