Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 'Greatness' shines in no other Fashion!

The Great Personalities as they live in the world, forever are Symbols of two distinct Qualities constantly exhibited…. An Ultimate Responsibility towards the people in the world and an Unshaken Faith firmly established with the people….

The Great Saint once said, “A girl newly married into a traditional family, as she steps into the big joint family, is initially trained / tasked to handle many household activities / responsibilities…. The day she conceives, it is a joyous moment for the entire family and they quickly start taking care of her in the best possible way…. As she progresses in her pregnancy, the tasks and responsibilities that were there with her previously are taken out one by one till she reaches the point of advanced pregnancy….When the delivery time nears, members of the family in turn start helping her out in her own activities…. The moment the child is born, the entire family immediately starts taking care of her as well as her New-borne…. In a similar way, A Great Personality is ever supported in Nature with all Powers given to Him as He is the most Responsible and Useful Individual to the people…..

In respect of Faith / Belief…. The Master once was found by his disciple moving in strange surroundings at odd hrs and the disciple instantly became suspicious of Him…. As the disciple started making an investigation in that direction, he quickly found that he was totally wrong as the Master was there on His usual errand…. The disciple felt miserable for doubting his own Master and out of a great regret feeling, he openly told Him the way he suspected Him and requested Him to pardon him…. The Great Saint smiled and said, “No….No… Dear! You have done the very Right here…. In Spiritual Path if you want to really Progress, you should never believe blindly but always question everywhere…. In the Process, if required, you should not leave doubting even your own Master! That’s truly the Right Way of being Spiritual in life!”

The Great Men forever are Great because they never shun Their Responsible Behavior in the world and in the very process are totally Open too in Their Nature…..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The 'Only Way' with any one amidst a Crisis....

A certain man of mid forties was a man of hectic activities….

“I don’t know how to handle so many works thrust on me at a time.... All these works, need lots of attention and energies…. You have to keep a look out everywhere and every moment….Finally, no one knows in which direction the results would be coming…. I am totally in a fix and feel that I am squarely caught at this stage… I can neither say 'No' to these nor simply keep quite without bothering in that direction…. Now, I understand why people’s tensions are multiplied in mid age….” thus he was expressing his anxieties to an elderly Well-wisher with him who was a man of understanding and Advisor among the known Circles....

The Well-wisher listening to him all the while, smiled and said, “My dear! I understand your anxiety.... Truly speaking, neither getting into the issues in front of you was your make nor getting out of the issues as planned is your outlook.... You have done no mistake here and the happenings too require no permission from you before they happen that way!  Have patience, keep cool and take off the pressure on you at this moment ….” He paused for a while and continued….. "But, I just want to ask you a question at this juncture.... How is that you have totally forgotten the presence of The All Powerful behind these happenings precipitating towards an end result? The Will of Him alone ultimately prevails in every inch of these.... He alone Steers all the Sails of our Ships in the midst of the Ocean of life where many times it is the calm weather but a few times, the rough one too.... But where our Prayers are sincere, there the Almighty will be with us and all good will definitely come through that single action at the end of the day…. And this alone is the greatest strength of ours for ever in our lives...."

While leaving, the well-wisher just patted him and said, “But, dear! Don’t forget that along with the Prayer, we should be doing the so called the 'duties' with us in the best way known to us….The Lord before hand always expects us be doing these duties with all sincerity when we knock at His door and here He never allows at anytime, a concession for willful non-doing!”

'Up or Down', the 'Ultimate Living' goes 'On and On!'

A cheat duped his close friend, took away all his wealth and possessions and left him virtually on road in front of his own house which the cheat himself occupied immediately....

Everyone thought that the friend would die hungry and heart broken.....

As the friend was sitting on the road, the cheat's son ran out from the house to play and fell on the road instantly bleeding....

The friend immediately lifted the boy, comforted him, cleaned the wound with some water, bandaged the same with a piece of cloth with him and rested him for a while....

A passerby quipped, "He robbed you of everything; You are still helping his son; strange?"

The friend smiled and replied with all calmness; "No....No... He did not take away these few clothes of mine, quite a good amount of my energy and my unshaken Will Power and all these are intact with me.... I am just trying to make a humble living with the left out.... That's what any one will do when their highly valued possessions are taken away by Cruel Fate at anytime in their lives; is it not?"

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 'Golden Opportunity' in life....

“Stop the bus please!” shouted aloud the well dressed father and soon himself and his 16 yr old son with a Laptop bag got into the bus about to move…. Appeared to be truly from an Aristocratic family…..

Two seats were vacant…. The dad quickly sat in one seat and instantly reserved the front vacant one for the son who was just coming up to the place….

Meanwhile, one commuter who saw the vacant seat tried to occupy it… “No…. This is for the boy coming” the father told a bit authoritatively showing his son…. The man looked at him, wanted to say that there is no reservation of seats in a City Bus but appeared not to pickup a quarrel and thus moved on….

The father having made the boy quickly sit in the seat was telling him softly…. “Be comfortable…. It’s only a short distance…. I agree….The heat is too much…. Have this bottle of water for a while…. It will keep you cool!”

The son too was telling something softly to his dad…. And the father took a few sips of water and gave his bottle to the boy….

The Conductor came up for issue of tickets…. The dad bought 2 tickets and kept them with himself…. The bus moved…. After a few stops, the crowd suddenly increased….

“Too many people around…. These buses are always crowded….We have to travel two Stops more…. Don't worry, we will be out in 10 minutes…” The dad was telling…."Tomorrow onwards our car will be there and you will have no problem…. Actually, had the luxury AC bus come in time, we would not have had this problem…. I don't know why it did not turn up for so long!”

Soon their Stop came up…. The father made way for the son saying…. “Carry your laptop bag safely and get down!” They soon got down the bus and quickly moved towards the adjacent Posh Apartment Complex next to the Bus Stop …. And the bus moved on towards its destination….

I, who happened to be sitting a little away from the two was listening to their talk a bit and was really wondering what the father was teaching his son…. "Is he protecting the boy through all that comfort and support which could be easily provided from his end and see that his son never struggles in his life?"

As my thoughts soon ran down the memory lane, I vividly remembered the never forgotten harsh words in my ears, years and years ago when I was in the prime youth of my life…..

  • “What is this fellow doing? Where is he now? What happened to the work I asked him to finish today?” 
  • “What? I told you to go and talk to that man and tell him……… You kept quite and wasted the whole day? Who else will do this job then? I am not here to do your non sense works…..” 
  • “What’s your problem? Straight away go to the place, wait till the man turns out, talk to him and tell him strongly…..” 
  • “I don’t want to listen to any thing here…. In your age I had to take up a big responsibility of….. This is nothing for you…. Tune up yourself…….” 
  • “No one comes to your door and gives you…. You have to struggle in this world, face these difficulties and live your life…. Don’t take it easy…. You will soon be fit for nothing!’’ 
  • “My dear! The world will not listen to you… You have to tune up to the world for your safety and living…. In the process, if you have to struggle, do it… What’s the problem?’ 
  • “OK! You might have done this now, but life is not all this…. Don’t think like that and relax…. From tomorrow, the Program for you is…..” 

Indeed, very very harsh words on the face of it from a True Well Wisher and Care Taker…. Appeared to be nothing left out to say further and the Personality churned out from all directions…. The days of no choice…. But this day…. The same words ringing in the ears look so sweet, cool and refreshing…. A Great Responsibility was so well discharged…. The Right Personality was built and made to stand himself by all in the world who in time could pass on the similar messages to his own people and people around…. A blessing in disguise…. Should any Adolescent miss this one Golden Opportunity in their life by an army of protection around?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where 'Love' for 'Right Actions' dominates, 'Criticism' simply takes a back seat!

“I am not at all happy with one of my cousins' son’s behavior!  You see, we had done a lot for him, still are doing and in that context we may expect a little…. So to say, a few returns, that’s all!  Actually, what we are asking is nothing…. Even to return that, he shows all his grudge!   I wonder why he will not feel grateful for our services.... He was with us for the past 10 years and you know, we educated him, fed him all these years and took so much care.... After our push alone somehow he has secured a job and now of course lives on his own…. And in no time, all this is forgotten!" thus was expressing a middle aged man his anguish to a friend of deep wisdom…. 

The friend listened to him, paused a while and said, “My dear! I understand your turmoil....   But is all this talk warranted? Are you not feeling bad to talk like this about a young boy who was staying with you in your home for the past 10 years? I feel sad to hear all this!” 

“What are you telling me? Am I wrong in questioning the boy’s attitude? If you want, I can tell this in front of his parents also.... He should know how to respect the elders and should know who helped him all these years....” blurted the man a little angrily…. 

"Listen my dear!  The boy is having a dis-interest in you people means his 'rightful living' seems affected” said the friend comforting his companion....  “And if I am honest here, I should first check for any unwarranted demands from my side...."

"What do you mean?  Having done so much, can't we expect this much recognition?"

I don't say that you should not expect....The point is…. You are discussing all this means you wish to bring down the boy indirectly and nothing else.... It is sure not to protect yourself as you are already safe in this situation and nothing you will lose here.…In fact to act in the right direction, no discussion is required…. 'I am discussing' means, I need an approval for my doing! I should discuss this type of matters only sparingly when someone is doing a physical damage and to stop him from such actions, that's all.... Else it is not at all required!” 

While departing, the wise friend smiled and quipped, “Do you know, if my own son behaves in a similar way which is rare, I will never say that he is wrong but instead I will firm up in myself with a single thought.... 'Let me simply do my duty towards my son; that's all!'.... And when one does not come in this group, I will say all this so easily…. Having done the job as promised to the boy's parents why not here too, you simply keep quite and let the boy behave in whatever way he wishes?” 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A 'Great Ambition' simply watered down....

A King wanted to do 'The Best' to his people.... And always the best is done anywhere by making use of only the ‘True Expertise’ available in Nature....

So, the Expertise in various fields was asked to be explored by his Assistants and on a day, the King along with his Minister selected a few Experts in the important fields of usefulness and welfare for his people…. He appointed all those Experts in good Positions in his Office with high payments along with full freedom to decide, act and thus be involved in the Great Task planned.... The wise Minister all along doubted the actual implementation of the whole Plan, but the King quickly brushed aside his doubts....

Life was going on thus.... Sometime there was certain calmness around and people were found to be much more happier than were used to be earlier..... But soon, the King noticed that his people were not that much happy as he initially thought.... There were as usual the problems with them and the King was at a loss not able to understand the reason why it was so having helped them out very well.... He sought the advice of his Minister to know what would have gone wrong....

The Minister made a brief Survey and quickly came out with the base Realities....  He said, “Sir! It is simple....  No doubt, the Experts are doing their best in their jobs.... Unfortunately, a few of them are equally Experts in managing the situation to their advantage and thus they in turn started Ruling these Experts instead of doing their allocated Expertise Job! Your Majesty had overlooked the possibility of this happening when the full freedom was given to them to express their best so that the 'Whole Good' would go to people.... And here, it is truly not happening in practice, even though everything looks alright on paper!”

The King at once understood that he should have sought only the advice of the Experts by allowing them work freely in their fields but all along he alone should have implemented the transfer of gains accrued in the process to the people instead of leaving that job to the Experts themselves as he was the True Ruler and none else should be allowed to do that job at anytime in a Ruler's Regime!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The True Responsible Behavior....

“You never allow us to do what we want…. On one side you say that we should have our freedom everywhere but from the other side you establish your control directly or indirectly…. We too know to a large extent, what we have to do and what we should not do…. You should leave the matters there…. What all you talk on cutting down spending of monies, limiting enjoyments and minimizing the relaxations….. All that, any how you may not be able to do but why do you stop us from doing that?  We want our lives go as we wish…. We are always together on this one issue….” thus voiced all the grown up family members a bit angrily and out of the disgust as the Head of the family often talked of restrain everywhere….

The Head listened to them fully and said….”Dear All! I am sorry to say that you have misinterpreted my advice and partly I may be responsible for that too… Any how, I make it clear to you again and again…. My responsibility as the Head will stay here whether you wish or not and out of that alone, I would be talking the maximum time…” the Head paused for a while and continued….

”I agree that you have a right to protest and not follow my advice too but I have my responsibility of advising you which I should never leave at any time and make you relax extra…. Where the Truth prevails, the Responsibility forever overrides the Rights and the Man of Better Knowledge in those circumstances can forever do in that way! And that never amounts to any suppression as the man of Better Understanding will have that Love with him / her for others…. You may protest to any extent on the face of it as the force in you to do the other way is quite strong but eventually on a day when this force weakens in you and more clarity comes up, you yourself see the Good behind my talk and carry your regard for that…. This much, I am sure to say, is bound to happen whatever turmoils exist this moment among us…. So let my advising go on and on without a break!”

The Head while concluding smiled and quipped, “In case I really try to talk on the lines which never takes care of you all overall which too can happen a few times, soon I would be listening to you and following you ultimately and my age and experience put in never can stop that! So let us check ourselves sincerely where all of us stand here in this context and act only according to that!”

Friday, April 11, 2014

Yes! The Earth is Round!

“Why are you carrying your mobile phone in top pocket at home too? It’s not good to have it close to the chest in front pocket…. You are retired, there are no urgencies for you and most of the time, you are at home…. Keep it in a safe place visible to you so that you can reach it the earliest you need it or it rings up….” thus advised the daughter her father one day morning quoting the health aspects involved….

The father felt a bit for her concern and instantly decided to follow the advice…. From the next day onwards, the phone was kept on his writing desk while at home and quickly found it to be quite convenient to make a call or answer a call while at home till on one of the days, he simply went out some distance, then only realized that the phone was forgotten, had to walk back and take it with him….

The discipline continued till on one more day the same thing repeated but at that point of time he could not come back and had to struggle to communicate with the convenience totally gone…..

“No, it had to be on the person else the forgetfulness can not be answered…. Let me keep it in the front pocket of the trouser…. That way it is away from the chest but still with me all along….” was the immediate decision of the elderly man….

It was working fine but had its own de-merit when on one fine day slipped from the pocket fell a bit hard on to the ground opening up instantly…. Of course, the instrument was rugged in nature and so was intact and could be quickly assembled back to the original condition….

“The back pocket is ideal for this…. Let me carry it there from now on wards….” was the then decision after the fall….

It worked fine, the instrument could not slip away except that while sitting anywhere it was a bit uncomfortable and the instrument was repeatedly under pressure…. But still it was away from the questionable area….

That was Sunday morning…. As usual, the gentleman got ready and was about to reach for his mobile…. Lo! It was no there…. Where is it gone? A quick search was made…. It was funny…. No where it could be seen…. Unfortunately, the instrument was kept in silent mode and so a quick call could not locate it in the house…. The gentleman was sure that it was in the house as the day before night he used the phone to make few calls from home…. Where did it vanish?

As the uneasy elderly man was looking here and there from his chair, suddenly he noticed in the dark corner through the open glass of the Washing Machine a dull glow of light coming up intermittently…. My God! Got it…. The instrument was silently glowing under few messages received for a while….

Thus, the phone finally reached the most interesting point being carried safely along with the clothes loaded into the washing machine and was about to be churned out with lots of water soon coming up submerging the clothes….

The next day morning, the dad was carrying his mobile firmly loaded into the top front pocket…. When just pointed, he smiled and said, “Whatever be the effects, when once we accept the instrument as part of our day to day life, this is the best place to carry it especially by me at this age… I love to carry my phone here alone all the time!”

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Funny Life....

###  "Your cleaning is bad.....  See, these glasses.... The material is still stuck inside" said the Hotel Owner angrily.....

"It's not me done that.... You have to ask my Colleague working here as he too does the cleaning...." retorted the man at the Cleaning Spot.... 

"How can you say that, so easily?"

"I never leave half done work.... Even if not washed fully, I always wipe out the excess material and make the glasses and plates look neat!  You cannot doubt me here!"

###  "I treat all my people equally and never show a difference there...."

"Oh!  You are Great!  How can you do that?"

"None of my people listen to what I say and never care for me.... I hate all of them equally!"

###  “What is the synonym for the word ‘married?” 


###  A man was involved in a two wheeler accident and there was a hit on his head.... He was advised slow movements in all activities including his Office Works for some time limiting active involvement.... Accordingly, he was slow for some time and everyone at his Work Spot had a feeling that he was recovering from a brain injury even though it was not that.... But it sure reinforced their thoughts when one day he was found carrying a Technical book on Computers borrowed from his Office Library for his daughter carefully at slow pace.... The name of the book was... 'The Artificial Intelligence!’

###  At a Research Institute, an Employee used to sit and sleep during working hrs.... When the Boss caught him one day red handed, he coolly replied, “Sir! I am in deep thinking and doing my Research!  I am very much on my job….”

The Boss listened and went away but the next day sent him a Memo which read, “We do not want the deep Thinkers on our jobs as we cannot physically compensate them as they are Worthless!”

###  “How did you cut your hand?”

“Oh! I was trying to cut a Cake holding it with one hand and the knife in the other.... As, it was difficult to cut the Piece, I alternately changed hands with the knife and the Cake and in the process, the knife slipped and fell on my hand!”

“Was the Cake so hard?”

“Yes! It was…. The Soap Cake is always hard, you know!”

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The discrete 'Superior Feeling'….

“You must be very careful when praise is aimed at you.... Without your knowledge, you will be Elated in no time.... This Elation is nothing but my pride ruling me at the back however humble I may appear in front.... The self forever expresses thus strongly…..

The only solution here to this silent down fall of my personality is to say a firm ‘No’ to this Elation.... For this to happen, I should ever be attentive at every moment…. And in the long run this helps me a lot.... I truly become humble in my life and that does its own good in turn.... So, let me always say ‘No’ to this Elation by being very careful in my life whenever the praise is aimed at me.... To tell you the fact, all these years I followed this discipline and am continuing it this day too....” thus was telling a man of thirties to a group of listeners on the irreparable damage done by the so called praise aimed at an individual in his / her life....

“My dear! You have forgotten to mention another important point here which produces Elation in an individual other than the praise, he or she not being a bit aware of it at all!” said an elderly wise man with a smile who was listening to all that talk.... “In this process, I ever look humble to all people around and no one doubts me.... And strangely, I appear thus to me too.... It is truly a trap in our lives!”

“What is it, Sir?” asked the listeners not understanding what the elderly gentleman meant….

The elderly continued, “When a man fails in his mission or put down by fate which too happens sometimes, I am elated silently there even though all the time I would be making or appear to be making efforts to help out the individual in distress.... I am ever Elated here as the other man is down temporarily and this happens in such a refined way without a bit of my knowledge....  And no one ever doubts me here and within me too I appear humble to myself.... Unless I get freed from this Silent Elation too by being totally attentive at these sensitive moments, I can never say that I have become Humble in my life!”

Friday, April 4, 2014

A few 'Funny Experiences'....

I was on my usual errand of buying a few groceries from a Shop…. The bill was made and I gave my Credit Card…. “What’s your PIN?” asked the Shop Keeper…. I was stunned for a while…. Subsequently, I said, “Give the Machine here…. I’ll input the Number” further saying that the PIN is secret code and from safety point of view it should never be disclosed to any one…. He smiled, allowed me to input the same and I completed my transaction….

The next day, I was on a different work…. I had to send my Parcel through a Courier Service…. The man in front of me completed his work and had to make his payment…. He gave his Bank Card….The Lady at the Counter swiped the Card and said, “Sir! your PIN is required!” The man with loud tone said, ‘XXXX’ and the lady inputted the said number into the Machine….

I was shocked for a while at the careless attitude of the man but then something struck me why the earlier Shop man asked me to speak out the PIN…

The next day, I was at a small Shop where I made a purchase and gave my Card…. The PIN was required, the Machine was not cordless, I had to wade through all the material around to the place of Machine inside through the narrow entrance which the Shop man opened for me to enter the private premises of his Shop to input my PIN….

That evening, I went to a Super Market Stores…. An elderly Lady in the queue for billing, gave her Credit Card for payment…. The Clerk at the Counter swiped and said, “Madam, PIN please!” The old Lady said, “What PIN?” The Clerk politely said, “Since last week onwards the Rule is that you have to input your PIN when you make a purchase through your Card” She did not remember the PIN for her Card used for regular buying…. She had her Debit Card with her for which too, she could not recollect her PIN as earlier the PIN was never asked for buying…. And the cash too appeared to be limited with her…. She was helpless for a while and the Clerk at the Counter too could not proceed immediately….

I was thinking…. If it happens at a Restaurant? The problem would be really tough to handle….

The best practice at such places would be, as done in Some Foreign Countries, the Staff to take the Order, prepare the Bill as per the Order, get the Payment done in advance and then Serve the food….

Whatever be these few travails in use of the Debit / Credit Cards, it is really a happy situation to know that from now on wards all the Card Transactions are safe and secure!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Practice before You Preach!

"A King and a Saint simultaneously advised on ‘Good’ to two Groups of people separately…. Both the Groups had taken up the message and a definite improvement was seen in their actions of doing the 'Good....' Can you tell me, whether there was any difference in the results under the advices of these two Personalities?" thus asked the Master, a Group of ardent listeners....

There was a total silence for a while....

The Master smiled and said, "The King’s advice had always the Authority behind, direct or indirect.... People on the face of it took it and followed without much thought in the direction of 'Good' because whether they liked it or not, ultimately they had to do that way else they were afraid of the King’s wrath, not from the good King really but from the Assistants down the line who could equally wield power partly without the knowledge of even the best king…. Further, these men with power could always alter the result and present it as progressive even though people were ready to break the same at the earliest opportunity.... Thus 'Love for Action' was totally missing here, doing 'Good' remained mostly on paper and rarely found in actions around!

With a Saint, that scenario was entirely different…. First of all there was no advice given there, the Great Man's Restraint and Doings alone flowed around the members of the Group.... Each got the taste of that Nectar according to their interest and were instantly purified…. Under that pure feeling, every one naturally did the act of 'Good' as their own and not someone telling them to do.... Thus with a love for action, 'Real Good' was seen in most of the actions around!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The True Customer Satisfaction!

###  A girl at the Billing Counter of a huge Super Market was under great work pressure due to too many customers.... One Customer gave her  a pack of few tooth brushes for billing.... She quickly scanned the bar code, it did not work, referred to the price on the Computer, could not get it; nothing helped.... 

The queue was swelling and her Boss was looking for quick action.... Subjected thus to work pressure, she quickly entered a price of Rs 35/- for the brush set whose actual price was around Rs 100/- , requested the Boss to endorse the same through his Pass Code who did it without making a check as there was no time and thus finished billing as it was written on the brush Rs 35/- in big letters and ‘off’ in small letters! The Manufacturer wanted to outsmart the buyer and it worked the reverse!

###  A man was unhappy with a water melon sold by a Food Store in his neighborhood.... 

He took it back to the Shop saying, “Why did you sell this rotten stuff to me? It started smelling in a day.... Give me a fresh piece....” 

The Owner of the Store checked the piece and said politely, “Sir! It appears good.... Seems no problem!” 

“What are you talking? Can you at least give me another piece taking this back?” 

“Yes! Sir! No problem.... But there are only a few left out.... You can select one out of them and take...” 

“Ok! I take this one.... Definitely the good one as seen.... By the way, what happened to all the lot that were there yesterday?” 

“All were sold out.... These are the only few returned by the other Customers saying rotten!”

###  A Passenger was checking in manually at the Airlines Counter at the Airport with his baggage….

The smart Airline Staff at the Counter asked him politely, “Sir! Shall I give you a seat in front behind the Executive Class?”

The Passenger said, “Please give my seat next to the middle Emergency Door!”

The  Staff Member smiled and said, “ Sir! Our Aircraft is quite safe…. Even if there is a requirement, we always evacuate all the passengers in the fastest way….. There are 6 Exists in the Aircraft for that purpose…. You need not worry on this…. Any how I give you what seat you wanted!”

The Passenger said, “Nope! I am not bothered all about that…. At this point I get extra leg space!”

###   The conversation overheard in a Shop…

"Sir! We need your Employer ID proof for bill payment through Credit Card...."

"I am sorry.... I am retired...."

"Thank you sir! We don’t need the ID Proof in that case!"


"Yes! We want to keep off a Group of Employees who had some problem of their Employment but have these Credit Cards issued to them earlier.... These are the instructions given to us by the Banker of the Card!"