Wednesday, January 30, 2019



A man of mid 40s had made many attempts to succeed in life but fate never favored him and he miserably failed everywhere. Thus, he was left with no option other than continuing the task with him for his living. During that time,
  • On one occasion, he met an old colleague and found him doing a better job with better earnings and perks of settlement in life compared to him.. 
  • On a 2nd occasion, he met a junior in the earlier job who changed few jobs quickly and became a senior executive in one of the top companies..
  • On a 3rd instance, he found another colleague become the MD of a company through higher studies thus going up in his status too fast..
  • The 4th time to his dismay he came across a man who, many times written off by his earlier Bosses too prospering in a different business doing much better..
As the man compared thus with those people, he felt miserable and was constantly angry within that he was an utter failure in life. A well-wisher of certain wisdom and deep thinking who observed the man for a while when started questioning him on his moody behavior, soon the man was out pouring all his agony in front of him..

The well wisher listened to all that, smiled, patted him and said,

“Dear! In this life, many may not be at the so called


Often wrongly praised as great but have one true great quality with them Viz.,


It's just a comparative life we are living here on the earth even though it appears that I almost lost a fortune in my life. Truly speaking often,




This is the trick my mind constantly plays on me pressurizing me at any level of mine with those malicious words..


Thus forcing me embrace the untruth of life enabling my ignorance rule me all along..

Here, the right way is immediately correcting my wrong actions and remain ready to take up any challenge at my level which reasonably is feasible considering my other responsibilities in life as equally in this scenario, the Almighty has a


For me to execute without wasting my precious time..

If you can truly understand this happening around, I can say that you as a contented man is




Restoring PEACE in you!" 

Concurring with what the wise man had said, the Shanti Mantra of Isha Upanishad was heard on distant loud speakers recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel thus..

Om poornamadah poornamidam
 poornaat poornamudachyate
Poornasya poornamaadaaya
Om shaantih shaantih shaantih.

Om That is complete This is complete
From the completeness comes the completeness
If the completeness is taken away by the completeness
only completeness remains
Om Peace Peace Peace!


Sunday, January 27, 2019


No doubt, he was the proud storehouse of knowledge but appeared just
(not smart) 

in front of the humble less informed forever saying.. 
"Be listening to what I say and be doing your best
(not stopping understanding)!”

Thus he was constantly outsmarting the less informed himself 
(never got outsmarted) 
from the straight questioning carefully 
all that really required from truth point of view thus
mocking the less informed on his genuine fears
feeling proud of holding reins on the humble man.. 

No way, destiny sure levels there and that happened soon on a day
as the storehouse of knowledge was suddenly offloaded
and the less informed 
(put back on track) 
taking the humble man off from the wrongful influencing
with all pride becoming NUL next moment
as news spread of..
 The sudden death of the storehouse of knowledge! 

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(Note: The 5 words in bold are the ones out of dictionary which I used with the meaning given in the brackets)


Friday, January 25, 2019


It's the modern dictionary:

No go, the young learner 10+ looked into the words, understood the meaning of each, tried by-hearting the spellings, listened to the correct pronunciations thru' the related audio repeating all along to learn the same to perfection..

It's the text book of certain subject:

Equally, the student of 20+ opened the book and sitting erect in the chair and keeping the book on the table, started reading it slowly understanding the subject occasionally scribbling and noting down small info in a separate note book and thus had gone thru' the book partly for the day so that that read was well gone into the brain and the subject matter understood to a certain level to be ready for the next day's study..

It's the book of latest film/folk songs:

Of course once in a way, the youngster of 25+ opened the book simultaneously switching on the related audio and the songs there in are sung in sequence rhythmically all along adjusting the tune to that heard on the audio sung by the famous singer thus enjoying the melody and rhythm of the same..

It's the famous novel:

Invariably, the bookworm of 30+ was very much inclined to read it leisurely relaxing all along, soon got deep into the mystery of the novel and how the same was resolved totally losing self to the sequential events that came up therein forgetting the time and surroundings for a while..

It's the book of Devotional Songs:

No doubt, the middle aged of 40+ was very happy to listen to those songs sung by the famous devotee equally joining that singing in chorus..

It's the Sacred Book of Philosophical Verses:

As it happens often, the elderly of 50+ took bath, got readied, took the Sacred Book, sat erect in front of his deity and started going thru' the book chanting the Verses in the book equally reading the meaning of the same with total attention and silence thus feeling within highly devotional and finally closed the Book with a Prayer to the Deity in front..

It's the book of short moral stories:

With lessened energies and sight, the elderly of 65+, found it very convenient to listen to the stories nicely narrated thru' the audio which could well be remembered and told to the grand children laying right emphasis on the turn of events of the story without losing grip on the moral of each story..

Finally sure it's not the Book meant in normal sense as the Contemporary Philosopher proclaimed to the ardent disciples:

"Our minds are like open books. You can read only your book and I can read my book. We both together read our books, understand the Truth at our own levels and thus exist at our own Peace. There is nothing more I can teach to you here except advising you to read your book yourself end to end all along myself too reading my book from end to end!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Books that you listen vs books that you read. Which of these is the winner? #Books

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Thursday, January 24, 2019


That evening, it was the distant video call from the daughter's family. The 7+ little one was on the other end. The talk continued for a while with grand parents and other members of the family. Suddenly, the boy said to a family member,

"You are not great!"

Quite surprised with the little boy's comment, the family member asked..

"Why do you say that, dear?"

"Many people do not know you. Only we know!"

Replied the boy..

"Okay.. Is grandpa great? He is doing a lot for you!"

Asked the member..

"No.. He is also not great. Many people do not know him. We only know him!"

Again replied the boy firmly..

"Yes, dear.. That's because, we give you everything and we have nothing to give to others. Otherwise we would have become great!"

The family member said in a witty way..

"Okay.. From tomorrow, we'll start giving to other boys also along with you. We then become great!"

Another member said to amuse the boy..

"No.. No.. Don't do that.. You are great.. Give every thing to me only!"

Said the boy, with an instant worry feeling clearly seen on the face. The grandpa intervened and said,

"Dear.. You call us great or not we'll give all things of ours to you only. Are you happy?"

"Yes.. Grandpa.. Promise!"

"Yes, dear! It's a 100% promise from my end. But you too should also promise me one thing!"

"What's that, grandpa?"

"A small portion of it, we'll share with other children!"

"How much?"

"You know percentages.. 10% of that. Is that okay?"

"We'll give more!"

"Okay.. I agree.. A little more.. Are you happy now?"

"Yes.. Grandpa.. You are really great!"

"Yes, dear.. You are also a good boy because you agreed to give. God Bless you!"

"Okay, time up.. Say bye to all.. Study time now!"

The mom reminded her boy with a smile.. The boy happily bid bye to all and ended the call.. The grandpa turned to the family members and said,

"Dear.. What our Little One initially said about me is 100% right. I'm really not great because
  • Great Men and Women of the earth had straight away done that giving without any demarcation of mine and not mine and as I speak of them at any time, the only words I can use are..

As I look at myself, deep in my heart at this moment, I am interested to give to my own people alone.. Seen this truth as is, the Great Personalities of the Earth have framed for ordinary people like me a certain discipline of

  • Defining an individual as own person thus enabling him/her to receive all those eligible

Here, I need to go a long way up rising sure infinitely at what point of time,

  • The difference between mine and not mine becomes 'NUL' with an individual, making him/her ready to give 
  • Seen thus today, the Little One's words about me truly stand to this truth only as he firmly said that..

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


    "Aah! My ever loved

    Formulae of Stress and Strain of Curved Beams

    Will be fully put into use from today!"

    Exclaimed within the young Engineer, on the day of his appointment.. Soon few tech books on the subject were seen neatly arranged on his table..

    In no time, the pressure at work kept him off from making use of his formulae as well reading those books except occasionally glancing thru' as the company was using the related

    Empirical Formulae and Charts

    Alone for all calculations endlessly for their work..

    In 3 yrs he was promoted to the Senior Engineer Post and was made in-charge of a small group of juniors..

    "Now my Assistants will do part of my work and I can study my books and guide them in their work!"

    He thought but strangely from the next day, the earlier available time too vanished as the new job started demanding beyond..

    In time, he was promoted as Manager and later Group Leader and was entrusted with the task of motivating a non performing group of his company. The management equally gifted him with few books on

    Effective Management and Leadership Skills

    And all books were neatly arranged on a rack given to him in his room..

    There again soon he was into whole and soul using his inherent skills alone to do his works forget about following what was said in the books with him.. Soon he was offered the Senior Executive Role as HOD in a new company..

    He resigned from his old company and as HOD in the new company, he purchased 3 prominent books related to the

    Departmental Responsibilities 

    And arranged them with his earlier collection in the new almirah given to him..

    His those very responsibilities alone never allowed him to go thru' the books in detail except glancing thru' occasionally for the next 6 yrs when he was promoted and posted as the GM I/c of a sick division of his company..

    As GM, he himself purchased 2 prominent Books in the field on

    How to turn out a Sick Unit into a Viable Venture 

    But all along he was physically implementing his own plans to revive the non performing asset with the books purchased coolly lying in his room in the almirah..

    At the back of certain success, soon he was offered the post of CEO in the next company.. He resigned from his old company handing over the rack of books to the next colleague who took over his place..

    As CEO of the new company, the sooner he chalked out an ambitious expansion plan to turn his company into a global venture and equally purchased the then famous book on

    Successful Corporate Management 

    His retirement became due.. On the D-day, he was praised as man of deep knowledge, heavily garlanded and seen off with a 2 yr contract job as the Consultant and Adviser to the next CEO in line in the same office..

    From the next day on wards again, his table was loaded with various books and magazines of the related knowledge but there wasn't much need for him to read those books at that point of time and advise his CEO on

    Effective Performance and Growth of a Company

    As he was soon bypassed by the CEO who decided to implement his own styles and practices with the advice of his close team members..

    Thus the very senior man became a redundant functionary there and after the 2 yrs tenure, was permanently at home.

    Left with nothing much to do, finally he found enough time to read in full the single book he purchased then Viz.,


    And picked up the same by heart from beginning to the end!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

THE EVENING.. "06 46 51!"

Our little grandson staying abroad visited us during his summer school vacation along with his mom..

On one of the days, I took both of them to city for some purchases. While shopping at a gift shop, the boy picked up a unique clock displayed there saying

"I want to gift this to grandma!"

"It doesn't look so great dear and the price is high.. Why do you want to waste money?"

The mom asked..

"It's not a waste.. Grandma only said.. 

'Time is money!' 

And I'm giving her money only!"

The boy replied..

I smiled and said okay and soon we billed the item along with other purchases. Subsequently, as we were relaxing in a cafe, the weather suddenly became cloudy and soon it started drizzling with rain lashing from all sides along with wind. The boy who never experienced such heavy rain at his place was no doubt excited beyond..

Seeing the weather worsening, we decided to return home, quickly hired a 3 wheeler and sat in it..

The 3 wheeler moved on but soon the traffic became thick and the movement of the vehicles became slow with the rain started pouring too heavily. Soon our vehicle came to dead slow speed, with pools of water spread out on the road on both sides.. 

The day light sufficiently dimmed with intermittent lightening and thunders at the back of blinding flashes and roaring sounds. But right at that moment of utter chaos around, our boy's joy and excitement appeared to be beyond any one's guess..

As the traffic got a little respite from slow movement, our 3 wheeler pulled on but an impatient vehicle from behind overtook us on the left side. In the process, as that vehicle entered deep waters there at max speed, all that muddy and cold waters around instantly splashed profusely straightaway on 3 of us thru' the open door of 3 wheeler..

Our driver instantly got enraged seeing the plight of us and was about to raise his speed to over take the culprit vehicle in front and scream at it's driver for the nuisance he caused

Had it not been to our little kid's simultaneous great screaming saying... 


With an unknown excitement clearly seen on his face under the flashing head lights of the on-coming vehicles equally all that dirt and what not on the road straight away bathing him whole and soul profusely!

In the process, the clock held in his hand loosely coolly slipped off and straight fell on to the road making a rumbling metallic sound..

Instantly the boy screamed..

"Oh! My clock!"

Looking out for his fallen dear item and started weeping..

I quickly understood the situation and requested the driver help in getting the item fallen down. The kind driver understood our little one's feelings, pulled the vehicle to the side and asking us to sit in the vehicle, rushed to the spot in rain for the item..

The boy's attention totally turned to getting back the clock and from distance as the driver picked up the wet, muddy and partly scratched clock piece, the boy's joy was unlimited. Soon as the kind driver uncle handed over the clock to him with a smile, he hugged it and kept close to his heart and we continued our further journey..

In another half hr we reached home, I wanted to reward the driver with extra cash for the valuable help he rendered to us but he refused saying that he had seen how the boy was holding the dearer clock from the moment he got into the vehicle and felt at heart that the boy should never go home without that when the item suddenly slipped off from his hands..

We thanked him profusely took his wishes for the little one and bid him bye..

Soon, the victorious little one proudly handed over the clock to his grandma saying,

"Grandma.. It's for you.. I got it!"

The grandma overjoyed, instantly hugged her little one saying,

"Thank you dear! So much you cared for me to get me this one. I'll keep it for a life time next to me in our hall!"

As we revealed to her the entire story of the clock..

Thus the clock even this day is safely preserved in our hall at our home as a show piece as later we found that it stopped working due to water gone in/damaged thus forever showing the evening hrs..

"06 46 51"

The time of the funny incident happening on the road on that day!

That happened 3 yrs back but the boy of 7+ today no doubt forgot all that, became busy with

Making google maps,
Constantly exploring into unknown lands and
Reading thru' historical events

As the grandma fondly calls him as her

Little Columbus..

All along the damaged worn out clock standing forever as the silent witness to the

The Great Unfailing Love

Between the two!

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Friday, January 18, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says..

When power declines, culture flourishes... do you agree?#PromotingCreativity

A short story in this context which itself speaks on the Prompt goes thus..

“Lord Krishna pardoned Sishupala, the king of Chedi for 99 mistakes committed by him but killed him on the 100th mistake and restored Peace in the kingdom. Do you know what those '100 mistakes' amounted to?”

Asked the Head of an Ashram to a congregation of ardent devotees listening to His Discourse..

All were silent..

The Master said,

“Here the mistakes committed by the king were neither the usual mistakes that one makes nor the occasional mild personal attacks on others generally heard around..

The usual mistakes are inevitable as 'To err is human’ and all are bound to commit them not a few times alone but many times in our life. This is basically a force of habit and here

Our immediate duty is to correct the same and help recover from the damage!

Even the mild personal attacks too are bad, one should refrain from doing that and by mistake if anything done,

Should quickly repent for that and do/face the necessary corrective actions required!

But when a man sits on the throne as a king, the role of ruling in the 'Right Way' is a very big responsibility and there the king should

  • Strictly monitor own conduct and character, 
  • Be fair and honest in all public related issues, 
  • Take care of the weak of the kingdom for their betterment and thus 
  • Continue doing the related welfare activities 
With human expression seen everywhere wherein various cultural groups of people together exhibit their artistic capabilities freely to their best..

When this Great Task is not accomplished properly, the king has no way continuing in the role other than step down from the throne and face the charges made allowing a free trial..

But when this is totally forgotten and the king assumes the role of supremacy, misuses power,
  • Throws own conduct and character to a corner, 
  • Becomes unfair and dishonest in all public related issues, 
  • Makes the weak of the kingdom suffer and thus 
  • Continues ruling the related imposed activities 
With human expression taking totally a back seat wherein the various cultural groups of people are forced to suppress their artistic capabilities out of fear..

They become the real serious mistakes of the king and the Chedi King should have been punished with the first such mistake itself..

But the Lord allowed even such mistakes too up to a 100 (indirectly mentioned as a promise given to his mother) thus equally giving a fair chance to the energetic and charged king but in the wrong way to truly rectify himself with a repentance at heart and do the required correction..

Of course when that never happened, the Right Action there was to close the chapter and restore peace among people and the Lord's Actions followed instantly making the Chedi King zero in life with 

The total power gone at one stroke and the various cultures coming back with their full expressions!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019


The man of 35+ had to get 3 of his issues resolved with a particular Office and in that connection, he visited the Office on a day.. The concerned staff looked into all his issues and replied that nothing could be done in the situation..

The man got upset and wanted to see the manager in that context. Soon he was lead to the manager..

The man requested,

"Sir! These 3 issues of mine are pending from your end since long time. I request you kindly do the needful!"

The manger gave his explanation but that was not acceptable to the man, he raised his voice and soon the senior manager came to the place and asked what the matter was..

The manager explained to his superior the issues, the senior manager too had a glance at them and told the man that nothing could be done from their end..

The man became very angry, soon there were some verbal exchanges and finally with no solution to the problem he returned home..

Seeing him upset, his elderly father asked what the matter was..

The son explained how the people of that Office refused to listen to him and sent him back on the issues which he brought to their notice for resolution..

"Dear! Let me help you, here. Can you just brief me on the 3 issues?"

  • "There's no use, dad! They are adamant in their approach. I requested them so much but all together showed me the exit!"
Next day, the dad went to the Office with the 3 issues and returned by evening..

"What happened, dad?"

The son asked..

  • "Am a success in resolving all the 3 issues of yours!"
"You mean.. You got them thru'? That's great! How could you convince them so easily?"
  • "Dear! It's often not me but my grey hair that speaks!"
"Yes.. I got the point. As an elderly man, they couldn't refuse to you!"
  • "It's not that, my dear.. I never deviated from
  • Here!"
"Dad! I was also doing that alone!"
  • "See.. It's not one sided convincing alone that matters in all such issues. Something more is required to be done!"
"I don't understand!"
  • "Dear! On the 1st issue no doubt, the lower 1,2 and 3 officials pleaded their helplessness but I raised the level, they had no go but listen to me there, allowed me to meet the top. I explained to him the 1st issue and 
  • Over that.. The top man got convinced and instantly instructed his assistant to resolve the issue. Your matter will be thru' in few days!"
"What about the 2nd one?"
  • "Yes, we both looked into that issue but there's one hitch because of which we have
  • On the issue and that hitch needs to be cleared from our end. For that they needed extra info from us with documented proof. I got necessary forms. You fill them, attach the required and send to the Office. Your issue would be thru'!"
"The 3rd one?"
  • "Yes.. That too was discussed with the higher up but when I had one more look at the issue, I myself got convinced that we have 
  • There to demand a solution. I said sorry for troubling them, withdrew the 3rd one and came back!"
"But dad, you said you resolved all the 3!"
  • "Yes, dear.. Here this too is a resolution only because I myself, successfully solved that thru' my own intuition!"
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Sunday, January 13, 2019


We both, the bosom friends from our childhood had to depart on a day permanently away from each other. Just a few days before departing, our emotions ran high, we embraced each other tight and decided to have a good photograph of ours together as the remembrance.. Accordingly, 

  • We clicked the finest photograph of ours together with one of the best digital cameras with us, 
  • Gave a good caption to it on top indicating the deepest bond between us, 
  • Included a message at the bottom expressing our feelings of togetherness and 
  • Added a tail piece to that expression saying
'This picture ours

Invariably shows our love towards each other..
Truly depicts our lifetime smiles..
Would bring out the old memories of all of our earlier interactions and
Would stay unscathed for a generation!'

We subsequently printed 2 copies of our photograph, got them framed in classic frames and retained one each with us..

Equally it was planned to upload the photograph on our Social Network so that other friends and relations of ours would see and applaud us on our unique bond..

I remarked, 
"My Dear! 
  • Our bond forever is reflected through this photograph which we both keep with us for a life time.. 
  • Thru' our phones and mails we would constantly be communicating with each other refreshing our memories..
  • Let our smart phones and laptops whenever are put to use forever carry this unique photo of ours on the desktop depicting our never fading friendship!" 
No need to say, my friend instantly nodded his head with a big smile!

The well wisher of ours by our side knowing our doings all along and listening to that conversation of ours smiled and said..

"My Dear boys.. I've written and kept this paper with me to show to anyone who talks on friendship. I think, you both need to by-heart this message at this point of time. Can you just make 2 copies of this and give me back the original?"

"No issue, Sir.. With our camera I can make a photo of that and we both can share it for our reading!"

Saying thus, I made a photograph of that, forwarded a copy to my friend and returned the chit to our well wisher..

"Please read that daily in your life before the start of the day and see if your 


Truly stands to the 


Mentioned therein with time and remain ever glowing for a lifetime!"

Saying thus, our well wisher left the scene..

As I looked at my photo containing the message and started reading that one by one, I slowly understood what fictitious attempts we were making to define


And what sacrifices thru' out our lives are required from us to maintain that as hitherto one of the best stories of true friendship as on date that speaks of such a sacrifice is the story of


For clarity, the contents are reproduced below in the normal large front..


Forever would be ready to sacrifice for the other’s betterment.. 
Really Needs no reference for existing, needs no briefing at any time and is ever depicted through right actions alone.. 
Invariably seeks no appreciation but is ever praised upon.. 
Ever Talks of nothing but the goodness of the other for life time..
Needs no comment upon but just experienced.. 
Does the work of helping out the other for a life time.. 
Spreads limitless warmth around the other in all interactions.. 
Hides nothing of that spoken in the absence of the other.. 
Involves actively helping out the other all the time 
Paves way ever clearing the tiniest obstacle in the path of progress of the other!

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Friday, January 11, 2019


This week's IndiSpire Prompt says..

Is leaving the social media the right step for those who wish to focus on writing? Must writers stop interacting even in real life? #GoodWriting

Before anything is said on the topic, a small story in this context goes thus..

Once upon a time, the relationships between 2 Kingdoms were cordial and peace loving. To continue the warmth of that, both the kings often used to exchange gifts and compliments on various occasions and invariably on every occasion, each of them took special attention to appreciate / praise the other a little beyond..

Once one king visited the other’s birthday function and commended,

“It's grand!”

In a few months, the other was at a traditional function of his friend king and commented,

“It's superb!”

Soon followed a cultural event in one of the kingdoms and the praise from the other party was,

“Well organized!”

Subsequently, the remarks were,

“Great idea implemented!”

At a public function conducted by the friend king. Further down, various compliments continued from each group,

“Marvelous presentation!”

“The work of a genius!”

"Truly artistic!"

"The never seen show!"

"Sure, the heaven on earth!"

"Nothing else stands to the glow brought out!"

Etc.. etc..

At various public functions conducted in both the kingdoms in intervals of time..

A few years rolled on thus without a look back but on a fateful day, suddenly the neighbor enemy King attacked both the kingdoms simultaneously. Both kings lost in no time and became permanent captives together..

One of the kings remarked in the cell,

“I don't understand, how we lost so easily to our enemy!”

The other straight away admonished him on his face saying,

“We should have done similar things to each other earlier instead of praising on our fictitious achievements and making us take life easy. Whatever might have been our instant reactions then, that would have sure set us right then and there..

Here, our officials too followed us taking their life easy and all that together added to the enemy's superiority over us!"

No doubt, interacting on either Social Media or in real life truly leaves me the best writer in respect of my writings provided

I write more and more in the direction of truth as much possible leaving pleasing others too that much


I rightly react in the required direction to the critical comments made on the topics and reply with more and more humility!

Unless I make a dent somewhere here in all my writings, soon the monster praise lurking around which can easily be exchanged at no cost will takeover and lead me exactly to a state where the story depicts the fate of 2 kings 

Thus, totally jeopardizing the interests of Good Writing

Calling a spade a spade often taking a back seat with glorifying seen in front! 

Which attitude has to be adapted, no doubt in all actions of my life on need basis..

When there are potential physical dangers to me


Those actions are part of my skills which earn me a decent living

And there

My writings too sure become no exception!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019


It was Friday evening hrs. No doubt, the manager was tired beyond as he and his team worked the entire week non stop and could bring many sensitive issues under control to the satisfaction of his boss.. 

It was an hr beyond closing hrs and with a satisfied feeling as he was ready to move from his seat, the mobile phone rang up and one by one the family members spoke..

  • “Tomorrow afternoon we've to go for the outing planned. Hope you haven't fixed any other engagements in that time!"
"No issue, dear.. I'm fully free for 2 days!"
  • “Dad! Can we go out tomorrow early morning itself and buy all that stuff required for my College Day Function?"
"No problem dear! I'm fully free on Saturday and Sunday. You can leisurely finish your works!"
  • “Leave off tomorrow. Sunday you must positively take me to the Shrine........ Don't fix up anything for Sunday!"

"Sure, Ma! I'm totally free the whole Sunday!"

With a firm assurance from his end, as he moved a few steps from his seat, the phone rang again.. It was from his close friend..

  • “Yaar Ganesh! How are you doing? Do you remember.. We met last time…. I know you will be busy on Saturday. Sunday Evening......... ”
"One minute, Satish! Let me check.... Yeah! I'm free this Sunday evening. No problem.. I'll be there positively by......"

As he ended the call, another call was thru'..

  • “Mr Ganesh! Our Association's General Body Meeting is planned this Sunday at 10 AM........."
"Sir! I'll come around 11 AM for half hr as I have few family works. Hope that would suffice!"

Saying thus, as he moved to the door of the hall, the land line telephone rang up. He quickly came back and took the call..

  • “Hi, Ganesh! It's good you haven't gone yet.. OK.. Listen.. Just now I got a call from our GM. Tell me.. You haven't fixed any works for this Saturday and Sunday?"
"Sir! I have a few engagements........"
  • "Don't say that dear! I very badly need your help. Do something and try to manage doing important personal works if any in between.. You know, this work is very important for all of us!"
"Sir, there is a small issue.."
  • "My dear! Leave the rest for the present and listen to what I say. You know our Clients…......Their Chief had planned a 2 day program for tomorrow and the day after with our GM to sort out pending issues and take account of the advance monies paid by them adjusting the liquidated damages for late deliveries.."
"Yes. Sir! I understand!"
  • "You know, our Company's finances this year.. It's all a mess.. I tell you, these 2 days are really crucial for all of us and.... You just call your Suresh and Dinesh for about 2 hrs right now. They will be at home. Take their help and keep ready the important details required for tomorrow. Are you OK, dear?"
"No issue, Sir.. We can meet the requirement!" 
  • "Thank you, Ganesh! We'll meet tomorrow at 9 and you can brief me with all the details on our redness for the meeting scheduled at 11 onward.. Bye!"
"Bye.. Good night, Sir!"

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019


That evening, as the grandpa and the boy of 7+ were outside their house, suddenly the little boy asked..

  • "Grandpa! You are retired and you don't go to Office like others.. Where do you get your money?"
The grandpa smiled and said,

"Dear! I worked in my Company for 40 yrs and they saved for me a huge amount and gave to me when I retired!"

  • "But that'll be over if you spend!"
"Dear! I kept that money in my bank and they give me every month some money called interest. That, I use for my living!"
  • "Is that enough for you?"
"Dear! We don't need much money other than eating and buying small things and that is enough for us! When we are not well our insurance is there for doctor going!"
  • "What about inflation?"
"Oh! You know inflation?"
  • "Yes.. Daddy told me that prices go up!"
"You are right.. For that, my bank gives a little more interest.. That may not be fully enough but eating and spending also becomes less as we grow old!"
  • "How does bank give you money?"
"They give it to people who do business and take more from them. They keep something for them as their salary and give us the remaining!"
  • "Why don't you give your money to business people who pay you more?"
"I don't know how to give them.. The bank knows.. That's why we keep money with the bank!"
  • "If your bank is not there, you will not get this money?"
"Our government always keeps banks for us to save our moneys with them and earn interest. Like that so many people keep money in the bank, that big money government uses for good things!"
  • "In turtle land, it's different.. There no turtle retires.. All turtles work all the life.. There are no banks there..
  • Grandpa.. You know.. My turtle at home is waiting to play chess with me.. Come on.. We will go inside now and play chess.. Let us see who will win today!"
Saying thus, the little boy pulled his grandpa into the house.

In no time, the boy was seen into his active game of chess with his pet turtle toy all along screaming aloud on the movements he made on the chess board!

(The turtle land was the imaginary world of the child where the turtles alone live and the boy strongly believed that his pet turtle soft toy had come from there to their house)!


Sunday, January 6, 2019


The young man was just 22 yrs old..

"Sir! I've a peculiar problem. I very badly need your advice!”

He was muttering words in front of an elderly experienced gentleman. The 58 yr old man looked at him and said,

“Dear! I've the best suggestion here. This really works. Please try this method daily for about 15 minutes, let it be either in the morning hrs or in the evening time. The regularity is very important. Am sure you'll feel better soon!”

Years rolled on with the practice and soon he was a man 27 yrs..

“Sir! This problem continues.. As you are the well knowledgeable person in this direction, can you suggest me a good solution here?”

He was found requesting a 53 yr old experienced gentleman of that time..

"Don't worry.. I've a permanent solution for you!"

Thus saying, the gentleman brought cheers on his face and soon he was put on that rigorous discipline!

That way, time moved on and he touched 32 of course, the problem continuing..

"Let me try what's in store. This man seems to be very knowledgeable. By God's grace if it works.."

Were his thoughts of half-hearted hope when he incidentally came across a man of 47 with certain knowledge in that direction and briefed him his problem. That man instantly said,

"I'll sure help you!"

And could revive the lost hope for a while. But no need to say, the man was soon back with his problem as usual!

Years rolled by and the man was 40..

"Let me try one more chance. I doubt anything will work but there is no harm in giving a trial here. I'll ask one of my classmates who is a known man in these matters!"

Firming up thus he, on a day requested his classmate friend, a man of 40 help him out come out of his perennial problem..

"Dear! I know you tried some solutions from few senior people in this field. It's unfortunate that nothing has worked for you. I may not be that great but I made some studies in this direction. I tell you, you should get into certain simple practices of....."

Saying thus the friend told him what to do..

Agreed, that seemed working for a while but soon that routine too started losing it's grip which it originally had and the man was back with his problem sure a 100%!

Time moved on and the man soon touched 50..

“Had few advices for a solution to my problem.. Some never worked, some appeared working and a few had negative effect but with all that am back to my original problem. Now, I'm very careful in this matter and check well before I go to anyone for advice!”

Thus he was saying one evening in front of a man of 35..

"Sir.. I know something.. I'll just suggest...."
Saying thus that not so young man gave a few tips to the elderly man!
The clock ticked on and he was fully grey haired man of 58..

The 22 yr old son introduced one of his friends as the budding Expert in the area of his perennial problem and said,

“My dad is having a peculiar problem since his young age. He lived with the problem all these years. There seems to be no solution!"

The 22 yr old young man interrupted his friend, looked at the elderly father and said,

“Uncle! I've the best suggestion here. This really works. Please try this method daily for about 15 minutes, let it be either in the morning hrs or in the evening time. The regularity is very important. Am sure you'll feel better soon!”

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Friday, January 4, 2019


"It' s really a big tension for me living in the ground floor of my apartment. Here, I've to constantly face the nuisance of wastes, mostly liquids thrown from above on to the temporary extended plastic roof I provided to prevent those direct spilling into the backyard..

I know the family who does this regularly as I see distinct marks on the white washed surface originating from the balcony wall of the flat. I feel.. Imagine, myself daily sitting in my Meditation disturbed by these sounds of dripping liquids on the filthy roof..

Many times I told the man of the flat to stop this throwing.. But no use.. These people will not change!"

“With me it's another type of nuisance in my apartment from a fellow neighbor. That man forever is ready to disturb me and trouble me the moment I'm available for him. He won't even understand that I had recently returned from a Great Pilgrimage to see various Deities and Places of Worship with a peaceful mind..

Many times, I told him to leave all such talk and think of God. But no use.. He will not change!”

Suddenly a rattling sound from the backyard of the flat was heard intermittently but quite louder..

“You see.. It's that family in action. No use, I've to lodge a complaint now!”

The friend came out, looked up and said aloud,

  • "It is 3 crows that are hopping on the plastic roof for the dried up waste food material and making those sounds..
And your roof is automatically getting cleaned up in the process!"

Meanwhile the landline phone rang and the man said from inside..

  • "It's your neighbor.. He told me that there was an important letter for you in your absence. He took initiation, took the letter from the courier boy, saw the importance of it, went to the office who sent the letter, convinced them and got time extension for action till your return.. 
He is telling that you should go there tomorrow without fail and do the needful!”

There was a Message from Above..

”No doubt, One of you
  • Daily is doing Long Hours of Meditation and the other 
  • Made a Big Trip to Offer his Prayers 
But both of you have forgotten to see the good in the next man as the true precedence to




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