Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Importance of Motivation at Work....

An individual can work the best under only two conditions….

When he /she understands that without working, he/she can truly get nothing from the world or when he/she understands that he/she is missing a work environment which he/she loves to the core!

Else he/she is a sluggish personality and someone needs to push him/her constantly in the direction of work as he/she is a burden everywhere and ultimately it is disastrous to him/her!

In this direction only have come up all the disciplinary and motivational methods....

The disciplinary methods are based on the principle viz., ‘Fear is the key!’  But this too will not work beyond…. Else we would not be seeing this date alms giving/taking in the world….

The other method is through motivation….

A famous joke in this context is….

A man asked for alms in front of a house. The daughter- in-law of the house said, “Go away. Food is not yet ready.” Hearing this, the mother- in-law became angry and shouted in a loud voice from inside, “Wait! Who is she to ask you to go away?” The beggar waited….
The woman came to the door and said, “Now I am telling you. Go….There is no food in the house!” 

The meaning here is….

I‘ll most of the times, do the same as required if left to me freely but never will do so if insisted by others! And by continuing doing with freedom around, soon I may develop interest in that direction and thus grow!

So in all the mentoring and motivational tasks, it is essential to see that one does out of his/her wish as much as possible....And this is many times the best method to divert people to the right work!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Am I truly taking care of myself?

“Sir, what is ‘Total Care’ in life?”

“My dear, as long as my life is planned on earth by the Almighty, I have to care for myself with a genuine smile on my face 
all along ! 

This care essentially has three components….

Number one is …. I have my own requirements, both physical and psychological…..I should make a reasonable note of these and be equipped to meet them as life moves on…..The requirements in general are what our elders specify out of their experience….

Number two is…. I have distractions around me which will pull me into many ditches as life moves on…. I have to be careful here, have to keep away from them as much as possible and if over taken, soon should come out of their clutches and soothe my wounds…..

Number three is…. I have a deep thrust in me to excel in a particular style in life which may be totally acceptable around if done. I should never say ‘No’ to this entity and allow it to express by itself!   All taboos, dogmas, beliefs, customs, austerities, and sectarian behaviors come in the way of this expression….A
ll the while, I should balance myself here and  encourage  the freedom of expression in me but in a diplomatic way…. 

All the above care together is the ‘Total Care’ in life!"

Friday, May 25, 2012

@@@@@@ I should be doing only the right type of Welfare Work....

A man of mid fifties, part of a big family used to do only certain specific works every day evening, on holidays and Sundays for the family. Rest of the time he had his own active job…. The family expected him to do certain other works during those periods but he never used to do them….

Whenever they pointed out saying that he was not at all helping, he used to always justify that his works too were essential for the family and thus used to be busy.

The family was never happy with his attitude, but could do nothing beyond and finally gave up. At the same time, they could not point out much as the man used to do all the basic works required for his maintenance and living by himself! That way, his own essentials were with him all the while....

A close friend, who for some time was observing that behavior, could not keep it anymore to himself and one fine day straight away asked him thus, “My dear! It is a funny situation I am seeing….Your family wants you to do in one way and you do totally in a different way! Any how you are struggling with all of your works throughout the day and not resting a minute….But then, why to live with this conflict? Why don’t you straight away start doing what the family members tell you to do, thus be in 'no conflict' zone and at the same time take proudly the benefits from all by quoting the hard work done as per their requirement? Any how they are not telling you to do the wrong or non welfare works....They are only asking you to be with them in their own doings as a supporting person! You are now a loner and even though you do all other works for the family, there is a constant conflict and thus your life is going on….It is strange!”

“Yes! My dear! What all you have said may be seen outwardly as true…. But there is a catch here and it is not so difficult to get to the point” the man replied with a broad smile….

The friend looked at him unable to understand! The man continued, “See! You may do any type of odd work through an order of a person with certain learning if required but you can never do the same work as per the wish of that person! Further, once someone takes up a work as his/her own with certain pride, assisting the person in that work as a friend is impossible as there would be a constant supervision by him/her and he/she goes on directing you every minute on how to do that work! Here, either a man with slavery mentality will work or a workman for wages where the relation is bereft of love….

In intimate relations where love prevails between the members, the best discipline would be not to do these works along with the members unless there is a hold up! At that point of time also, one should just give a minimum support to enable the member come out of the difficulty and further keep off….In the long run, this discipline alone works for true peace in the family….

In my case, there are equally other important works with me to be done for the family. And I am a free man there to do these works! So, let me be doing all these works for the family and wherever over lapping with their works arises, let it be though a minimum involvement from my side....Thus, right works by the right people in right time will be done which is always good for a family…. Should we not be ever doing in this way?”

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Should I limit myself in helping others beyond?


“My dear! You have understood the concept of family in a wrong way!" continued the well-wisher.  "It is ultimately a sacred duty where I should work only for the betterment of family members and have no expectations! There alone lies my true elevation and peace….In fact expecting the returns from family takes us nowhere. All methods of serving others beyond family level are not insisted for an individual but are good if done! All these are suggested by our sacred books in one’s life as certain ways of sharing our assets with others there by benefiting self with the merits of doing these noble jobs. Even though the ‘self’ is involved in all these activities, it is involved in a much elevated way rather than expressing in the routine base way that ‘I am for myself’…"

The well-wisher continued, "Your boy is doing something more than all this, in which direction normally many people restrict themselves. He is thus expressing himself at a higher level in life and naturally the return benefits too are the superior ones for him! Don’t you want these for him? How can we tell him to act in plane which is an inferior plane of action in this context! You should be proud that your child is doing something which is much more superior from ethics point of view! He is already viewed that way by all the people around! Let us not call it….’He is wasting his energy!’ Very low way of limiting him in these activities and for such a proposal he too may not respond as the drive in him has its own momentum beyond our convictions on self protection!”

Monday, May 21, 2012

Should I limit myself in helping others beyond?

“My son is a little more open minded. He is of outgoing nature and helps people beyond. This ‘beyond’ attitude has no meaning. In this context, he is not caring for himself. I have to take care of many things in life on his behalf. I am thus burdened too much. Further, I am sad that all this happens when energies are intact. What will happen when the curtains are down? He never thinks of that moment” Thus an elderly gentleman, expressed his total anguish to a well-wisher!

“Why are you worried, my dear?” the well-wisher comforted him smilingly! “Don’t you want your boy to be a better man in life? In life, no one had truly become better by working totally for himself/herself! A life, wherein one totally expends on one ‘self’ sharing with none is a life of total burden even though my ‘self’ always propose this strongly! In order to see that ultimately I do not end up working and living exclusively for myself, our societies around have proposed the responsible way of living through sharing. The family concept originates here. One rises himself/herself through this service to fellow beings. Beyond this, our societies further have proposed disciplines like caring for friends, caring in the neighborhood, showing charity to the deserving etc. through various social programs….”

“Excuse me!” The gentleman interrupted the well-wisher…., “All this I know. If I spend my energies and monies on my family, it is good for me because they are the people who come for my rescue when I am in trouble. But tell me, how totally an outsider who had been benefitted by me in a good way will come to my rescue in times of need? It appears to me a total waste of doing thus!” ….

 To be continued….

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is my advice the right one?

A man was advising a friend thus….

“You see! I had a similar situation, almost the same conditions! As you stated, the finances were limited, people around were non co-operative and non supportive, the surroundings were unfavorable and the time was bad….Further, I had the same inhibitions like yours….the fear of failure was in forefront and everything in me was equally non co-operative!   But, having determined myself, I faced all odds….Thus, life for some time was not smooth but I had put up with the same, made my way and created  an impression around that I made it....It is the spirit in us and if we look and explore the same, wonders will be done!  Still tougher things,appearing as huge mountains initially  look like hillocks as you progress and you will cross them in no time….Thus, the determination moves ahead!”

“You might have said the reasonable truth” said an elderly wise man by the side all the time watching and listening to the man. “You see! The psychologies should never be compared and talked....They may look the same but the inside potentials are different for each individual. We are no one to judge these personalities and we can never do that too! The inside, basically guides an individual and that ever expects free environment, freedom of expression and a say for the ‘self’ however ugly the ‘self expression’ may be! If these are allowed for each individual at core levels, that’s all we have done our job! Rest depends on the Nature’s plan! So let me advise in such a gentle way, simultaneously okaying and allowing the personality to plan and do what he/she likes and thus be in tune with Nature; that’s all and I have done my job!  Any pressure beyond…. instead of helping may put down the personality permanently.   I should never interfere here with the Nature!”

The right Service....

“I am doing a lot for my family. I love them. I work for them to the core. But they expect me to show result everywhere. I am all the time working for the same. But you know, the results are not totally in my hand. Sometimes there is a downfall in the achievement. I am rebuked for the same. I do not understand how to address this problem. I am sad….” A  man in mid forties thus expressed to an elderly gentleman one day evening….

“My Dear! I clearly understand your predicament” said the elderly. “You see! We, most of the times do our works to please our people, that’s the mistake we do! It is difficult to understand this. When I try this way, surely, I will feel bad when failure strikes….Forget about rebuke from the family members….I, myself would be feeling bad for my failure even if they are all supportive. The simple discipline in this scenario is to understand that I am not here to do the works of some other person and thus please him/her who ever the individual may be…. I am doing my works because there only lies the safety for me and for everyone around!”

While departing the elderly said, “You should always focus on doing your works with as little diversions as possible. The diversions are easy ways of life and they exactly come in the way of doing the required works. So, be attentive in respect of diversions….Then, whatever results may come, they are always acceptable with one hundred percent smile….And all good lies in this attitude alone!”

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

* In life, sometimes I am nothing....

A close knit joint family decided to go for a picnic on the week end to a nearby beautiful Valley a midst a thick jungle.... The members were mostly young with full of energies and children including a small kid.... It was a cloudy day and heavy rains with flood warning was the forecast.... But the young members at the back of tons of enthusiasm never retreated.... They said, “It's nothing.... We will go ahead with our plan and enjoy the trip!” Thus they set off for the trip in their vehicle in the early morning hrs.... The plan was reach the place in an hour's time, spend time in the Valley till evening and return by night... And it was all the fun for a while….

Soon, it started raining cats and dogs and the visibility around became poor in no time.... The members said, “Let's continue.... It is more fun now!”  On the way, the vehicle gave way; a Tyre got punctured and the vehicle squarely came to a halt.... The members said, “It is nothing; all we have to do is change the Tyre!” With the required effort they completed the job in a short time.... And the journey continued.... Further down, a boulder fell down from the surrounding slope and blocked their way….The youngsters with their energies shifted the boulder to a side and moved on.... All the time, heroic activities indeed and nothing seemed to stop them! Thus went on the journey for another half hour….Thick jungle and hilly terrain around soon leading into the picturesque Valley....

Suddenly the small kid started crying….They immediately consoled the child.... The kid was cool for a while but again started the cry....

The members tried their best to cool the child by various means…. All the efforts soon failed, they were back to square again and the child continued the cry!  All the way, the mother was trying her best comforting the child!  Another half hour passed with the child crying intermittently....

Suddenly the mother said, “My child appears restless.... I can see the familiarity of home missing.... The jungle around is threatening.... The little one needs the comfort of home with the associated items and sounds around.... The unfamiliar issues around are making my baby sick! And no medical aid is around....No more staying here and let's get back home at the earliest!”

That's all....There was truly 'No Go' for all the energy around and all headed home in no time!

Am I prepared in life?

“Father, we are grown up and have fully taken care of our responsibilities. We play safe everywhere, try to follow all health practices and care for our monies. But you still admonish us daily for being careless. Are you never satisfied with what we do? This is too much and we can take it no more….”

“Yes! My Children! I am doing this and I continue to do this unless you prove to me the best in these three core aspects of life. Sorry, I cannot leave the matter to winds….”

“We are clueless here! Can you explain what is lacking in us?”

“As you stated, the three core issues in life Viz., Safety aspects, Health issues and Monetary dealings of which you are taking good care have three extremities with them….

The first one is….They may fail suddenly unknowingly with all care around. Are you prepared?

The second is….They may demand extra ordinary capacities unknowingly beyond what you have planned with you. Are you prepared?

The third extremity is…. Once in a way, two of these or all three together may show their ugliness by simultaneously failing! Here I should be mentally prepared for the situation even though my physical levels will never support! This is the ultimate in Understanding, difficult to remember continuously but trial in this direction should never stop!

If you have understood what I said and are truly prepared to meet the exigencies then only I can stop further advising. Till that time my responsibility stays!”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Am I progressing in the true spirit?

Two friends visited an Ashram and met the Head of the Ashram. One man was ahead in understanding the philosophical aspects of life with certain clarity of action and the other was struggling to understand living a life in that direction. The Master advised them to continue living with the discipline required and thus do good to the world. Both friends too felt that it was only the right way for them for rest of their lives.

Life moved on thus and a few years passed by….Both happened to meet the Master once again together on an auspicious day.

The Master looked at the one who was struggling all around and said, “My Dear! You made good progress!” But He looked at the other man and said, “Why are you away from the path?”

Both friends looked astonished with the comment made by the Master and sought an explanation from Him.

The Master smiled and said, “I understand your doubt. When you visited me the first time, one of you were already ahead in this path. The other was lagging behind. But now as I see you both, the man lagging behind had progressed not much but done something in that direction in a sincere way. The other who was already ahead in this path, totally ignored the progress he had to show and stayed at the original point only as the pride in him that ‘He is better off’ kept him stagnant there.”

The Master concluded, “Humility in us is the most important entity in this path and our pride is number one enemy that keeps us away from being humble. A constant vigil on ‘oneself’ alone keeps off this demon coming anywhere near to us. Being involved sincerely in this sacred task is thus nothing but being ever vigilant!”

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thus go on the Economic activities around....

The economies of prosperous Nations are partly built though their own disciplined efforts and partly through the  exploitation of manpower of poor countries.

Many of these Nations are wise enough to cut down their own spending in many areas and expect their own people to pay there for the services provided. The discipline here is like  the rich man giving no luxury to his children easily till they become responsible in life but bringing them up with all care....

But a few of these Nations, have a style of living in their economies similar to a few rich men handing over the bank accounts and car keys to their children in their teens thus pampering them beyond.

All these Nations thus live with their economies beyond though indirectly.   But this luxury cannot be accepted by Nature!  Nature’s philosophy is ‘Contribute yourself for your betterment; none else!’

Even if this rule is broken indirectly, still the impact is same....Hence, there would be a day sooner or later when the economies of each of these countries are going to be in trouble....

Sure to happen but alas....

Here too, the exploitation continues....At that time of economic turmoil, the rich countries invariably pass their share of woes to poorer countries and the poor Nations have no go except take that burden on them!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 'Right Action'....

The disciple asked, “Reverend Sir! You have talked of ‘Right action’.   What is ‘Right action’?   How should one identify the same in one’s life?”

The Master said, “My Dear! I am glad that you have asked this. It is not possible to define exactly a ‘Right action’ for any one at any point of time. Devoid of total self, the action in front is the 'Right action.’ Since selfishness is part of our lives, the ‘Right action’ for an individual at any point of time lies between his/her requirement in the world and the interference the fulfillment of this requirement causes for others around or in distance. If only this requirement comes down naturally by God's Grace without any extra effort from the individual, the ‘Right action’ will be redefined. All our efforts should be to see this balance state clearly, start living at that level by continuously doing the related ‘Actions’ and be at Peace! Thus our ‘Right actions’ do always exist by our side!”

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 'Ever Task' in front of me....

The Almighty is all the time a True Task Master!  The Lord always keeps me busy and expects me to take up the responsibilities of my level.

If I keep off from doing my job out of neglect, He gives me a hit and wakes me up. Soon I have to mend myself; no go!

If I keep off from doing my job out of fear of involving, He soon gives me a new situation where in I am forced to involve….

If I start doing my job without any lapse from my side, He gives me additional responsibility to involve further!

Thus, it is ever my wisdom to involve in my responsibilities with full devotion and be ready to take up new challenges in that direction…. This discipline alone is the ultimate safety for me none else!