Friday, October 31, 2014

The ‘Fallacy’ behind the ‘High Level Preaching!’

It was Sunday mid morning hrs…. The three friends were together at the man’s Residence….

“If I look back at the Properties and Financial Assets I made so far, the quantum seems to be enormous…. I wonder a few times, can I really make at least 25% use of these in my life? It appears never in the way our life goes on…. We generally never spend in our active days on ourselves any decent amount and thus enjoy our life…. Instead, I am finding that I always give reasons saying…. ‘This is a waste, that is a waste, there is no use of this, no use of that….' What all not? Then what is the ultimate use of all these items and wealth around me? There is sure a day with us when we have to go from this world without taking one single item or a single Rupee with us….

You may say…. What we leave here will be used by our children, but here too I see a limit to that…. Actually, they don't need so much of all these…. In my case, a 50% of what I have now is a sumptuous amount for them as they are already well placed in their life…. So I decided on one Plan for this life….

Roughly about 25% of all of my finances, I start spending on myself in a liberal way and about 25% would in a matter of time, be given away in various Charities thru' systematic planning….

For this, I already thought of one meticulous Plan…. Since these amounts are any how required for living too and equally to meet certain exigencies, The right way here would be….

5% will be donated to certain Charitable Institutions when I turn 60….

Another 5% when I touch 65…

10% lump sum will be spent for a Great Cause around 70 yrs of my age….

A 5% amount will spent at the age of 75 yrs to have the ultimate mental satisfaction….

Any how the left out 50%, which is still a sizable amount will go to my children as inheritance….

And I very much firmed up on this Plan; that’s all…. Here after, there is no point in going after these wealths endlessly….

Oh! It’s already 12 o'clock…. Let’s have our Lunch now…. Sorry, I didn’t make any elaborate preparations for today’s lunch…. A simple meal…. You will wonder…. Consuming simple food is healthy and quite nourishing and well fits our pockets too…. Why unnecessarily feed this body with so many dishes? OK! Let’s finish it quickly and take rest for a while!”

The door bell rang, the man immediately got up and went out to attend to the call and subsequently his voice was heard talking a bit louder…. 

“What man! Your due as I calculated comes to Rs 156 only…. I don't understand how you claim Rs 180 here? Yeah! I understand it now…. You added up the costs of that day too when Your service was not there…. But I ask you…. Why should we pay for that? Further I tell you, it’s not only for the days I have to deduct when there was no Service, but proportionately on the other days too as per the Quality of Service which was below the acceptable level…….”

“Hello…. Hi! Who are you and what are you doing here? We are not here to just to distribute monies whenever you ask…. Why can't you people find some job and earn your livelihood instead of simply stretching out hands whenever you see a better man? When do you people learn……….?”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's never a 'ONETIME' decision!

The man in his late thirties….

“Of late, the life had become average for me….. In the beginning, I thought that my Degree is the best, my Job is the highest paid and I can do many things with those Earnings…. But with time, I noticed a gradual change….. My Job payments have averaged out, the Responsibilities had increased, the Career Growth was not that fast as expected and equally the Inflation Levels touched high with no Proportionate Compensation in Wages…. And thus my Living Level gradually had comedown and settled at an average…. With this back ground, the City life had become costly and making a Home here had really become a dream…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll go back to my Native town after my retirement and live my retired life happily in our huge ancestral home…. With the limited incomes, I can easily manage my living in hometown as the Living Costs are quite less there…. Let the children stay in their own areas….Any how, they will have their own choices….

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

And that man in his early fifties….

“All of a sudden, I am getting a good price for my ancestral home…. It’s better sell off such a Property and buy whatever accommodation comes in the City for that money…. You see….Over years, I am accustomed to the Customs and Cultures of this environment…. My friends, if I really look at, all are here only…. My children too who are now in their twenties have totally grown up in this environment and never want to go back to our Home town…. They say that this is only their Hometown having lived all these years in this place…. And I too agree with that…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll quickly make some deal and buy a medium sized house here with the money I get in disposing off my ancestral Home…. If I go out of the City, cheaper Properties sure will be available…..

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

And the same man in his late sixties….

“We are aged now and we cannot live alone unless some one is with us…. The children are at far off places and in case of emergency, it is really difficult to reach them out…. They are often asking us to be with them or nearer to them by ourselves still living independently…. I am thinking of one thing….

I’ll sell off this my house in the City for a good price, keep some extra finances for my retired life and with the remaining money take a small Flat nearer to children’s area…. I think, I’ll be able to do that easily…. Thus we all will be independent but equally would be nearer to each other….

Yes! This is final and is going to be my life time decision; that’s all!”

Friday, October 24, 2014

The ever existing 'Duel Duties' with me, very often 'Forgotten / Bypassed!'

A man was conversing with his friend freely for a while but all of a sudden noticed that his friend seemed to comment on him in a way which he never liked.... He felt bad and was helpless for a while.... "How can a close friend of mine talk like that? I am confused!" he thought....

As he was on his Evening Walk that day, he heard the first two Slokas of Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 9) being Recited on the distant Loud Speakers followed by certain Explanation of the same....

Sri Bhagavan Uvaacha

## Idam tu te guhyatamam pravakshyaamyanasooyave;
Jnaanam vijnaanasahitam yajjnaatwaa mokshyase’ shubhaat.
## raja vidya raja guhyampavitram idam uttamam
pratyaksvagamam dharmyam susukham kartamayayam

The Blessed Lord said

** I shall now declare to you who does not argue, this secret of all secrets, the knowledge of self realization... Having known this, you will be freed from evil....
** This is the kingly science, the supreme purifier, realizable by direct intuitional knowledge of any one, according to righteousness very easy to do and never perishable....

The Commentator continued.... "Thus stressing the importance of the Level of Listener in a Conversation, Lord Krishna conveyed the most Secret of all Secrets, the Supreme Gita Knowledge to Prince Arjuna alone....

Through this Message, we understand that we too should not converse freely with one whose Personality Level does not carry the Respect we require/expect in the Relation.... This becomes really an important Parameter, when we interact with any one around us…. And it is ever my Duty to hold certain sensitive matters of mine away from such a man and they should forever remain truly a secret as for as he is concerned….

Equally when we are talking of anyone, we should be conscious of the relation we maintain with him and accordingly alone should proceed…. Many times it is the Closeness Level, Age difference, Experience, Responsibilities, Defined Relation and Future would be Ties / Interactions that should limit us in talking freely of the other man…. If a man is totally unconnected, almost a stranger and there is a 100% chance that he would never be in relation to us in future in any fashion, then alone we can talk as per our own certain freedom and willingness of course once again to say, never to the hurt level of the other man at any time!"

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The friend was at the doorstep that day morning.

“Are you ready with your bags and your bicycle? Each one of us needs a minimum of 5 bags to receive all the cash we are getting. It’s huge!”

“What’s our next step?”

“After taking our salary, we would straight head to our Food Store and check what is available there. Many Essentials may be missing. May be, we will be able to buy sufficient bread for the Month. Let’s take only those items where the Expiry is not immediate. We should be very cautious here!”

“What about the rest of our money?”

“The rest? Not of much use. They are bundles of cash only and nothing great we get out of that. Now since there is no Bank for us, this balance money will be kept in our homes only!”

“I feel very bad for the situation. When will it improve?”

“God only knows. It’s good that we at least are not starving!"

That evening while returning, we entered a Restaurant and ordered our coffee..

“Let’s have our favorite one coffee for the month now!”

“See! The numbers on the display? They are digital and are moving. What does it mean? Changing very fast and the figures are too big!”

“Oh! You don't know this? The price will change quite a bit from the time we order our coffee to the time we finish it. The latest price displayed had to be payed by us when the bill is prepared. OK! Let's finish our coffee faster. The numbers are jumping a bit fast today and already crossed the limit expected!”

We soon paid a big bill for 2 cups of coffee, came out and headed homewards with bags of cash on our bicycles.

“You know what happened to those 2 people at the end of our Street? One who used to save every pie in the Bank and the other used to drink and accumulate bottles in the backyard of his house. Now, the first man had lost all his money in total as the Bank went bankrupt but the second one got good money for selling his empty bottles. What a strange situation in front of us!”

The dreaded dream was too much and I suddenly woke up sweating profusely with my heart beating very fast.The time was 6 AM with the morning twilight seen in the horizon thru’ the window of my bed room followed by twittering noises of early birds in the sky.

I took some time to come to my senses and feel my surroundings. What a terrifying dream it was?As I turned slowly I saw the book next to my bed and instantly recollected reading about hyperinflation of the times before World War II in a distant country and falling asleep without my own knowledge!

The neighborhood elderly gentleman’s usual high tone voice was heard advising his grown up son,

  • “Now the college is over, do something. Better get into a part time job immediately and start working hard. That experience soon gets you a good job. 

  • Idling is never good in this age. You should be productive because daily you are consuming. No excuse is allowed here to relax and no other magic works for you. And it's always a good practice if feasible try to be in the chain of supply of essentials of life. 
  • I don’t approve your ways of spending away the time aimlessly even for a day. Do whatever Job comes to you with all devotion. You don’t know the safety of that in this World!”
Yes.. Sure a dream to remember forever in our life!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The 'Final' is never 'ME!'

“I don’t understand why these young people are so careless…. The Saying forever goes, ‘Man proposes; God disposes!'  Is it not right that they be cautious all along? There are constant problems in respect of Work, Finance, Health and Safety and if by bad luck any one materializes and takes a concrete shape, we are simply gone at one stroke…. Even the problems in respect of these at simmering levels too are a constant pain by our side….

Why not these young people straight away take proper care and see that all of these are properly guarded at every moment? No doubt, they have no knowledge at some places, but they can consult people like us who are matured and balanced, take our advice and thus act accordingly…. Instead, they forever are on their own risking everywhere and it is funny to see them equally happy in that very process itself!”

“My Dear! No doubt you speak from your side and tell the plus of listening to us…. But, if you apply the same Saying, 'Man proposes; God disposes!' once to our own suggestions and advices backed by such a maturity of age too, what do you see? The same uncertainty; is it not?  Can we guarantee the young that everything would be alright just because they would listen to us? We ourselves are not sure here, if we look into depth!

That’s the exact reason..... Everything is wrong here when some one stresses the importance of a particular Issue / Method / Plan beyond a limit….

Yes, I understand that the ways of actions of the young have more danger as perceived compared to following those based on our suggestions…. So the Right Way here is to advice in a softer tone to a level and leave that beyond as the youngsters too are grown up and have their own maturity to understand something about the Right and the Wrong unless we sense that they are sure looking at us for some guidance…. Here, in their own approach many times, these people learn to balance themselves thru’ certain learning which soon becomes their own and which is truly going to be an asset of theirs for a life time….

Having truly understood the limitations in all these approaches and after doing my job sincerely in a convincing way, let me leave the rest to the Almighty’s Greater Plans alone where in every one is surely and continuously learning very much beyond his / her own Present Understanding!”

A 'Perfection' to the 'End!'

The Father of three Children was a man of Perfection everywhere…..

“Being Perfect in life saves us from may handicaps and troubles…. It’s truly the Right Way of living…. Negligence on our part is the main cause of all the losses happening around us…. If we take care to the root, Perfection in no time would be in front of us in all fields and that is the ultimate Saviour everywhere! And here, with the responsibility of three growing up Children, I can’t relax even a bit!” he used to say often….

A few were amused with his talk but could not comment much on the issue as he never talked of indiscipline in life…. They just used to advise him softly to go ahead in life with certain Ease, Flexibility, Adjustability and Adaptability too rather than forever talk of Discipline and Perfection alone…. But the man was equally adamant to change himself…..

Daily, the Dad used to take his children to the Playground where the Kids would spend their Evenings playing making use of certain costly Sports Goods of their own…. Many times the Play Items were lying haphazard in the Playground with the result a few Items were lost quickly, could not be traced in the thick sands around or the Children forgot to pick them up…. The father of Perfection could not see such a mess anymore…. And he in no time thought of an Innovative Plan of bringing the Perfection around…. He quickly got 3 small light Wooden Square Boxes made to a Perfect Unique Size and one big Rectangular Box to fit them exactly…. A Perfect Fit…. He made a lengthy survey, purchased 3 sets of Play Items in 3 distinct colors and got the 3 Boxes too colored with the same colors…. A Perfect Matching…. Each Child’s Play Items were put in the separate Box so that the Children could take out their Items and put back in the same box with a Perfect Discipline…. The Big Box used to be moved to the Play Ground on all the days of Play in their SUV in a Perfect Fashion….

“It’s Perfect Way here…. The Items are never scattered around, each of my Boys can easily identify his Items and can take better care of them…. This way, no Item will be lost at any time!” the Dad used to boast himself….

No doubt the Children too soon got accustomed to the Perfect System around each of their Boxes exactly fitting into the Smart Main Box with own distinct colors and similar colored Play Items…. Everything in Order and Control…. It was a constant amusement to the Dad that why people would not make themselves Perfect in life so that nothing would be lost at any time and everything would be available at a hand stretch…..

Until on a fine day, the Very Perfection helped a Smart Trickster too to pick the entire Big Box of well arranged Fascinating Play Items, of course not of much Value at one stroke when the attention of the Dad was a little less!

Monday, October 13, 2014

An Ounce of Practice........

“I tell you dear! you should never discuss, argue on nor interfere with the other man’s personal issues…. See! It’s basically every one’s freedom here…. None need to oblige the other…. How can we question on that? In fact you should ever Respect the other man whatever he may say…. That’s ever the Noble Way….Then you may ask, what is that I have to do in situations like this? Just gently advice and leave the matters there…. That’s all…. Never pull on endlessly which soon explodes into an ugly situation whether you like it or not….”

“Sir! Basically, I was doing that only…. But you see, that man never comes down however patient you are…. But how much is that right, when one almost takes you to the point stressing that you are wrong or useless?…. Naturally I could no more control myself and….”

“Yes! I am telling again…. Here alone you should act exact…. Simply be calm…. It’s enough and a great job is already done…. I tell you, it’s an art by itself… Not so difficult…. Try it…. You will be a Master of yourself soon….”

“You may say…. I tried a lot but it never worked…. As I was soft going, the man was rising beyond…. Then naturally it’s human instinct, you know?  How long one can keep quite?  I simply gave back….”

“Yaar! That’s where we always make a mistake…. It looks as if I became Hero over night but I can say with all assertion that we are the weakest at that point of time…. Here alone, you should be careful and….”

“Sir! It’s easy to say but in practice…..”

“I am telling you again and again…. You have to relax here….”

“But, I tell you none can keep quite in such situations…. In fact it is below disgrace to bend down…..”

“What? Disgrace? Do you know the meaning of disgrace?  OK! How can you know? At the back of your……”

“Sir! Please don’t talk of my past…. I don't like it…. ”

“Whether you like it or not, the fact is a fact…. None can change it….”

“I told you already…. I can’t keep quite…. This is…..”

“Enough! It’s not worth talking to you…. Now only, I understood that you are such a Headstrong and….........”


"You don’t know how to respect others…. As an elderly man, I am telling you with so much patience and you never leave your point…. I don’t want to see your face any more…. It's such a pain talking to you!"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A dad's Heart....

It was truly a Touchy Emotional Scene…. The daughter for the first time was traveling to distant lands to join her family…. And the dad packed three big bags for her apart from the usual smaller ones….

“Why three big bags?  They allow only 2 for me on my Flight....”
“On extra payment they allow the third…. I’ll pay for that!”
“It’s too much…. I can’t take all of them out myself at the Arrival Point....”
“Please hire the ‘Help’ at the Airport…. Take from me extra money for that!”
“The Taxis there are not big…. They can’t take 3 big bags along with the other smaller ones!”
“Hire a bigger Vehicle…. Take all that extra money from me!”
“Why are you spending unnecessarily so much money on all this stuff of not much value?”
“But these are the items you love to have with you as I know…. You alone bought them all and stored safely all these days…. I can’t give a lesser importance to all these under the name of saving monies!”

The daughter could not reply to her dad for a while…. Her emotions were beyond her control….

The dad continued, “Don’t worry…. All are taken care now…. Tell me if I have forgotten anything else to pack…. I’ll add one more bag and pay for all!”

The daughter looked at him spellbound….

“Yes! Dear!” the dad continued with a smile…. “I am just taking advance care of myself in all these….”

“What are you talking? I am not getting it!” she asked her dad with a big question mark on her face.…

“On a certain day in the coming days, I, under the influence of either forgetfulness or any other emotion may do some 'Less' for you…. Since such an action if done even once would produce a never ending pain in the heart of a father, I am doing much more in advance now so that at any time in future, the very thought that I gave you the max once upon a time will surely console me in such instances even though they are almost rare!”

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Professional Growth....

Professional Growth forever is a twofold activity….

  • Always Think Big or Think High or Think the Impossible…. 
  • Every where there is a Solution for the Problem on hand; always try to look for it…. 

One of the famous Stories I heard in my childhood says….

A King was a sadist.... He, all of a sudden, asked an Expert in his Court to build a horse which would fly! 

The Expert was helpless…. He was sad…. His son, who was a smart fellow, told the father that he would answer the King.... 

When taken to the King, the son answered in affirmative that he would make a horse which would fly…. But asked the King to give two years time, as the Project was Special…The King agreed happily….

To a question from the father that how he would build such a horse, the son quipped, “In two years time, we don’t know.... We may not be here, the King may not be here, he may change, he may forget, he may give an extension for another year, he may ignore all together….. or I may make a horse which flies…. For the present I have given you the best solution for the burning problem in front!”

We understand from this Story that one should always have a Positive Attitude of experiencing something totally new and life would not be the same all along as being seen presently …. 

The second famous Story which I read was….

A Princess had a condition to marry.... Anyone could put her two questions.... If she could not answer, she would marry the man.... 

Many asked her very very tough questions which she answered in no time.... The talk of the town was that no one could put her a question, which she would not be able not answer!

Finally, one wise Prince asked her the very first question, “Which question can you not answer?” That is all! He could marry her.... 

What we understand from this Story is that a few times, seemingly impossible can become sure possible the next moment! 

Of course, there are instances where aiming the highest and attempting the impossible may look foolish and it is partly true too…. But if we look the other side, we instantly perceive that 

  • Our life is nothing but a series of ‘IF's and ‘BUT's, 
  • One may Plan meticulously but what results, one can never anticipate and 
  • At Work, the Employer always expects maximum growth in his/her Business Venture! 

And in such a Scenario, may be aiming the Highest as per the Eligibility and go on modifying the same to suit the Present with a constant Positive Outlook is fairly the Wisdom to achieve the best Growth in One's Profession.... The lesser forever never!