Tuesday, July 31, 2018


When the dacoit asked the Lord to stop moving, the Lord replied,

  • "I stopped long ago and it is you that had not stopped till this moment!"
That instantly brought a change in the dacoit's mind who further enquired into Spirituality thru' questioning and finally wanted to become the disciple of Lord. The Lord replied,
  • "You should go back to the same village where you killed 999 people for your selfish gain and take the punishment whatever offered by them. Then alone you can be my disciple!"
The dacoit accordingly went to the village and faced the wrath of villagers for the earlier damage done to them. In critical condition, he returned to the Lord and died at His feet.
  • "He is No1 Disciple of mine!"
The Lord proclaimed!

The story very much reveals the highest sacrifice required from one's end to bring a change in others and also when one carries such a love towards an individual, that person sure transforms..

A love and sacrifice of that level from an individual alone can sure help a man suffering from depression and no doubt finding such sacred entities in the world is no easy task..

Any interaction bereft of this love and sacrifice will send the depressed man more and more into his/her cocoon however pleasing the related actions may appear outwardly..

As people suffering from different critical health problems of life too basically retain a capacity of reacting suitably to the social interactions around them, they quickly socially adjust for the life in front of them and start responding in that way making them and their critical conditions socially acceptable..

Such a man's personality reasonably stays at a level balancing with the world's requirement as he/she lives thru' and thus remains as a whole personality in the eyes of the world at an acceptable level to the people around..

In the case of the depressed individual, that very personality remains under threat as the man goes more and more into his/her cocoon of depression with the world's continued questioning at the interacting level..

As no threat is sensed from the said individual, naturally a certain ease sure develops with the masses around him/her and that soon makes the depressed man seen as not their man from any angle..

Thus talking about depression ultimately becomes a taboo/stigma with the society and the depressed individual is seen as the written off case in general!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Why does talking about depression in our society is still a stigma ? #depression

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Sunday, July 29, 2018


The engineer working in the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry was not given the very much expected promotion instead his own colleague got that. The bosses in the hierarchy too could not help him much there, as they had to follow the promotion Policy laid out by the management based on certain specific factors..
  • "We'll send you on deputation to......” 
  • “We'll recommend you for the award of......” 
  • “We'll send you for the latest training in......” 
Were the immediate consolation assurances from them to the man..

But none of those offers could truly comfort him at that point of time in place of promotion in time which had its own dignity and importance..

  • "My this colleague will be drawing more salary and additional perks now and equally he'll be In-charge of......... I should simply face all that for another year at the back of the unwanted sympathies from others hurting me in parallel!" 
Was his constant pain at that point of time..

Soon, the engineer decided to visit his distance native place on a fortnight leave which was pending since long time and forget the pestering issue for a while.. Accordingly, he made a plan and in a short  time visited his distant native town in the remote area where his parents and the elder brother lived..

The very next day, he decided to venture out into the town on his brother's motor bike but the same needed some immediate repairs. His brother advised him to take the vehicle to the nearest garage in the same street where the owner knew him well..

The owner enquired about the engineer and immediately assigned the repair job to one of his boys of 15-16 yrs of age. The boy looking almost black all over due to the environment dirt on him instantly smiled showing his bright white teeth for a while and immediately started attending to the work in front..

It took about an hr, the boy completed the required repairs and handed over the vehicle to the engineer. As the man was about to move from there after making the payment of charges of repair, the young boy with a beaming face asked him,

  • “Sir! I don't know exactly. I'm asking you.. Are you the brother working in Planes Making Company in the city?"
When the engineer nodded his head in affirmative with a smile, the boy instantly exclaimed,
  • "Sir! How nice to see you here! I'm really very happy. You make such big, big planes which fly so much high in the sky. So wonderful to see them fly with no support. I see daily one plane flying above us. I heard that some of them travel very fast.. 
  • Also we heard that in the sky they give food, play music and show pictures too. And all these you only make. A wonderful personality you are.. special by yourself! You are great for our country.. I'm proud of you, Sir!” 
The engineer was suddenly up in spirits when he heard the great respect the boy carried for him in his heart. He bid bye to the boy, finished his work and was soon back home but totally was in a different mood whistling aloud without his own knowledge..

Seeing his jovial mood, his brother who was knowing his earlier tension got surprised and asked him,

"What happened to you suddenly, dear? You look so look different!"

The engineer smiled and kept silence further. But his mind was never silent and was on continuous run within.. So to say on the 

'Right Run..'
  • "Each work carried out by a particular professional forever carries laurels in the eyes of my country men and women who directly or indirectly are the beneficiaries of those services as well directly or indirectly make their own small contributions put together towards the so called salaries and perks of all such professionals..

  • In this context, whatever be the internal problems and petty politics of each Organization, it becomes the primary duty of all these Professionals to look at themselves for a while and sincerely ascertain whether they have truly delivered what their country men and women from end to end expected out of them..

  • All the rest of the achievements and recognitions at work however great they may appear outward, always stay one step behind this certain contribution made with all sincerity meeting this expectation at any point of time in our active life.. 
And if I'm ready to do this to the best feasible, where are then my blues in the situation?"

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Friday, July 27, 2018


The aircraft started descending with 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign on followed by the landing preparations by the crew members. As the airplane entered a cluster of thick clouds during the decent, a jolt of not a lesser intensity shook the plane all of a sudden making the rear seated passengers shaken up a bit..

It was just a few minutes of tension and confusion as the morbid fear took over the 3 friends seated in a row of the rear seats..
  • "Lord! You are the Supreme and all Powerful and you alone move the world. Am nothing but a speck in your Creation. Please save me!" 
Were the words of

Instant Prayer

Of one in his heart..
  • "This life is truly meaningless. There's no point in hankering after all the things around me which can become nothing the next moment!" 
Were the words of

Instant Philosophy

From the 2nd one..
  • “Somewhere, something is really over looked and the rules and procedures are bypassed. Else why will this happen?” 
Were the words of

Instant Anguish

From the 3rd one!

Soon the aircraft landed and in a short time, the 3 friends out of the airport decided to move to a nearby restaurant for coffee and then part..
  • “Okay, listen friends.. It's confirmed now and we're out of our long pending litigation. To tell you frankly, it's totally my plan and my effort that really helped here to get thru..' I did it finally!” 
Said the 1st friend soon after a brief phone call with a

Beaming face..
  • “Oh! Is it? Then we'll have good money in our accounts and can expand our Business. This's called 'Life!'” 
Reacted the 2nd one to the news with a

Big shouting..
  • “At one stroke am relieved of my financial tensions. Between us.. Look to a side for a while, huge monies are yours the next moment.. Great!”
Followed the 3rd one's comment with a

Wicked smile!

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Monday, July 23, 2018


A young man was

  • Honest, 
  • Principled, 
  • Straight forward, 
  • Hardworking 
  • Helpful to others and 
  • Charitable
But was

Never a believer of God..

“Doing my job well and be useful to others in times of need itself is enough in my life. Where's it specially required to

  • Go round the Worshiping Places, 
  • Read Sacred Books, 
  • Offer Prayers, 
  • Worship the Deity of belief 
All along carrying a feeling within that

'I move because Some One moves me!'

It's all in the mind and if I want to be free here sure, I can!”

Was his firm assertion all the time..

An elderly well-wisher of deeper Ethics wanted to correct him gently and mold his thinking there so that he would be much more useful to himself as well as to others. Accordingly, he met him one evening and after a few enquiries said,

“Dear! Hats off to your exemplary personality and good habits. You are an exception around and people like you definitely build the right Nation. But I want to educate a little more here, if you permit!”

The young man smiled and said,

“Sir! I know what you are going to say. Please go ahead and I don't mind listening to you!”

“Dear! You
  • Pay all taxes and duties, 
  • Take the necessary permissions, 
  • Apply for clearances and NOCs and 
  • Follow all the guide lines set by the State to the core.. 
As the State provides many things for your
  • Living, 
  • Working and 
  • Expressing yourself 
In the form of supply of essentials like
  • Power, 
  • Water, 
  • Developed land, 
  • Infrastructure, 
  • Facilities for carrying out trade etc.. 
Am I right?”

“Yes, Sir.. You said it 100%!"

"Dear! In a similar way, Mother Nature too gives us

Many Life Supporting Systems around and within us

For our happy living..
  • The Sun rises daily in the east to heat us to the required, 
  • The Winds blow all round bringing copious rains in time quenching our thirst 
  • The Rivers flow all along down the slopes distributing those waters where required 
  • The Hills constantly control the movement of winds bringing the required cool surroundings and
  • The Oceans forever help Nature store the precious essentials of life..
Beyond this,

Various complicated and delicately balanced Systems

Continuously work in our bodies in perfect synchronization making us feel all the time

  • Healthy, 
  • Happy and 
  • Energetic! 
To say very much rightly here, we at any time have no absolute control over all these limitless Entities around and within us except living in tune to our Mother Nature and maintaining the same through our good habits. Then why are you not thanking

The Unseen Power behind all this Perfection

Too for making your living complete thru' such

Sacred Support?" 


“Dear, let me ever remember here that this day I am just 'Myself' because the Lord had Willed that way and was all Merciful to me.. Else, I can never

  • Talk, 
  • Do all this so well, 
  • Express myself in the best way and 
  • Remain happy
In my life.. Now tell me, should you not acknowledge such 

A Great Gift in Front of you


A Thankful Attitude

Which other wise is called

The Daily Prayer

And remain humble in your life?"

In line with the advice given by the well-wisher, 

The Pavamana Mantra of Brahadaranyaka Upanishad 

Was heard being chanted melodiously on the distant loud speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'asato ma sad gamaya,
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya,
mrtyor mamrtam gamaya,
om shanti shanti shanti.'

'Lead me from the unreal to the real
Lead me from the darkness to the light
Lead me from death to the immortality
Let there be peace, peace, peace.'


Sunday, July 22, 2018


A story wound round 

The one at home 

Without naming it anywhere is narrated below..

*** 3 friends had a get-together in one of their places to spend a Saturday evening..

"I don't believe 
consuming all unhealthy foods in the name of these get-togethers. For a while let's care for our health and long life..

I've decided something different today for all of us. Be with me for a day in eating. Later, you yourself will see the good of it and like it beyond. Okay?"

Said the host friend..

  • "It's time to relax. Why again some discipline here? Let's eat what we like and enjoy our food!" 
Murmured the weak looking guest friend..
  • "Occasional indulgence in anything is no great threat to health and safety. Any how, we are in our limits only. Why an extra discipline once again here?" 
Asked the 2nd guest friend with a little impatience seen on his face..

"I know you will not agree. But you don’t know the good health effects of a bit of 

This particular one seen here in my home

As part of our daily food. It does its own miracles where none of the others of our daily consumption do the equivalent!"
  • "But there are well known foods which are  good and highly nutritious.."
"No.. The recent findings say that 

This one mostly found in every home 

Is the best. Many of our elders knew this. If you refer to history, you can find about the use of 

This unique one..

The saying may go, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away..’ but I very much like to replace that apple with 

This special one 

With nil doubt in me..

Leave all that.. Some time back, I had a problem and I was helpless for a while. I tried some of the known best remedies but they all were not of much use. At that point of time, some one told me about 

This wonderful one

And I decided to give a wild try..

You know? After the use of 

This friendly one

For 3 days, I found the real difference in me..

Anyhow, what Nature gives us straight is forever the best.. 

This one in cooked form 

May taste a bit bitter, but that should never put us off if we consider the immense good it does..

  • "But, we need some taste too in our foods.." 
"Oh, Come on! Don't worry too much for a day. OK! The food is ready now.. My cook has prepared a special soup for you with

This marvelous one!”

The friends soon were at the dining table spread out with various dishes with the special soup kept separately in the centre.. And soon, the same was served to all in shining white porcelain cups quite hot..

“Let’s just take it like a beverage, relax for a while and start our usual food subsequently as 

This valuable one

Starts working in us in parallel!”

As the weak looking friend took one gulp of the specially prepared liquid, the next moment he looked frozen and coughed violently a few times. Every one got panicked instantly and subsequently as they looked at him they were totally.........

Please click the link below to know what happened further. Just a little suspense and sorry for the inconvenience!


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Friday, July 20, 2018



In Sanskrit, a Saint is often called 'Parivrajaka' meaning one who constantly wanders around. Some of the Saints even this date make it a point to travel constantly from place to place as they feel that as one of their of Dharmas (Duties) forcing them live thru' a humble life of eating whatever is available on the spot and resting thru' whichever facilities are offered in that context.. 

That simple living, they feel would very much open up their minds more and more keeping off the thoughts of possession, self gratification and self protection. They know that staying at a place for a longer time invariably creates an unseen attachment and self interest in them to the place and the associated living..

One of the oldest stories of our Sacred Books talks on such a travel of renunciation thus..

*** Once, the Great Saint who almost renounced everything with Him and living truly the Ascetic life was travelling in a train in the suburbs on His daily routine..

It was noon nearing lunch time and every one was hungry..

Opposite to the Saint sat a rich man who never liked the Monks ever only wandering around doing nothing for their basic living..

Seeing such a Monk in front of him totally unprepared, the rich man decided to teach Him a lesson. He quickly opened all the foods he carefully got cooked, packed and carried with him for the journey. Others around thought that he would offer the food to the Monk before himself eating. Instead, the man straight away started eating his food..

The Saint as usual remained silent all along.The co-passengers never liked the behavior of the rich man but could say nothing in the situation. The train stopped at the next station and as rightly believed by the rich man, the Monk had no money too to buy his food from the platform!

Right at that moment, a stranger appeared in front of the Saint on the platform, bowed to Him, pulled out a big container of food he was carrying and quickly handed over it to the Monk saying,
  • “Reverend Sir, I'm suffering from a chronic health problem in my life. I am depressed with the pain and constantly was praying to God for solace. Yesterday night, I had a strange dream in my sleep and in the dream I was told, 
‘If you prepare a good tasty food and feed the most deserving man of hunger you come across, your pain will come down!’
  • I woke up and was about to brush off the dream from my mind but I don't know the next moment, my consciousness very much stressed me doing that.
  • I quickly cooked and packed the tastiest food with my own hands and came out searching for the most deserving man to feed. Here, I just saw you and instantly felt at my heart that I should give this food to you alone. Please eat this and Bless me!” 
All around were in spell bound silence seeing the magical happening in front of them!

It's just a story heard and repeated here but if seen in depth, the clear message conveyed is..

No doubt human effort and care are a must in every aspect of life but equally

The spirit of adventure, 
Foregoing the certain and 
Getting into the fields of the unknown

Are to be constantly kept live in one's life so that invariably one lives a life of 

Contentment and 
Elevating one's Soul 

And thus become a useful individual to 

The self, 
The society around and 
The humanity at large..

Again for a normal individual like me, it may not be possible to roam like a Saint except involving in those changes necessitated by the living and forced circumstances but

That never should stop me going round the world to the extent possible and experience the newness of life thru'the valuable interactions with various communities and thus grow myself within..

Thus frequent travelling far and wide with a totally relaxed mind leaving aside the usual chores of life for a while makes one sure the complete man!

An old Post is edited and brought out here in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Does Travel nurtures and strenthens an individual's soul?#Travel retaining the earlier comments on the Post pertaining to the story as is!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


It was the distant video call from the grand parents. The Little boy of 6+ who was after the gadgets of communication, in no time took the call..

"Hello, Dear.. What's happening?"

Asked the grandma..

"I'm busy!"

Replied the boy without lifting his head..

"Oh! Making google maps? Okay.. Can I see what you are drawing?" 

"I'm busy making the maps!"

"Okay.. It's quiz time now. Tell me.. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system?"

"Venus the 2nd nearest to sun! Do you know.. What is beyond visible spectrum? They are called.. Ultra violet and Infra red rays!"

"Oh.. You know all this.. Okay.. Leave that.. What's 7+8 minus 3+9?"


"No it's 21.. See 7+8-3+9=21!"

"You asked 7+8 minus 3+9. That's different.. Okay..Now, I've a question.. What's 14/15?" 

"What's that?"

"It's .9333 up to infinity!"

"God.. You know so much? Okay.. Name 3 places in Africa!"

"1...., 2...., 3....!"

"No, They are 1...., 2...., 3....!"

"Why should I tell only those in your book? These are the other cities!"

"Okay..Okay.. Can you quickly sum up 1 to 10?"

"9+1=10; 8+2=10; 7+3=10; 6+4=10.. It's 40+5+10=55!"

"Oh! You know this much?"

"It's nothing.. I can sum up to 100.. 1+99=100, 2+98=100, 3+97=100,... 49*100+50+100=5050!"

"Your learning is fantastic.. Can't think of anything less.. Okay.. Where's mommy? Call her!"

"Shh! Talk soft.. She is inside.. It's already 0610.. 10 mts my study time over.. She forgot to call me!"

Meanwhile the mom came from inside. She smiled and said,

"Dear! I heard you.. Already 15 minutes gone.. Yesterday also you studied less. You can't do that today!"

"No.. It's my quiz time and I want to make my google maps!"

"It's final.. 10 minutes more and we are on our studies.. Okay?"

The mom firmly said and went inside again. The grandpa remembered the age old saying..
  • "With a genuine scientific temper making use of 6'W's and 1'H' Viz; WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, WHICH, WHO and HOW one can sure explore the entire Universe if wishes so!"
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Suddenly there was a problem in the man's life. Not the usual one but a situation wherein moving in any direction appeared to be interwoven with endless problems and no meaning to the future life hitherto thought of..

As helplessness and dullness took over the man instantly, the Nature around too looked totally non supportive and he felt CLEAN BOWLED at one stroke in his life with..

  • The East appearing as the point of constant sun rise for days coming up with nothing more to offer.. 
  • The West showing up the repetitive sun settings day after day without any new in the offing.. 
  • The North carrying no great promise other than the seasonal winds blowing with intermittent gusts.. 
  • The South equally appearing dull with no silver lining seen for long in the dark clouds in distance.. 
  • The Mother Earth seen so much loving till then retaining absolutely silence.. And 
  • The Gods above too seemed totally vanished from the skies! 
Seen thus, instantly there was only one way out for the man..

Close the eyes and curse, curse and curse himself and everything around eternally!

But strangely, at that moment alone it happened.. And sure as it had to happen, so it happened.. That's what we call many times.. The blessing in disguise!

There was straight away question in the man..

"Why not directly look at the problem itself whatever be for a while?"

A great courage came up all of a sudden in him and in front of that courage, the very problem soon started melting away with it's layers peeling off one by one. And the layers thus fallen aside seemed lost all that terrorizing influence in no time..

What's left then? Fully peeled off the last layer fell dead and

It was simply nothing.. The menacing problem.. Absolutely nothing the next moment!

That was a genuine indication of the beginning of an entirely new life in the man..

A challenge.. Yes.. Truly a life of challenge with the weakening elements around seen crystal clear and the way to address them too seen doubly clear..

That way was purely nothing but a set of activities which involved basically
  • Behaving impartially in the situation,
  • Extending minimum support to/participation in all the enjoyment activities for the psychological well-being of the self and others involved, 
  • Diverting those saved energies for the constructive work and welfare activities required at the moment,
  • Taking coming up ups and down with as much cool as feasible
  • Stop bothering for the criticisms and getting elated by praises coming up in the process and finally
  • All along living thru' a prayerful attitude! 
Sure a SIXER to be aimed at in one's life of games to achieve one's goal to perfection!

The great zeal in life thus returned in total and along with that the next moment,

  • The East shone brighter with the rising Sun.. 
  • The West welcomed with its golden hues spread out.. 
  • The Northern wind just turned to a cool and soothing breeze.. 
  • The Western clouds showed up with their distinct silver lining.. 
  • Mother Earth turned Herself cool and all loving as usual.. 
  • Gods from Above smiled and blessed the Brave Soul.. 
And the man was all ready to hit a CENTURY in every life game that would be coming up to him in future with 'NIL' doubt in his mind!

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Sunday, July 15, 2018


As I was pondering over my responsibilities thus..

“I'm the Manager in my Department and I've the responsibility of taking care of my work progress in my area and the company's property. The owner of the company had very much bestowed upon me these 2 responsibilities..

But when I act thus, I'm often vehemently opposed by my Assistants. Here, unless I tell strongly and make my people work, am I not working against the wishes of my owner?" 

My inner consciousness was heard saying, 

“No doubt, you forever should act in time and set right all the issues in front of you without an exception at any time. Else you are not doing your duty in full and you are indirectly dishonoring the faith your Employer had kept in you.. 

But a small reminder here.. When you do thus, without your knowledge invariably 
Enters you silently and you tell all that at any cost!” 

“Okay.. I get a feeling that I am something here, it's my company and I should take care of it. What's wrong with that?” 

As I asserted thus, my inner consciousness gently corrected me saying, 

“Here, you haven't truly achieved anything except that you did your job.. Knowing this in your heart, if you readily drop the 
As much possible within you without leaving your part of questioning, acting and passing orders as True Manager that sure goes into the hearts of your Assistants and instantly 
Spreads around you as your people

Start feeling that

You are not instructing, there's just an 'Instruction' and they have to follow that.. 
This Great Spirit prevailing around automatically guides them there, soon they start loving their work and do the required!

If you look back into the history, 

When the Great Man working for the Sacred Cause instructed His followers not to give back but bear the assault aimed at them by the Ruler Himself directly taking the assault there by leaving
With Him, that instantly brought 
Amongst His followers and the next moment, they too started taking the beating patiently without resisting a bit nor getting off from the scene an inch!" 

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Friday, July 13, 2018


The Post written as a story speaks of the highest importance of 'me time' in one's life with gradations of involvement in that all around in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt

What does "me time" mean to you? do you think me time is important? how often do you give yourself time #MeTime

A group of 6 artists visited the most beautiful scenic spot on the earth. It was sunny morning hrs and that suited the best for a comfortable visit. 5 of them totally engrossed themselves in talking, studying, discussing, noting down and planning for their future presentations forgetting their 6th friend who moved away soon from them..

  • "Look at the distant majestic hills merging into the skies the silvery edges of which shining intermittently..How beautiful is the scene? I'm going to bring out......"
  • "Forget that.. Did you notice the sharp reflected sun rays from above which scene in no time getting covered by the passing high speed clouds of the monsoon season? Can we get such a magnificent view anywhere in the world? I'm planning to present......"
  • "I see those clouds a few times as white as snow no sooner turning dark in the next few minutes bringing cool drizzles around the wind blowing past all along.. Can any other experience in our life equal this? Worth noting down all this and......"
  • "Have you seen the vast sloping landscape leading to the picturesque waterfall joining the blue waters below? It appears the heaven has just descended on to the Earth! I've already decided........."
  • "You are right.. Add to your perception.. The green bushy trees moving rhythmically to the breeze going over them spreading their greenery all over.. The description becomes complete! I'll note down these details and.........." 
  • “The weather has become too chill.. There's no point in staying here any more!” 
Reminded the 1st man..
  • “These winds are killing.. Let's go now!” 
Murmured the 2nd..
  • “The rain has increased and we sure will be drenched.. I'm going!” 
Said the 3rd..
  • “The hunger is killing me.. We need to find an eatery on the way back!” 
Said the 4th..
  • “I told you while coming itself to hurry up. You all simply forgot the time. It happens, see.. Now our friend, the great man is missing.. He forever keeps us waiting.. Now we have to search for him. Not seen anywhere around!” 
The 5th one glanced around and blurted!

They soon started searching for their friend with an anger and anguish on their faces. It was a little stressful situation for all for a while. But no issue.. In a short time the friend was spotted returning to their venue with quite a cheerful smile on his face..

All were silent for a while looking at each other's face. The friend said,

"Sorry dear, for keeping you all waiting.. Actually, I moved out and was very much planning to join you in 10 minutes. But, a strange thing happened all of a sudden. As I sat in a corner and started looking at

The distant majestic hills merging into the skies the silvery edges of which shining intermittently at the back of

The sharp reflected sun rays from above which scene in no time getting covered by the passing high speed clouds of the monsoon

A few times as white as snow no sooner turning dark in the next few minutes bringing cool drizzles around the wind blowing past all along

The vast sloping landscape leading to the picturesque waterfall joining the blue waters below

Surrounded by the green bushy trees moving rhythmically to the breeze going over them spreading their greenery all over..

Unmindful of the

Chill weather all round,
Rising wind speeds from all directions,
Increasing rain all over
Sharp hunger within and
Priorities in front

I totally lost myself to Nature in no time 
and came back to senses a few minutes back only!" 

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Thursday, July 12, 2018



The wise man took out a piece of paper and colored the whole of it with saffron color. In the middle of it, he drew a big circle and colored it grey. Within that, he drew a smaller concentric circle and colored it red. Finally, he drew a number of small circles within the red circle and colored them all green..

Pointing to a green circle he declared,

“This green circle is my home. It's a sacred place where myself and my family members live together. Here, each individual living has his/her own rights and and the grown-ups in addition have their responsibilities. All live here all along with a caring attitude alone
  • The younger ones forever respecting the elder ones and
  • The elder ones forever helping the younger
And nothing less of it. Like this many homes are there around me represented by the other green circles..

Thus the green forever stands for

Caring and Protecting from my end!

The red big circle is called the State in which many such families live together.

The State has certain rules to be followed amidst the interactions between family members and outside the family circles and all those have to be adhered to by me in total else the State can physically stop me from acting further.

Thus the red forever stands for

Caution and Discipline required from my end!

The bigger grey circle encompassing the red circle represents the moral and ethical responsibilities of me beyond the State rules where it's equally a duty with me to be answerable to the Almighty on the additional good done by me for my people and people around beyond my minimum duties

Thus the grey forever stands for

Giving and Serving from my end!

Finally the saffron color in the entire page represents certain sacrifice required from me towards the people around me and living with me.

Here, I purposefully forego some of my own rights and become useful to people beyond their expectations and thus become one among them. This too would automatically become my duty when part of the ignorance falls off from me wherein the distinction between ‘Mine’ and ‘Not Mine’ lessens to some extent.

Thus, the saffron forever stands for

Sacrifice and Containing from my end!

The green is ever influenced by red, grey and saffron and

It's ever better I live in my life with a mixture of this green, red and grey, further look up for living in saffron zone too at my own freedom where feasible and thus rise in my life!"

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


“I've decided to invest all my savings in good investment schemes where the returns are attractive as well as reasonably safe. That way the monies with us grow without our knowledge..

We should never keep these monies easily available as often there will be tendencies and pressures from few family members to spend those monies in the way they want equally creating a bad habit with them..

If resources are not available easily, people set right themselves and try to live only with what they have in front. And that indirectly promotes a good discipline in the family..

I don’t like the youngsters wasting too much money on things which are really not required in life…”

Thus was speaking a man of mid 50s to an elderly well-wisher one evening on the habits and requirements of money in families..

The well-wisher listened to him patiently, smiled and said,

  • “My dear! Life is meant for living in a decent way as well as for one's development too. These two are never to be forgotten as we live through our lives. This development aspect is limited or more or less over for people of our age but the youngsters are different here..
  • They ever have ambitions/requirements of living thru' their life better and grow too all along. For this, they definitely need resources.. 
  • They begin from scratch with their limited salaries and most of the times they are left with fewer monies alone. Thus, some times their aspirations remain at low key because of lack of money and there they have their own inhibitions to ask elders.. 
  • It is the elders that should foresee this, come to their help in the right time by releasing part of what is in their possession. Of course, the monies are precious, always limited and so they are never to be spent on enjoyments and luxuries for which the working young definitely have to fend themselves alone. Also, all can't meet all their aspirations here just because they wish so.. 
  • Here, the elders forever should exercise great caution, 
Keep sufficient monies for their own comfortable living,

Keep reserves for exigencies and emergencies and

Release only the excess in steps so that aspirations of family are met partly at various stages in their life..

  • The plan and discipline required here can be executed by the elderly alone the best and they should equally insist the younger to listen to them on this for their own benefits!” 
While departing the well-wisher said,
  • “The monies of family are sacred and they belong to the entire family as a whole. They can neither be wasted nor kept stored when a development or growth of a member is at stake.. 
  • And equally it should be made it known to the members of the family that an aspiration beyond the limits is never to be attempted as that ultimately drains out the precious resources and leaves all individuals exposed to the greater risks of Economic Threat which is truly a sin!”

Sunday, July 8, 2018


That evening as I was on stroll in my park, I heard a soft voice saying in my ears,
  • "To night there's going to be a brief shower all over the town. As I like you more, I want to bless you here with something special..
  • During this shower, You'll have that from the skies which you wish for in your earmarked area where you have all the control. Choose it for yourself and be happy!" 
I was taken a back with that promise, soon returned home and after dinner as I was relaxing in my bed, I saw all of a sudden the lightening and thunders developing in the skies with dark clouds coming up from all directions which were very much missing for quite a long time..

I wondered.. 'Means, my wish is coming true? Let me quickly check my shortages.. Why not ask here..

1)... 2)... or 3) to rain so that I'll be freed once for all from certain of my problems by making that precious item in numbers my own?'

As my thoughts ran thus, I became more attentive..

'No.. These are still small items..

Let me see what would be of max use for me if that comes down from the sky even for a minute..

Yes.. I got it.. 4) or 5) with me sure will for ever take out my problems of....

But seen the other way, these in excess other than I am entitled to in my life thru' my hard work makes the balance go in my life..'

Soon my search became endless but getting each more than that I'm truly eligible makes my life no better but sure misery only equally causing harm in the neighborhood in particular and to mankind in general..

'Yes.. This unbalance should never be welcomed by me at any point of time..'

Thus I found ultimately that the boon was of no use to me and it was better I didn't expect anything in that context.. By that time,

  • The Sky was intently looking at me, 
  • The clouds became impatient with me, 
  • The thunders started murmuring for not getting the answer quickly, 
  • The lightening became ready to burst out its dazzling sky paths revealing the silver lining of the clouds, 
  • The wind was ready to pick up pace and blow thru' endlessly and 
  • My entire back yard was waiting for my green signal.. 
'Oh! Wait.. There's one thing I truly forgot which I can very much ask that never tampers with my life other than leaving a limitless joy within me. The most precious thing I forgot here..'

Instantly I prayed to my God and wished for with a never seen thrill and joy in me to rain the most precious and priceless item of my life from the skies

The Waters  

As per the seasonal need and bless the world!

And soon that happened with my strange dream getting disturbed in the mid night by the pitter-patter rain drops hitting the asbestos roof of my backyard which in no time

  • Increased to the seasonal down pour all along 
  • The thunders blasting the skies, 
  • The lightening spreading across,
  • The wind making the near by trees dizzy with violent to and fro movements, 
  • The waters gushing down the drain outlet and 
  • My back yard plants dancing to their tunes endlessly bringing it's own cool around with 
  • My mind remaining cool and calm for the rest of the night! 
Soon, as I recollected the importance of that precious water in my life

I could very well imagine the pale face of the King Midas with his glass of water in front turned to gold as per his wish when he grabbed to drink that leaving him in a miserable state!

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Let me, as the responsible adult ponder over for a while on what the little boy says with such an assertion here..

One of the seven wonders of world..

The famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 
the remarkable achievement of engineering with 
the ascending series of tiered gardens containing 
a large varieties of trees, shrubs and vines 
resembling a large green mountain..

Other famous gardens like..

Suan Nong Nooch, Thailand,
Yuyuan Garden, China
The garden of Cosmic Speculation, Scotland 
Keokenhof Gardens, The Netherlands
Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar 
Versailles, France 
Jardim Botanico de curitiba, Brazil 
Butchart Gardens, Canada 
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, US etc.. 

And further down the line 
the countless gardens spread over the world and 
in the neighborhood of all communities..

continuously do help me today

As plants therein take nutrients from the inorganic matter of soil and 
convert that to edible organic materials 
thru' the process of photosynthesis 
with the help of green chlorophyll of the leaves making greenery around me the most important part of my life with 
my basic food getting generated there and 
the vital oxygen required for me to breath getting released in the process.. 

In variably 
I lived thru' greenery around me all along,
I am living thru' the greenery around me this moment and 
I'll able live too thru' that greenery alone ultimately..

In that context, 
The garden next to me and the one in my own house carries max importance for me and 
it's ever my duty here to see that where my area is defined which I can present in the way I wish,
I spend sometime daily thru' certain physical work and turn my backyard as well as the front spaces into mini gardens with 
the neatly planted rose, jasmine, tulsi and certain decorative plants along with 
some vegetative plants all along,
The rose plants giving many beautiful flowers, 
The jasmine spreading it's too good fragrance alround, 
The tulsi giving a feeling of Godliness and medicinal values, 
The decorative plants helping to cool my eyes and
The vegetative plants meeting my part food requirement of the day

The area around equally creating an atmosphere of safety, serenity, coolness and a place of relaxation for any one 

With the Little Ones of the family 
actively participating in those activities from their young age surely making them learn the 
Sacred Lesson of life..
'How to love Mother Nature' 
By being as much possible closer to Her thru' such Noble work!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018


A highly worldly man often used to say..

  • "I'll take care of the members of my family by working for them day and night foregoing my comforts and pleasures apart from my own basic needs..
  • Beyond, I choose a few responsibilities of others with me and discharge them meticulously which add to my happiness..
That way alone let this my life on earth go and sure I'll be the happiest man of my life!"

A man of certain insight equally used to say..

  • "I'll take care of the members of my family by working for them day and night foregoing my comforts and pleasures apart from my own basic needs..
  • Beyond, I live thru' some responsibilities around me as per my social, moral and ethical values covering not the society with me alone but the entire humanity which add to the betterment of people in general..
That way alone let this my life on earth go and I'll sure be the contented man of my life!"

The first man ever used to refute that statement saying,

  • "He is not planning wisely. If one has so many unnecessary responsibilities on head and has to attend everywhere meticulously, 
One should have 10 brains and 20 hands..
  • Unfortunately, 
Man has only one brain to think and plan and 2 hands to execute that thinking and planning..
  • And with these alone, God expects one to be wise and involve accordingly.. Further, 
A day has 24 hrs only and not a sec more..
  • I don't know how this man will handle all these works he often boasts of.. Surely the people of core area will suffer in this man's case!"
The other man equally was heard saying in that context,
  • "Broadly I had seen these as the areas of my responsibilities thru' which I covered the entire humanity other than the core ones in respect of myself and my family.. 
No doubt my day is 24 hrs and there is no single extra second there 

But seen from the other side,

Each grown up individual with me too has one brain to think and plan and 2 hands to execute that thinking and planning..

  • If seen in the right perspective, it's ever my duty here how efficiently I rope in these gifts of god with all the grown-ups around me at their own freedom and joy and thus together we move in life.. Further,
If I readily forego some of my pleasures and comforts which I can naturally do with least strain on my part,
  • Sure all that extra time put together is quite good enough here if allocated percentage wise as per 
The defined closeness of the members with me with me as well as their dire need leaving out none..
  • That makes total 100% and if I strictly adhere to these allocations, I'm sure, I will be able to accommodate 
All with no anxiety but with certain calmness alone without causing an inch of less to anyone thru' my laziness and self gratification..
  • If some one refutes this saying that I could have done to the core more by getting off from the broader, I very much feel that 
The core never gets better by receiving more than exactly needed and if given, it sure becomes pampering alone..
  • Seen from a different perspective here, 
What Nature expects one is never adhered to thus eternally deviating from one's own DHARMA!" 

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