Friday, November 21, 2014

Hasten Slowly but sure Steadily!

“I do not know how to manage all these works of mine…. My Colleague friend had left one of his works too with me as he had to go on an Outstation Personal Duty…. I’ve to help him out here as he was the man who was supportive in some of my personal issues that came up earlier…. For such a personality, I can never say, 'NO!' but I have my own works too with me which I cannot stop…. I am totally lost!” thus was complaining a man of mid thirties over the pressures in his day to day works to an elderly Well-wisher one day Evening….

The Well-wisher listened to him fully and said, “My dear! I understand that your friend Colleague was of much help to you and you should ever be grateful to such a Personality having come to your rescue in time.... And further, you cannot stop your own works too and you have to attend to them with all devotion…." the elderly paused for a while and continued...."But I have a question here…. How is that you, earlier could not do the so called your works in time and took help from this friend for that?  Had you been careful all along, this problem would not have come to you at all….”

“What are you talking, Sir? Where was the time for me to do all that?  Had my friend not supported me at that time…..”

“Dear! I understand that many times, works requiring more than 24 hrs would be with us and we cannot have an escape there other than completing them but there is equally a duty with us to finely segregate all works into the essential and non essential ones, attend to the essential ones on war footing and plan the non essential over a period of time so that their execution does not hamper with the essential.... Further to this, the distribution of all these works among the people responsible for doing them should be done in time and thus manage the affairs all along…. Instead here, you have taken up the whole on you at a time and thus when attempted doing the same, found impossible to do and the friend who was just on the scene looked like a Savior…. You instantly took his help like a drowning man in waters and came out of the situation…. My question here is….Why at all you came to a drowning stage through a neglect of your own proper planning and distribution of all these works?” 

While leaving the elderly smiled, patted the man and said, "Remember dear! God had given us exactly 24 hrs in a day not a little more nor less.... Here, we have to hasten else the time may run out but equally slow down so that we will have some time at our disposal.... This sure can be done, if we re-look once into the whole process of allocation Time and Resources.... Ultimately this is the only way with us....Doing both the actions in parallel continuously so that we 'DO' as well as 'RELAX' all the time!"

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Silent Noblest Wish....

The son was in Class 7th.... He had an option of speaking on a Subject in his Elocution Period.... He avoided giving his name.... The father came to know about that, straight away met his Class Teacher and included his name....

"I don't like giving a Speech in front of my friends!" pleaded the son....
"You should develop these Skills.... Avoiding is no solution here.... Select one of Topics given, prepare well and speak out!" ordered the dad.... The son murmured in himself....

He was in Class 9th.... He had to give his name for a Voluntary Service.... He avoided that.... The father came to know that, went to the School and straight way gave his name....

"I have to concentrate on my Studies... These come in my way!" said the son....
"Try manage both.... You should involve in such Works once in a way!" clarified the father saying indirectly that there was no go there.... The son was angry but kept quiet....

He was in his 12th Class.... He concentrated, wrote the Local Competitive Exam and was through.... The father made him apply for other Competition Exams too where he was eligible and write those Exams....

"Why all these when I am sure of my Local Exam?" asked the son....
"You should know what Competition is and better you write every one in front of you!" explained the father....
"This way, I am confused!" replied the son.... The dad kept quiet....

He had his selection of Job where in out of the two Local Posting he got, one had less Pay and 6 Month Training outside his City....

"This Company is better than the other even though they pay less initially and have Training away from Headquarters.... Select this one.... it is a good start in your Career!" said the father....
"When the other Company is paying more and their training is only for 3 months that too locally why all this unnecessary work? I want to join the second Company!" asserted the son...
"Do what I say.... There is good in that for you in the long run!" assured the dad....

The son moved out reluctantly for 6 months, had his Training and was posted back to his City... He was the happiest man on the first day of going for his Job.... The dad silently wished him the best.... He returned late in the evening quite tired and was resting in his room.... All the time he was silent.... The dad asked what had happened at his first day of Work....

The son said, "They showed my place, my computer and assigned me some Work... I had to continuously do that all the eight hrs till the last minute the Office closed except for Lunch and Tea Breaks.... That's all, nothing great!" said the son....

"Yes, dear! Relax now! You are at your best... All these days, my constant worry was to put you in this line which was never one day's Work... It's a total build up from scratch from the time you entered your School.... You might have resisted many times, but finally co-operated and joined in every activity I insisted.... Today, you are the Right Personality well prepared to take up in the coming days the turmoils, stress and strain and cut throat Competitions around you in your field of Work and Overall in your life too.... Your day One started today.... But no despair.... Relax, ask me what you want, have the best around you and rejuvenate yourself for a tomorrow's likely more difficult day in your job.... All the Best for you; well done!" said the father with a smile on his face and a pat on his son's back....

The son was speechless.... He was instantly takenover by an emotion when he saw the Eternal Love behind his father's every action that helped him become the fit person in life.... He mused silently....

"I promise you dad, I sure will do my best here, get laurels everywhere, turnout gold and keep up the silent wish of yours in your heart that I should be the best in my life.... And thank you dad, for this Priceless Contribution of yours for all these years towards me enabling me stand as the Right Individual in the Society!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The 'Unpleasantness' around should never force me dilute my 'Responsibility!'

The Head of a family used to act in a particular way and the family members were questioning those actions repeatedly…..

“Why don’t you do in a way that would benefit us a little more? You follow everything to the root and it ultimately takes away even the little benefit we will be getting in the process….To say openly, you are not really helping us in this context!” were their comments.....

“I am not supposed to act in the way you are asking to me do…. If I do that way, finally there will be damage for certain section of individuals….That will take me as well as you no where beyond except temporarily keeping all of us mesmerized for a while…That’s all!" replied the Head....

“But, just because some where, some thing gets affected, why do you straight away deprive us of what we are rightly eligible to get from you?” asked a member a little annoyed….

The Head patted him, smiled and said, “My dear! You are right and I should never deprive you of what all you are supposed to get from me but only in a 'Right Way'…I am stressing the word…'The Right Way!’ This is a tricky word because each individual understands the meaning of the 'Right' in a different way…. But there is an Ascending order in this Understanding and the man of Higher Understanding is supposed to act with that Understanding alone which may look contradictory to the next man…. So, the next man thus may misunderstand him / her, but it is only temporary as ultimately there is good in such doings for every one…. Extending this Philosophy to the greatest point, the Great men of the Highest Understanding even left the family responsibilities in front to Meditate and thus do ‘good’ to the entire Universe and the world carries the Reverend Respects for Them even today….

While concluding the Head said with all firmness, “My dear all!   The Creator is ever watching me doing the required actions from me at a level of my own Understanding of the Truth.... I cannot deviate here and ultimately end up in doing a thankless job in the world and putting up a sorry face in front of the Almighty as I leave the world!”

Saturday, November 15, 2014

'Gone with the Wind'.... At One Stroke!

It was 1st Oct of the year..

On that day, the young man who was posted on Office Work to the far distant land away from his Native Place for a period of one year landed at the new place.. The next moment he noticed that he was well separated from his dear Home Town through thousands of miles across huge expansive oceans as the typical Homesickness Feeling overtook him.. Yes.. A dreaded feeling, if one truly experiences and that way in no time,  the young man was terribly homesick!  

He found nothing common at the new place to his usual day to day experiences of life.. 

  • The food was different, the taste was different, the items in the market were different, the language was different, people's habits were different, the heat, cold, dust, rain and the weather in general were different.. 

With the distance and cost of travel remaining high and at the back of the continuous work without any hope of getting leave from work, soon it was totally a gloomy situation for him except for the brief periods when a few friends of him were with him.. For a while, he was counseled by his friends and appeared to have recovered to some extent from it.. But something was still bothering him all the time.. Something seriously missing.. 


Towards the Mid October, once the young man happened to visit a nearby Book Store just to spend some time.. There again he noticed that the books too were different except a few countable in number.. The subjects too were different and were never to his taste..

Moving thus as he went to a corner searching a lot for his choice, suddenly his attention was drawn towards something hanging on the wall there.. 

Yes! Finally he could see something exactly 1:1 what he had repeatedly seen, gone through, studied, argued on and was a Master of that for so many years.. 


That single Map suddenly brought a Great Feeling in the young man that he was never away from his Home.. The very Feeling was indeed a Big Boon to him and all of a sudden he found that he was totally freed from his vexed problem persisting till then.. With that Great Recovery feeling, he instantly started seeing a few other common things which he failed to notice till then..

  • 'Yes!  Here, the People too are basically one and the same with the same type of physiques, the same feelings of pleasure and pain and the same expressions and requirements with them..
  • The Nature around is the same with the clouds, waters, air, hills, vegetation around with so many common entities that can never be off from the scene..
  • The weather might have been seen as different, but the words heat, cold, rain, lightening, thunders, wind convey the same known meaning only..

Then THAT VERY MUCH LOVED FAMILIARITY is intact in the New Place if seen in the Right perspective.. Then where is the crippling terrible Home sickness now?'  

That night the young man had a lengthy heart felt conversations with his friends on site and telephonic calls with his near and dear ones at distance and as he was returning to bed for a restful sleep which was a dream till the other day, he noticed himself unknowingly whistling aloud..

The piece of World Map purchased and brought home by the young man with all Reverence and Respect and positioned in his bed room hanging to the wall was silently conveying the Eternal Message of the ever existing 'ONENESS' amidst the countless dividing tendencies with the human beings!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The 'Funny Part' of a 'Sophistication' highly acclaimed!

A Service Provider advertised thus…. “Apart from our Sophisticated Systems delivering to you every bit of fineness, we are equally looking at how to address in a dedicated way all the breakdowns and rectification problems that would be coming up with time so that along with the Sophistication, our Customers are very much attended to for timely rectifications of the defects and they are not kept waiting unnecessarily or kept in darkness not knowing when the fault would be rectified….

In this context, we are coming out with an Innovative Plan where in a dedicated Complaint receiving, progressing the rectification work keeping very much the time element in picture and closing the complaint request after the rectification in a systematic way form the key Elements of the Plan!”

The Customers were happy with what all was promised…. Further, to their surprise, they quickly noticed that not only the promise, the practice too was instantly ‘ON’ without a bit deviation from what was promised…. ‘Yes! The Best System with us!’, they thought….

That day, when a Customer had a breakdown in his System, he immediately took his phone and by dialing an easily remembered number, a single ring guided him in no time, thru’ the whole process of booking the Complaint with a polite ‘Thank You’ in the end…. As the man very much waited for a faster rectification, to his own surprise in an hr’s time, the System was back to normal…. The man was truly thrilled….

Two days passed…. On the third day again there was a break down and he quickly registered his Complaint….

In an hr’s time, a Message was there on his Phone and in his Mail box…. ”Your complaint is registered…. The Reference No is (very long number)…….. The Status is …’Work is in Progress!’”

He was very happy and for a while, whenever he rang up to know what had happened, The Message repeated…. And the problem too continued….

The same day evening, another Message was received on his Phone and in his Mail box…. “Your Complaint has been assigned to Mr……. and our Service Man will do the needful…. Please relax!”

The problem continued the next day too and the Message repeated whenever he rang up to know the status….

On the third day, a new Message was there with him…. ‘The Service Man had noted the defect in the System which can be rectified from our end itself…. Please relax and your System will soon be alright….”

The same day evening, the new Message received was…. “The defect against your Complaint No……… is rectified and the Complaint is closed…. Your System works without a problem now!”

He was about take the matter to the concerned Official when a new Message was received on his Phone and in his Mail box….”Your Complaint is registered…. The Reference No is ….. ….The Status is…. Work is in Progress!”

(If you read carefully, the funny part of the whole process can be seen in no time as the entire ‘Messaging Process’ was lagging behind by three days, without reference to when the ‘Rectification’ was done and in that urgency, the long ‘Reference Numbers’ could truly be not referred…. And the second Rectification here needed more time!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

'Work Priorities' in no time set right all that 'Simmering Unrest!'!

A casual talk among five Colleagues at a Party that Sunday Evening….

“That place is very much quake prone…. How much tension it is if you know that the earth below can shake at any time? I don’t like such places at all!”

“If you ask me more than quakes, cyclones scare me a lot…. I can’t think of living in such places, we don’t know when the sea can rise and come on to the land followed by high speed winds…. "

“Actually, flooding is the one that haunts me a lot…. I know in some areas, even little rain is enough…. Sheets of water on roads and into the houses…. "

“Actually, extreme hot places are a real problem…. Some places are so hot, dry and dusty in summer, you cannot come out almost for the whole day…. ”

“You mentioned…. More than heat, cold scares me a lot…. When it snows in hilly areas, suddenly so much snow fall completely cutting off all vehicular movements till help reaches or snow melts....”

The next day morning the Brief given by the Boss to the five in his Chamber….

“Gentlemen! A good News for all of us…. Our Company had unveiled its ambitious Plan to expand its Business in five new areas on the Globe where we can establish, tap the potential, create demand and thus build a strong Customer Base in the coming days…. Necessary Permissions to do our Business in these areas have been obtained from the concerned Authorities…. 

Our Chief wants you five Seniors to be assigned with the Preliminary task of spreading our Company’s message among the locals there…. In this context, you have to temporarily relocate yourself to these areas…. It goes a minimum of two years to establish and tap the potential fully.... We will add some more members to the Team in the coming days…. 

You can choose yourselves among these Places but these five places have one or the other extreme weather conditions…. But don’t worry, people are living there for Centuries enjoying the exclusive Benefits which Mother Nature bestows on them liberally which we miss very much…. It's time we too be in communication with Nature by living in these Places for sometime  and this is a Golden Chance in that context....

Please take charge of the things immediately and plan yourself to move to the new Places in a fortnight!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Love is nothing but 'Action;' devoid of that is forever, a 'Careful Action' only!

The young men were too ambitious to take care of the Little One of 8 Months when the Mother was just away.... That time was the feeding time for the baby with solid food and the young men decided to do that job in the best way.... 

One man made the Little one sit with him well dressed....
Another one kept his Eating Plate clean and ready....
The third brought the soft cooked Cereal mixed with curd....

When they readied everything, they found no spoon with them to feed the Baby.... And, the fourth one ran to get the silver spoon which was specially kept for the child....

The Little one waited till that time.... He was not knowing that he had to wait for his food.... The food in front was great for him.... The Little mind knew only that some one would get it nearer to him.... When that not did take place, the hunger ruled in no time and the child started crying aloud....

The youngsters were quite perplexed with child's cry and were hastening up the process of searching his silver spoon and finally one of them shouted, "Get some spoon.... The baby is crying!"

Before that man could do that, the Mom having heard the feeble cry of her Young One from a distance instantly ran to him, grabbed the food in the plate with her hand and just fed the baby for the moment.... It was almost a lightening fast instantaneous action.... The Child just started eating what his Mom gave him and the next moment he was smiling at her....

Seeing that, an Elderly of the family remarked.... "Dear Boys! All your magic and show is nothing in appeasing the child compared to what his Mom does for him.... And nothing else can replace that very Sacred Action in this world.... The Love behind never looks at the procedures.... It simply acts and fulfills the requirement of Nature in total.... And there alone lies the True Safety and Development of the Child.... All said and done the rest whatever be, are always inferior to this Number one Natural Expression around us!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something.... 'Worthy of Listening!'

The Great Man was told he was freed because of no fault of Him and out of consideration and respect for His honest living…. "What is the use? The very Problem for which I am protesting remains as is…. I am not happy with this freedom given to me…. Rather, I would very much like to be constrained for the Cause!" He said! Truly, an Example of self Denial…..

On another occasion, He came to know that the Roommate of Him was active with his unethical activities in his absence…. On a tipoff, one day He straight away went to the Room, caught the Roommate red handed and said, “This moment, leave my Room and go…. Else I am going to the concerned Authorities for necessary action!” When the friend threatened to malign His name if He did that, the Great Man said very firmly…"Do what you want…. I don’t intervene…. But you can never be with me doing these unethical activities!" Sure an Exemplary Act of self Cleansing…..

On a third occasion, when He came to know that one of His associates was planning to end Him, one day late night the Great Personality went to his house with a dagger and said, “I came know that you wanted to end me as you did not like my activities…. I don't want this to continue…. Here, I am in front of you, this is the weapon with me and you can end me this moment…. I never informed any one on this and no one knows that I came here!” Finally, The Ultimate Act of self Sacrifice….

The Great Personalities forever are Great and Worthy of Worship as They constantly aimed Themselves going up the Ladder of self Denial, self Cleansing and reach the Ultimate Stage of self Sacrifice where no Fear and Pain strike Them even a bit.... And the very Great Men of the Earth expected me too to do something well feasible by me at my own level in this direction of questioning the ‘self’ instead of forever running after the so called ‘self gratification’ alone all the time thus never caring for a True Improvement of my own 'Personality' in this life!

Isn't it worth listening?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

'Effects' of Taking Life 'Easy'....

###  A man cleaned his house in full and disposed off a huge amount of waste, excess, not useful and a few dangerous items into the Central Community Dustbin, wiped the house with good Cleansing Agent and dried up the floors…. Soon the house was shining with extreme neatness and order with a beautiful Odor of freshness….

In the afternoon after Lunch, he decided to lie down and take rest for a while…. “Let me open the windows so that fresh air comes in!” thinking thus he opened the windows and rested on his bed….

After some time, he started sensing a strange smell in the room which slowly intensified…. Soon, it was a bit unpleasant….

As he was thinking of the reason for the same, he instantly heard some one saying a bit louder outside…. “Aahh! My foot…. It’s bleeding! Damn the man who threw it out and washed off his hands! I don’t know when this waste rotting in this dust bin will be cleared…. It’s there for the past 3 days and is overflowing….. Morning wind had just blown off part of this along with these small, small items on to road and this one straight away got under my foot….”

###  A man had a small (never say small) bad habit of pilfering a few items from the Shop where he worked day and night….

And in time, he became conscious of his own doing….

“If I continuously do this in this way, soon my Owner would come to know about this in some fashion because he too is keeping a watch on me…. So better I switch over to another innovative method of syphoning off these items!”

Thinking thus, he quickly adapted a new method of pilfering for some more time…. Again there was no go and he had to change his method….

Thus the man continued with a few different methods of pilfering over a period of time but finally the Owner too became quite smart and on one fine day straight away caught him red handed…. Finally, the man’s tricks ended forever and he was handed over to the Authorities for necessary action….

He was murmuring in himself aloud, “If only had I thought of an extreme meticulous fool proof plan of lifting the items from the beginning, I would have never ended up like this for a life time!”

A wise man around hearing this, remarked, “If only, had you thought of being honest on your Job from the beginning, you would have sure never ended up like this for a life time!”

Saturday, November 1, 2014



What else can one call that other than 'True Innocence'..... 

When whatever Name given is gracefully taken,  whatever food given is simply eaten saying, 'Yummy!', which ever language spoken in front is taken as own and whatever habits taught are simply followed without expressing a single doubt on all that....

When the difference between 'Good' and 'Bad' could never be perceived, simply smiles even at the thief who comes to rob own living house….

When the costliest toy was given, not inspired by that contrary to the expectations of others quickly looks around and soon notices the opened Carton Box of the toy lying to a side, instantly fascinated by the size and color of it, happily picks it up and starts waving the same to and fro in air out of an explained joy….

When moved from one Area to an entirely different Area due to family relocation, instantly adapts to the new surroundings and becomes totally happy in seconds….

Whatever said and done by the Parent is simply taken as the True Reference of Living and further to that forms the entire Personality based on that alone without raising a single question / doubt in that direction….