Sunday, March 31, 2019


That evening as I was on my usual stroll in the park, a strange entity called me from behind. As I looked back, it said..

"Hello! How are you? Have you forgotten me?"

I asked,

"Who are you? I've never seen before!"

"I was totally with you till last few months but you only forcibly left me out as you decided to live without me!"

The entity said.. I suddenly remembered..

"Oh! It's you? I never saw you earlier in this shape. Good, I got rid of you. A wise decision from my end.. Because of that, I'm totally peaceful today. I advise.. Better you mend your ways!"

"Ok.. Leave all that.. Give me one more chance.. I'll never give you any problem I want to be your friend!"

"Enough is enough.. I know what all promises you made all those years but in the nick of time, how you made me face my fate.. You know.. Almost with every human being on the earth at any moment..

The Most Important Question In Life Is..

'How can I get off from this entity in my life?'

And there, I could straight away answer by saying a firm 'NO' to you..

A 100%!"

Saying thus, I turned back and headed homeward. On the way I met few of my junior members of my group.. I instantly advised them..

"Hello, dear! Don't go that side.. Just now I saw........... You are the beginners and that entity can take its revenge on you because I said firmly 'NO' to it. You are like tender plants in the field and got to grow a lot before you face such incidents..

You know.. To me, such an experienced man too, that entity was talking so sweetly to trap me. But as I was knowing it's drama, it could do nothing to me!"

Instantly, my juniors turned back on my word and soon moved away from the place. As I walked further few yards, I saw a limping entity looking at me..

"Who are you? Why are you staring at me?"

I asked..

"Have you not recognized me?"

The entity asked.. I was amused..

"Is it another story? Is it another entity I was hoping to get rid of? Anyway, nice to hear this.. OK.. I don't exactly remember.. Tell me precisely.. Who are you?"

"I'm the 'humility' following you all these days hoping making friendship with you one day but today you mercilessly threw me out causing grievous hurt to me allowing that entity 'pride' you met in the park take over you!"

Suddenly some boys were heard screaming aloud in distance

"April Fool!"
At one of their friends on the All Fools' Day!

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Friday, March 29, 2019


A Province had few elite personalities among its citizens. They got fed up with the ruling of kings and king like dictators of their as well as their earlier times.. They decided,

“Why not we go for a good democratic set up with us?”

And that picked up momentum and no need to say, in a certain time they achieved what they wanted..

Time passed..

Everything rots in time and here too there was no exception to that rotting. The high expectations of those elite personalities soon averaged out and they had to constantly fight back a lot in the process whichever group had come to power..

They were clueless for a while and finally approached a Saint in the Province for a way out..

The Saint asked,

“Imagine a situation wherein these groups were not ready to rule you. What would have happened?”

“The dictator like minded person among them sure would have taken over the ruling in that confused state!”

They said..

“That means, these groups ready to rule you alone indirectly helped you to keep off the unseen dictator taking over, is it not?”

“Yes! It appears so, if we look at the entire process in depth!”

“Thus seen, the task with each one of you is not to worry too much about your selection but continuously minimize these deficiencies you are seeing thru' an effective questioning back..

But all those effective oppositions and the various questioning channels too would equally be defective with their own problems of..

The rulers

  • Keeping them under threat,
  • Influencing them in various ways and
  • Offering them easy monies along with various Unethical promises/plans
And a few times thru'

A certain well spread out fear psychosis of not praising those in power too!

Thus ultimately, all those ups and downs very much become part of the average citizen's life with
  • The self interest beyond, the biggest evil that plagues any political system making the rulers continuously deviate from doing the Right and
  • The citizens singly or together constantly resisting the extra self interest in their ruler!
Truly speaking, if the Ruler at any time minds doing good to the people with a dispassionate feeling, he/she doesn't need any

  • Great physical/support strength,
  • Special political power,
  • High level influence or status,
  • Big finances,
  • Mass appeal and
  • Advisories around..
Except a 'Will' to do the Right!

If that truly happens, seeing that

Strong Will to do the Right,

The ordinary citizens together alone become/provide indirectly the required

  • Great physical/support strength,
  • Special political power,
  • High level influence or status,
  • Big finances,
  • Mass appeal and
  • Advisories around..

For their Beloved Ruler effectively constantly clearing the evil forces and making way for the light spread around!

Such Truth alone ultimately Rules this world proportionately depending upon how much the Ruler is selfless and all such Programs are part of Nature with time when certain Order suffers and Leveling becomes important with

Sloka 7 Chapter 4 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

ever reiterating..

yadayadaahi dharmsya glanir bhavati bhaarata;
Abhyuttham adharmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham!

Whenever there is decline of righteousness, O Arjuna and rise of unrighteousness, then I manifest myself (on the Earth)!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt

What is the biggest evil that plagues Indian politics? Corruption or lack of leaders with vision or...?#IndianPolitics

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Thursday, March 28, 2019


The mother was unhappy. The two and half yr old Little One stopped listening to her..

“Eat that food!”

She ordered. The child with a smile took the food near to his mouth and threw it down..

She was annoyed..

“Unless you eat, I'll not buy you your toy!”

She showed her resistance.. The child didn't listen to her.

“Let’s go to the play ground now!”

She said and took her boy there. All the while, she kept silence..

At play within half hr, there was a scuffle and a complaint came up that the little boy troubled another kid of the same age.. The mother became furious, instantly cut down the play time and brought the child back home..

“Hereafter, I'm not taking you anywhere and buying you anything. Go and do what you want!"

She with all firmness said and kept quite….

The child looked here and there but the mother never yielded. His only reference was his mother and when she became tough, for a while he pretended bravely that he could put up.That was the limit, soon it resulted in a big cry and subsequently comforted by his mother, he slept off for the day..

The next day being a holiday, the family was on its usual outing in the evening. On the way, the kid was looking at his
  • Play items in the shops, 
  • Favorite eating place and 
  • Fun Center for kids.. 
Silently following his mother. About an half hr went thus..

Suddenly, there was a broad smile on the mother's face and that lighted instantly a 1000 watt bulb on the child's.. That's all.. The kid returned home
  • With so much happiness of his life, 
  • Fully satisfied with the evening he spent having great excitement and 
  • Was eagerly looking at and trying to play with all that he purchased and brought home.. 
The mother was behind him with her own sweet questions..
  • “Dear! How was your favorite drink at......?” 
  • “How was the play at.......?’ 
  • “Do you like your new tri-cycle purchased?" 
  • “Do you like the new aero plane we bought in your toy shop?" 
“Do you like your Mommy?”

  • You will listen to me.. 
  • You will eat all the healthy food I give you daily.. 
  • You will never hurt your friends at your play.. 

The child with a big smile nodded his head for all hugging his mother tight. Instantly, the mother took him and comforted him and in no time the little one went into blissful sleep in the lap of his mother with her love eternally spread over him!

God was in all smiles from above..

'That's why I created the Mother on the Earth..

Whatever said and done and whatever be the actions and reactions, the single aim in this relation is


Comprising of endless


And no other interest has a place here at any point of time!'


Wednesday, March 27, 2019


"Sir! I forever advocate following of the 'Golden Mean Path' in our lives. If the powerful man really becomes angry with us, it's sure a problem. Further, it's very difficult to bring a change in the world and in that context, even the Great Men and Women of the Earth at one stage had left it to happen by itself..

As I'm very much limited and infinitesimally small compared to the Great Personalities, I feel I should all along just
  • Listen around, 
  • Look at my own limitations in the situation and 
  • Act as per that clarity alone! 
This discipline exactly fits into what Lord Krishna says thru' Verse 35, Chapter III of Srimad Bhagavad Gita..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'


'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

What do you say?"

"Dear! Lord Krishna thru' Verse 60 of earlier Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita equally says..

'yatato hy api kauteya purusasya vipascitah
indriyani pramathini haranthi prasabham manah'


'O Arjuna! The senses are so turbulent they can forcibly carry away even the mind of vigilant person of sound judgement (normal people being no exception there)' 

In that context, as I understand What the Great People of Earth talked of the 'Golden Mean Path', I need to look at my decision a second time without an exception because equally the duty thru' such a Golden Mean Path adapted by me says..

'When once the base living is reasonably ensured and safety established, you should never rest but thru' a certain self sacrifice,

  • Dynamically look at the issues in front, 
  • Start acting as per your duty associated there and thus 
  • Continue your life for the betterment of yourself and others around you!
In the process,
  • Certain criticisms, 
  • Some seclusion and 
  • Few limited oppositions 
Would sure come up without a say. You should take them with a smile yourself never reacting but still insist on the Right to be done. Only when you sense certain threat and dislocation which is likely to cause substantial disturbance to the otherwise stable life of yours going on, You should sure

  • Take care, 
  • Make certain compromise and thus 
  • Continue at that level.. .
As this goes on, people around soon understand you at your own level and they too in time become supportive there..

You thus become stronger in your area/surroundings with the genuine people okaying your doing and with such an added strength, you should start doing the Right much more steadily and thus sail thru' this life with


Giving a meaning to what the Great Personalities have advised us to follow as truly



Monday, March 25, 2019


"A harvest of peace grows from seeds of contentment!"
Said the man of mid 60s opposing all changes..

A harvest of peace grows from seeds of contentment
But we only reiterated..
Growing old is inevitable; growing up is optional?"
Asked the man of mid 40s trying to bridge the thinking gap between old and new generations..

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
Growing old is inevitable; growing up is optional"
Said the man of mid 30s supporting the youth..

Those thoughts and counter thoughts further ran thus..

"The bigger they are the harder they fall!"

"No doubt,
The bigger they are the harder they fall
But we only reiterated..
Opportunity seldom knocks twice?"

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
Opportunity seldom knocks twice!"

"Always in a hurry; always behind!"

"No doubt,
Always in a hurry; always behind
But we only reiterated..
Who hesitates is lost?"

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
Who hesitates is lost!"

"The beaten path is the safest!"

"No doubt,
The beaten path is the safest
But we only reiterated..
It is the first step that is difficult?"

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
It is the first step that is difficult!"

"Better safe than sorry!"

"No doubt,
Better safe than sorry
But we only reiterated..
A ship in the harbor is safe but that is not what the ship is for?"

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
A ship in the harbor is safe but that is not what the ship is for!"

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored!"

"No doubt,
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored
But we only reiterated..
As one door closes another door opens?"

"Yes.. Your Saying alone affirms..
As one door closes another door opens!"

"Old is gold!"

"No doubt,
Old is gold
But, why not try and become better as
That old too was never free from cruelty?"

That old too was never free from cruelty!"

"The boy stood on the burning deck respecting his father's orders. That was the spirit of olden days!"

"No doubt,
The boy stood on the burning deck respecting his father's orders and that was the spirit of olden days
But, why didn't
The boy save his precious life first?"

The boy should have sure got off from the burning deck first, saved himself and remained useful to himself in particular and to the world at large in his life!"

At the back of such constant thinking with the older parents, younger parents and children of various ages of today, parenting sure becomes a double edged weapon with today's parents forced to spend more time with their children constantly looking after their welfare as well as the changed needs.. No go but sure good for every one for

The right change of the moment!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Parenting is a difficult task today. Our generation had a different set of parents. Today parents are more involved with their kids. What do you think? #ParentingThenAndNow


Sunday, March 24, 2019


A Great Personality was sailing across high seas. On the ship there were people of different groups and each group segregated themselves to their 'own' and were continuing their activities effectively keeping off from other groups. The journey continued thus..

All of a sudden, an unexpected cyclone hit the ship. It was terrible for a while and the ship instantly became a tiny piece of man made item before the gigantic winds passing over the ship with very high speed..

Suddenly, the psychology of all passengers had undergone a dramatic change, all became single minded and started Praying to the Almighty together chanting a single line thus..

"God! Do Save us and Take care!”

The Prayer continued and the typhoon too for a while but soon it was time for the typhoon to come down in its intensity to the relief of all and in few hours totally vanished from the scene with the weather returning to normalcy..

In further few hrs, people again segregated themselves to their smaller circles and were busy in their own activities keeping off from others..

The Great Man thought,

“How nice it would have been had the 'Togetherness' that was there sometime back continued in this normal time too!”

That's is how I'm living on Mother Earth ever oscillating between the thoughts..

'My man' and 'Not my man!'

No doubt, physical demarcations are needed between human groups as people of various countries, states, towns, villages, religions, age groups etc.. etc.. wherein that grouping has it's own purpose.. Viz.,

Right identification and smooth day to day transactions from living point of view..

Here alone, let my mind often be trained with the thoughts..

'No doubt, divisions in the world have their own sacred purpose of leading a smooth and standard life but what my mind says thru' such divisions like

My man
Not my man

Are required only at

Memory and Action Levels

But not at

Heart Level

Where in I can sure identify myself with the 

Original Oneness 

If attempted to..

But there, I'll have a taste of my 'self interest' without a say as that 'self', in the nick of the moment totally embraces me and says,

  • "What are you saying? It's your life and where's the place here for others other than whom you decided upon as yours?"
As I carefully look deep into the origin of this division in me, I sure find that

My pleasant and unpleasant experiences with my 'own' till date put together

Alone are indirectly affirming that; nothing else!

Thus seen,

  • It's just pure science here,
  • There's nothing my own defined in the Books of Reference with me anywhere other than that declared openly,
  • It's better I drop such my thoughts as much possible and 
  • Remain as much humble and calm in my life 
Making a peace settlement with 'myself' at certain level..

Beyond, more clarity comes to me at this stage only thru' a sincere service to the Family Unit I voluntarily have taken up where in

  • The unit is fully respected, 
  • Inside members are rightly cared for, 
  • Attached responsibilities are well discharged and 
  • Development of members is properly ensued.. 
Driving out the ever pestering thought in me



Thursday, March 21, 2019


"Follow the rules and be safe!"

The wise man was heard saying..

"Life without thrill has no meaning. I'll just follow the rules where they are required and where they are not much insisted upon, let me go with the like minded people and thus be relaxed in my life!"

Was the proclamation and implementation of the man till on a day he was caught red handed singly and given the required dose of correction with others keeping off silently in the scenario with his


Gone at one stroke!

"Follow the rules and be safe!"

The wise man was heard saying..

"Still life without thrill has no meaning. I'll just follow the rules so that I'll never have to answer the authorities. Beyond my life is my life and none can question me here!"

Was the subsequent proclamation and implementation of the man till on a day his doings alone put him to a corner by fate. No doubt, he had to slowly recover from that down feeling helpless for a while with his


Again gone for a while!

"Follow the rules and be safe!"

The wise man was heard saying..

"Sure, life with thrill has no meaning. As a fully capable man, let me embrace philosophical living where abstinence is practiced everywhere max and thus remain rule bound in my personal life too!"

Was the proclamation and implementation of the man till on a day his doings never brought him relief from certain pain that suddenly struck him leaving the psychology shattered with his


Disturbed without a say!

"Follow the rules and be safe!"

The wise man was heard saying..

"Still life has to be lived.. No extremes.. Let me be moderate

  • In enjoyments, 
  • In abstinence,
  • In owning and 
  • In sharing
And thus lead a relaxed but sure rule bound life!"

Was the proclamation and implementation of the man till on a day his doings never brought him relief from certain pain that suddenly again struck him leaving the psychology shattered with his


Put to test for a while!

"Follow the rules and be safe!"

The wise man was heard saying..

The man was clueless for a while.. But the luck this time favored him..

"Yes.. I'll sure follow the path of moderation everywhere but sure include the 'Delta' element in every aspect..

This 'Delta' speaks of ever experimenting this vibrant life everywhere with

  • A little lesser enjoyments, 
  • A bit more abstinence,
  • A little lesser owning and 
  • A bit more sharing
Those 'Little' and 'Bits' constantly trying to improve with a deeper understanding of the purpose of life. Let me thus live my rest of life thru' this 'Delta' experimentation and beyond the Almighty alone steers my life!"

Further to that, the wise man was heard saying nothing with the man's


Restored for max time!

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Monday, March 18, 2019


The students at the learning stage were asked to add 1 to 100. Many started adding monotonously..


No doubt, the right way of adding with the basic logical reasoning.. But the famous Mathematician simply added..

1+99=100, 2+98=100, 3+97=100..... 47+53=100, 48+52=100, 49+51=100..

The sum=49*100+50+100=5050..

Very much, the better way of adding with greater logical reasoning!

Seen thus, analytical ability varies from individual to individual and with bloggers too no exception, bloggers from one end to the other end convey certain messages to the world in general and that conveyance too has certain basic purpose therein..

In spite of the Original Greatness too, once when His Disciple tried to change one of the members of the Monastery with a little extra force, the Great Saint warned Him saying,

"Leave the change to Nature and let that happen on its own. We are none to intervene there!"

Conveying a meaning therein..

"Let an individual at his/her own level alone

Understand the life aspects,
Evaluate what is the right discipline to reach the Ultimate,
Implement that and
Start living that life..

That living alone does all the good and further guides the individual in the path of elevation. Any Higher Level Truth conveyed to such a man really does no good and in fact it creates more harm alone if forced in!"

Seen thus, every blogger with his/her own analytical skills whatever conveys sincerely to the world is sure received by the world as there are recipients equally available to receive that at that level and try bringing a change in them for a better life even though there are people ready to tell more than that in the absolute sense..

Verse 13 of Bhartruhari Neetisathakam says..

harthuryaathi na gocharam kimapi sham pushnaathi yathsarvadhaa
pyarthibhyah prathipaadhyamaanamanisham praapnothi vrudhdhim paraam
kalpaantheshvapi na prayaathi nidhanaam vidhyaakhyamanthardhanam
yeshaam thaasprathi maanamujgha tha nrupaah kasthaissaha spardhathe!

"Giving knowledge to others is the greatest service (on the earth). It cannot be stolen by thieves. It gives utmost happiness and makes one only resourceful. Such service does not diminish thru' time; instead it grows and can never be destroyed. The donations of a wealthy king may diminish and be destroyed at anytime but the knowledge spread by a wise man stays forever!"

The very purpose of whole blogging surfaces here alone and goes thus as when the highly matured man exclaimed,

“I always advise people on what I can do and what I had done. Even the Great Men of the Earth advised in that way alone and many follow them. But my advice is often questioned and many times not followed except on the face of it to please me. Why is there no true impact of my saying?”

The man of wisdom said,

“Dear! Great Personalities were ever free from expecting a result of what they do or propose to do in this world. They just spoke only out of a Great Love for the Cause and that's the exact reason why the Permanent Impact of even a single word on us from them is so predominant. We, mortals do not carry that Love with us however refined we may look and behave..

Devoid of that Great love, when I advise even at the back of my true practice too, it has the fine string of expectation which brings out the clear message..

'I tell you because I like to tell and I expect the change!' 

This expectation is definitely a self interested activity from which we all are never free and when that exists, it sure would be sensed by the receiver who forever resists the imposition!”

Still right advising is one of our duties in our life and equally it's a must that we make a note of the above in our heart before passing on our genuine advice. But still that's not the end here as the Great Man once said,

"If all Living Beings of the Universe stand in queue as per their strengths, I wish to stand behind the last tiniest One in the queue!"

Making it clear in respect of certain definite sacrifices required from each individual while addressing a problem in the world en-mass!

And here alone ever lies the responsibility of a Blogger being part of the Greater Change continuously taking place around all along retaining his/her own freedom of expression in a given situation..

Let's summarize the discussions concluding all our such expressions backed by our own analytical abilities on the blogging platform with the same Great Man's words Viz.,

"I very much believe that all my doings had truly borne fruit only when put together, they would bring in a definite change to the living of the weakest amidst us towards a better expression!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Bloggers are no longer smart people who think analytically. Do you agree? #SmartBlogging

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

  • "It's no more a problem if you do what I tell out of my personal experience in this direction. You should.....!"

  • "I know the problem and I know the solution too. Just do it. You'll be alright as my directional sense says that. You should.....!"
  • "Many who had similar issues were out of the mess, the moment they followed my advice. They were directionless and I alone set them right there. You should.....!"
  • "See, the Sun rises in the east alone and never the other way. My direction of talk too is unique in that way. You should.....!"
  • "I know presently the winds are blowing from north. That's why you are here, exactly with me who can 100% steer your direction of thinking. You should.....!"
  • "You are in midst of a sea like crisis and you have to set the sails firmly in the direction you are supposed to move. You should.....!"
  • "Our life is a long journey and we are bound to lose our direction as other beliefs get in our way and make us shaky. You should.....!"
  • "No more discussions and the problem with you is crystal clear. Steer your way and set your direction of thinking firm. You should.....!"
Eight knowledgeable men,
Eight firm advices in
Eight directions of thinking

All affirming


And live your life as


That advice inspired me instantly and soon I started following that without a say. Life thus became busy, the problem appeared gone and it was forgotten for a while but not long as one specific happening squarely showed me where I was leaving me


That night as I went to sleep with such a state of mind, the Almighty appeared in my dream saying..

"Why don't you see your own ninth direction here of
  • Living thru' the physical aspects of life that have to be lived through 
  • Suitably modifying the directions of actions as the life comes up continuously 
  • Addressing them through constructive action from your end and 
  • Leaving the complex ones which time alone could solve all along..
In the process..


And thus live your life as


I suddenly woke up from my sleep and rubbing my eyes as I opened my window facing east, I could see the beautiful golden colored skies studded with morning twilight of rising Sun. I instantly folded my hands to Sun God and offered my heart felt Prayer with a promise..

"Lord! I promise, I follow the path you showed me and 

I'll never do getting away from my next man again because today only I understood ultimately that discipline of 


Alone makes my life


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019


No doubt, the inquisitive spirit with the little one at that tender age is limitless ready to probe everything around and explore the unknown in front..

But the mom there sure knows that that spirit needs necessarily to be streamlined for the ultimate good of her child and the only way in front of her there is continuously

Allow, Hold back.. Allow, Hold back.. Allow, Hold back..

And no other magic works..

That sure needs equally limitless patience and perseverance and the mom no doubt fully equipped endlessly with those 2 those gifts of God incessantly works and gently moulds her child's expression towards what is good for the boy in the process equally answering the Mother Nature around on Her requirement too..

The end result is.. 

The boy grown up to 7+ all along gently got diverted from his smart phone engagement and is fully motivated to do the great task of

Planting few saplings in his garden flowerpot out of his effort by embedding seeds in the fertile soil filled in, watering that and further anxiously awaiting for the germination of the same in due course..

Making Mother Nature ultimately smile..

The mom thus knows every expertise to divert her little boy's limited energies towards learning the right in the right time thereby moulding the future personality to the exact requirement..

It's never a less effort there as that job needs not 24 hrs alone but a few times 25 hrs of attention in a day,

Anything infinitesimally less too can't be accepted there, that 'Allow.. Hold back' is the eternal task with every mom and no need to say..

She does that to perfection all the time..

As she is the master of every language her child speaks from the tender age and understands the little one's needs to the core..

Such similar sacred works done by every mom around us is a great contribution to the world and on the eve of the International Women's day, invariably goes around us continuously benefitting the world max..

No doubt Women's Day may remain a marketing opportunity for the advertisers which needs without fail to be corrected and made more relevant to women through educating everywhere

The relentless effort put in by women like the moms around us do and others in so many fields so that the core importance of the day ever remains in the hearts of the millions of members of the society endlessly!

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Is Women's Day a mere marketing opportunity for advertisers? How can we make it more relevant to what women want. #takebackwomensday

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


“Our product is the unique combination of few basic ingredients directly obtained from nature. Visit us at our place and experience the difference. You'll sure agree to what we say!”

Was the bold caption of an advertisement suddenly seen everywhere. A few people soon decided to assess the Maker's assertion and on a day visited the said place..

As men and women entered the venue, they were greeted with all warmth and were soon lead to a central place where they could see few

  • Colorful handwritten slogans and
  • Humorous cartoons saying how ‘good’ many times never talked of and ‘nice' alone stressed
With a bottom caption saying

‘We've totally freed ourselves from all this talk.. 'Nice' is OK but never at the cost of 'good!’

Further to that, they were lead to a special room wherein
  • The history of the product was presented to them describing how a similar product was used in ancient times and patronized by the famous people of those times through beautiful sketches and paintings and
  • The geography of the ingredients was talked of describing the places of the world where the ingredients were grown/picked from nature etc etc.. 
After the brief, the visitors were led to a hall with a few neatly arranged chairs and tables from where sitting under the centuries old fans with the cool breeze from top, they in a relaxing way could observe the makers of the product in distance in glass cubicles seen all time busy in their own ways..
  • A few smiling and singing, 
  • One dancing in style and moving the items around, 
  • A man looking intently through glass into a process and adjusting a certain mechanism and 
  • A few moving busily around.. 
All in their own
  • Special attires, 
  • Clean looks and 
  • Colorful caps.. 

The Head in distance standing and overseeing the activities!

The Scene no doubt, reflected the best quality possible on earth when
  • Attention paid, 
  • Patience practiced, 
  • Sincerity expressed and 
  • Hard work followed!
Finally, the people were led thru' a serene passage with a warm send off by the staff with every one carrying a great value and importance to the product in their minds..

No need to say.. On the D-day,
  • The product was launched in the market, 
  • The sales in no time picked up and soon 
  • Touched the skies with continuous profits flowing in
With the owner in a short time becoming

The talk of the town and
A well-to-do personality around..

Time never waits, life went on thus and the owner became old. Finally there was a day when that business had to be passed on to his only one son. In that context, the owner described all the
  • Relevant procedures, 
  • Processes, 
  • Presentations, 
  • Descriptions 
To his son and said in the end,

“Dear! Continue all these as they are and you'll shine the best in this business!"

The son with all curiosity asked,

"Dad! That's OK. But you haven't told me the superiority of our product in respect of it's

Content and

The dad smiled, said in a softer tone,

"That's a secret and you need to necessarily find it out as you continue doing your business. Best Wishes!"

And mused within..

"How can I tell my boy at this point of time that my product is in no way
  • Superior to those available in the market at much cheaper price and is equally
  • Inferior compared to the similar ancient products 
Other than myself

Improving it's presentation to people which clicked here in a great way with my own working people too not knowing that hidden fact even today!”

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Saturday, March 9, 2019




"It's nothing. I read about it at few places and made an exhaustive study. Just manage, take care.. I tell you.. In a short time, the problem will be out of sight. It's that simple and none need to help here.. And

  • Am 100% sure of that!" 
That used to be the talk of mine as a young man of 20s..


"Not only reading about it, I saw practically with my own eyes when my friend underwent thru' a similar one. A bit patience and soon everything will be normal. Believe.. God is there..

  • I'm almost 90% sure here!" 
That used to be the talk of mine as a man of 30s..


"No doubt reading is different and in practice experiencing these situations is different. As I correlate the ideal instances to the practical situations, an unseen gap always appears and that's what I feel here. Go slow.. Have patience.. I assure things come under control. Best wishes and God Bless..

  • I'm 80% sure of that happening!"
That used to be the talk of mine as a man of 40s..


"I am an old timer and my reading about this is not fully relevant to the present know-how but as a practical man, I've certain say here. Things in practice sometimes totally go in a different direction. I say patience is the virtue in the situation..

Let the knot come out by itself slowly. That soon makes things crystal clear. Best wishes.. Let's Pray to the Almighty..

  • I am 75% sure of things happening in our favor!"
That used to be the talk of mine as a elderly man of 50s..


"I lived thru' similar problems in my life and I tell you.. You should be careful all along. But.. No despair.. Things soon would become clearer..

When the bridle comes to our hands, further there is no problem. We can very well handle it. Let's just offer a heartfelt Prayer to the Almighty and thus be at peace. He alone is the Prime Mover everywhere and sure is with us in this tough situation of..

  • 50:50 chances here!" 
That used to be the talk of mine as a man of early 60s..


"Whatever be, it needs lot of patience and perseverance to come out of this vicious circle. You should be careful here as sometimes the problem looks resolved but the mystery only deepens. I advise you.. Be alert all along and wish for the best..

Only, when the bridle comes to our hands, there's some hope of recovery. And.. We have to do a lot while handling the recovery.. Presently.. There is only one way with us.. Praying to the Almighty and patiently waiting.. The Lord alone Ultimately Takes Care!
  • Hari Om!"
Ultimately, that was my talk as an elderly man of late 60s!

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Friday, March 8, 2019


“Once a disciple happened to see his Master in certain environment in the odd hrs of night. He thought,

  • ‘The Master always advises to keep distance from the attractions of the world. Then why, such a Great Man is seen in this environment? Let me follow here and see the end of this drama!’
Having thought thus, he secretly followed the Master but in no time, found his Master attending to certain works routine in nature. He couldn't keep his guilt feeling within himself and the next day confessed to his Master on what he thought and did.. The Master smiled and said,

'Never leave this doubting attitude in your life

At anytime,
With whomever it be and
Whatever be that doubt..

That alone is the Right way of progressing in the Path of Spirituality!'"

The Head of a Monastery when told that story to a group of devotees, one of them asked,

“Reverend Sir! If that is so, why the Great People of the world repeatedly preached,

'Believe in God and have Faith in Him!'

Can you explain?"

The Head smiled at him and said,

“Dear! What the Great Men and Women spoke of Faith in God is not in the usual sense we use the word in respect of worldly dealings. Questioning in respect of worldly dealings is the primary duty with us establishing 'what is what' to the core..

But myself, questioning the Existence of God is similar to

  • The grown up son validating his mother's actions towards his growth as right and wrong as they many times lacked rationality.. 
  • Never attempting that, the son just touches his mother's feet and pays his respects to her for ultimately.. 
'Making him a full grown up man of certain capabilities in his life!'

In a similar way,
  • I too never attempt questioning here but just touch the feet of the Almighty and pay my respects to the Lord for ultimately 

'Making me today an embodiment of certain health, strength and capabilities in my life!'

This is the exact reason why Great Personalities repeatedly reiterated their stand of having

Faith in God

And proceed living our lives thus on this Earth!"

However while leaving, the Head cautioned..

"Just like the mother ever expects her son to do always the Right in life,

The Almighty too expects us ever do the Right alone in the world at the back of our Undaunted Faith and never less at any point of time!"

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019


For a while, it was a distinct noise from 3 young men. The neighborhood elderly gentleman intervened and objected to that behavior..

One young man said,

"Sir! It's our area and we are doing what we like within the acceptable limits. Why should we adjust here and behave according to your wish? Sorry, can't do that!"

His friend intervened and said,

"Sorry, Sir.. We weren't knowing that it was a trouble for people like you. We promise.. It won't repeat!"

The 3rd friend said,

"Sir, Having worked the whole day, we too need some relaxation and hope you understand us. Anyhow, we'll see what best we can do here to help you out!"

The man of Wisdom mused,

"The 1st young man,

  • Sure needs to learn to be considerate to the problems of others as Mother Nature expects everyone respect Her Basic Law of being 
Supportive first and beyond not craving for too many pleasures, have a heart to look into the problems of others!"

The 2nd young man,
  • Sure needs to learn to be firm while dealing with others as Mother Nature expects everyone respect Her Basic Law of being 
Assertive first but beyond not craving for too many pleasures, have a heart to look into the problems of others!"

The 3rd young man,
  • Sure expressed himself in the right way as Mother Nature expects everyone respect Her Basic Law of being 
Decent to self first and beyond not craving for too many pleasures, have a heart to look into the problems of others!"


Sunday, March 3, 2019


That night before going to sleep, I was feeling restless with the single thought..

"My whole life appears meaningless at this point of time!"

As I went into deep sleep with such a thought, God appeared in my dream and said,

"I'll give you one chance in your life at this point of time to

  • Rewind into your past, 
  • Make a single correction where you want and 
  • Feel good for rest of your life!"
I was thrilled as I found that opportunity of making that one change was very much in front of me the next moment..
  • I looked into my preteen age and thought.. 
'Sure if I can make a dent here, my life would turn be totally different to my satisfaction as there were some unpleasant experiences of being

Taunted and pulled up continuously..'

My consciousness instantly reminded me..

'Have you forgotten? That continuous disciplining alone made you

The right man of your life..

Else what would have you been today without that?'
  • I looked into my youth and thought.. 
'Sure if I can make a dent here, my life would turn be totally different to my satisfaction as there were some unpleasant experiences of being

Humiliated and advised non-stop..'

My consciousness instantly reminded me..

'Have you forgotten? That continuous correcting alone made you

The capable man of your life..

Else what would have you been today without that?'
  • I looked into my middle age and thought.. 
'Sure if I can make a dent here, my life would turn be totally different to my satisfaction as there were some unpleasant experiences of being

Thrust with responsibilities and expected to perform beyond..'

My consciousness instantly reminded me..

'Have you forgotten? The proper discharge of those responsibilities alone made you

The exact man of your life..

Else what would have you been today without that?'
  • I looked into my advanced age and thought..
'Sure if I can make a dent here, my life would turn be totally different to my satisfaction as there were some unpleasant experiences of being

Cornered and made the victim of game play a few times..'

My consciousness instantly reminded me..

'Have you forgotten? Those on and off experiences of being singled out by the vested interests alone made you

The matured man of your life..

Else what would have you been today without that?'
  • I looked into my present age and thought.. 
'Sure if I can make a dent here, my life would turn be totally different to my satisfaction as there were some unpleasant experiences of being

Ignored and not cared for once in a way..'

My consciousness instantly reminded me..

'Have you forgotten? That feeling of today of no great importance added to the total experiences of life truly made you

The complete man of your life!'

My dream ended there and as I got up and looked thru' the window, I could see the twilight of morning sun on the eastern horizon. I instantly folded my hands and joined the Shiv Dhyan Mantra heard on the distant loud speakers on the Auspicious Day of Maha Shivratri recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel..

'karcharankritam Vaa Kaayjam karmajam Vaa Shravannayanjam Vaa Maansam Vaa Paradham
Vihitam Vihitam Vaa Sarv Metat Kshamasva Jay Jay Karunaabdhe Shree Mahadev Shambo'

'Ode to the Supreme Lord (Lord Shiva) to cleanse the body, mind and soul of all the stress, rejection, failure, depression and all similar negative forces (in total called restlessness) one faces (in one's life)!'


'I am a bundle of desires ever working to satisfy them as I live thru' my life..

I basically have no control on the quantum of desires with me as well as in saying no there except streamlining them thru' certain legal and social measures prevailing thus satisfying myself at my expression level including my scientific temper..

But when this basic level of mine comes under threat, no doubt as at this moment I have no absolute control on its existence, I
  • Will yield, 
  • Get off from my scientific temper sooner and 
  • Get into a firm belief of something called superstition 
Which will simply be adapted by me so that my basic level of existence is well protected!'


As the age old story says,

'When every one in the village worshiped the cave nearby with a belief of pleasing the demon inside, a young man at the back of great interest to investigate,
  • Went inside, 
  • Observed nothing but spider webs and stuffy air and 
  • With 100% confidence, came out and declared to the villagers that 
And beyond lived his life free from fear thus making the right use of

The well known processes of investigation and experimentation of his scientific temper!'


All along, the fact around me forever speaks..

'Within the limits of legal boundaries, every human being
  • Knows what he/she wants in life, 
  • Tries to get it to the best of his/her abilities within the limitations set around him/her and 
  • Becomes the happiest with the fruits of such actions in a natural way..
  • However risky the attempts be, 
  • However tiring the processes be and 
  • Whatever be the end result.. 

Broadly such doings alone are the best for an individual. Trying to soften those attempts and cushion the doings under the guise of getting 'MAXIMUM' out of everything is to be truly made a note of and

Any research taken up to improve the living standards of individuals should never try to tamper with these natural doings as much possible except for a small percentage where in the temporary setbacks of mankind are addressed and the actions are streamlined for the good of every one!'


On the eve of National Science Day, let the dedicated research taking place in our country in all scientific aspects, ever make a note of the above 3 aspects of basic human existence and remain supportive there all along..#NationalScienceDay“

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Friday, March 1, 2019


That evening the child of 7+ was too adamant. The mom asked him to paint 


Before going to his studies..

"It's my play time now. Why should I paint?"

The boy straight away questioned ..

"Okay.. This coming Sunday, there is no Karate Class. That time is your play time extra. Now let's paint together.. It's your project and your Teacher asked for it!"

The mom said..

"No.. I'll play now and paint in my study time!"

The boy was firm. The mom said,

"Okay.. Do what you want. I'll paint myself!"

Saying thus, she started painting..

"Mommy! You can't do that.. I want to play!"

Said the boy tears rolling down his cheek. The mom remained silent..

The grandpa intervened and said..

"Okay, dear.. Let your mommy paint and I'll play with you..

But make your mom a bit happy. Just start painting. I'll get your toys and arrange them for play. 10 minutes of painting.. We start playing.. Still you'll have half hr before your studies start.. Okay!"

Instantly, the boy agreed to that and saying..

"Okay.. Grandpa.. I'll paint and you arrange my toys!"

He picked up his drawing book. The grandpa brought and arranged his toys ready for play. The mom once glanced at what the boy was doing and continued her painting..

"Dear, The Great Fire of London destroyed so many houses and many people became homeless. We Shouldn't allow such fires to happen again. Okay?"

"Yes.. Grandpa.. We should be careful with fire!"

"So.. Let's show how dangerous that fire and smoke was with all dark colors. Tomorrow your teacher shows your painting to all and tells them how dangerous  a fire can be. Don't you want your friends see your painting and become careful?"

"Yes.. I want that!"

"You know, dear! Once a sculptor was asked what he was doing and he said,
  • 'Don't you see? I'm chipping!'
But when the famous sculptor was asked the same question he said,
  • 'Don't you see an angel imprisoned in the stone? I'm freeing her!'
Do you like to paint the ordinary fire or the real one so that all will become careful seeing your painting?"

"I like to paint the real one!"

"In our dictionary, word 'struggle' comes first or 'success?'"

The boy thought for a minute and said.. 

"It's 'struggle!'"

"People struggled a lot to put out that fire and rebuild London. And they became successful in building the new beautiful city.. 

So let's struggle a bit and become successful in getting the best painting for people to see the fire and become careful!"

The grandpa cheered up..

  • "Yes.. success always comes after struggle.. I'll struggle now.. I don't want to chip.. I'll free the angel.. Grandpa.. Give me the red, blue, black colors.. Tell me what color I should put here? How much color? 
  • Also, get me.... Mommy.. What color I should put for smoke.. Dark or brown? How many people running here and there I should draw? Grandpa.. Is this......?"
Saying thus instantly, the boy got into the 


Of showing max of what had happened all along his grandpa cheering up by the side simultaneously feeling happy within that he could gently turn the job of his boy for school purpose into 


With the boy carrying a great tempo and zeal all along!