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The child was just one year old.... The mother who was off from her job for almost an year from his birth, finally decided to return to her work.... And the family members were very much happy with her decision....

"We are a big joint family.... Some one is invariably available in this house all the time.... So the child care is never a problem with us.... That way seen, we can say that we are really lucky.... Don't worry.... Before you look back, the boy grows up and starts going to school.... Then further taking care goes on its own.... If money is there, what's that we can't do? You took the Right Decision here!" they said....

Yes! The mother too felt so and in a week's time she got into her regular job.... And equally from the day one of her working, the child was well taken care at Home during her absence in respect of his primary needs and safety....

3 months passed.....

Life was hectic for the Mom, the pressures at work were unusual, lots of attention was required there but every one felt that soon the Mom would get adjusted to all that....

But actually to say, it was not so for the Lady....

She constantly started remembering her child as she stayed away from him during her work, that in time created 
certain tension in her, soon it increased in dimensions and had gone beyond when the Boss squarely had to comment on her work which only added to her agony and on a fine day she decided to quit the job, submitted her resignation and got relieved in no time....

The next day she was at home taking care of her child fully but equally looking into certain part time works in her line of experience which she could comfortably do from home.... But the members of the joint family were not happy with her decision and soon were on an indirect war with her....

  • "She for no reason had resigned.... Will any one lose such a good job?" 
  • "The child care needs money.... What's the point in saying that I want to take care of my child and staying totally at home even when we are there by the side?" 
  • "To get another job is not so easy in these days of struggle.... She should have thought for a while......" 
  • "What great work is there here for her to do for the child? Any way he was happy with us when we were doing that..." 
  • 'Whatever it be, she should not have been so reckless.... Now with a single salary......." 
  • "She soon will understand that she did a great mistake.... No doubt here!" 
The Lady was silent all the time but never left her future plans in respect of her child care and getting back to her work at the earliest.... She firmed up in her mind to continue thus at least for another year or so when the Little One's schooling starts.....

The elderly wise man of the family who all the time observed the unpleasant scenes in the house, at length decided to intervene and say some thing in the situation.... Accordingly on an evening when all other members were casually discussing something, the gentleman intervened and said,

"Dear all! Of late, I am hearing certain indirect comments in this house targeting the daughter of this house................ which I feel not appropriate to say.... No doubt.... I understand the importance of one's work and the related safety there in one's life.... And if any one asks me in this direction, I always insist on them having good education as per their means and subsequently dedicating themselves to their work and I very much say that that is sure the right way of looking at life....

But a Mom having her young one by the side, sometimes cannot take this message exactly with that spirit in total as she is equally worried about the care of her Kid who really needs full time attention so to say.....Her Emotions in this scenario are really complex and out of that complexity alone she firms up many times what would be the best course of action for her in overall.... I humbly feel that you all should look into this aspect and allow our Lady to decide herself on the future course of action for her....

Here, let's not question her and let's not comment unnecessarily but as the true well-wishers let us just help in her this total task as much as possible.... i.e taking care of the child and retaining/ getting back her job.... We should never do a bit less in this help and equally never should pressurize her from any corner.... Can you understand this and all of you relax for a while?"

While concluding, the elderly well-wisher said with all firmness, "No doubt, we may be and we are ready to do to the Young One the best in his take care in the absence of his Mom and thus may think that we are helping the Mom, but please remember one thing.... If the mother herself does this work of child care with our support, it is surely the Supreme in the Universe as no other way of doing can really balance that Noble Work a hundred percent.... I hope you will remember this in all your future talks and interactions with the Lady as she sincerely carries out hers, the present most 'Sacred Task' of the unknown times!"

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      The Little One was too naughty and fussy.... On the day, the Mom became angry and stopped talking to him for a while, he straight away asked his dad, "Dad! Why's Mommy not talking to me?"

"She is angry dear! Don't worry she'll talk when she cools down!" assured the dad....

The next day, the Mom boiled a Potato for the Little Boy, left it on the Table telling him, "Let the Potato cool down.... Then you can eat!"

The Boy instantly exclaimed, "Oh! The potato is angry!"

       On a cloudy day evening stroll with her friend and the Little One by the side with his umbrella, the Mom casually commented, "At one stage in our life we should have some shelter of our own on our head.... Else the rented accommodations become a burden as well as problematic...."

The boy suddenly said aloud, "Mommy, Look! I've my own shelter here!" showing his finger at his opened little colorful umbrella....

       The Mom gave the boy his glass of milk and said, "Dear! You should beat daddy in drinking your Milk!"

The boy promptly gave a beating to his dad next to him and started drinking his milk!

        The boy returned from abroad to India and as he was transported in car to the Home, he could see many vehicles and people on the Road.... Seeing his reaction, the Mommy said, "Dear! We are now in India! Here, there are many people, cars and buses on the road!"

The boy understood that and subsequently any one asked him, he used to say, "I am in India!"

        On a day, the Little One noticed a few Workers working by the side of the road.... "Dear, see! They are working hard in the Sun!" said the Mom with a smile....

After a while, the boy saw another group of Workers eating their Lunch in the shade.... Seeing them, he instantly said, "Mommy, Look! These are working soft in the shade!"

        On another day the family was going to a Picnic Spot away from the City and as soon as they were out of City on to a lengthy Tank Bund road by the side of a huge lake, the boy suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, No! India is over!"

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In the beginning....

“I am sad that our College life is going to be no more with us….  All that fun, running round, cutting jokes, skipping classes to go to our favorite Matinee Shows etc etc.... Every thing seems to have ended....  I just can't imagine that we would be going for work from now on wards…. The College days should have been there for some more time.... We are going to miss all this now.... Any how, that's going to be our life here after…. " thus was speaking the young man of twenties a bit sadly on the final day of his Exams…. 

  • Seen It with a certain starting trouble....

After 2 years….

“Yeah! Work is good…. Only, sometimes a bit tiresome…. And to tell you.... The salary part is really very good.... With my this money, I can do many things now.... That's the best part of it.... And my Colleagues truly make my day.... But for that one man.... The so called Boss.... He is really a sadist guy I can say.... When I want to agree with him, he says ‘Can’t you have your own independent way of expressing?’ When I speak my views, he shouts, ‘Am I dead here? Why are you deciding every thing by yourself?’ Sometimes, I really don't know what to say in front of this man.... A real Joker in life…. You know.... We three of our Colleagues secretly celebrate whenever he goes on leave” heard the same young man speaking to his friend on phone narrating his experiences at work….
  • Created a Comedy around It for a while....

Within the next 5 years….

"Yaar!  Where is the Output I asked you?  Man!  You should finish the work given in time.... Again, in that yesterday's job, I found lot of mistakes.... You should pay some attention while doing the work.... At the end of the month are we not promptly taking our salaries?  Do you know who pays all that money? None other than our Customer! Let's use our brains a bit and act.... OK!  You can go now!" thus was speaking a bit angrily, the man of thirty by then who assumed the Role of the Dy Manger in his Department…. 

  • Felt It as the need of the hour by then....

After the next 5 years….

"Mr Venkat!  What's happening to you now a days?  I am seeing you deciding some of the issues yourself without consulting me at all.... What for am I here, Yaar? Please don't think that you can do wonders in seconds.... You will sure get into problems if you continue to behave like this.... Mend your ways dear.... OK!  Listen to me.... From now on wards, I just want to see you as........." the then Manager of the Group was seen speaking angrily on phone to one of his Assistants on a day..... 

  • Understood It as the necessity part of life for a while....

In the next further 12 years....

“Sir! I have all respects for you but I have my point here…. This Work forever cannot go on like this without funds.... If we don't do anything now, soon everything is going to stop and we can't answer our Customer.... Please approve the 'Note' I had put up and let the funds flow for my work to go on smoothly…. That's it.... Further, don’t bother…. I promise you the Result!” thus was speaking the then man of mid forties after he assumed the HOD Role in the Company…. 
  • Taken It as the Challenge of life at that point of time....

After another span of 10 years….

"Sir!  I am not at all happy with these meager Promotional Posts released for my Division.... With such a dull Career promise, how can I motivate my people? It's impossible for me to get profits to our Company with these salaries and growth prospects.... I feel, it's time for me to get out from here.... I can no more face my people with this Agenda asking them to bear it for one more year.... Either this quantum should increase or else my resignation letter is ready.... You have to just sign it.... That's all.... Any way, it's your wish!" thus was speaking angrily the man of late fifties by then who became the Divisional Head of the Company..... 

  • Identified It as the life and death problem by then....

In the last 3 years....

“Sir! I can't sit at home and face the walls of my house even for a day.... I still can do a lot…. And sure you need my Services too.... If you say OK, I'll prepare the Note Sheet for the Adviser Post in my earlier Dept.... There's a lot of confusion in the Dept.... The Present Head is a new man and he does not know the In and Out of many things....It's high time, I be by his side.... And I am not bothered about the pay…. Any money is OK…. Between '9 AM to 6 PM' I want to be out on the week days.... Home is sweet home no doubt but not without active work!  You can sure help me....” Thus was talking the man nearing 60s who by then had just 3 months to go for his retirement….

  • Ultimately, sought an Escape through It!

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I never wished so far if there was an 'Undo Button' in my life so that I could go back to my earlier moment and I wish I would not be doing that in future too as much as possible but still I do not know how I react depending on the gravity of the situation!

Yes....  It's a Fact that I live my life from moment to moment.... And with every moment that comes up, a new life sure is in front of me.... Generally many happy moments of that life, just pass thru' without my knowledge.... And that's the way, my make exists here on the Earth.... But not the tense moments...., Which certainly expect certain care and attention and where required a few sacrifices too....

The Great Man was informed that a close friend of Him was planning to kill Him and was cautioned to take care.... Hearing that, the Great Personality simply went to that friend's room the next day night and knocked at his door.... When the friend opened the door, the Great Man smiled and said, 

"I heard that you are planning to kill me.... And I have truly come here to help you out in that .... This is the knife I brought.... Please take this and you can complete your job.... And to tell you the truth.... I have not informed any one on this matter!" 

The Great Man thus decided to live thru' that moment of uncertainty by doing the Ultimate Right Action in the world i.e., Subjecting Himself to end up for being the cause of anger in some one else around Him!

No doubt, it was truly possible for such a Noble Personality to do that with all ease, but since I am far, far away from such Great Strength and  am almost am an average personality with a fear of facing a threat within me, my action in such a situations, if arise should be to be on guard immediately and discipline myself behave from then on wards in a such a responsible and careful way so that a threatening moment in my life would become generally a rare event in future if not ruled out 100%.... And definitely if done thus, many otherwise such moments of my life would truly be backed by safety and security.... 

Thus here, this alone seems to be the best way of living through all such moments rather than wishing for the moment be not there at all and thus search for the 'Undo Button' which, truly speaking is an empty wish and nothing more....

Again when His family member afflicted with a threatening disease was in a precarious condition, the Great Man just had taken full care there thru' what was told to be done in the situation and subsequently sat thru the tough moment with a Long Ardent Prayer to the Almighty for the Overall Take-care by Him alone ultimately!

Here, in all similar moments of life, I should do what all required in the situation to the best of ability.... No doubt the moment would be tense....So to say.... Too tense.... I would be almost helpless but the true strength in such situations which if arise, is just Offering a heart felt Prayer to my Deity for the take care as He alone steers my life ultimately and thus surrender to Him in total.... 

And here again, this alone seems to be the best way of living through all such moments rather than wishing for the moment be not there at all and thus search for the 'Undo Button' which, truly speaking is an empty wish and nothing more....
Once, when He was cornered in a Place by an unruly crowd, to escape from their immediate attack, the Great Personality adapted a novel way of walking out in front of of them in total disguise and thus escaped from the tense situation....

Yes!  Such moments in my life too would be there very much.... And not few, but many.... Ranging from mild problematic moments to really tough moments but here too I feel that I should never yield for wishing to step back from the moment but face the same through the well know methods of Management in the interest of me as well as in the interest of others around.... And surely, our Science of Management offers many wonderful solutions for all such problems of life including for a few the advance care to be taken in the earlier moments of life.... 

And once again here too, this alone seems to be the best way of living through all such moments rather than wishing for the moment be not there at all and thus search for the 'Undo Button' which, truly speaking is an empty wish and nothing more....

Thus seen, any momentary problem in life definitely has to be either averted through advance care and discipline or well managed to the core or just faced through a Prayerful attitude finally remembering the very fact of Life that it's forever the Golden Rule to live through all such Moments and thus stand to the odds of life rather than wishing within that those moments should not have been there at all!


(This is my 1000th Blog Post brought out, of course including the drafted ones)

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  • When the disciples wanted to help out the Great Sage who was affected with the terminal disease in His advanced age, the Great Personality smiled and said, "As long as my hand moves, let it alone do the work.... Only when it stops moving, you can help me out!" confirming the Truth in the world that it's ever the best one does the basic work by himself / herself as much as possible whatever be the situation around....
  • Whenever the Great Man was praised even a bit, He used to feel instantly restless.... He continued to search and find out Himself any mistake He was doing and bring out the same in front of others to stress the fact that He was not that Great and then alone used to be at peace confirming the fact in life that yielding to praise in our life is an eternal trap and the sooner one comes out of that and start accepting own mistakes, the better....
  • The Great Saint used to live almost out side openly.... When questioned on that, He used to reply, "I still live in my home.... The Sky is my roof, the Hills around are my walls, the Earth is my floor and the Way in front is the door...." confirming gently the fact that differences and divisions forever lead to pain alone ultimately and it is better to see Unity in diversity as much as possible.....
  • When the disciples were not happy with a man of ill-repute visiting the Ashram regularly, the Great Saint said, "I see this man daily coming to this place in time, himself well dressed and groomed and sits thru' full time paying all the attention.... None of you are doing that as I see you all daily.... Why don't you learn these good habits of him and implement?" confirming the fact that it's ever good for one to see as much good in others as possible and carry that respect for the man instead of resorting to the easy path of criticizing bringing out the man's defects....
  • When the disciple having found his Master moving suspiciously towards bushes and followed him only to find out that He went to there to answer the Nature's Call, could no more keep his act of doubting his own Master and revealed it to Him asking him to punish him for the misdeed, the Master smiled and said, "Never leave this doubting and do not spare even me in that....Then alone you will truly progress in the Path of Spirituality!" confirming the fact that searching, questioning and thus finding out is the right way of living in every sphere of activity including in the Path of Spirituality without an exception....
  • When two disciples were sent to two people to collect from them the pending dues to the Ashram with two exactly opposite instructions and the puzzled other disciples asked the Master for giving those totally opposite instructions to both of them, the Master smiled and said, "One man is soft and that 's why I told him.... Be tough, raise your voice and demand the money.... The other man is a rough in his nature, that's why I told him the opposite.... Go soft, talk less and demand the money.... Here, the force in getting money in both cases finally would be the same!" confirming the very much needed Art of Management in every situation of life....
  • When the Contemporary Philosopher happened to praise a foreign made item compared to His own country made one and a disciple from the audience pointed out that Patriotism was missing in the Great Man's words, the Spiritual Master smiled and said, "Please tell me if I am wrong here.... According to you which item is really superior in functionality at the back of individual Technologies with the Product Manufacturers?" confirming the fact that all emotional talk should end when the Scientific Temper is truly 'ON'....
  • When the Great Man was asked the question, "If a man and your son exactly in the same need seek your help, whom do you help first", He said that if everything was identical, He would help His son first.... And when pointed out that being a Great Personality how could He show partiality like that, the Great Man said with all firmness, "Given equal situation, I have more duty towards my son than to the other man!" confirming the fact that discharge of family responsibilities honestly to the core forever is the sacred activity in front of all and there a Great Man like Him too was no exception!
The Great Men of the Earth thus forever told in a practical way what is truly good to every one at their own level and never expected any one to do more leaving their ordained duties which the system around often speaks of.... That's why they forever are our Guide, Worthy of Worship and ultimately to say the True Divine Incarnations on the Earth to Establishment Dharma and Peace!

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The child was just two and half years and was trying to talk everything in a special way which none could understand except the mother and she had her own way of communicating to the Little One…. For many often, it was a 'Great Scene' of watching them together.... The child talks; the mother responds, again the child talks; the mother sincerely repeats that and the process seemed never, never ending for hours together….

All of a Sudden on one of those days, the mother seriously felt that her child should be able to communicate certain basic information to people around so that at any moment it would be helpful and further that would be the only way of learning the basic interactive talk….

With a great interest, she began her ambitious Project initially making the child speak out the names of people in close circles and their basic relationships, the basic food names, saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ by a tiny decision on the questions asked, etc etc…. And soon they arrived to a point where she started teaching him where each known person stayed…. The pronunciation of the place was a little tough for the child as those names could never be shortened like names of people, food items etc but to the surprise of every one, the Little One in no time learned those names too.... Every time the related question was asked, the name of the place was pronounced with certain difficulty by the child and it was truly a joyful moment for every one around to witness that….

The mother asked, “Where's your Gran'pa?”
The child with a pretty smile said, “In Mum'ai!”

“Where's your Granny?”
“In Deli!”

"What dear?  Your Granny stays near your Gran'pa....  Now tell me, where's your Granny?"
"In Mum'ai"

“Good!  Now.... Where's your Aunt?”
“In Nagpur, Nagpur!”

“Oh!  Great..... Where's the Uncle?”
“In Deli!”

"Again wrong.... Come on..... Tell me..... Where's your Uncle?"

"Dear!  Uncle stays with Aunt.... And Aunt stays in Nagpur.... So where's the Uncle?"

The child was silent.....

The Mom helped him out...."Say  Na..... Nag......"
The child with a big smile said, "Nagpur!"

“So much time?  Now listen carefully.... You should not tell wrong again.... Tell me, where's your Papa?”
“In Hisar!”

"Very good!  OK, then, where's your bro?"
"In ........."
"Yes!  Tell me...."

"Excellent dear! You know all.... Now..... Tell me.... Where's my this Little One?”
“In Hisar!”

“Oh, so nice! You are so perfect.... Now the last one.... No mistake here.... You know.... Mama does not allow that.... And if you tell right, you will get your favorite.......... OK?  Now, tell me.... Where's your dear Mama.... Ma... ma...?”


"Come on.... Tell me quickly.... There's not much time.... You have to learn a few other things also.... Tell me.... Where's your Mama?"

The boy was silent.....

"OK!  Go.... I'll not talk to you.... See.... You are not telling where's your Mama.... Don't know that much?  Your friend...... Tells all that so easily..... Yes!  Tell me now..... Where's your Mama? Hi...... Hi..... Hi....."

“Here.......” thus saying aloud and pointing at her, the child straight ran to his dear Mom with his tiny arms extended wide and embraced her covering her fully….

Instantly the Mom’s joy knew no bounds and forgetting all her planned dedicated Teaching, she straight away hugged the boy tight showering the unending kisses on him for a while!

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***  A ceiling fan needed to be connected in the house and by bad luck a local Novice was hired for that.... He arrived around 5 PM and before starting the job, asked the Mains to be switched off first.... Subsequently he struggled with wires and tools for a while, put every member of the house on toes and finally made some connections with lot of sweat on his face.... When the Mains were switched on, there was a shorting and the fuse on the Electric Pole outside the house instantly had blown off.... The house was thus in darkness all the night....

Disgusted with that work, next day the Expert Electrician of the Area was straight away called.... The man arrived around 8 PM after a full day’s work and with a smile said that all could be doing their works in the house and no Mains need to be switched off.... He just fixed the connection in 15 minutes at the back of total silence and switched on the fan which smoothly speed-ed up to the relief of all.... He took his nominal charges and when thanked for the good job done, smiled and said, "Sir! I always get into my job with full confidence and it ever helps me the max!"

After a while, a Plumber was needed for the fitment of connections to the Washing Machine.... By bad luck, again a Novice was hired for the job.... He arrived, made a few connections and opened a Stop Cock in Main Supply to check for any leak and as he found leaks in his connections, quickly closed the Stop Cock and in the process over tightened the same and broke it totally…. In no time, all the waters from Overhead Tank flowed out, flooded the house and in that the Novice Plumber had his full bath!

Next day without a say, the Services of an Expert Plumber were sought.... The man arrived, set right everything and connected the Washing Machine to the overhead tank.... While leaving, when thanked for doing a good job, he smiled and said, "I can't show any less attention while doing my job!" And to vouch on his saying, in the next 10 yrs not a drop of water leaked from the connections! 

After while, the family and another friend's family together decided to go out to a distant place on Picnic for the day....

One of the friends offered to drive the SUV.... Accordingly he sat in the driver’s seat with seat belt on, adjusted the mirrors for rear view and set his position….“During driving one should constantly keep looking into the rear view mirrors.... There lies the safety!” he remarked…. The families behind smiled at him and the vehicle moved on….

On the way the gentleman filled the Fuel tank full  and checked for the Tyre pressures.... “It is safe to have full tank on long drives with the right Tyre pressures including the Stepney!" he said.... The members nodded their heads and the vehicle continued moving….

“Regular maintenance of the vehicle at an extra cost ensures safety all along!” he proclaimed in between the journey.... The members were silent....

The man's driving was rough, too much braking and pulling along with murmuring and shouting at other road users.... The members were tight lipped all the time…. There were certain beautiful Spots on the way, but seeing the man’s mood they kept quiet and the journey continued…. After 3 hours of tense travel finally they reached the destination.... The man while reversing to park the vehicle touched the left mirror with an adjacent wall projection and the same broke into two pieces….

The day was spent at the new place and the families started back home at around 6 PM.... The other friend offered to drive while coming back.…

He quickly checked all the essentials at one stroke without uttering a single word and moved the vehicle smoothly with no shocks and bumps and no sudden braking and pulling….

On the way, the relaxed man in the driver’s seat kept his passengers too at ease, briefly interacted with them at certain times all the while keeping a watch on the road.... He made it a point to stop the vehicle for a short time at the 3 interesting Places on the way for the members which they missed while coming explaining to them the importance of those places.... Again as he continued his driving, he was seen giving preference to a few difficult people on the road with all politeness leaving out his turn and got a ‘Thank You’ from them.... And finally the families reached their homes around 3 AM but quite relaxed in the end!

When the members thanked the friend for driving well all the way, he smiled and said "I love driving and while doing that job I am happy and keep others too happy!"

Confirming on what the 3 Experts said successively with reference to their jobs, Chapter 4, Sloka 39 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard 
from the distant Loud Speakers recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel....

'Sraddhaval labhate jnanam tat parah samyatendriyah
Jnanam labdhva param santim acirenadhigacchati.'

'One with full faith (total confidence), attentively focused (fully devoted), who has conquered the senses (self disciplined) achieves transcendental knowledge (true knowledge in any field) and having achieved that knowledge quickly attains supreme peace (will be calm spreading peace round).'

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Having some time at disposal, my Passion for ever in my life is be telling to the world 'The Right'....

'The Right' in the world is always a relative word.... What appears Right to one man may not be so for the other.... Thus seen, every one is right in his / her own way and a few times the other man appears squarely wrong too there....

So when I attempt telling the Right to some one, it should just be my discipline there not to disturb him / her from what he / she sincerely believes....

I should always tell him / her that what he / she believes is the best for him / her ruling out the basic illegality if any in that doing and thus express....

In addition, a gentle advice in the form of examples, parables, humorous quotes etc conveying the extra good that would accrue to the person in case he / she is willing to adapt that at his / her own ease....

Beyond that, my advising should only encourage the other person to experiment, investigate and explore himself / herself what appears to be appropriate to him / her and nothing more than that....

The great Saint when requested by a villager about what to do as he was not able to concentrate on the Meditation, smilingly asked him about the dearest to him in the world.... When the villager said that his Goat Kid with him was the dearest, the Great man said, "Close your eyes and imagine your dear Goat Kid in front and meditate on that Form....That is your Meditation and nothing else you need to do further in your life!"

In this way alone my telling to the world should go on in my life and the various communication methods available to do this job can be general Blogging, joining discussions where they permit, entering a few contests to keep the spirit of writing, advising the person where the same is sought for etc, etc....

Having completed the active working stage of life and presently leading a retired life at the back of a few savings and further having brought the discharge of family responsibilities to a stage, this appears to be the way of expressing my Passion at this point of time in my life.... Again when I see the Right here, I am forced to say that this cannot be the way for a man of active life as primarily working and handling the family responsibilities do form the core ingredients of such a life and none should be away from those two important activities in their prime life....

Here the first Entity i.e., working and earning can be thru' expression of one's Passion if possible but since many times, that may not be the case with all, it should be through the Profession for which one has educated himself / herself which once again may not be a 100% of his / her choice.....

Even if the Parents had left enough money for a life time, that should not be an excuse not to work because safeguarding / growing it and taking roughly a 10% of that growth for sustenance should form the basic discipline there too and spending around 8 hrs on that task should be viewed as mandatory time required and not an extra time available because of the extra comfort given by the parent....

And additionally some hours should go on taking care of the family responsibilities and the time left out minus time for self care alone should go on Passion unless one is a very much differently charged person in his / her life.... Even so, such a path one should tread carefully because most of the emotions would cool off with time and realities of life squarely appear in front without an exception by which time energies of prime life would have been lost....

This is very much confirmed by the Great men of the earth in the two spheres viz, work and family responsibilities assuming that self care is part and parcel of our living....

The Great Saint's words indirectly indicate, the fundamental necessity of work thus....

The Great Saint said once, “I need not do any work.... I need not learn anything...."

When asked how He could live without working, the Great Philosopher replied, “I do not have any desires to satisfy...."

When pointed out how He could get his basic necessities like food etc in life to sustain, the Master said, “Some of you may feed me.... If not, I'll go hungry and in that process if the body perishes, let it go!”

And that was truly possible for the Great Personality.... But as I am far away from this Internal Strength, working alone is the 'Safe Way' for me in this life and the Rule of Nature ever says....'PRODUCE PHYSICALLY THE EQUIVALENT OF WHAT YOU CONSUME IN THIS WORLD AS RETURN!'

The Great Philosopher (The Mythology Story says) when requested His Master to bless Him to take up Renunciation, the Master said, "Live a King's life along with your Royal Family by the side discharging all related Responsibilities well without an attachment and then only take up the Spiritual Path thru' Renunciation as at that point of time alone you become truly eligible to embrace Spirituality.... No other Path is Sacred here!"

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


".....................Of late, going by Statics one is to be really more worried on Road than in Air! The figures alone speak the Truth here.... It's just totally a wrong notion that flying is dangerous.... In fact, it's a very safe mode of Transport available with us!” thus was saying the Frequent Traveler to a Group of small Audience around him who were eagerly interested in listening to his Travel Experiences by Air....

Seeing the great interest shown by his Audience, the gentleman further continued.... "It's just a sort of Phobia that grips some travelers.... Many become normal in course of time but with few, the fear continues....

If you actually understand the facts, you too can be freed from this fear if it strikes.... I tell you, many stories of moving up and down, tilting side ways, being subjected to bumps etc during Air Travel are just the normal happenings and they should never make us apprehensive....

And if you really ask me.....1 minute.... Let me count the number.... Yes! I completed exactly 499 flights so far.... Just 1 short of 500.... And to tell you.... I got into so many odd situations while travelling which at the end, I simply realized that it is all what people imagine.... Now a days, I laugh off within myself when I imagine how I used to react in the beginning.... Presently being a Frequent Traveler and having so many Sky Miles in my Account, I just relax in my seat and fully enjoy my flight when all routine activities go around.... Take my word, Air Travel is the safest journey of our times!"

Saying thus, the gentleman ended his talk, bid bye to his Listeners and rushed to the Airport to catch his 500th Flight.... As the time was short, he quickly Checked-in, completed Security formalities and in a short time was into the Aircraft.... Having fastened the seat Belt, he just sighed relaxing himself in his seat for a while....

Soon the Engines started, the Aircraft moved on and in few minutes took off smoothly into the clear skies and leveled…. A smaller Aircraft was in service in that Route as the journey time was short with less Traffic moving to and fro between the Cities... A few snacks/drinks were quickly served to the Passengers and by the time they finished that, the Aircraft started its descent with an announcement and all the passengers were in their seats with the seat belts fastened once again….The whole journey was smooth except for a few bumps due to mild turbulence and the gentleman was in a total relaxed mood all along….

Suddenly, the Aircraft entered a cluster of clouds…. And just in no time, it was into the mid of clouds which were initially thin and transparent but quickly became thicker and darker…. The small Flying Machine started moving up/down and left / right under the effect of turbulence of the surrounding clouds…. The outside scene became hazy with the visibility reduced quite a bit and all the Reference with respect to the Horizontal Position of the Aircraft which was there a few minutes ago seemed to have totally vanished…. As the journey continued in minutes, the dark clouds continued with audible violent sounds heard all around….

For a while it was confusion and tension for the Passengers…. And the confusion simply increased as the seconds dragged into minutes and the minutes continued with no land seen around…. The gentleman was knowing well that the smaller Aircraft like his would be flying at lower altitudes but there it was taking much longer time to come down that height with nothing seen all around except the dark clouds.... By that time, the gentleman expected the land be seen clearly as the usual clouds would always be much higher.... But as more time moved on, at what height was the Aircraft then? Had it come closer to ground by mistake?

Suddenly there was an uneasy feeling with the gentleman as an unknown fear gripped him temporarily…. 'What's going on here? If this speed continues,...... My God! That means.... Then....' That's all.... Instantly the Experienced Frequent Traveler just came to full attention and keeping his hands together firmly in a total bowed down gesture started saying his Well Known Prayer within himself for overall care in the situation!

And in further few seconds, the Aircraft was suddenly out of the mass of dark menacing clouds with the clear land seen in front in somewhat bright evening light with the Sun about to set in the Western Horizon….

The Plane soon landed, taxied to the point of Arrival with a simultaneous small announcement on PAS that an unusual mass of clouds were encountered on the way…. The seat belt signs went off next to that followed by the sounds of the Engines reduced to the minimum….

The gentleman looked at his Co-passengers on both the sides with a sigh of relief quite visible on his face and the Co-passengers too in turn looked at him smiling silently as they all together got up from their seats to move out of the Aircraft!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


  • Safe Feeling: I was the weakest but never felt so.... My Mother by the side was in total action there taking max care....
  • Identifying: My knowing and emotionally identifying was again totally the work of her by my side the beginning of which is never known to me even today...
  • Interacting: I was fully into it from the day one as my Mom with me started responding instantly there again, the beginning of which is simply unknown to me till date....
  • Speaking: I speak fluently this day in that one language of my Mother and truly speaking I don't know how I picked it up....
  • Growing Up: Call it singly, it's just a 9 lettered word.... But go by the substance part of it, it's a vast learning imparted to me by my Mother from scratch to almost 22-25 yrs who all those years left not a single stone unturned in the process!

That way seen, she was my very First Expert who had done totally a dedicated task of playing simultaneously the Roles of a Teacher, Guide and Supporter all along with her Original Role of an ever Loving and Caring Mother by the side!

A few Reminiscences of this Expertise in action....

It was the year 1956.... I clearly remember that most dreaded day in my life to begin my schooling.... My Mother made me ready and asked my Maternal Uncle to take me to the school as she could not venture out at that point of time and seeing tears rolling down my eyes I distinctly heard her telling her brother, 

"Stay near to the class room when he is inside and bring him back in 2 hrs time requesting the Teacher.... The first day, I don't want my boy feel helpless more than that!" 

And she exactly meant that, when she said that!

Thus started my schooling and my studies went on further when I was not knowing almost the meaning of actually getting ready for school but invariably daily I was ready, my bag was ready, my homework done was ready and my food was ready and nothing less was done there at any point of time!

I was in 5th class; the year 1959.... It was truly a sad day of my life.... One of my Class-mates and a close friend passed away suddenly.... It was a shock to every one and I was not knowing what that shock meant, but my mother knew 100% the fear and tension that was in my mind  and strangely that night as certain nightmares struck me, she quickly comforted me and right next day she told him at my sleep time, 

“Dear! Whenever you are afraid of bad dreams coming to you, repeat the following Sloka of Strength….

'Ramaskandham hanumantham vainateyam vrkodaram
shayane yah smarennithyam duh swapnam thasya nasyathi'

When you thus remember Lord Hanuman, Garuda and Bheema before going to sleep who are forever the Mighty, Strong and Powerful by our side, bad dreams can never occur to you and you will sleep well!”

No need to say here that soon I was freed from all fears of waking up in the middle of my sleep shivering with bad dreams!

I was in 8 class; the year 1962.... On an evening, a sever thunderstorm struck our area with too much lightening and sounds.... And as I witnessed that thunderstorm, a strange fear over took me slowly which continued quite for some time.... No doubt, my Mother was knowing all that and she almost used to be with me whenever the thunderstorms struck in our area till a day she had to go away from me for a week to our Native Place....

I exactly remember that day a day before her departure as soon as I returned from school, she gave me the usual evening mini meal to my satisfaction, made me relax for few minutes and said, 

“Dear! When I am away for a week, daily you will be alone for about 2 hrs in the house in the evenings till your brothers return.... And I know that you are afraid of heavy Thunders and Lightening…. In case a heavy rain comes in that time, you are worried, is it not? Also, at night when your brothers are sleeping, if the the same Lightening and Thunders come up, you are worried, is it not?”

Yes! she exactly touched my problem…. I was at great ease with the solace I got from her words at the back of the menacing problem troubling me all along….

“I’ll give you the best solution…. What our Epic Story says is that the Devas’ King Indra, the Lord of Rain God as he travels in the Sky in his Chariot, the constant rubbing with the clouds produces the Lightening and Thunders…. So if you please Devas' King Indra, he definitely takes care of you…. And you know Prince Arjuna is the son of Indra…. So praise Prince Arjuna, Indra is pleased with you and instructs the Rain God to go soft without making such a blinding Lightening and loud Thunders…. I tell you a Sloka, by-heart this one and repeat the same in your mind when the Thunders and Lightening strike….

“Arjunah Palghunah Paarthah Kireethih Swethavahanah
Bheebhastuh Vijayah Krishnah Savyasaachih Dhananjayah!” 

“Now you are safe…. The Lightening and Thunders can never do anything to you!”

I still don't recollect how I felt so confident that nothing would happen to me if I repeat the sloka.... And strangely that belief later had become a part and parcel of mine even to this date, I unknowingly repeat this in a sever weather conditions an example being when I was in Rhode Island on a visit in 2011, myself and my wife were alone at home on a day evening when suddenly an announcement came up saying that a Tornado of moderate Intensity is going to strike that area which was in fact rare in the Coastal Belt.... We both sat glued to the TV announcements about the movement of Tornado and I remember myself suddenly repeating the same sloka with a Prayerful attitude to God just to take care of us at that critical point and of course further to that the Tornado by passed off the living areas and got weakened subsequently!

Completed my 12th schooling; the year 1966.... I secured an Engineering Seat in the adjacent town 100 km away but on the last day of moving out from there to the new house arranged by my Father at the new place, the Father could not come with us and myself and my Mother alone had to travel in bus, reach the place and enter the new house.... She with no knowledge of the new place and being a woman of her own insecurity problems of those days to move around freely was my savior I talking a lead at the age of 16 yrs having only energy and nothing else.... We traveled together, reached the place by evening and from the point of getting down the bus, arranging vehicle, transporting our huge luggage, locating the new house, entering the same and staying there to night with no instant communication facilities on hand.... All tasks were successfully completed under the care of my Expert i.e. my dear Mother by my side all along she saying,

"Dear! We will do all this work ourselves independently and rise to the Occasion!" 

I just recollected on that single day that she truly was my Pillar of Strength by my side in my life!

Post completion of my Graduation.... I had to travel to distant place for my PG, but the Mother's confident good advice with a list of dos and donts in a place 2000 km away and with home made Pickles and Recipes by my side made me feel my First time Hostel life almost like another Home!

And having thus left me first time on my own, my life subsequently continued later thru my job and settlement in life with all the associated responsibilities till the year 1985 when my dearest Mother breathed her last leaving me on my own.... 

No doubt, she was the one who truly laid the strong Foundation for the Personality in me even though my Father could build the Fortress over that for me which subsequently stood the test of time when exposed to few not so less downs of life, the Foundation for ever did and is doing its silent of work of imparting the true strength required to this Fortress of mine.... That way seen, I can with a confidence of one hundred percent say that my Mother was truly my First Expert with me diligently using her Expertise in the best possible way making me a man out of almost nothing in the beginning!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015


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A child was temporarily left in the care of a few well-wishers as the Mother had to go on her urgent errand.... Every one started playing with him and the cute Little One equally responded well to their typical movements and sounds for a while.... But all of a sudden, there was a 'Unique Unfamiliar Expression' on the face of the child and seeing that all around temporarily reacted....
  • “A strange expression on the kid's face which I have never seen in my life....  I think, the child is lost within himself!”
  • “No bro.... You are wrong!  The little boy is astonished for reasons unknown....  Sometimes, it happens…." 
  • “Listen.... I know, the Little One is observing.... I notice a serious inquisitiveness on the child's face!” 
  • “Just don't say all that.... The boy is learning something…. This is the  age the little children learn from everything around….” 
  • “What are you  talking?  Can't you see the child is remembering something? It happens  in a child’s life and I had practically seen...….” 
  • “No, Dear!  You haven't noticed.... The child seems feeling threatened.... An unfamiliar situation around sometimes leads to this type of expression!” 
  • “Listen all of you.... Have you checked whether the child  is alright? There may be some discomfort for the Little One.... Why don't you take proper care of him in time?”

The mother who finished her job by that time, rushed in and seeing her boy straight away said, 

“Oh, My Baby!  You need comforting....  Don’t worry... Am back now and Mamma will take full care of you…. Am sorry baby.... very, very sorry!” 

and hugged him tight!

The Lord from above Smiled, 

“That's why I just created the 'Mother' for the 'Child!'

Friday, May 8, 2015


The boy of 14 yrs was off mood for quite some time.... He was replying a bit vague when asked about his well being or any prob he was facing.... The Mom in no time, noticed that and equally understood that his problem was not that light.... And none else around were really serious at that point of time to understand the boy's true feelings....

On a cool day morning, the Mom said to her son, "Dear! I'm seeing that you are finding a little difficulty in coping with your studies, answering your teachers and talking to your classmates at school.... Am I right?" And no need to say....That straight away touched the boy's heart....  With tears filled in his eyes he looked at her and nodded his head silently....

The Mom smiled and said, "I know the problem.... I just confirmed it by asking you.... See.... This problem and similar problems you are going to face in life hereafter are the normal problems all will pass thru' at this age.... So there is nothing to worry on this...."

"But then I see my friends all right all the time jumping, laughing and doing what they want.... The teachers too praise them and their friends are always with them...."

"That's because, they know how to live with this problem not that they don't have the problem.... The only thing here is you don't know that and are dealing with all as is!"

"I don't understand what you say!"

"See! the first every where is always one and not more than one.... That means the rest around are not the first.... Leave the first.... Even if you take up to 5, they are still 5 only and the rest are many.... Even these 5 are not permanently in the same position but are moving out from there and changing their places a few times.... Meaning many around are the ordinary people.... Do you agree?"

"Yes! You are correct...."

"I can say that you too are one of these ordinary people around you and you are no way less compared to all these people...."

"How do you know that I am one of them? I may be the last!"

"Then, let me tell you the meaning of this first and last among us....

Many of us are average.... The front row few  personalities are gifted a little more in this but their confidence alone had pushed them further.... That's why they are in the first few rows....

Here, a few people might have been given a lesser of these but since they think bad about that, they are simply pushed to the last rows.... But the same individuals when they think that is their original and they should never feel less of it, they will push themselves up and come to more towards the average....

Don't you agree now that it finally matters how we take it?"

"Yes! Mom! what you say is correct...."

"OK! You agree here.... But you are not able to push your confidence up.... Is that your problem?"

The boy was happy that his Mom exactly spotted his problem which none else could do it till that time.... He just smiled and looked at her nodding his head....

The Mom continued..."Here! take my word.... Simply remain silent for a while but be doing all your activities in respect of your teachers, friends and others.... Let them talk.... It doesn't matter...."

"But that's not easy.... I become angry and I become sad!"

"OK! if you become that.... Even let that be.... But, that's all.... Once you become calm, again be doing your activities.... Practice this and daily tell me what happened.... I'll tell you what to do if required...."

The Mom finally said, "If you feel really helpless at any point of time, remember this Vedic Hymn, repeat it in your mind and God is instantly by your side bestowing His Infinite Grace on you....

'Om bhur bhuvah svah
Tat savitur varneniam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yo nan pracodayat'"

The boy was really happy....Instantly in front him he saw his True Savior.... His dearest Mom who could read his feelings 1:1, freely talk on that, suggest how to get over all that and again be by the side even if that wouldn't work fully further to correct and guide.... Means.... He can surely take issues in front with a certain ease and just relax for the time being!

The All Loving Mom thus instilled the right initial confidence in her child, no need to say there were a few ups and downs in the boy's life further to that in his schooling activities but all were soon well controlled, a few yrs passed and unknowingly a certain confidence slowly over took the boy with a clear understanding that for everything in life there is a solution and by bad luck in case nothing helps, the Almighty invariably sure helps such a determined personality!

Monday, May 4, 2015


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Sunday, May 3, 2015


The daughter was at the Airport on her way to the Sister's house for a month's vacation. Due to certain circumstances, the dad saw her off at Home itself as he could not accompany her to the Airport.

"No need.. It's just half an hr journey by taxi and I can go myself. You relax!"

she assured him and bid bye to her dad and mom at home itself.

"There may be some extra weight problems. How do you take care if the weight is excess?"

casually asked her dad before leaving.

"Oh! Don't worry dad! We already weighed the bags and they more or less confirm to the weight allowed. The Airlines always give a margin. No prob, I can take care!"

she assured her dad with a smile. Soon she was at the Check-in Counter and after weighing the bags the gentleman at the Counter politely conveyed, 

"Ma'm! The Check-in bag weighs extra than permitted. You should do something. We can't accept it as is!"

She was taken a back.. 

"We weighed ourselves before coming!"

she said.

"That's alright. Here the Scales show extra not one or 2 kgs but......."

the gentleman at the Desk again conveyed politely. She had no go but to ring up to her dad, 

"I've got into a problem. I can't carry all this stuff!"

The dad said, 

"Dear! Don't throw any thing. Open the big bag and there I packed an extra fold-able bag as I had a doubt. Take that out, transfer the items into it and adjust between the two. You can book an extra bag as Check-in item. They go by weight and pay for that extra!"

As the time was short, the daughter cut the phone and quickly did what the dad told her.

"Ma'm! You have to pay....." 

he Booking gentleman said.

"OK! This is my card.."

"Sorry Ma'm! This card we can't accept.."

She instantly rang up to her dad, 

"Again there is a problem! They are not accepting....."

"I kept an extra card of mine in the secret pocket of your hand bag. Take that out and use it. I'll message the PIN!"

After a while the phone again rang up.

"Dad! I did a wrong PIN Input by mistake 3 times. Now the card does not work!"

"I gave you good amount of Rupee cash which you are allowed to carry with you. Pay that extra using that!"

"It's almost that amount. Then, I'll not have any thing with me except my FE. 
And I don't have time to go the ATM here to use my card!"

"I kept some stand-by amount in the other secret pocket of your bag. That will be useful to you!"

Soon the daughter paid off all, checked in the bags and moved towards Immigration. In about half hr she was in the Aircraft. Before switching off the mobile, she rang up to her dad and mom to say bye.

The dad enquired, 

"Hope dear! You carry all the items we gave you. Nothing thrown, is it not?"

"No.. All are with me in the bags. But I feel we paid a lot for the stuff which cost not so much. Don't you think it's a waste? And I could have traveled light....."

"No, never.. Anticipating some problem like this, I took advance care so that you will not be held up at the Airport. 
  • Remember.. You are visiting your Sister after a long time that too there is your Little Nephew. The moment, you come out of the Airport, the Little Boy loves to see you coming carrying a big bag. He expects his usual toys, books and play items not few but many. His face should glow, when you open the bag and show the items. Seeing the various eatables we sent, your sister's happiness cannot be any thing less. And added to this, the gifts of clothes we purchased for each member of the family too have their importance. 
  • You may say that compared to the price we paid to carry these all along, you could have bought them for a lesser cost. But, remember here money should not count and a few thousands is not a big concern. 
  • To say rightly, the bag is not packed with items at all but with Love and only Love nothing else and nothing less. Out of that love alone, we carefully selected, prepared, assorted and packed all these items. If you buy them in the Market there, you may get those even cheaper but there the Love of own Effort would be totally missing. 

And how can we, the parents do a half-hearted job like that to our children at any time in our life for our own convenience for saving a few extra Rupees involved there in?"

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