Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lighter Moments....

###  An earthquake shook the area and shortly after that within an hour's time, the Local Agency Office that kept a special track of quakes got a call to know the preliminary assessment of damages that had taken place around.... “The fan fell on me; the Office furniture was thrown apart; the corner window got shattered and I am seeing a big crack in the ceiling.... We have requested for an immediate Ambulance Service!” was the instant reply.... 

###   At a different place, an earth quake struck with a little higher intensity…. The Local Agency which monitored the level of quakes was immediately contacted to know the intensity of the quake…. There was an instant reply…. 

“We all just ran out of our Office…. Now the front door of our Office got jammed and we are unable to enter our Office…. We contacted the nearest Rescue Team half KM away …. Their vehicle could not come immediately as the road in front of their Office gave way with adjacent waters inundating the area…. They tried to arrange another Rescue Team from the nearer place which is a KM away but presently there, no one is picking up the phone…. The moment we get inside with the help coming, we read the instruments and announce the intensity…."

The man who enquired on the other side said, “Sir! There is no need to know further…. I already got the intensity measure…Thank you!”

###  A man had returned from a distant foreign land known for earth quakes and was relaxing in his home at Native place when the earth shook…. All neighbors ran out of their houses, but not this man! The radio echoed the intensity of the quake experienced as 4.9 magnitude.... When a friend asked the reason for him not to move from his house, the man coolly replied, “See! I have experienced much sever jolts in the place I visited, not once but many times…. All the time, nothing happened! See…These shakes are not to be bothered about!” His friend looked at him and said, “My dear! There, nothing had happened because their buildings are designed for frequent quakes.... But here the quakes are rare and our buildings are not that way strong!”

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Sayings have their Own Place....

“Sir! I am interested in telling the 'Right Way of Living' to people around as I am living the same life with my own discipline…. I hope at least you agree with me on this…. But Why is that my people and people around many times do not agree with me that I am correct?  It appears I should never tell the 'Right' to them but agree with their own way…. Even if I do that, again they say that a man of my calbre should not talk or behave like that…. What is the wrong here?”

“Dear! the Rightness of our doings and the Correctness in our talk have always an infinite depth and for ordinary mortals like us this definitely becomes a limit in our life…. That is why, these conflicts forever continue to exist…. No doubt your doings and your advice are much better but whatever one may say, all these actions and sayings have a taint of self interest and it is impossible to make them known free of this entity… In such a scenario, the only time this Truth can percolate into others is when the level of Truth in me is much much higher to convey to an ordinary personality the good in them…. Then people may accept such preachings and follow to some extent…. But the simple question is.... If I am really blessed with such a high level of Understanding of this Great Truth, why am I still here along with my people doing most of the similar worldly activities?  I should have quickly moved out and gone in the way many Great People had done.... It clearly shows that I am not that Great but just a little better placed compared to others in respect of this Great Understanding....

Rightly speaking,  these Great Sayings and the related Discipline have their true meaning only when they come out of a Realized Personality in this Universe as per Divine Plan!  That Great Personality whose earthly interests are seen almost 'Nil' alone can Truly inspire many around but the Great Men too said in this context that 'True Change' is one's own wish and will and God's Grace on him / her and nothing else works beyond.... All our Sacred Books and Epics written by Such Great Men forever remind us these Truths alone….

Thus we can say that each of us is continuously progressing in this Path Up towards the Ultimate through individual own Investigation and because of this Great Thrust in every one of us, individual own way of expressing and living is the best for each of us and never the copying and following attitude.… Truly speaking inside all of us know this either clearly or sometimes discretely…. That's the reason some openly speak out and oppose you and some do not but definitely keep off from you!"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eternal Learning....

A Great Saint in his Monastery had daily Discourses and Prayers with  His devotees.... Many devotees used to attend the Programs regularly....  One devotee daily used to come in time, sit from beginning to the end of the Program for the day, do the Prayer and then only leave the Place.... All the days, the other disciples were sitting in groups leaving this man to sit alone.... He had a weakness with him which the other group never liked and so the fine segregation! The disciples repeatedly reminded the Saint that the man's presence made the area unholy....

One day the Saint smilingly told the disciples, “I see daily this man dot on time in his clean ironed dress with hair well groomed.... He sits in full attention till the last minute of the Program.... And I see none of you have this discipline.... Why don’t you learn this discipline from him leaving the rest of the issues?”

Yes! Every where I can learn and every one around can teach me; I am not so great!

A night watchman was on his usual rounds at mid night....   He went round in the colony shouting aloud, “Be alert and keep awake!”  Every one woke up, looked out, checked the doors front and back, ensured that the outside light was on and after some time went back to sleep.... A Great Personality too sleeping like others suddenly got up with the watchman's loud shouting and instantly pondered over, “Am I sleeping in this life forgetting the purpose of my birth?” He thus came out of the house, moved towards forest to meditate and finally attained Realization.... That is the difference in learning of each individual from the same ordinary phenomenon around..... Here, The Great man's  fine line of Ignorance had gone with one line uttered by the night watchman!

We are all like dynamos in respect of our dormant potentials.... The incidents, happenings and the acts of people around are the only entities which will awaken us at different levels.... Thereby happens the Elevation of an individual and a great help to the world!

An ever going-on lively Phenomenon in Nature!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Forgotten Childhood....

As I was making my usual rounds of morning walk in the Garden adjacent in my locality, it was a scene of joy to see three screaming children happily swinging on three independent adjacent Swings in the play area, one cute little girl a bit elderly looking very smart and neatly dressed and two other active kids....

All smiles and excitement on their faces.... So happy in their lives at that point of time that even if offered a fortune, they would have refused instantly as the play in front was their 'Bigger Fortune' at that time.... The 'Best Scene' I could have ever seen in my life....

At the back of those lovely voices and screams, I moved on, made another round and looked out for the littles ones.... Yes! The 'Best Scene' was again in my front.... The three totally lost in their own world swinging and screaming.... 
I instantly remembered the famous Saying, 'God could not personally appear in front of every one on the Earth and so He created children around'.... Happiness is the Divine Gift and at that point of time, other than that nothing else was seen on the faces of those children.... A frowning man too, in no time will be cooled with such a scenario in front of him....The True Divine Blessings for our children!  

I, again moved on, made another round of walk and came back to the spot.... As I was curiously looking at the kids for a while, the elderly girl observed me for a single moment with extra care and instantly got down from the swing with full attention on her face as the other two kids continued their swinging....

The girl stood for a while but in no time rushed towards other two swings.... She quickly controlled the swinging speeds of the two kids, further had gone behind one of them holding the swing and herself moving along on the ground....

She then gave a smiling look at me but quickly became mindful of her work in front....

As I smiled and waved at her, my heart felt for the little girl when I understood that she was there to help other two kids on her routine as the parents of the two kids had sent their children along with the girl to the Play Area...

The innocent childhood was so evident on her face but a responsible work too by the side which invariably made her forget her childhood for a while at that young age....

And such children do exist around us….  May not be many but in countable numbers.... And the large economic differences around alone are the 'No One Cause' for foregoing Such Divine Gifts of Life originally given free to all us....

Let hope prevail that these few children too get their timely education to know their rights at the earliest and further are never put to a situation in their lives when their own kids are again forced to forget their Happy Childhood in front!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Number One Identification in life!

The youth applied for few jobs after graduation, received some interview calls but was straight away rejected by Company 1, 2 and 3….. “There is no use of going for these small jobs….The right way here is acquiring higher qualification….  If I get the next degree from the best Institution around.... That's all.... In no time, the prime jobs stand in front of me and there is no doubt in that!  Then why to delay unnecessarily?  Let me straight away do it!" thus the thoughts flowed in and soon materialized in the expected direction….

The Middle Level Manager was denied promotion in the right time…. After a few days,  a loud voice was heard in the Boss' Chamber…. "Mr…………..! This is my resignation.... I am happy if I am relieved right now and I am ready to compensate whatever the Management insists upon…. And do you see this Order in my other hand? I think, you know this Company…. I am sorry to say....... I regret even today for the mistake I've done in joining this Company and that too serving for so many years…. Any way….Good bye to you all either immediately or soon…. It all depends on the great decisions of the so called Higher Management of this Company!” Thus was speaking the personality who soon was out and was In-charge of a big responsibility in the next posting….

The very Senior Executive had certain allegations on him 'Charged wrongly' he thought but 'The right way' thought the Higher Management and was soon dismissed mercilessly from the Service…. Within a few days of his ousting from the job, he opened an 'Independent Business Venture' at his home premises with a big board outside written in bold letters…. “My shop is open 24 hrs and the Customer is a King here! Service is the first priority…. If not satisfied at any time, the monies in full will be returned instantly.… Please 'STEP IN'!”

The man at 60 was to retire on the D day.... A very warm send off was arranged by his Colleagues and Sub-ordinates…. “Sri………had worked in this Company for a long period of…. years and had contributed his best to the Organization and its people.... It is time he takes it easy now by handing over the responsibilities to his successors and spends rest of his life in doing what he wanted to do all these years for which he could never find time earlier.… We all wish him a happy retired and relaxed life here afterwards!" Thus went on the farewell speech and soon the man moved out of the familiar premises forever..... The next day he was at home relaxing himself but on the third day was heard on phone talking to some one, “Yeah! I got the letter of appointment as Consultant and Adviser at………. They say any time I can join…. I thought....Why to delay…. Anyhow, tomorrow is a Good Day…. Decided to go there from tomorrow itself and do you know what facilities this job offers?.............It is really a surprise...........”

This 'Pride' changes the 'Facts' in no time!

Two friends once visited a miserly rich man at his Bungalow….

They had some conversations with him and in that context, the rich man boasted himself how he was careful all throughout out his life to make the huge fortune behind him….

“It starts everywhere…. When you can save a few rupees by traveling in a normal bus, why to take a luxury bus? I strictly followed a discipline here……”

“Further, if you break journeys enroute to see places, always a circular ticket helps…. I made full use of these where ever they were available…..”

“If you can stop eat outs, you know much one saves in life? My god! if you calculate, you will not believe that…..”

“It is many times not advisable to maintain your own vehicle…. Just use the cheapest transport available…. Any way, the public transport is dead cheap…”

“Whatever concessions you get in life, never leave them…. If you calculate the savings…….”

“Old is gold in life…. Never throw away any used item or give free…. They have their own price…. What is wrong in asking for that…......?”

The talk was endless…

One of the visitors smilingly said, ‘Sir! You might have saved really a fortune…. With your habits, your earlier job in your active days and with the cost of living around I am sure, you must be having 5 houses apart from the one occupied by you presently, 3 sites in the prime areas, bank deposits to the tune of Rs…. your Bank and Gold to the tune of Rs….. in your Locker….Am I correct?”

The rich man with a pride smiled and said, “ How can you say so precisely? You are right…. I hold today what all you said…. Take the saving habit from me, you too will do that in your life!”

The vistor friends took leave from him and were returning home….

The friend who was silent all the while could no more control himself and asked his friend, “Dear! I understand that the rich man made a lot of wealth in his life time…. But how is that you told so precisely what he holds today? I am not able to get it!”

The friend smiled and said, “ My dear! it is very easy to say this and even you can say that if you observe the rich man a little more carefully!”


“I just told some figures which are definitely on the higher side in each of his holdings…. But you see the man loves all these so much that he can never deny what you say when you say more..... It is impossible for him to think that he has less than that.... Here, he felt proud that I guessed far more and instantly okayed it to satisfy his own pride!”

Monday, November 18, 2013

Habits truly die hard!

Two friends of fifties visited a Meditation Center on a Sunday morning to listen to the Special Speech of the Head of the Center on Ethics of Life.... The Speech was truly inspiring to all and the two friends too were carried over by the Spirit of the Speech.... After the close of the Session, the two started walking towards the car brought by one of them....

“It is really a Great Speech! How nicely the Great Man had told that one should care for people in the society, truly help his / her families allowing the members express themselves at their best and give charities at all appropriate instances and places.... He really guides people in their lives…. We should never miss His Program whenever the Authorities arrange for it!” said one with an awe on his face as they were walking....

“You are very much correct…. I am too, taken over by His speech.... He speaks to the point and explains so well the context…. His examples are really wonderful.... It is our luck that we are close to this Sacred Place!” said the other supporting his friend's views....

They both sat in the car and were about to start…. An old infirm lady asked for alms near the door of the car…. “Give her one or two coins and let's go…. Actually, the Authorities should not allow these people near these Sacred Places.... The discipline is missing!” said the friend in driver's seat…. And they moved on….

“I am hungry.... I did not eat anything in the morning because we were coming for the Speech.... What about you? Can we stop over somewhere for light refreshments and coffee?” one of them asked.... “Yes! I am too! The Restaurant in the next lane is the best one in this area…. Let us go there!” said the other....

They parked the vehicle at a place and entered the Restaurant.... After finishing snacks and coffee, the bill had to be paid.... “Let us not encourage paying any tips here.... I come regularly.... It becomes a habit for them.... Simply take the bill and pay off at the counter!” said one of them…. The other followed….

At the car parking, a man came and asked some money for taking care of the car in their absence.…“Dear! We never asked you to take care of our car.... More over, on the road side here, the parking is free for all…. How many places can we pay?” saying thus the man took out his car…. They both moved on….

On the way, one friend decided to buy a few vegetables for home….“This place is funny.... Many are only small vendors but they are very smart.... They some know that we are rich.... And, by seeing us they tell the price…. Try to bargain for two thirds and sometimes even for half! After all bargaining is our right!” cautioned the other….

At length, they reached their homes and as usual there were problems at homes....“I don’t want to listen to any one of you on this issue….I decide and I act and it is my wish….You have to listen to me here............” thus was flowing the Authority at both the homes and the voices of two families, in no time were silenced!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

At Work, the attitude matters a lot!

At a Corner in an Office the conversation on phone went on thus….

“Hello! Who is this? Oh! Is it you, Sir? Good morning! I want to tell you….We have done our job the best and if there is a problem, there is always a channel for you to address the same.... Please, Sir! report the matter there and your solution will be through.... The delay may be I am sorry to say, partly because you were not available for sometime when important decisions were taken at our end.... Everything of this is minuted and the copies are available at your convenience, if you want.... We sincerely agree that it is a health problem but sorry Sir! our rules do not permit a deviation here.... Regarding your deliveries, I cannot say when because so many factors are involved now.... We are doing our job the best.... You may kindly wait for sometime more and call us back.... Hope, I  conveyed the required from my side.... Now, I have other works to attend and I have to go…. Ok! Sir! Bye….”

A few minutes later a call was there on the same phone and there was a loud shouting…. “Hey! What are you thinking of yourself? You are all such irresponsible people in your Company.... Nothing comes from you in time.... But for your payments, you always come in time! And to tell you openly, all your supplies are defective one way or the other.... You will soon lose our Order permanently if you don't change here.... Don’t disturb me any more till all of you correct yourselves and come to attention.... Damn nuisance!”

At the same time, there was a different conversation at some other point in the same Office.... “Hello! Sir! Good morning! How are you doing Sir? I just want to inform you that we have planned everything in respect of deliveries of your items in time.... There was a last minute hitch but we followed up meticulously and had seen that it never escalated beyond.... For us you are the most important person on our job and all the attention is towards taking care of your needs in time; no doubt on that!   Sir! With almost a success of 99%, the deliveries are at your door step and that 1% is due to unforeseen God given situations.... We are compensating that 1% deficiency through a concessional offer of our price to see that our Customer is always happy and satisfied!”

After a while the same phone rang up.... “Oh! Good morning! Mr. Mahesh! I am Swroop this side…. How are you? Mr Mahesh, I want to inform you this….I am happy with all your works but your deliveries are delayed.... I feel for this and even if you say it is just one mistake, I disagree because my Customer in turn is delayed.... Please try to improve here and be with us.... All your other aspects of deliveries are in order.... OK! Mr. Mahesh! I have some work now and I have to go….We meet sometime.... Bye the bye you said today is your child’s birthday! Best wishes for her and for your family.... Bye….See you!"