Tuesday, October 30, 2012

@@ The difficulty of Understanding....

“It is really strange…. Our Management Office has to deal with a problem and the members constantly are questioning the Manager In-charge and sometimes it goes to the level of hurting him straight. The poor man is unable to answer them and is totally in a confused state.   As a member, I never questioned or would question the Manager on my portion of this issue. It is crystal clear to me that that responsibility is totally mine. And this equally applies to all the members.  Sometime back, I explained to this Manager in depth, the back ground of this issue and asked him to answer any member who questions him to say that as the Manager of the Group, he himself had nothing to do with the situation but he could help….Still, it is not clear to this man, he is unnecessarily taking the blame and is not able to reply to the members. Why can't he understand what I say and speak clearly ‘what is’ to the members?  Had  I been in his position, I would have seen that none of the members speak one word on this issue and keep off instantly….” Thus said a middle aged man proudly to his friend while discussing a burning issue in his Group....

The friend who happened to be a deep thinker all through his life, listened to the man, paused a while and said, “My dear!  Here in, you know the answer crystal clear and are wondering why the Manager cannot speak the same….The simple answer is....Like all the other members, the Manager too is not understanding in depth whose basic responsibility lies here…Had it been clear to him, he would have spoken the same and would have settled the issue long back; no doubt on this!

The problem in life is…No one understands a particular subject crystal clear except a few but if such a person of clarity starts wondering how others don’t get it, it means that he/she too had not understood the matter one hundred percent. This is the beauty in life as our self interest in a fine way covers up the ultimate understanding and make us believe that the other man alone is/was responsible for our troubles.

You can do nothing here….Repeated explanations may help to some extent but basically I should be sensitive to the difficulty of the other man and thus be considerate to his problem.   Leaving this, if I pounce myself on the other out of anger or disgust, how am I better here?.... Instead, an ordinary man who diverts and pacifies the affected friend is truly helping out to a certain extent!”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Loss or Gain, I should ever be a Hero!

“Sir! I have a basic doubt. Why not we risk something at least sometimes in life?  If it is a success, surely it is an achievement…. Of course, it can be a failure too….Then we simply lose; that's all!  Is not this life worth venturing that way?  A rich experience definitely adds up here…. Further, it is a fact of life that nothing comes with us and when age takes over, what I was able to do earlier, I can do no more!  Then, is it is not the right time to venture when everything is with me?  And surely, I will be taking care to see that I am always well within my limits. I try to spend or venture with only such monies/energies which are either already earned by me/with me or can be earned/recouped quickly in no time as I have a steady job and good health through God's Grace. Please advise me over these doubts….”

“Yes dear!  You can do venturing and I emphasize that you should venture many times whether you succeed or not because in that process you learn a lot.  More than all this, a tough personality comes up in you which ultimately does good everywhere of course when Ethics of life are upheld all along…. But do you know one thing?  What many people generally shun and brand a path as one not be followed, it is wisdom I avoid the same as that is backed by their rich experience which had seen many perils in that direction!  Only when people do avoid certain paths of life through a belief, I can definitely venture in that direction but I should see that never I earn their wrath or non co-operation at anytime in that process. In fact, it is a heroic activity if I get their blessings there….Lots of convincing and persuasion are the primary tools of action here along with a firm decision on my side to go ahead! These are the general guidelines of action that save us many times in life!

The final important aspect in this context is....You may loose all that what you said in the process of venturing either temporarily or permanently, still nothing befalls on you…. But if you do something in a path where no one treads easily whatever may be the end result, won't you become small in front of all who see you as a man of no principles?  Do you want that title ultimately?  This title continues with you even if you make a fortune here and in such a scenario, you are never a Hero!!!”

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wake-up Call required many times in life....

A benevolent Emperor had a Minister with him who often used to play the role of an Adviser/ Counselor in his official / personal life.   He had a strange habit with him.  Whenever the Emperor faced a failure and lost something, he used to say openly, “Your Majesty!  It is God’s Will!  Remaining is only yours!” 

There was a meaning to that and the Emperor always took it in the right sense!  That way, the Minister carried true respect in the hearts of the Emperor and his Court Officials....And the Emperor in spite of having faced many misfortunes in his regime, quickly recovered with this revelation!

But fate some times would be too cruel….

It so happened that the king in the neighborhood out of his greed, silently worked on a plan, built up a strong battalion of army and suddenly attacked the Emperor.  Being totally unprepared for such an attack from the neighborhood friendly king, the Emperor in spite of fighting valiantly, lost the battle!  He was forced to leave the Capital with his family and move to a distant place. The Minister too sincerely followed him all the way.

The people in the new place, welcomed them 
with all sympathy and respect and accommodated them but could not do anything more than that from their side. Finally, a small life was in front of the Emperor and his Royal family! 

At that time too....After the settlement, the Minister repeated his words….

The Emperor had totally lost his temper and shouted angrily at the Minister, “Every thing is taken away from me…the kingdom, the wealth, the prestige and what not…. Still you say remaining is mine!  What is there with me now and what is the use of that left out?”

The Minister smiled and said, “Your Highness! You are mistaken....Tell me  honestly….Are not your body, mind and support of your people with you intact? These are the tools every one on the earth uses diligently to grow and expand.   If you want, you too can do a lot now….These precious entities gifted by the Almighty and built through your effort and goodness alone would bring you a fortune in time. What more really do you need now except the courage to get up and a will power to achieve what you want?” 

The Emperor was highly inspired with the explanation given by the wise Minister and instantly made up his mind to fight back what ever!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The true reason for apathy at Work….

A Company was doing well.  Its order book was swelling. The Management had gone ahead with recruitment of the best young talent from all prestigious Educational Institutions.  And they were offered the good salaries, perks and what not….

Years rolled by….Strangely, a downward trend entered in this company!

A few new Entrepreneurs around having smelled a fortune in the field, entered to make hay and quickly captured some of the Orders of the market!  Next they lured the stalwarts from the parent Company for elevated posts and much better salaries. Thus, the original Company could no more retain the talent….Slowly, its finances became tight, elaborate training in the latest techniques which could be given 
earlier easily became unaffordable and younger talent could not be attracted….

A true analysis was made for the reason of downfall….In the process, some strategies were worked out for improving the performance….That story goes in different direction….

A question independent of this was debated…. ‘Why does a Company having appointed the best talent could not continue in business?’ The following was found to be the right answer:

The Company which provided everything to the employee had forgotten one crucial issue in the process i.e., upholding the integrity of the employee!  Highest integrity prevails when and only when the Employer cares for the Employee a little beyond what is mandatory as per the welfare measures in force simultaneously not pampering him/her even a bit at any time. The ideal way here would be when the Owner starts believing that the Company indirectly belongs to the Employees too and as a Owner, his/her stake is always related to securing own essentials. 

It is similar to the attitude of a parent if not the same, towards his/her ward where in the bond is always felt deep in the hearts of both which can never be shaken at any time by the outside forces.   The ward in spite of not getting immediately anything from parent's wealth, simply works all the time to protect or improve  it! 

 And this type of attitude would surely be missing when a business interest to encash the maximum lurks in the mind of the Owner and in such a scenario downward trend is imminent sooner or later if not immediate!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Story behind….

The Stalwart Rulers of two Nations met an evening in a picturesque Hill Resort on one of the days of their holiday tour to a distant place.... 

After a few enquiries and exchanges, one of them asked the other, “What strategy do you follow in your governance to arrive at a decision and subsequently implement all major and crucial policies?

The other leader smiled and said, “It is simple and straight forward!  I decide upon myself what is good for my people and straight away implement it….And no one in my country can question that!  My people subsequently may experience some difficulties in following the related rules and regulations and at times become really unhappy but soon they adjust and abide to what I decided for them. But in the end they always see in this, a true benefit for them!”

To a similar question raised by the second, the first one replied, “See!  My people are staunch supporters of Democracy. They want everything to be discussed, debated and then only decided!  I need to allow that….So, I first decide on what I like to do, allow all this process as routine and finally somehow implement what I wanted initially….Here, my people do not protest because they are one hundred percent made to believe that I listened to them everywhere!”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ultimately my Effort alone is the Best….

There is no other better way than doing my basic works myself!

My body needs routine movements & the related straining and my mind needs timely involvement to keep them in a fit and healthy condition….And these movements / involvement exactly match with the requirements of living a Natural life!   

In practical life, the requirements of my actual living differ as I am partly away from Nature but still my basic works are more or less the same.... 

Some of my works have to be outsourced or 'Help' may have to be bought  in those areas because I necessarily would be doing my own work in my area of specialization and my major portion of energies and time have to go in that direction.  Further, I would be earning a decent salary here!  

But, all the time I should take care to see that never these works which are outsourced or where 'Help' is being purchased are my basic works!  And if I am alert, I can easily see this demarcation where my works totally become own personal.  And here, strictly  buying 'Help' should stop and ‘Self Help’ should begin.... 

The strain undergone by me to do these basic works is the golden goose by my side which lays golden eggs continuously through out my life in the form of ‘Good Health and Well-Being!’

Don’t we want the supply these golden eggs throughout our lives?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

There is no go here....Should I not see this soon?

“Sir! How important are health and safety in one’s life?”

“My dear!  As I live through my life, I make use my body 
continuously for all of my age related activities and constantly express and feel myself through this physical entity that is with me....Thus seen in total, my body is a vehicle of my activities, expressions and feelings in my life and is all the time dearer to me! 

And naturally such a precious entity with me should be in good shape, be active and safe in the environment where I continuously live.   For this to happen, the health and safety of the vehicle become prime important.  Health is maintained to continue the activities well and safety is practiced to preserve the body in shape and form and many times both of these are interrelated….

At any time in my life, If I start neglecting the care of my body because of certain forces in me suddenly becoming prominent, my body would 
mostly put up with this neglect/abuse up to a limit but generally will not permit  beyond….I should ever make a note of this danger, should never yield to these forces easily and thus follow a certain disciplined life! 

Again, if I am compelled by my habit or forced by circumstances to indulge in unhealthy and unsafe practices, let the involvement be limited as my mind, a monster by my side gets its way through many times without my knowledge! This check is essential in my life all the time!

Finally to say....No known methods would guarantee one hundred percent health and safety in life and still both of these may be in danger in spite of all precautions followed.  Thus, a sincere Prayer to the Almighty to guard me all the time alone is the Ultimate in my life but only after my daily care is one hundred percent implemented in action!"