Friday, July 31, 2015


Sishupala, the King of Chedi was pardoned by Lord Krishna for ninety nine mistakes committed by him but the Lord killed him on the hundredth mistake and restored Peace in the Kingdom.. Do you know what those 'one hundred mistakes' amounted to?” asked the Head of an Ashram to a congregation of ardent devotees listening to His Discourse..

All were silent..

The Master said, “Here the mistakes were neither the usual mistakes that one makes nor the personal attacks on others generally heard around.. 

  • The usual mistakes are inevitable as to ‘Err is human’ and we all are bound to commit them not a few times alone but many times in our life.. This is basically a force of habit and our immediate duty is to correct the same and help out recover from the damage.. 
  • The personal attacks are really bad, we should refrain ourselves from doing that and by mistake if anything done, quickly repent for the same and do the necessary corrective action..

But when a man sits on the Throne as a King, the Role of Ruling in the 'Right Way' is a very big Responsibility with him and there he should strictly monitor his own conduct and character, be fair and honest in all public related issues, take care of the weak of the Kingdom for their betterment and thus continue doing the related welfare activities.. 

When this Great Task is not accomplished properly, the King has no way continuing in his Role other than first step down from the Throne and equally face the charges that were made on him allowing a free trial..
  • But, when a King forgets all this, assumes the Role of Supremacy and misuses his Power, the actions related to that context are the 'Real Grave Mistakes’ in life or the 'Mistakes which can never be pardoned'..  And they equally include those, many times that might have been either hidden or could not be brought out by others because of fear of facing the wrath of the Core Community in Power which Group indirectly happened to be powerful..

These were exactly the real 'Serious Mistakes' mentioned in the story and the Chedi King should have been punished with the First Mistake itself.. 

But the Lord allowed even such Mistakes too up to a hundred (indirectly mentioned as a promise given to his mother) thus equally giving a fair chance to the energetic and charged King in the wrong way to truly rectify himself with a repentance at heart and do the required Right.. 

And again in that context, he would be equally more useful as a 'Good King' if changed there by establishing the Truth in Nature that in a conflicting situation, pardoning a sinner is a truly noble action if one wholeheartedly feels within to do that way..

Of course when that never happened, the Right Action there was to close the Chapter and Restore Peace among people and the Lord's Actions followed that Ultimate.. 

The story-wise act of hurling personal attacks on Lord Krishna by this King of Chedi was nothing but deviating from the Truthful Path by the King in respect of his own Sacred Duties in front and feeling himself superior to the Lord Who truly speaking is 'Ever All Powerful!'

Thursday, July 30, 2015


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  • "It's no problem here if you do as I tell you.. I'm going to tell all this out of my own personal experience in this direction.. I've seen many people getting benefitted here without single doubt.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "I know the problem and I know the solution too.. I'm 100% sure here.. Just do it.. You will be alright.. My directional sense here would never go wrong.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "I don't know what to say but sure I can say that many who had similar issues with them almost all were out of such mess, the moment they followed my advice.. In fact, they were all directionless initially, I alone set them right there.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!" 
  • "See! The Sun forever rises in the East and never the other way.. My direction of talk too is unique in that way.. It can never be the other way.. And I tell you.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "I know this time the winds are blowing from North.. That's why you are here, no where and exactly with me who can really steer your direction of thinking.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "See dear! A Navigator should truly know in which direction he is traveling.. You too are in midst of a sea like crisis and you have to set the sails firmly in the direction you are supposed to move in the situation... Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "Our life is a long journey as we travel in this life we are bound to lose our direction as the other beliefs too get in our way and make us shaky.. Leave all that and think here on what I say.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
  • "No more discussions needed here and the problem with you is crystal clear.. Steer your way and set your direction of thinking firm.. Indecision makes you confused.. Listen to me and you'll definitely be out of this trouble.. I promise!"
Eight knowledgeable men, eight firm advices, from eight directions of thinking that their way sure would work, all at a time in the mind of the man instantly produced a flash in him.. And there exactly thru' God's Grace, he could luckily see his own ninth direction within himself for his problem and that was truly the end of the story..

And the same was nothing but living thru' the physical aspects of life which anyhow have to be lived through by any one in the world suitably modifying the directions of actions as life would come up.. There one had to continuously address them through constructive action leaving a few which time alone could solve!' 
Thus finally, the man understood that alone as what is truly called 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There was a problem and all were trying to give a solution.. But no easy way was in front.. 5 minutes of struggle ensued.. The man intervened and resolved it just like that.. 'You should have done that earlier itself.. We were struggling all this time!" he was squarely blamed..

On another day, a similar thing repeated.. But the man knowing the solution was just silent for a while.. Half hr passed and nothing progressed.. They asked the man to try.. "I may not know... Anyhow let me try.. " he said and coolly solved the issue..

"Great!  You've done a job which none could do!" were the praises afterwards!

On another occasion, a video movie was being played.. It was abruptly stopped for a while and and again they wanted to start that.. "Where did we stop? Hmmh... Do you remember?" some one asked..

"It's the point where the Hero...... But I never liked the way he handled......." said the man.. "Who asked your opinion here? We just wanted to know where we stopped it; that's all!" said a member with a remorse feeling distinctly seen on his face..

On another day, the story was similar and when a member asked the man where they would have stopped it, the man smiled pretending his ignorance and kept silence for a while..

They soon recollected that, restarted the movie and asked the man at the end, "How did you like it?" "Yeah! I feel it's overall good!" he said..

"No.. We need your impartial opinion here!"
"Everything is good except only where the Hero..."
"Yeah!  We too feel that the scene should not have been included!"

On a third occasion, there were the usual discussions at a meet.. After a while they turned into heated discussions.. 

The man intervened and said,"Why unnecessarily point out each here?  Every one is equally correct!"  One man instantly jumped on him saying, "Who asked your judgement here?  Just keep off!"

On another occasion the same happened and some one asked him, "What do you say here?"  The man smiled and kept quite..

The heated discussions climaxed to finally squarely finding fault with one another and almost reached fist blows stage.. Subsequently it subsided and certain calmness prevailed for a while..

The man said,"Why unnecessarily point out each here? Every one is equally correct!"  Some one said, "You are right.. We had unnecessarily got into this!"

The man mused.. 

"All situations are not good enough to say the 'Right' unless the time is ripe for that.. Till then many times 'Smile and Leave' alone is the best solution every where!" 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A King was always under some sort of pressure in his Ruling.. Thus indirectly, he was a weak King.. 'When the King is weak, people are bound to suffer!'.. Thus goes the Saying.. And that happened there too..
  • A few Assistants noticed the King’s weakness and each one slowly started taking indirect powers into their hands in their areas.. And in no time, they became a sort of Mini Rulers in those own areas where in there was no representation to people beyond.. Thus continued the indirect dictatorship and people were helpless beyond..
  • In the process instead of acting in the right direction, the King further allowed it and thus became further weak.. 
  • Slowly, people were not at all allowed to go to him for anything and the Assistants as Mini Rulers themselves used to decide what to do and what not for the people.. Soon threatening signals from the Assistants started coming indirectly to the King about his dethrone if he intervened at anytime and talk against them.. 
  • By then the King was truly afraid.. He soon adapted to that and started talking everywhere, not straight but in a way that would not point out the Assistants..
  • The Assistants quickly sensed all that and in no time became truly the Rulers.. They understood that the King could do nothing to them to stop them from doing their actions.. From then on, they just allowed the King to rule on paper but gave instructions to him indirectly what to talk, where to talk etc, etc..
  • By then a great fear gripped the King, he followed the dictum indirectly and started telling lies everywhere.. Meaning, when something wrong was happening, something rosy was talked of and the King through his own words used to confirm 'The wrong as right!'  And that went on for some more time....
  • In short time, a stage had reached when the King was advised not to talk about his family freely and openly except what the Assistants advise upon.. And in a short time, that censoring further increased.. 
  • Slowly, the King started talking irrelevantly.. He started forgetting what he spoke earlier as each saying was built up and put forward so nicely.. Thus prevailed confusion everywhere in the Ruling by the so called name sake Great King!

In that scenario one fine day morning, the King saw a normal man entering the Palace and going in front of him whistling aloud not caring for him at all....

Seeing that behavior of a normal man in front of him in his own Palace, for the first time the King became very furious.. He abruptly stopped the man and asked him angrily, "Do you know what you are doing here and who am I in front of you?”

The man was totally in a different mood.. And upset with the intermittent questioning, he raised his voice and said “Yeah!  I know I am whistling..  But, I don’t know you.. What's the problem?  And why should I bother? Are you a VIP?  By the way, I want to know.. Who are you, man?” 

And exactly at that moment alone..
  • The man routinely moving round in the Palace wholly forgot that he was his King and 
  • Equally the King too just forgot who he was 
As for a long time the entire living around the two was nothing but a bundle of complicated lies alone!

(Based on a story I heard in my childhood)

Sunday, July 26, 2015


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The hot topic of the day within me was.. 
'Is my House in Order?'

As I perceived myself into the 'Inside Personality' through a certain introspection, it soon revealed.. 'Yes! There's really a disorder!' 

The next question followed in me..
'Why not I set it alright? No other work is more important than this at this moment!'

Subsequently there was a certain thought process moving in that direction..

'To the extent feasible, there should not be much difference between the inside and outside appearances.. Then only what is seen outside stays fresh forever else the danger of a collapse is imminent as the inside cannot remain secret for long and soon would explode with full steam..

Then outwardly if I'm looking fine, well balanced, all mannered and full of vigor, I should constantly maintain this balance inside too and if not the same, at least nearer to that as much as possible with an ever Correction Process 'SET ON' simultaneously within me!'

That rethinking further led me to certain deeper introspection.. 

'There are three activities I continuously do in my life.. They are.. Thinking, Speaking and Doing.. Number one is always within simmering and the other two are always outward going.. 

It means.. 

I should Think, Express and Do the same as much as possible.. If I can do this one hundred percent, it's ideal..  But that's not truly feasible because as a human being, I'm always limited.. But no despair.. I can always do there to the nearest! 

And that Single Unique Way forever is.. 

Just to carry a Sacred Thought in a never forgetting scenario that I'm important everywhere forever including within myself throughout my life but the other man next me too is no way less here at any point of time in my life!' 

Yes.. Finally, I got the way out! 

Truly the Right Way of setting right my disorder and never letting my those energies meant for the Great Task diverted to other mundane interests which soon sure cover up that Noble Aim if allowed!

The dream sort of thing ended, I was back to senses again but with a New Energy in me to go ahead with the New Task with all vigor and instantly that alone truly seemed to be the Right Thing which I ever loved to do in my life there after!

(The Post is written for the Indispire Prompt #OneThingForLove)


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Two youngsters approached separately on 2 occasions an elderly gentleman of wisdom for his advice on 

Improving their financial status through right investment of their resources accumulated at the back of hard work in their life..

After speaking to them briefly the elderly told a story to the first young man thus..

“Two men started their Careers approximately at the same time in their life..

  • One had taken reasonable risk in the investment of his savings, made good money, seen the world too in the process and settled in life at a comfortable level..
  • The other invested his savings in a safe way in deposits, had limited returns through out his life and thus lived for ever a small life foregoing major portion of even day to day ordinary enjoyments of life!” 
When the other young man visited him, he told thus..

“Two men started their Careers approximately at the same time in their life..
  • One had taken reasonable risk in the investment of his savings, had limited returns through out his life and thus lived for ever a small life foregoing major portion of even day to day ordinary enjoyments of life.. 
  • The other invested his savings in a safe way in deposits, got reasonable returns, seen the world too in the process and settled in life at a comfortable level!” 
 A young man who was observing these different advices, asked the elderly, “Sir! How is that you give two contradictory advices to two people?”

The elderly smiled and said,

  • “It just depends on who asked the advice.. There is a certain drive in every one and the boys had come to me to only get confirmation to their own drives within.. Actually, in life what will happen no one knows.. So I gave the advice in such a way that each may check his own drive, streamline the same without being propelled by it beyond and thus live their life according to what they wish.. Truly speaking, now it's just up to God alone to take care of them beyond!”

Friday, July 24, 2015


As the Asura Hiranyakashipu, the hater of Sri Maha Vishnu was away to Himalayas for Meditation over the Supremacy, Lord Indra raided his Palace and abducted his pregnant wife as he was afraid that her child to be born would again become another Demon under the up bringing of the Asura King and would trouble people.. On the way, Sage Narada intervened and convinced Indra saying, 

"I'll take care of both of them and make the child a better individual!" 

for which Indra agreed and left the Lady to the care of the Great Sage.. 

The Sage brought her to His Ashram, made her relax and as He started disclosing the Divine Knowledge in front of her, she soon dozed off and went into deep sleep.. But the Child in her womb in no time, responded to the Sage and got the complete First Hand Knowledge of Divine Truth before himself taking birth on the Earth.. 

Later the Divine Child, Prahlada became a total Devotee of Sri Maha Vishnu and a Staunch Disapprover of his own father's cruel deeds associated with pride and hatred..

As we look at the story, it is instantly evident that Sage Narada's Divine Knowledge was 

  • No way acceptable to the Asura as he had already tuned himself to be anti Divine, 
  • The Lady, the Asura's wife being just the normal personality had no great interest in what the Sage carried with him as the Special Knowledge and thus skipped it off but 
  • It was very much acceptable to the Child Prahlada whose birth was for that purpose alone and who was ready to take it then and there from his mother's womb itself without losing even that one opportunity which came up to him!

The story goes thus but the important point to note here is that 

Nature is truly an all time Leveler in our life and out of that Love for Her children She, forever keeps / brings similar mentalities together in a strange way and in a much stranger way provides max opportunities to them to exchange the Right Knowledge in an ever sacred relationship of the Master and the Disciple Scenario.. And this happens at all Levels of the individuals around us and Mother Nature leaves no stone unturned in the process!

That's how the Perfect Communication continuously takes place in the world fundamentally through exchange of Specks of Original Knowledge between the Right Personalities for the purpose and continuation of life on the earth for betterment.. 

Here in again equal number of times, the Communication becomes imperfect where the interests of truly helping out nature take a back seat with selfishness, exploitation, supremacy and taking over reigns predominately rule all along..

It's forever the Subtle Duty with every individual where in they constantly become conscious of these 2 types of basic communications existing around and discipline themselves to be ever a party to the Perfect Communications with them and around and never welcome / encourage the imperfect communications to the best of their abilities.. 

Thus, this Sacred Duty ever bestowed on me indirectly if discharged well, I am truly  a Hero in the Eyes of the Almighty for being the part and parcel of His Greater Plan for Mankind for their Ultimate Betterment!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Evening Sky was cloudy with few dark clouds passing at low level resulting in cool breeze taking off part of the usual summer heat of the day.. It looked it might rain at any time, but many were not bothered of that and as usual the Park was crowded with the usual evening visitors.. One such group were relaxing in their usual place at the Central Point of the Park and for a while their Topic turned out to be 'How to take care of the Little Children amidst the day to day pressures in the family, at work etc..' Each one was expressing their own views out of their individual perceptions in respect of the Topic..
  • "It's not the right practice here at any point of time.. I know a Mother who constantly follows her child........" 
  • "I've seen exactly the opposite in one family.. The Mom there........... " 
  • "Yes! It happens a few times.. I feel that some times the mid way in these dealings would be the best........" 
  • "You may say thus but I know a case where the Mom does in a totally different way and there the problem is......" 
  • "I don't agree here.. See! after all, the child care is a responsibility of......" 
  • "Dear! You may easily say that.. But in practice, when the Little One starts............ So, the best way is......." 
  • "No.. What you say again needs a modification.. You see, every Mom should......." 
  • "You know, I am speaking out of what I read in one book.. There the Author says........" 
  • "It's very easy to say all that.. But considering reality, the best practice is to allow the child........." 
  • "OK! I don't want to say anything here.. But left to me, I'll say the right way of dealing with a child is......" 
Ten different people..Ten different ways.. Of course, each one stressing their own way very much! Thus was going on the talk endlessly for a while..

Suddenly, all of them happened to watch an interesting 'Event' in front of them at a distance in the garden part of the Park..

A small child was seen running across screaming aloud,"No.. No.. No" the Mom running behind him with some food in her hand, catching the boy's hand, holding him firmly and forcing him eat what was in her hand..

The Little One refused but the Mom equally never left her attempt, started cajoling him for a while.. The boy became adamant, rolled over the ground for a while with some dirt sticking to him and his dress and again the Mom too relentlessly did not leave her attempt, pulled him and cleaned him in the process partly dirtying herself on her face but never appeared caring for that and such a chaos of crying and shouting continued for a while..

All that suddenly subsided, the Little One was all in smiles the next moment and the Mom was doubly cheerful looking at him and making him eat what she made and brought for him as the best for him and further next moment was seen carrying him close to her heart with the Little One joyfully playing with her hair and each communicating to the other very closely in their own language never understood by the third person however one may try to overhear and thus they moved on together as ONE and slowly vanished from the Scene!

The people who happened to watch the entire 'Episode' in front were silent for a while but in no time it appeared that there was an equal silent unanimous conclusion in their minds..

The Message was..

  • Basically, every Mom knows what is the best for her child in a given situation..
  • She devices her own techniques there, pools up her own resources to the best possible, works every second and thus moves in her life towards the betterment of her child..
  • This Take Care may vary widely from Mom to Mom but ultimately, that single choice of work out of each Mother to her child does the real good..
  • The rest other methods of Take Care too would do good in the situation when the Mom in picture wishes to do in that way..
  • It is ever the duty of others around help her in the process of this Sacred Take Care and support her the max possible.. 
And strangely that Message alone had instantly become the Undisputed Concluded Point of the discussions of the day with all Members around unanimously agreeing to that!

Monday, July 20, 2015


The youth of today's world no doubt should ponder for a while over the basic Truths in life in respect how they were cared and brought up in their lives at their tender age.. 

It was just the age when the health was delicate, personality was almost nothing and capabilities were just the primary ones meant for protecting thru' reflexes of withdrawing / getting off from the threats around.. Indirectly to say, every grown up person of today was invariably like that at that point of time when they were young..

But all along that period of total helplessness, their today's parents were alone by their side very much ready to take full care of them and really did that without almost an exception any where around.. 

Thus, it becomes truly a right approach with any one around with living parents by their side to constantly ponder over the Message here which if they make a genuine search would sure find in their hearts too very easily.. The gist of the Message runs thus.. 

  • 'My mother had given me truly the so called 'My Personality' in my life which is simultaneously accepted in the Society and on occasions appreciated too without which I would have been either 'Nothing' in my life or would have been such an 'Unacceptable' or the most 'Hated' Personality in my vicinity.. Here, my mother alone had given me this 'True Identification' to me in this world..
  • My father had constantly protected me from the so called influence of the 'Underworld' when I was totally helpless and had taught me the 'Way of making my Livelihood' here so that later in my life I could earn a living through the same and further protect myself from the 'Bad' for the rest of my life.. Here, my father had truly protected 'The Very Identification' given to me by my mother..
  • Thus my Parents both together had done the 'Greatest Service' to me in my life even though a few times the tasks were interchanged between them in the Roles.. I should ever be ready to thank them immensely for all this and never feel that they had not done a few undone things to me which truly speaking are really of minor and insignificant nature and most of the time they are out my wish alone without any solid back of a true requirement existing there.. Both the Parents together had truly saved me from 'the greatest fear' and 'the biggest pain' of life which Service if I see in depth, can never repay at any point of time in my life!' 
The young and active around should make a strong note of this Message and forever stop showing the later acquired physical and mental strengths on their weakened parents through their age and thus stop neglecting them/treating them indifferently at any point of time in their old age.. 

Equally, they should ever remember that all these elderly men and women around too have a fundamental right of expressing themselves in their own dignified way and that doing a few times even if seem to be interfering with the Care Taker's freedom, that should simply be managed towards a practical solution alone without causing any basic hurt to these elderly at any point of time in their life!

And this attitude sure had to be adapted by the young and capable of today for the betterment of all as in that very approach, they are equally setting the good examples of selfless Service in front of their own fast growing children who tomorrow, in the coming up years would definitely become better individuals ready to render a similar Service towards them too in their own difficult days!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


A young man was honest, straight forward, principled, hardworking and was equally a man of charity but never was a firm believer of God..

“Doing my job well and be useful to others in times of need itself is enough in life.. Where is it specially required to go round Worshiping Places, offer Prayers, recite Hymns etc always carrying a feeling within that I move because Some One moves me.. It's all in the mind.. If you want to be free here, you can be and if you don't want and you'll never be!” 

was his firm assertion at any time the same Topic was raised..

No doubt, the man was unique by himself and the best personality around as he was doing the ‘Right’ in life.. But, an elderly gentleman of deeper Ethics wanted to correct him gently and mold his thinking so that he would be much more useful to others as well as to himself in the right way.. Or so to say, more in the 'Right Way!' Accordingly, he got an appointment with the young man an evening and after a few enquiries just said,

“My dear! Hats off to your exemplary personality and good habits! You are an exception around.. And I can very much say that people like you definitely build the right Nation.. But I want to educate a little further in the same direction, if you permit..”

The young man smiled and said,

“OK, Sir! I know all that.. Anyhow please go ahead.. Today, I am a little free to listen to you..”

“Dear!” continued the elderly, “I know that you pay all taxes, duties, take the necessary permissions, apply for clearances and NOCs and follow all the guide lines set by the State and respect all such Rules and Regulations to the core.. Can I know the deeper reason for this apart from that the State imposes strict punishments if you don't do that?”

“Yes, sir! The State provides many things for my living, working and expressing myself here in the form of supply of essentials like power, water, developed land, infrastructure, facilities for carrying out trade etc.. It is ever my duty to acknowledge all this and return from my side through payment of proper taxes and other service charges etc etc as per prevailing Rules and Regulations in force.. If I don't do this, apart from being questioned by the State, how am I the right personality here?”

“Yes My dear! I am coming to that point alone and you are totally right here.. Now, listen to me a bit calmly..

Like what you said, Mother Nature too gives us many Life Supporting Systems around and within us for our happy living.. 
  • The Sun rises daily in the east, 
  • The Winds move in predicted direction bringing in 
  • Copious Rains in time quenching our thirst 
  • Rivers flow all along down
  • The Mighty Mountains bringing in timely waters to our plants of Green Earth and merge into 
  • The Deep Seas which are the ultimate stores of essentials of our life.. 
Further to all this, 
  • Various complicated and delicately balanced Systems are continuously working within our bodies in perfect synchronization making us feel all the time healthy, happy and energetic in our life! 
To say very much rightly here, we at any time have no absolute control over all these limitless Entities around and within us over except through living in tune to the Nature and maintaining the same through good habits…. Tell me now, why are you not thanking the Almighty or the Unseen Power behind all this Perfection too here for providing of all these in time along with doing your other duties in the right way as you are presently doing?"


“Dear, let me ever remember here, that this day I am just 'Myself' because the Lord had Willed that way and was all Merciful to me! Else, can I talk, do all this so well, express myself in the best way and be happy? Now tell me, should you not acknowledge such a Great Gift of Almighty at least through a daily Prayer as part of your duty along with all other activities you are doing which I equally stress upon that should continue with more and more vigor as the Understanding of the same deepens?”

Friday, July 17, 2015


The young man of 25 smartly dressed and well groomed was traveling by train.. The co-passenger, another youngster of his age soon befriended him through introductory talks.. Subsequently, he just commented, “I guess, you are 20 yrs old!”  

The young man coolly said that he was 25..  "Dear! You look so young!” remarked the friend with a clear astonishment seen on his face..  The young man instantly felt proud of his young look at the back of God given physique and health..

7 yrs passed just like that..

The man of 32, a family man by then was at a Social Function with his family once again well dressed.. One of his friends said aloud, “God!  What dear?  What's happening to you?  Can you please tell us your secret here?"

"What happened?" his wife asked with all curiosity.. The friend smiled and replied, "He just looks like 25 yr old young man!”

The man was instantly thrilled at his heart.. He felt proud of his strict exercise and diet regime along with the original God given assets he maintained all along and firmed up never to relax there for a life time..

Next 8 yrs rolled over without much notice..

He was then a man of 40 yrs with quite a number of greying hairs.. He started coloring his hair jet black and dressing up trim to his personality..  One day, when he was on the road a gentleman said, “Hi, You! Can you make a little more space for me? I'm 40 and have a problem of.........”

The man took that as compliment, smiled and disclosed his real age.. The gentleman got astonished and exclaimed, “Oh, dear! I thought you are just 33 yrs old!”

He was instantly proud of his a carefree attitude coupled with the earlier discipline he maintained all along that made him look much younger at that point of time..

Another 8 yrs passed..

“He was then a middle aged man of 48 yrs and a Senior Executive in his Company.. A new General Manager had taken over his Division and in that context, the GM had a Welcome Meeting with his Seniors.. During the Session, the new GM remarked, "What dear! You are a Senior Executive at such an early age..” for which the man confided with all pride, “Sir! I've just 2 yrs for fifty!” The astonished GM instantly remarked with a smile, “Oh! I thought you are just 40 yrs.. You look much younger.. What's the secret of this younger look, my dear?” 

The man was ultimately proud that his latest God Oriented approach coupled with Care Free attitude backed by past discipline he maintained all along ultimately produced those results which every one was speaking of..

Another 10 yrs passed thus with no look back..

It was a joyous Function in the house busy with all family members and many guests around.. The occasion was the Birth Day of his 4 yr Cute Grand Child who came from abroad and was the centre of attraction of every one around.. The then Grand Father of 58 secretly wished to appear much younger to his age so that people around definitely appreciate him on that point.. He dressed up trim in his attire for the Function and as he looked into the huge mirror on the dressing table, he instantly felt proud of his looks and get up and was very much sure that people would talk on that.. With all that confidence he walked into the hall to wish every one there..

Just then the Kid’s Mom was heard telling the Little Boy from the Upper Floor, “Dear! Go and call your Grand Pa once.. It's urgent and I want to talk to him!”

The Little One came down the stairs to take his Grand Pa, got tired and sat on the last step saying aloud with cute smile, "Grand Pa! Come!  Mom wants you up!"  

The Grand Ma busy in entertaining the guests, heard that and instructed her husband, "My Little One can't go up.. Carry him up and find out what his Mom wants!" The man moved on and carrying his Grand Child started moving up the stairs..

The child suddenly shouted aloud to be heard by all in the Hall.. “Grand Pa! What's this?  Why are you climbing like an old man? You are very slow..  Move up Faster!”

And finally there for sure for the first time in the man's life, his Real Age talked 'AS IS' to the knowledge of every one present around! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


  • As a Beginner and Learner, when he sat for the first time in the driver’s seat of the Driving School Car with his Instructor by the side and was directed to go straight into dense traffic, there was just a single thought in him all the time, “God!  How are these people around me doing this task so easily?”
  • After a few Driving Classes, on a day as he changed the Gear making a cutting sound, he was straight away commented upon by the Instructor with a stern look, “Oh! The car is gone…. Why are you so nervous? Why don’t you press the Clutch Pedal firmly before attempting the Gear change?”
  • During the same time again one day, when he tried practicing in his own car, it was all together a new tension in him which in no time climaxed when he failed to ‘Pull’ through a steep up slope thus holding up the traffic behind with funny comments, advices and help pouring in from all directions all of which he had to bear for a while..
  • Soon as a Certified Driver, on a day when he unexpectedly drove his car into a narrow Lane creating a traffic jam and was squarely shouted upon for causing such a hold up on the road, a lesson was quickly learnt that experience in driving is different from just having the Permission to drive!
  • With almost a year’s constant driving and having become confident in that line, on a day when he squarely failed a planned overtaking of another moving car in front instantly attracted the attention of drivers of on coming vehicles with one of them shouting aloud, “Why don't you sit at home instead of coming on to road and troubling us?”
  • Next few years having passed with no incidents on the road and out of a pride because of that when commented a bit on a beginner who made a mistake and came right in front of his car, some one was heard saying from behind, “That boy is a Learner…. As an experienced man, were you sleeping?”
  • And that seemed to be the end of all such ordeals as years rolled on smoothly and that had its own thumps-up too on a day when he parked his vehicle to a side of a congested narrow road for a small work and the next moment a young driver driving through commented on his parking, gave back the reply, “What’s the problem? A vehicle almost double the width of your car can easily pass through the passage.. I think, you need a few more driving lessons!” and instructed him on how to pass through such spaces without expecting the other man yield an inch!
  • Soon he was a seasoned driver of late forties ever having a basic responsibility of safety on road in his mind which in no time climaxed to the firm belief within..
"Driving is just an Art and each individual responds to it in his/her own style and each is correct in his/her own way except a few.. It's a complex psychology of an individual developed through years of experience being constantly on road with the vehicle forever keeping an eye on safety aspects with an equal pro-thinking in the mind, ‘All along, there is sure a man around who can unexpectedly do a costly mistake here and let me be on watch for that too!'”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A young man and 3 elderly men happened to travel on a rainy day evening peak hours by taxi on sharing basis to return to a central place from where they could easily reach their homes.

At the end of the journey which was truly too tedious and tiresome before getting down, the young man with a beaming face tipped the driver extra saying,

  • “You did a commendable job. In such heavy rain and traffic conditions, you waded and pushed through and brought me back home the fastest after my tedious Office Work which I never imagined to happen in such a pouring rain. 
Here as a fellow human, I decided to do my bit. Hope this extra money from me will make you happy!”

The 3 elderly men nodded their heads to what the young man said and equally tipped the driver but strangely the first two 2 and 3 times respectively of what the young man gave and the fourth one some more money added to the 3 times the tip.. After alighting the taxi, the 4 men walked some distance together and before departing, the young man asked, 

"Sir! I happened to notice all 3 of you giving different tips to the driver. I wish to know what made each one of you do this."

The first elderly man said with an emotion clearly seen on his face,

  • “I may be a well off man with all facilities at my disposal but at this point of time none could come to my rescue and as you see I am aged. He really helped me move from the place from where there was no way of coming back easily for me in this rain and traffic at the back of my age related problems else I would have definitely suffered. Now I can easily reach my home and relax. 
Here as a fellow human, I decided to do my bit in my condition.That's why I gave him the additional tip!”

The second elderly man looked at both and with a broad smile on his face said,

  • “I'm too aged but I was a Philanthropist all along in my life. Here as I see, I may be aged no doubt but the driver too is aged. He did such a difficult job in his age to help out a man like me to reach my home easily myself in the same age having no need to face such hardships this moment. 
Here as a fellow human I decided to do my bit at my own level. That's why I gave him this special additional tip!”

The other 2 agreed with the gentleman and 3 of them finally looked at the 3rd elderly man who paid the highest tip and asked him the reason to do so.

The elderly gentleman with all calmness on his face said,

  • "Dear all! Am too aged and was a Philanthropist all along my life. Nothing more than that. And so initially, I too felt like giving the driver 3 times only the tip.." 
he paused for a while and continued..
  • "When I thought thus, all of a sudden my Inner Voice reminded me, 
  • 'You are calculating the money to be paid and giving that with a reason attached but as a True Fellow Human have you gifted the driver spontaneously from your end when an occasion comes up like this?' 
  • So I just added up the small money left in my hand without counting which I could easily part with without a big burden on me and gave away all that.. 
And here as a Fellow Human, I decided to do my bit as I sincerely feel that the driver just deserves to receive all this from me at this moment!"

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


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 It was dot 9 AM.. The Boss was in his seat as usual.. The Assistants peeped in, wished him and were ready with their briefing on the earlier day's work progress..

“You should have briefed me yesterday evening itself.." he looked at them and said a bit angrily..

“Sir! The work consumed its own time and by the time we finished it, it was late evening..” murmured one of the Assistants..

“Mr Lokesh! The work took more time because your estimations were not precise..  Are you people conversant with calculations?”

“Sir! we took care everywhere.. Not one person, 3 of us thoroughly checked for any omissions.. But in the last minute, a few unforeseen issues suddenly cropped in and........”

"Sorry!  I can just say that there's no planning here.. If you plan well and just take some care, why at all these factors surface?  It's nothing but a sort of negligence.. That's it!”

“Sir, we tried our best.....”

“No dear, no argument on this.. You all talk nicely but I know, you squarely miss where you got to be extra careful.. They say pride goes before a fall.. I'd like to replace here pride with careless attitude backed by over confidence..”

Just then the Driver entered the room saying, "Sir, Good Morning! I was just late by 5 minutes.. By that time, I was told that you already left your house...."

"You got to be 5 minutes early Ramu! I just can't wait a minute beyond my scheduled time.. I simply took my car and came away.. One lapse there, creates a chain of hold-ups everywhere.. OK,  No problem.. I'll call you later!" saying thus he turned to the Assistants and said, "Because, I cared for that one minute there, I am in time to my Office and the issues are under control with me..  It means.. Nothing goes wrong if we are really attentive and I'd like to say that........" 

Mean while, the Office Boy brought coffee for the Boss and the Assistants and was serving one by one..

“Always my coffee and glass of water on the side desk please.. That basic planning in arrangement here solves many problems as they never come in my way of active working and readily available at any point of time next to me..” said the Boss showing the Boy the desk next to him where all important papers were neatly kept and the Boy politely did accordingly..

“Sir! A small personal problem.. It's a bit urgent!” he said with all obedience..

“No time now, Madesh!  See me sometime tomorrow evening.. OK?" the Boss replied with an air of authority..

The Boy unable to ask further left the room half hearted.. The Boss turned to the Assistants and said, "I know this boy and his urgency.. See.. It's all money here.. I tell you again.. All these urgencies are purely because of our carelessness and laziness in life.. That's why we have only problems everywhere and no solutions.. Take from me this 4 point Formula.. If you

  • Plan well, 
  • Work smart, 
  • Take care at every point and 
  • Try foreseeing every eventuality 

even you close your eyes and do your job, all failures take back seat and you see nothing but order in your life.. In fact, what we make alone is our life.. I very much advise you to take this one Message from me and be disciplined in your life!” saying thus he with a beaming face made a smart quarter turn in his revolving chair to take his coffee..

In the process, the hand simply got overshot and hit both the cup and glass kept there with a great force pushing them off the next moment to ground with a shattering sound which broke into a hundred pieces thrown in all directions the hot coffee and water splashing on to the files neatly kept by the side and making their journey down dripping on to floor, creeping below the table and shoes of the highly disciplined Boss further heading towards the chairs of the meekly sitting Sub-ordinates!

Friday, July 10, 2015


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  • Talk makes a small individual; stuff a medium personality; openness a great man.. 
  • Yesterday’s is knowledge; tomorrow’s is planning; today's is living.. 
  • To the powerful man listen.. Few out of interest; some to avoid an unpleasant situation; many out of fear.. 
  • Do good, do bad or do right.. Choice may sure be mine over doing; not over the consequences.. 
  • Day or night, east or west, up or down living is the ultimate.. 
  • Nature gives us food; Nature gives us medicine; Nature gives us poison.. Wise Choice alone matters here.. 
  • Part of my Past may be rotten and part of Future may be devilish but all Present in front is sure Divine.. 
  • Take care of only yourself, the world troubles you and fear lurks; take care of you and your customer, the world may not trouble you but fear still lurks; further take care of your next man too, the fear too ceases to exist.. 
  • Be truthful and assertive, the world challenges you; be truthful and cheerful, the world cautions you; be truthful and silent, the world bows down to you.. And 
  • Everything good or bad, clean or dirty, holy or unholy are part and parcel of the Universe again under the sole Care of Almighty!

Monday, July 6, 2015


"I just do the Right.. When I thus do the Right, I need not be afraid of anything in the world as the Right forever protects me.. I advise every one of you know this well and further be doing the Right forever.. This alone ultimately gives us the True Peace in our life!" 

thus was speaking a man of thirties often to his people around him..

An elderly Well-wisher who all along was listening to the talk kept quite for a while and when he found some free time with the man, casually mentioned.. 

"Dear! I heard you many times talking on doing the Right.. No doubt, it's our primary duty to do that in all situations and nothing less should be done there.. But.." 

and saying thus he paused for a while..

"Sir! What's this 'but' here? You are such a wise man and you yourself have these 'ifs' and 'buts' here.. Strange! I never thought that you would speak like this!" 

shot back the man with a clear sign of surprise seen on his face..

"No dear! You are taking it wrong.. What I'm going to tell you here is....."

"Sir! I don't want to hear any thing on this.. I know what you will say.. And every elder man says that.. 'Be practical and see where it's possible to do that safely and where you may have to adjust..' This is what you are going to tell.. Isn't it?"

"Dear! That may be part of it but for a while be calm and listen to me here..

  • As I live thru' my life in this world, I should constantly remember that I have a physical body with me which necessarily needs to be protected through out the life else it would lead to a great pain to me.. Along with the body, my associated primary needs too require protection which are integrated with the body and in fact, the whole of it is called 'My Basic Living!' And it's ever my duty here to protect this 'My Basic Living' at any cost and then alone my doing the Right is looked at..
  • Primarily, I should not directly challenge the Powerful by my side as I live thru' with my Principles.. Where that appears a Challenge, it's better I accept that as my limitation at that point as I'm truly limited there and be doing my activities accordingly only thus never antagonizing the Powerful simultaneously doing the Right as much possible.. 
  • Here I should once again remember that even though I am into doing the Right most of the times, along with that a few times would sure be doing certain harmless mistakes of minor nature too unknowingly.. The Powerful by my side can easily magnify those small errors of mine to mountainous levels and bring out in time as the grave mistakes of mine against which I, with my limited Power can never contest for a life time.. 
  • So better I be practical as to err is human and small mistakes invariably flow in from my side quite often which of course, can really go unnoticed only when the Powerful next to me are not challenged in the process!"

To confirm what the elderly had said, Sloka 33 Chapter 3 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was instantly heard being recited melodiously on the distant Loud Speakers with the meaning explained in parallel..

'sadrsam cestate svasyah prakrter jnanavan api
praktrim yanti bhutani nigrahah kim karisyati'

'Even a Knowledgeable Person acts according to His own Nature (and never does beyond); all living entities are controlled (compelled) by their own natures.. What can repression (control) accomplish (really do) in the situation?'

Saturday, July 4, 2015


The boy was 5 yrs old and used to repeatedly ask questions like.. "Dad! What's this?","Where's my bag?", "Which pen should I take?" etc etc..

"Yes dear, Am coming!" the dad used to say every time with a smile and answer all his questions without a miss..

Soon he was a grown up boy of 12 yrs.. The questions continued but the content was a bit matured like.. "Dad! You have to come to my School tomorrow.. Our Principal wanted the parents........ Are you coming?"
"Am having PT class tomorrow in the evening.. Can you pick me up after that?"
"There's a new Movie released and my friends are going........ Can myself too go?" etc.. etc..

"I'll tell you what to do and you can do accordingly.." the dad used to answer and help out his son thus..

He was a grown-up young man of 18 yrs by then.. "My dad is my sole reference.. I know he always does the right.. I'll just follow him.. He never tells a thing wrong!" he was heard telling to one of his friends..

"Yes my boy.. I can never think of telling you anything less here!" the dad mused within with a smile..

Soon he was a man of 28 yrs with certain family responsibilities attached to.. "My dad may be telling me to do this and that........ There, I just do what I want without his knowledge.. I feel that so much telling is not required at our age.. What do you say?" he was heard asking his friend on a day at home..

"I know that my telling here will not go into your actions now, but sure is required for you one day when you have to tell your own child.. Till then keep it safe in your mind!" said the dad with a smile after the friend left..

Time passed and the son was a man of 35 with hectic activities of going around without a second to breath.. "Gosh! These works never end.. I don't know how to pull on in this situation!" he was murmuring..

"The same activities I too did in your age but with more calmness.. Everything is OK here, only patience is missing!" said the dad with a smile..

The son was then a matured man of 45 yrs and was into buying an Apartment from a particular Builder.. "I'm planning to go for a Flat now.. And the bank is ready to give me loan for this.. What's you view?" he asked the dad..

"Let's consult a few independent Specialists in this area and act based on that.. Our monies are precious and here any litigation eats us out in no time.. Deciding ourselves is never correct here and.. I clearly remember when I made a similar deal at your age............" advised the dad with a smile..

The son in time was 55 and the dad who was eighty had a typical health problem..

"My dad did a lot to me.. Let me take care of him in his life at this stage.. Tomorrow I'm taking him to the Super Specialties Hospital for a Check Up.. Let me not look at the cost here.. His welfare is primary for me!" thus was thinking the son aloud with an outburst of emotion..

"I'm happy to be as is with a mild necessary medical care advised.. I don't need all those elaborate Tests and Check Ups which cost a lot as this body is short lived.. I feel that this is the best course of action in these years of life.. The same, I got it confirmed by my uncle having similar problem, as the right course of action in this age.. Take care of yourself more here and safeguard your finances.." said the dad with feeble smile!

Friday, July 3, 2015


  • When SUCCESS was no where in the vicinity, humility alone ruled me and many preachings were on the anvil..
  • When glimpses of IT were seen around, there was a ray of discrete hope that I too could be something if luck descends upon..
  • When IT knocked on my door, I was thrilled with a overwhelming feeling which turned the ray of hope to a firm thought.. 'Yes! It's very much possible!'
  • When IT embraced me, I lost myself and it appeared no further go back in the scenario..
  • When IT went into my head, I was simply a man of Authority and pride overtook me in no time..
  • When IT firmed up there, I started ruling with a whip and no good advice could stop me there..
  • When my whole personality was thus poisoned with pride, misery was next waiting to takeover..
  • When the downfall sensed, I instantly became all protective with all defences built around..
  • When the slide down started, I was totally helpless ready to catch the last straw next to me..
  • When the final dumping followed, I had nothing but just one and only one Entity with me.. WEEP SILENTLY  ENDLESSLY WITHIN! 

Is it worth in life anytime for any one going after this MESMERIZING DEVIL around called the SUCCESS?  Why not try be off from IT'S influence as much as possible with a SINGLE THOUGHT in mind.. 

'Whenever there's a FAILURE in my attempt, there alone I've to learn something NEW and CORRECT myself but the rest of the happenings of my life have truly nothing to do with me at any time except that I go along with them!'
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


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No doubt, these funny ‘FAKE MASTERS’ will be found everywhere around me in my life.. And my indirect dependence alone originally creates them and keeps them going strong..
  • If I'm just lax in my life, a few will be found around me in no time.. 
  • If I become more inattentive, soon more will be found.. and
  • If I'm caught with an unknown fear within me, the most numbers will be found well distributed everywhere around me!
This 'FAKE MASTER' is none but the self assumed Authority.. An Authority that is originally not there as per Nature’s requirement! 

Nature fixes just a 'SINGLE PAY MASTER' at a moment in my life who may change too the next moment but a 'SINGLE ONE' alone at a time.. And this goes on through out my life as long as I exist and consume continuously.. Again, this exactly is in tune with Law of Nature for Survival..  

Identifying this 'SINGLE MASTER' of mine no doubt, becomes the tough job for me as I forever, am carried over by my emotions more than my need..

When I thus live a confused life, the 'FAKE MASTER' by my side gets a firm footing and in time as I become more sluggish, the 'ONE FAKE' multiplies into numbers around me and soon a strong net work of such 'PSEUDO MASTERS' gets firmly established..

Their indirect Power no doubt makes me further weak as I have already decided to accept their presence and soon a stage would be reached where getting off from their clutches would be seen impossible..

In such a Scenario again, the few 'WELL-WISHERS' around me would remain just as weaklings alone not able to pull me up from the deep drench of mud I got into my life..

As time moves on the situation only worsens, more and more such 'FAKE MASTERS' start terrorizing me, the 'TRUE WELL-WISHERS' become fewer and fewer in numbers with many non interfering people getting off from me not able to cure me of my deep-rooted disease..

That way, this one life of mine forever is compromised and is written off indirectly with all that Original 'ENERGY, VIGOR AND AMBITION' permanently put into the cold storage..

Then is there a way out, in such instances?

Yes.. No doubt, it's there.. But, it's me and me alone that have to bell the cat here.. Meaning.. I alone have to get up and come out of the net I welcomed once upon a time..

A True Moral Story in this context….

In a certain village, the villagers were under a strong belief that there was a ‘Demon’ in an adjacent cave to their village..

To keep the Demon under check, they constantly used to worship the cave with all known to them and thus were living a limited life..

A young man of the village straight away thought, “Why to live with this nonsense?”

But he acted cool, first took permission from the villagers, then one day entered the cave, checked himself every corner of the cave, further waited for a day there for any changes to happen and finally ascertained himself that there was nothing other than clusters of cob webs hanging alround.. He thus made sure himself that nothing would happen to him if he did not worship the cave.. 

He came out, declared the same Truth to the villagers, but the villagers who never had that 'FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE' pulled him to a side saying that enough was enough and thus further were happy to live with their fear and worshipping their cave alone..

The young man who had seen 'WHAT WAS WHAT' too of course lived with them looking like them only but forever free of that fear within!

A 'FAKE MASTER' with us is just like this cave.. If I am afraid, he is very much there.. If I yield, he terrifies me more and if I succumb to the pressures, I become a permanent slave there.. But, if I stand up and look straight at him once, he is never there!

So the next time, I encounter a 'FAKE MASTER' in my area, let me straight away 'CHECK, ASCERTAIN AND THEN IGNORE' the man once for all and 'BE FREE FOREVER!'