Friday, April 29, 2016


'na karmanam anarambhan naiskarmyam puruso snute
na ca sannyasanad eva siddhim samadhigacchati!'
..Srimad Bhagavad Gita 

'A person can never achieve freedom from reactions to activities without first performing the Vedic duties prescribed; neither perfection would be attained by renouncing them as well!' 

'Do your duty' 
is the oft taught Precept in life. And equally the most important aspect of this Precept is knowing well the so called duty! 

The 3 golden ways of assessing this duty of mine to a reasonable level with an ever open mind to modify the same for betterment of me as well the world are 

Thru' the oft emphasized guidelines given by my religion, tradition, customs, culture and the law of the land.. 
Thru' what the people around me feel I should do in the situation.. and 
Thru' what my inner consciousness feels as the Right in that context! 

As long as there is no conflict between these 3, 
my basic duty 
forever lies in accepting all the 3 guidelines as they are and following the same a 100%! 

But when a conflict surfaces, I should never hurry up here but pause, study carefully the whole effect of doing a particular activity and then only go ahead with my doing there 
my safety and peace of mind 
reasonably ensured! 

All along, I should again remember that 

I myself is never a static personality in the situation being subjected to cognizable changes within me with the passage of time.. and 
Equally me changing drastically too when a threat situation of serious nature prevails! 

When I take such a well-knit Care with me, naturally I can say that I've well planned in my life with my own adjustment in a trifling situation! 

And when I go ahead thus along with a firm faith in 
The Almighty 
that ultimately He alone steers my sails for my betterment in this life.. 

No doubt.. I have done the best in my life respecting every element of Mother Nature around me and all along never neglected an inch of care from me! 

Seen thus, the 
Traditional Austerities, Rituals and Practices 
involved in my day to day life invariably amount to performing this single activity with all due care in my life Viz.; 
The Title of the Post! 

(The Post is written in line with the IndSpire Prompt #rituals)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

~~~~~~~~~~~~~LET ME WAKE UP TO THIS 'SAFE CALL' FIRST~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is said that Great Men of Earth have only two ways of existing in this world..


They forever accept what the world offers Them as Gift of God but never at any time leave the 

And such Greatness is really a rare Entity in the world, as per 
occurs once in a way and has its own
Sacred Purpose in the Universe! 

Living that Great Life is something like experiencing 
and I should remember that they are different from 
with which alone I can deal in my practical life! 

Thus as a mortal, I should ever live at my own level in the world by discharging my assigned duties which are in line with my nature to the core with all sincerity and such a discipline with me alone is the 
in my life! 

Working beyond these duties is always an emotional living which sure does not stand the 
Working below is the lethargic living which beyond a limit will not permit even my 

Is it not Wisdom here to first live at my own level, sustain and based on that stability alone do the Investigation in my life instead of ending up at that level only as 
too reiterates the same basics? 


Shreyan swadharmo vigunah 
paradharmaat swanusshthitaat 
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah 
paradharmo bhayaavahah! 

Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s duty than the duty of another full of fear!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



Sage Narada once asked Lord Krishna, "What is the so called 'Illusion' in this world?"

The Lord smiled and said, "I will tell you. I am a bit thirsty. Can you get me some water from the Colony seen in distance?"

The Sage immediately went there to fetch the waters. An attraction and further involvement soon got Him into a series of activities at the new place and life moved on thus endlessly.

And soon there was a day the Sage got into a big problem, felt utterly helpless and was totally down when a kind hand touched Him. As He looked up, He saw Lord Krishna next to Him saying with a smile, "Dear! Where is the water?"

That's the power of Illusion in this world and the Sage Narada too could not escape from that for while. Seen thus the whole world being caught by this so called Illusion, our Ancient Saints ever taught us the unique way of certain self sacrifice required from the individual to reach this point like..

  • One Great Man saying, "Another valuable day with me is lost without making a dent in my life. How foolishly I lived yesterday? Let me try my best today and then alone call myself something!" 
  • Another Great Personality saying as He was praised, "I remember making a small mistake in spite of telling you all the time the right. I want to bring it out right this moment, work towards correction and then alone take your praise. Till then you have to wait and again if I do not make another mistake!"
  • A Great Saint remarking when the devotees decided to celebrate His birthday, "Why not celebrate the day of Realization?" 
  • Again, the same Saint saying when afflicted with serious disease and was offered help by his Devotees, "As long as this hand moves, let that alone do the job. When it ceases to move, you can sure extend your help!"
Let me here, take the Guidelines given by these Great Men of the Earth and start living my life thru' the single way known to me at this point of time where in certain self sacrifice from me too comes out..Viz.,

By continuously discharging my ordained Responsibilities with all honesty and sincerity to the best of my abilities helping the world at large at my own level!

Monday, April 25, 2016


Two men once decided to go on a 24 hr fast on an Auspicious day and thus be blessed. On the day, they silently started their fast at 6 AM in one of their places along with certain other activities.

In half hr time one suggested, "24 hr is too long period. Let's end our fast by dinner time.. We've many works to do tomorrow!" and the other agreed.

After another half hr, a thought came up to the first man, “Why not we buy what all we need for dinner now itself?”

The other immediately said, “Yes.. In few hrs, our energies will sure be down. Let’s go to the Market and buy all those groceries required. Any how we've plenty of time with us!”

Soon they went out, shopped for the groceries and returned in an hr's time.

“Let's clean, cut and keep the vegetables and the other materials ready for cooking now itself as we have time now!” said one with certain enthusiasm on his face.

Soon all that work was done in an hr's time.

“These cut fresh vegetables soon lose their freshness. Anyhow, why not we cook our food now itself and store in the Refrigerator?” were the next thoughts..

Soon that too was done with precision in another one hr.

It was 10 AM. Both were dull by that time for missing the usual breakfast.

“Why not we slowly arrange our dining plates, tumblers, ladles and spoons along with Curd, some pickles, spices and water on the dining table. Any how we have to do it later and we have plenty of time now” said one meekly. The other nodded his head instantly and they arranged neatly the required in the next 1 hr.

Suddenly the Power Supply failed. “This is bad. Hope this Power comes back soon.” commented one man.

1 hr passed. The hunger was at its peak, the food prepared was tempting beyond and the Power was still down.

“Oh, God! now the food cooked will get spoiled in few hrs if not refrigrated. This Power may not be back for another few hrs. Now a days it's happening like this only. If we eat such food later, we sure will fall sick. Neither, it's right to throw the cooked food too which is equal to God. Better we don’t wait here. Since, there's no way now, let's finish eating at least all this fresh food. And our Gods too will not be displeased with us as there' s no way for us now!” said one and the other instantly agreed for the decision.

Just then the Power came back. But having decided thus, they both first ate away all the stuff in front of them pretending as if the Power-on condition was not noticed and thus ended successfully the originally planned 24 hr fast in just 6 hrs!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


  • When Sri Adi Sankara was going thru' streets of Kasi with his Disciples, He found a Vedic Pundit teaching grammar rules of Sanskrit to his students. Having seen one of his students say a word wrongly, the Pundit was repeatedly insisting upon the student to pronounce the same correctly. Sri Sankara stopped, smiled at the Vedic Pundit and said 'Better Worship Govinda as when the leaving time nears, grammar rules will not save you' (The first Sloka of Sri Bhaja Govindam).. 
  • His Disciples followed the Master and each in turn said one Sloka revealing the importance of sticking to the Ultimate Knowledge in our life leaving the Mundane aspects of living as much possible.. 
  • Another Great Saint when prevented from speaking out Truth by the vested interests around him, got off from them, climbed the top of the nearest Worshipping Place and spoke aloud from there what He felt like saying out to the world..
Seen thus, the Great Men of the Earth have forever done a Yeoman Service to the world in their life thru' telling to the world in whatever way possible what they could perceive as Truth but never, never left out that saying, modified or timed it even a bit!

Bloggers around us too come into limelight here alone when they see a great thrust in them which they feel should be brought out the earliest thru' the channels of communication available around them.

My blogging too had exactly started on these lines, of course very much at my limited level alone at the back of a certain thrust in me to speak out aloud that known to me, listen back from my Readers and thus be satisfied of having done something useful in my life!

The 2 core disciplines I needed to follow here as I started my blogging are,

  • I should keep all my ears open to what my co-bloggers in the field are eagerly saying each in his/her own way, take that 'as is' all along carrying equal importance to that
  • I should allow any person in the field to freely challenge me on what I say/have said and be eager to know what they are interested to tell me in that direction!
Thus I'm continuing my blogging to this day with these 2 disciplines they ever working as the left and right wings to my writing.
  • It is said in our Philosophy of Life that man's ignorance sure goes in steps in time with right effort in that direction even though the dawn of Truth forever is instantaneous and effortless.
Thus seen, taking out my ignorance is a time bound effort with me thru' the sincere activities I do in this world and one such activity is discussing the Reality in the world with my people around me, of course strictly following the rules of the game in the process and ever remembering the fact that thru' this process I'm only keeping my house utmost neat and clean..

My blogging activity thus goes on this day on life aspects, my Blog being named as 'Reflecting on Life!' And here, the monetary gains no doubt became secondary to me as I, being the Senior Citizen retired from my active job of Aircraft Design and reasonably settled in my life.

Looking back, I might have started this activity around 2005 when electronic media started picking up which till then was limited to writing down in books my the then prevailing thoughts and reached today the stage of active Blogging with my Blogger Friends Circle increasing day by day thru' their unfailing support.

(This Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt #IAmABlogger)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


In the early morning hrs,

"Hi Naresh! Good morning.. How are you? How's life going on?"

“Good morning, Sir.. I'm Okay.. But you know, Sir.. Day before yesterday, our Rajesh had straight away lost a thousand bucks at the Entertainment Centre. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily....."

During Coffee break,

“Hi! Rajesh! am sorry, I heard that…..”

“Sir! You don't know.. At the same place last week our Ganesh had lost a five thousand. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily....."

In the next one hr,

“Hi! Ganesh! am sorry, I heard that…..”

“Sir! You don't know.. At the same place two weeks ago our Umesh had not only lost a five thousand but had to face some manhandling too. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily....."

During lunch hr,

Hi! Umesh! am sorry, I heard that…..”

“Sir! You don't know.. At the same place last month our Dinesh had not only lost a five thousand and had to face some manhandling but was also hospitalized for…. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily....."

At tea time,

“Hi! Dinesh! am sorry, I heard that…..”

“Sir! You don't know.. At the same place two months ago our Suresh had not only lost a five thousand, had to face some manhandling and was to be hospitalized for…. but also had to pay a hefty medical bill of…. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily....."

Towards evening,

“Hi! Suresh! am sorry, I heard that…..”

“Sir! You don't know.. At the same place yesterday only our Naresh just lost a thousand Rupees but instead of coolly walking off, he picked up a heated argument with the people there.. Further, he lodged a complaint too with the concerned Authorities.. They called him on phone and said they would not leave him.. He kept it as an utmost secret. POOR MAN.. Must be feeling very bad for unnecessarily.... Okay, Sir! See you.. Good Night!"

Sunday, April 17, 2016


"Let's visit to night that corner abandoned warehouse for fun.." proposed the young man with a great zeal seen on his face.

"Why all that trouble? We'll relax comfortably in our place watching our favorite TV program.." suggested his friend coolly.

"It's going to be a real thrill. What's the point in staying at home watching the stereotyped TV Programs? Let's do something different for a while!" said the young man.

"There's no watchman too there. The earlier man had abandoned the place long back. Why to go to such place where none ventures? I'm scared!" said the friend.

"Hi! Come on.. Once in away, we should actively involve in such things.. Otherwise, what's the meaning to our life?" pulled on the young man.

There was no go for the friend. After dinner that night, they both ventured out by foot towards the so called abandoned warehouse along with 2 good torches.. As they neared the building they noticed that..

The front doors of the huge 2 storied house were removed long back as the owner of the house himself had abandoned the place for a while due some bad luck that happened to him and after that none ventured to look at that for a while..

The floor was with full of dirt, dry leaves and stones and the dry leaves made lots of creaking sounds as the duo went round. The roofs of the rooms were full of hanging cob webs and at certain places the same simply landed on them totally covering them up with simultaneous  constant creaking sounds made by creatures around. The young men thus moved around the place for about an hr, had gone on to the roof over a narrow staircase and thus spent some time there looking at the dark sky..

Suddenly a soft thing fell on the second man from top, making the man scream aloud saying  'My God.. I'm caught!' who instantly ran out of the abandoned house, soon reached his place and firmly bolted the door from inside of his home all along sweating profusely and his heart pounding hard..

The first friend carefully looked around, picked up a torn over coat that accidentally descended on his friend from a hanging position on the top and having noted that fact continued his further study with all calmness..

  • Soon the first young man made a rough sketch of the plan of the building noting down type of the floor, size of the rooms, types of internal doors, sills, walls etc and thus himself got into a totally serious activity of declaring aloud to the world that he alone personally made all that survey thru' a dedicated search!
  • And from that night he lived thru' a man a great strength within knowing fully well that the abandoned warehouse is just another building and if fully renovated and majority of community around got cleared of a wrong belief that entered their minds..
  • The second young man who was forcibly pulled in, moved with desperate feeling at the back of the hanging cobwebs seen as bad omen, the rattling sounds of the dry leaves heard as the devil moving around, climbing thru' the twisted suitcase felt as a nightmare of being caught in a narrow passage and the moonless night looking totally threatening, soon reached a collapsing stage having run out of his energies all along with a single thought in his mind.. 'When am I getting out of this place?'
  • And soon he firmed up within not to think, talk, go near to of that as well as similar buildings for a life time forget about the thought of living in such a place! 
There was Message from Above..

'I provided the same Enquiry Spirit equally in all to establish Truth and thus live in Peace. Finally it's the man alone that makes or mars his life; none else can do that!

(This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.)

Friday, April 15, 2016


The 3 Core Aspects of Management which I should ever remember as a good Manager are,
  • True Management is effective only when I firmly believe myself that everyone is with me and they will support me all along. If I enter the Arena with a feeling that none is welcoming me and I should proceed with a protective cover, it soon creates too many problems around.. 
  • If my selfish motives are well controlled, often I would be a much better Manager than expected of me..
  • Management as a double edged weapon is many times required because not that the other man’s temper alone is to be kept under control; mine too.. That too, very often! 
The 4 basic Tools of Management that invariably I need to use when the situations become volatile are,
  • The art of keeping as much silence as possible where in the situation improves and the burning issues get sidelined temporarily.. 

  • The technique of listening to what all is being talked of, smiling in between but invariably firming up only on the solution proposed at the starting point itself.. 
  • The skill of being a total listener except saying in between.. ‘OK, I know, Yes..Yes, I agree, Nice, Really, Is it so?, Oh, that's Great..’ etc..etc and nothing more..
  • The strategy of just repeating for the time being, ‘Ok.. It's alright.. Alright.. It's Ok.. Ok..' and slowly withdrawing from the scene in the interest my personal safety!  
The 3 dangerous Tempting Practices of Management which I should ever refrain from using are,

  • The knack of relaxing myself when two others talk seriously as sooner or later I' got to pay back double to triple of that ease taken..
  • The trick of entering in the middle and leaving before closure to avoid certain pains taking decisions in a predicted tough situation..
  • The oft played game of looking at my next man saying the 4 words, ‘What do you say?’ wherein I may temporarily be seen as the smart man of the situation but sooner in the process, I'll definitely be making more enemies than I can count!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


“Sir! I am very much fascinated by the Speeches of the Renowned Man and the inspiration He brings in the audience through certain great examples..
  • What Spirituality is.. He simply keeps in front of you like an open fruit.. 
  • His memory is wonderful and He often quotes from the Corners of Sacred Books various Stories, Parables, Sayings and the Advices given by our Ancient Great Personalities.. 
  • His voice is ever clear and heard so distinctly to a great distance.. 
  • He really brings in a Change in the people ardently listening to Him and thus helps all! 
After listening to Him a few times, the Spiritual Thinking and Spiritual Discipline aspects became crystal clear to me which earlier were really a bundle of confusion myself being never clear about the right and wrong!”

“My dear! I understand what all you say and I very much agree that
  • The Personality you are talking of is truly a Great Man, 
  • I can say surely that He is doing a Yeoman Service to the society by teaching the good and thus helping out all at large and 
  • He is truly the Great Guidance for many of us who forever tussle between the right and the wrong endlessly.. 
But there's a small explanation here..

I am fascinated by something indirectly.. Means that it's not Spirituality but still materialism alone prevailing may be at a refined level. Meaning.. I've shifted the life of normal living to a plane of special living but still my involvement, my feelings of pleasure and pain and my interests are the same in me as usual. Thus truly speaking, there's no actual change that occurred in me and I'm the 'Same!'"

"Then if whatever we do is not Spiritual, what else is Spirituality? I'm totally confused with what you are saying!"

"Dear! I am not saying that we cannot be in the Path of Spirituality.. I affirm a 100% that every one can be and it doesn't need any special qualification or status or support for me to be in that Path.. And here, the broad guidelines of understanding for me as I pursue this Path are..
  • What is know to my mind is not the Ultimate as the Ultimate can never be perceived thru' my limited mind.. 
  • Every path of pursuit one is determined to follow sincerely will lead to that Ultimate and there's no doubt here.. 
  • All the Elevated Men definitely guide me here but the actual progress of mine is out of my own push within and no Great Person by my side can ever as well as will never do that for me out of His Own Love for me.. 
  • Whenever I feel that I've reached a certain level where things look truly crystal clear to me, I should remember that it's just another level alone and the actual Goal in front of me is at infinity.. 
And finally to say, for ordinary mortals like us, the Ever Golden Rule is..
  • Philosophical Pursuit is nothing but the attitude of living with a lighter feeling within me with an Unfailing Faith that ultimately He alone does everything as I start doing my ordained duties with me to the best of my abilities ever ready to face odds of life as they come up!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


It was Sunday evening hrs. The family coolly settled in the famous Restaurant to have a bite and spend time chit-chatting forgetting the usual day to day issues and the other turmoils for a while. The mobile phone rang up..

“Hi, Suresh! How are you dear? Nice to hear from you!”

“Hi, Vignesh! Thank you yaar! How are you doing? What's the News?”

“I'm just out with my family. Week end, you know? Any how, from tomorrow it’s the usual routine..”

“Oh.. Sorry, dear! I've called you in the wrong hr!”

“No… No… Not at all! Ok, Tell me.. Anything special?”

“Yaar! Don't want to take your time. Your family is with you. One small work.. xxxxxx.. Just help me here.. Ok, bye then!”

“Don’t worry dear! I’ll do that tomorrow itself. Relax till then. OK, see you!”

“Oh, so nice of you! Pl don't forget the other one too I mentioned last week!”

“No Problem dear! I ‘ll look into both. Bye.. Take care!”

“I know, you won't forget. From our childhood.. Seen this attitude in you..”

“Sure,don’t worry, Ok?”

“Yes! Of course.. Why should I worry? I still remember.. You know.. Last year, I had a problem, it was a bit serious in Nature and you came to my rescue..”

“You are right.. I still remember it..”

“And further you know? It was raining very heavily on that day.. In spite of all the odds, you finally brought everything to a close. Am really grateful to you. Ok, bye, dear! I shouldn't take your time!”

“Yaar! You are my friend and how can I forget all that? Ok, see you then..”

"Yes! That's the meaning of true friendship.. Ok, I'll call you tomorrow morning and remind you on this. That way, am not leaving the total burden on you!”

“Oh! Don’t worry.. I ‘ll do that.. No prob.. OK it’s urgent now.. I move on.. See you.. Good night!”

“Sorry, I kept you and your family waiting for long.. But you see, once in a way it happens…. Ok, good night!”

“Good night! Take care.. I'll wait for your reminder tomorrow morning..”

"No problem.. I’ll not forget.. I still remember what happened once.. You know our friends........”


“That duo always doing odd jobs…..”

“I am not getting it…..”

“Dear! I think you forgot.. I’ll tell you.. OK..Listen.. That day, around 10 yrs back…….”

“10 yrs back? Difficult to remember..”

“Yaar! You forgot? At least you remember.........”

“Which one? I am confused..Ok! I’ll think of it.. Let me move on now..”

“I still remember everything.. You know, on that particular Wednesday, when all of a sudden our College declared a holiday and………………”


Monday, April 11, 2016


The Philosophy of a 100% Socialist Economy says.. 
'Work according to capacity and take according to need!' 
In practice this attitude encourages the indirect misuse of energies at work Viz.,
Hide or Divert!

The Philosophy of a 100% Capitalist Economy says.. 
'Work according to capacity and take according to capacity!' 
Again, in practice this attitude encourages the indirect misuse of energies at work Viz., 
Exploit or Extract!

The Mixed Economy alone sustains ultimately ranging from more of Capitalist type to more of Socialist type depending on the 
Widening gap between the rich and poor involved!

All works basically vary from 
Totally service type with nil profit aim 
Totally business type with max profit interest!

Depending on such a category the work around lies with 
Governments/NGOs/Institutions/Co-operative Societies/Corporations/Factories/Companies/Individual Enterprises 
with varying Financial Resources!

What I wish to do is not my basic work 
when I don't work to produce directly my own consumed Products in my life but 
What the world wants me to do is;
And doing such a work is truly complete when 
I sell/make others accept my work 
unless I do a direct service!

The selling/making others accept my work forever depends on
The quality of my work turnover, 
The market potential around, 
The customer Care involved and 
My own edge over my competitors!

And that work too would not remain the same forever; Time defines it's 
Demand, type and quality levels..  
And we should ever tune up to the requirement!

Business work, most of the times is done in competitive environment. 
And the competitor sure inculcates all that discipline required at work!

A few business works may prevail in a low or no competitive environment.  The scenario may bring in
A certain comfort and safety to my job
but simultaneously a heavy price is attached therein
'Myself becoming sluggish in time!'

Sunday, April 10, 2016


It was a Holiday Resort in the distant land on the other part of the Globe deep into thick woods away from the usual buzz of the city life. The weather was cool, sunny and pleasant. A number of guests to the hotel were relaxing in the 'Open to Sky' Restaurant busy with their own discussions and movements.
  • A number of idols beautifully carved out of some special wood like material and positioned in between all along the Restaurant brought it's own beauty to the Guest Area. 
  • The thick green woods in distance appeared to be silently doing their job giving final touches to the best natural environment of the place.
  • And the heavy metal tables of the same size and shape laid out in equal distances with a glass wood finish on the top added a perfect natural fit to the natural environment by the side.

The gentleman sat at the table shown to him by the Senior Waitress-In-Charge of the Serving Area and was soon attended to by another smart young Waitress who quickly took his order and was back to action on the errand. As the man looked at his watch the same was showing 1215 PM. And he had just 45 mts with him to finish a short lunch and move on to the crucial appointment he had for the day.
  • Adding to the perfect Nature around, suddenly a huge Labrador appeared on the scene and started moving actively between the guests. He was freely getting closer to the guests, rubbing against them smoothly, looking at them and playfully running around. 
People who got accustomed a bit with their pets were comfortable with his movements and some even started actively playing with Lab. But a few were an exception there as they felt uneasy with the pet’s closeness and moved away a bit here and there to avoid his attention simultaneously keeping a close watch on the Lab.

After watching for a while the discomfort of few of her guests, the Senior Waitress moved near to the gate, said something to a man there pointing at the Lab. The man instantly moved into action and started instructing the pet saying aloud, “......! Come away, Come away!” That he repeated a few times, but the canine having resolved to trouble the guests in such a nice fashion was still briskly moving around.

The guest gentleman and equally a great animal lover, to his great astonishment suddenly saw the same shouting person whirling something at the Labrador and the pet in no time running away from the spot steep down into the bushes below disappearing once for all!

The gentleman instantly got offended at the way the dear pet was treated in front of everyone. How could the man be so cruel to him? The Lab has every right to move and play around as he wishes.. The only thing the master could have done there was to constrain that movement in a limited way to avoid trouble to others!

As he looked around, he saw the young Waitresses moving around briskly with their own works unmindful of what happened around them a few minutes back. Equally, the men at the Reception Desk too appeared not bothered about it.. And as he looked down sloping woods on the side he found to his sadness, the loving pet still hiding himself in the thick bushes from the insult and injury aimed at him.

The watch ticked on but there was no sign of the pet. The man became too restless and firmed up to lodge a formal complaint to the Senior Waitress on the ill treatment given to the Lab.

As he glanced at the Clock on the wall in front, instantly to his surprise he noticed that his watch was running late by 15 mts. Means.. The appointment time was.... Oh.. God! He had to go.. No way as it sure needed a definite time to go ahead with his complaint and see that the wrong doer was taken to task..

The gentleman was sad.. He wanted to do something and bring out justice to the pet but at the same time he had to go.. Later, coming back and taking up the issue was seen of no use because that sure totally would make lose all that shine of his protest..

He quickly cleared his Check, thanked the Waitress and as he started moving to the Exit Gate his watch propelling him to do all that, equally he could not believe his eyes..

  • As he saw the same Lab pet running back from the deep woods below with double vigor towards the same man wagging his tail vigorously. As he came close to his Master the man with a broad smile, patted him affectionately, stroked him for while conveying his love, slowly took out a soft rubber ball from his mouth which the pet was firmly holding till then and started throwing it down the slope to a shorter distance again and again making the gigantic Lab too run behind it so majestically making the serene environment around more vibrant and lively the next moment!
(This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda).

Friday, April 8, 2016


The Great Man once said,

"If all Living Beings of the Universe stand in queue as per their strengths, I wish to stand behind the last tiniest One in the queue.."

thereby making it very clear in respect of certain definite sacrifices required from each individual while addressing a problem in the world en-mass!

And here alone ever lies the responsibility of a Blogger too being part of the Greater Change continuously taking place around all along retaining one's own freedom of expression to the max in a given situation.

  • A Blogger as I understand, is an indirect powerful personality in the society who can never be gauged by anyone so easily in bringing changes to the stereotyped mental attitude of many towards a vibrant level so that all that thinking put together would sure bring an ultimate Greater Change to a prevailing practice in the society towards the betterment of everyone..
  • No doubt, a Blogger while doing such a sacred work in any society for liberation from the chains of barbarism and suppression is definitely opposed by few in power directly or indirectly thru' threats or illicit offers to such a level wherein the individual Blogger becomes helpless and either will be confused over further course of action or will silently withdraw from the straight questioning / remarking by soft pedaling the issues.. 
  • Thus, the powerful in society can forever twist the matters and pour waters on the enthusiasm prevailing in mind of a Blogger so that their own ruling thru' authority and suppression continues forever whatever may be the democratic governing in force.. 
  • At the back of many Bloggers coming out with such similar thinking, in time it becomes a tug of war situation wherein no one would be knowing who would takeover immediately but whatever it be soon a balance comes up and continues thus giving a certain level of dignity to freedom of expression to the individuals of society till another such an en-mass force adds to it propelling it move further up! 
As we look at the history, from the earliest times to today, continuous changes have taken place in our society enabling many of us do what we wish so out of our freedom equally such expressions around rising continuously.. And all this Greater Change is definitely taking place because partly the well informed individuals amidst us whom we can call direct / indirect Bloggers are constantly educating us on the importance of our own freedom of expression as we live thru' our life..

Thus seen, a Blogger's social responsibility forever is unique and is ever a part and parcel of the expressions freely coming out from him / her and no Blogger at anytime should come under the belief that his/her job just lies in saying what comes to the mind and nothing more takes place around!

Let's summarize the discussions concluding with the same Great Man's words Viz.,

"I very much believe that all my doings had truly borne fruit only when put together, they would bring in a definite change to the living of the weakest amidst us towards a better expression!"

(The Post is written against IndiSpire prompt #ResponsibleBlogging)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Little One of 3 yrs was too naughty but the grand mother was equally determined. And she decided to instill in the boy at that tender age the Devotional Culture of her own.

That evening while the child was with her playing, she nicely made him sit with her and started telling the mythological stories of her own background.

“Dear! We have many Gods with us.. Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva...

  • When a crocodile caught the huge elephant friend, Lord Vishnu ran for the elephant and saved it from the crocodile. That way, Lord Vishnu is our God who saves us whenever we are in difficulty..
  • You know, Lord Rama went to Lanka, killed the ten headed Ravan and saved many people. Lord Rama that way is a great God for us..
  • And Lord Krishna is also our God who is always with us in our difficulties. One day, when the King Indra poured stones from top as rain, Lord Krishna simply lifted a hill on his Little Finger and asked everyone to come below it.
  • Once a huge fire of poison came up in the ocean. Every one was afraid. Lord Shiva simply swallowed the whole, kept it in His throat and saved the entire world.
Now tell me we have many Gods with us who constantly help us and save us.. Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. You should always remember our Gods and Pray to them daily. Now let us fold hands and say our Prayer to our Gods together!”

Saying thus, the grandma started singing melodiously..

"Om Jaya Jagadisha Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadisha Hare....."

The little boy soon did the whole Prayer she taught him earlier with hands folded and eyes closed along with her.

The grandma was totally pleased with the Little One’s discipline. In the end with a big smile on her face she said,

“We'll go now. I told you 4 stories of our Gods. There are many more Gods with us and many more stories on how They saved people.. OK.. Tell me.. Out of our 4 Gods whom do you like the best?"

The Little One listening to her with all attention was equally too thoughtful. His Mom was sitting at a distance looking at him with all adoration and a gentle smile on her face. The grandma with all firmness asked the boy again the question.

"Dear! I'm asking you. Whom do you like the best?"

The boy looking at his Mother suddenly smiled and said aloud,

“It's Mommy, like her the best!"

Sunday, April 3, 2016


'Annad bhavanti bhutani....' says Sloka 14 Chapter 3 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita meaning.. 'Living Entities come into being from food!' which indirectly confirms that we are made of the food we eat all along in our life..

And the same Philosophy extended a little more reiterates that this food of ours falls under 3 categories
Viz; Saatvic, Rajasic and Tamasik each type encouraging the similar personalities in us!

Thus seen, we can very much affirm that our food is an integral part of our life as
  • We are from the food around us, 
  • We sustain with the food we eat,
  • We grow with the food we love and 
  • We express ourselves thru' the food type we consume!
About such a food, the Great Saint has said.. "Eat food like medicine!" Meaning.. Food is basically for sustenance and it should be eaten the minimum to keep our bodies healthy and if consumed beyond in whatever fashion, it sure works as poison in us indirectly.

But in reality many times, such a Great Message takes a back seat in me when it comes to partaking the tastiest food in front as the famous thin and lean Playwright and Critic's joke mentioned below too surfaces here thus..

When a fat man who came across him remarked, "Sir! if any one sees you, he thinks that the whole of our country is starving!" the famous Personality smiled and replied, "Dear! The same man if he sees you instantly knows the reason for the same!"

Thus my own personality very much influences the selection of food of my choice varying between junk to fad to scientifically valued foods whatever..

If at any time a special food is offered to me at a subsidized cost to promote it's sales which tastes bitter and smells a bit odd,

The Miser in me instantly decides to consume the same stressing.. “People say that it's the food which is light on the body and does its good.. The peculiar smell and taste may be because of that.. No problem. I can’t waste such a valuable food in front of me whatever others say!”

The Glutton in me confirms that decision saying, "It’s the food very much required for us and we may need a more of it all the time. If I forego this in the name of all that talk of nonsense taste/smell and too much care, I only have to buy it again. Why not store this immediately in Deep Freezer and make use of it subsequently?”

The Personality of too many tastes in me adds color to that saying.. “It’s my tastiest food in front. We hardly get a chance to eat such foods. How can I waste this one? Let me heat it up, add some more spices to it and make my best lunch out of this!”

And finally the Personality of Principles in me confirms all that decided by saying.. “We can't waste any food and it’s very much a sin to do so. Many around us are starving. Let me see if I can make use of this in some fashion for consumption in a smoother form and thus help in overall!”

When these 4 traits rule me thus, I invariably consume that food whatever it be unless equally the Personality of Wisdom in me overrules saying..
  • “I agree that we should never waste our food. It is forever Sacred and Precious. And our monies too are Precious. But seen the other side, my health and immediate safety too are much more precious. 
  • Further seen, my body is like a Temple with me and the daily food with which I feed myself is like an Offering made to God. Here forever, Cleanliness, Freshness, Heat and Aroma are the required qualities of this Offering to the God of this Temple within me..
  • Hence, it’s ever better to allow such a food to decay naturally outside rather inside my body and so let me not use it!”
Thus speaking, the influence of any food, apart from its benefiting effects equally depends on such complex personality behind consuming the same!

(The Post is written in line with the Indispire prompt #foodfads)

Friday, April 1, 2016


This is the story that comes to my mind whenever I feel that I'm right..

"It was a trouble some moment in the life of the man.

  • 'Is there a way out here?' 
He questioned himself. And there sure was answer within..
  • 'Just Praying to God with a promise to keep a certain discipline in my life!'
But that implementation needed repeated reminders and assistance from outside else the spirit could be lost soon. For that, the man instantly thought of a few gadgets..
  • The day's paper slip on the wall calendar would be taken off only when the regime for the day was fully followed, 
  • The daily reminders on the mobile phone would repeatedly remind on the discipline required, 
  • A special attire on self would constantly remind the purpose of that discipline and propel in that direction.. 
All along the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita would be on the table as Witness to the planned self control regime!

The Almighty's Grace was with him and the tense moment passed. With all sincerity, he started his strict discipline of activities from the next day onward to the core..

Soon, life had become a little busy.. After the day's work, few new problems were in front which were necessarily to be resolved and the job was well done for few days.. But quickly, they increased in numbers.. And there was no go there.. The energies had to be diverted in that direction..

  • The immediate light thoughts were.. 'Yes! Here the mind needs some relaxation else I'll be doing forever the job of attending to the requirements alone!' 
  • In a short time they took a certain momentum.. 'This life is to be lived properly. It's meant for that!' 
  • The next line of thoughts were.. 'One life is in front and why not relax here a bit and go cool!' 
  • Soon, an auto suggestion followed saying.. 'Why should I feel less here?'
  • And of course, further down the line the final assertion was.. 'Life is great. It's worth living this way!' 
And subsequent to that, there was no need to say that
  • The special attire hanging in the wardrobe since many days, 
  • The reminders on the mobile that got instantly dismissed all the days continuously and 
  • The many daily calendar papers intact on the wall 
were discretely smiling behind as the days passed thus!

And equally the Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita kept on the Table was a silent witness to all that happening where in Sloka 60 Chapter II forever reiterated,

'yatato hyapi kaunteya purashasya vipaschitah;
Indriyaani pramaatheeni haranthi prasabham manah!'

'The turbulent senses O Arjuna! do violently carry away (in no time) even the mind of a wise (determined) man though he is striving (maximum to control them)!'"

Whenever I remember such a feasibility of change over in my life in respect of the firm decisions taken earlier, I instantly muse within myself..

What else can really be the great Prank I can play on any one around me on this April 1st other than playing it on myself at this point of time ever struggling to bridge the gap between the oaths I have taken earlier in respect of following certain disciplines in various walks of my life and the deviated life I am presently leading today thru' the force of habit?

(This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda).