Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best....

For a child….

Mother’s living place is the best surrounding.

Mother’s home is the best environment.

Mother’s closeness is the best vicinity.

Mother’s talk is the best engagement.

Mother’s touch is the best feeling.

Let there be no Repentance....

Good people with me are my real assets; no substitute is available for such people in my life…. I generally do not recognize the greatness of these good people till I face one problem with the so called not-so-good person!

I should remember that all good people too have their own personal beliefs independent of their good behaviour. These beliefs vary widely and may not match with those of my own!

When I continuously live or interact with such people, over a period of time, the original goodness is slowly forgotten and the above personal differences are seen more and more…. The famous saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ applies very much!   These differences only propel me to get off quickly from these people or if forced to live together will result in continuous commenting and fighting!

When I am thus forcibly off from such people in mental plane, another set of people do take their place in my psychological world....Such people are never basically the so good people as they have captured an opportunity!  In this way,  I become a pawn in their game and if I look back, it is evident that ultimately I have come away from the best people around me!

Should I not question this voluntary action of mine?

Let me always remember that in life problems do exist, they have got to be resolved, that is why I am here and my time too with me!  Let me never get away from good people in this process!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The wonderful Gift of Nature….

The famous scientist working day and night on his research was advised by his spouse to take a leave from his busy schedule and relax.

“Go somewhere, spend the day in a different way and fully rejuvenate yourself", she advised….

“OK, I will see to that”, the scientist replied thoughtfully.  He also felt that he might need some rest and relaxation as advised by his spouse.

But the next day morning, both got up and were back to their schedules; the scientist straight away busy with his laboratory research ignoring what he decided to do the day before and the spouse on her own work with no time to oversee where and what her husband was doing….


We love doing daily what we do regularly as there is an unknown and undefined ease in that….and
Here, no separate relaxation is really required and all other ways people suggest may not bring true relaxation.... 

This is where our strength at work lies and the prospective Employer is ever aware of this!  This deep interest and well accustomed attitude will not allow us to take up another job so easily and thus we become experts in our job!

This is the Nature’s wonderful Gift for survival in the world.  At any time, I am the right individual who can deliver the best to my Employer’s requirement  and so my Employer is interested to continue with me. 

Let this Gift of Nature be always protected and supported all the time through our additional efforts….

Monday, February 13, 2012

Democratic Ruling....contd....

Two evils in the world continue for ever but never end! One is exploitation of the weak and the second, existence of parallel economy…. Whatever might have been be the measures taken by all Democratic Rulers of the world to end these two, they always co existed with us and continue to do so. Exploitation of the weak and the existence of parallel economy provide basically ease of living and hence they have an indirect acceptance by all who can access the same! So, there is nothing like ending them in the world! All Rulers across the world had tried all the time and are trying their best constantly to free societies from these evils as much as possible and that way no doubt provided better life for many so far!

In this scenario, a good Democratic Ruler and every individual around should not talk of any eradication program but only keep them under check continuously….It is similar to human bodies fighting with external attacks in whatever form continuously thus minimising the dangers of becoming victims of disease and accidents!

So, all promises in this direction by prospective Rulers in a democratic set up should be limited to constantly keeping these evils under check as done in the best way by the earlier Rulers with a tail piece if required, “We will try to do better than them!”…. That is all the limit…. There is no need to promise the moon at any time!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The one helpful Discipline....

The famous joke as heard….

A priest was being transported in a taxi. The taxi was booked in time but it arrived late by thirty minutes. The driver felt bad for the same, raised the speed above normal and dropped him the best possible way. While leaving, he told the priest, “Sir, Hope I have not caused interruption to your work by being late.” The priest replied, “No! My dear, absolutely not! As you were doing your job, I too was doing mine without an interruption.”

May be it is a sarcastic remark filled with fun, but as we look at our lives, we find that ‘Fear of Unknown’ is always the greatest fear in life. Further, It will never leave an individual whatever said and done. At times, it haunts a person and he/she will be totally helpless under its influence!

Only one discipline in life truly gives solace in this aspect….

That is….

Discharging one’s responsibility for the day to the core feeling all the while at heart that God is behind all the happenings and closing the day with a sincere prayer to Him that a similar opportunity be given the next day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

God gives us the Right Opportunity....

A middle aged man was a close relative of a young man who was honest and straight forward. The old man was all the time getting his works done through this young man. Life was going on thus….

Once, the old man encountered a serious problem in his life which started pestering him day and night. He was totally peace less in that condition. In that scenario, the young man straight away acted and sorted out the issue for the elderly man….

The man was relived a lot. Once again, the life was going on smoothly and it was much more interesting than earlier. That way a few years had passed…. All these years, there were no serious problems in the life of the old man….

Suddenly, one more critical problem surfaced in his life and he was again totally helpless, much more this time! He expected the young man to sort out the issue as he had done earlier. Contrary to his expectation, the young man did nothing….The old man was furious. On an appropriate occasion, he shouted at him and gave out a piece of his mind!

The young man simply smiled at him and told, “Sir! I am sorry! Earlier, when your problem was resolved, you thought that I solved your problem and thus helped you. But it was my responsibility to the core at that point of time and I simple did my job…. Subsequent to this, you might have expected that I would be by your side to solve all future issues in life. You thus totally started relaxing in your life and because of that, your present problem appears to be more difficult! But to tell you frankly, here my responsibility is zero and I can and I should do nothing in this regard! Unfortunately, the person who can bring solace to you may not listen to you in this regard. I am really sorry for the trouble you invited for yourself!”

While leaving, the young man said, “Sir! God always gives us a chance to recover from an impending problem but simultaneously expects us to be less self oriented in future! But most of the times, I will forget this and start thinking that ‘I resolved the issue and I am great!’ When I thus deviate, the next problem sure to come up makes me more helpless…. It is better I always make use of the chance given by the Almighty, try to mould myself as I solve the problem and still in that process if I fail, I should sincerely await for the next opportunity! Thus a problem is an opportunity to improve but not to escape from true responsibility!”

The old man was totally taken aback at the wisdom of the youngster!