Friday, March 30, 2018


Lies from my end.. How can I think of that at all?

I very well know the impact of telling lies from my end as that attitude never solves my problem in front instead aggravates the situation and soon I'll have the boomerang effect of all that doing in my future life..

People of maturity advised me saying that no doubt it was the best attitude to speak truth but where there was a threat or danger to one's decent existence, it was no sin if one deviated from that discipline for a while..

They further said that it would be better if I kept mum without asserting anything in such situations and if required for a while I remained off from the rigid truth discipline and thus got away from the tough situation.

They quoted few instances in the lives of Great Personalities of the world where they too deviated from their discipline for a short time and were soon back to their own when the very much perceived tough moment passed.

Yes.. I did understand the context they were talking of and it was very much agreeable if such threats in life come up, I too would be yielding to untruth but I strongly felt within..

"The same Great personalities of the world repeatedly advised that the No 1 prerequisite in one's life to stick to truth is following a total discipline comprising of

  • Straight away saying no to many alluring attractions around without a second thought
  • Upholding morals and ethics beyond the law bound discipline in day to day living everywhere,
  • Whenever the issues become sensitive and emotional, keeping silence and diverting the attention for a while and
  • Forever keeping the company of the good! 
That discipline sure keeps one away many times from falling off from truth forever staying by his/her side as a true armor!"

That self explanation and further follow up of such discipline in my life kept me off myself lying at any time so far openly of course with no serious threats exisiting next to me all along!

Further to that, I openly started advising people who approached me with their problems to follow my that discipline so that almost 80 to 90% of life situations could be overcome without openly deviating from truth..

As life moved thus with certain calmness and composure within me, one evening as usual I visited the temple of my area to Pray to my Deity and take the Almighty's Blessings.

After finishing my Prayer, I sat in the open area with all devotion for a while as part of my routine.. In some distance, chanting of Mantras were heard over the temple loud speakers with the meaning explained simultaneously.. As I started listening to that discourse, suddenly it was the Shanti Mantra from Ishopanishad heard being recited melodiously with the meaning explained in parallel thus.. 

'om puurnamadah puurnamidam puurnaat puurna mudachyate
puurnsya puurnamaadaaya puurnameva vashishissyate
om shaantih shaantih shaantih!'

'That (Outer World) is Whole (full of divine consciousness); This (Inner World) is also Whole (full of divine consciousness). 
From that Whole comes this Whole 
From that Whole, this whole removed 
Indeed what remains is the Whole 
Om Peace Om Peace Om Peace!' 

As that message slowly started percolating into my heart, the Lord in front appeared to be smiling at my ignorance I'm carrying all along in my life..
  • "What is known to you is never That (The Truth). Discard all your ideas and continue your search for That Truth (Principle of Ne-ti).. That way this search remains endless in this life of your consciousness 
With the Original Truth ever remaining away from you!"

The Post is written in line with this week's IndiSpire Prompt Do you remember an incident when you had to tell a lie? Why did you lie? Were you caught? What was the feeling? Share the story! #TrueLies

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Money remains much limited with time seen plenty and energies go out constantly with maturity carrying no importance..

Money remains reasonable with time rationed and energies touch the skies with specks of maturity seen on the horizon..

Money becomes wholesome with time becoming limited and energies go everywhere with maturity setting a firm footing..

Money becomes plenty with time zeroed down and energies remain at the brim with maturity established everywhere..

Money accumulates max with time becoming immaterial and energies are put to test with maturity speaking everywhere..

Money remains static with time creating sometimes an issue and sometimes no issue but energies start tapering down with maturity touching the skies..

Money creates sometimes an issue and sometimes no issue with time at disposal remaining immaterial and energies touch almost zero level with maturity having not much relevance!


Sunday, March 25, 2018


As I look back into my travel history, leaving apart the journeys I made within the country, I extensively traveled across the globe for the past 25 years and visited various countries like Israel, Singapore, USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Mexico and further extensively toured the areas around in each country. In US itself I covered the entire East Coast as well as the West Coast by making more than half a dozen trips to the places.

That wide travel round the globe alone made it possible for me to visit many famous places of historical and tourist importance which till then I could only read in books and hear from people who were to those places. Some of the places of my visit in the past were..

Merlion Park of Singapore,
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, dead sea and Sea of Galilee of Israel,
Museum of Science and Museum of Fine arts of Boston,
Light house, Casco Bay of Maine,
Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty of NY,
National Museum History, White House and Washington Monument of Washington DC,
Los Angeles County of Museum of Art and Griffith Park of LA,
Golden Gate Bridge of SFO,
Dysneyland, Orlando,
Beaches of Miami, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica,
Lake Tahoe and Big Bear Lake of Neveda/CA,
Las Vegas,
Bigsur and the Seventeen Mile Drive of California,
Grand Canyan National Park, Aspen Rocky Mountain National Park and Death Valley National Park of US,
Bannf National Park and Jasper National Park of Canada,
Volcanic Crater and Haleakala National Park of Hawaii,
A Cruise trip to Mexico,
Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge of London,

Cologne Cathedral of Germany, 
Kunstpalast Museum of Dusseldorf, etc..

In the beginning of these series of my travel abroad, my travel inspiration was not much and I was not enthusiastic as I was forced to stay away from the very much loved place of my own for long periods along with living in sub zero temp environments..

It was a sort of homesickness having traveled for long distance and finding nothing common at the new place compared to my usual day to day experiences of life like..

  • The food was different, the taste was different, the items in the market were different, the language spoken as well as the accent was different, people's habits were different, the heat, cold, dust, rain and the weather in general were different.. 
Something seriously missing..


During that initial period, on a day I happened to visit a nearby book store just to spend some time.. There again I noticed that the books too were different except a few countable in number, the subjects were different and were never to my taste..

Moving thus mechanically as I went to a corner searching a lot for my choice, suddenly my attention was drawn towards something hanging on the wall there..

I don't know.. It was a sudden impulse of emotion in me on seeing that as instantly I could see something exactly 1:1 of what I had repeatedly seen, gone through, studied, argued on and was a master of that for so many years in my life..


As if it was a miracle with a great recovery feeling within me, I instantly started seeing a few other common things too in the new place which till that moment, I failed to notice with

An open minded attitude of seeing greatness and beauty everywhere totally replacing the attitude of myself craving to remain in my own cocoon of my small world..

  • 'Yes! Here, the people too are basically one and the same with the same type of physiques, the same feelings of pleasure and pain and the same expressions and requirements with them..
  • The nature around is the same with the clouds, waters, air, hills and vegetation with so many common entities that can never be off from the scene..
  • The weather might have been seen as different but the words heat, cold, rain, lightening, thunders and wind forever convey the same known meaning only!

Is intact in the new place too if seen in the right perspective.. Then where is the place for the crippling home sickness which bothered me so much till then?'

No need to say..

That night I had lengthy heart felt conversations and telephonic calls with some of my friends and my near and dear ones at distance and as I was returning to bed for a restful sleep which was a dream till the other day, I noticed myself unknowingly whistling aloud with

The piece of World Map purchased and brought home by me with all Reverence and Respect and positioned in my bedroom hanging to the wall was silently conveying the Eternal Message of the

In me if not seen in the right perspective!

The post is written as per the guidelines given by Lufthansa Indivine contest 'Why do you love the world?'

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Friday, March 23, 2018


The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Do you find an obsession & overdose of Selfies in Social Media these days? Why do you feel people love clicking & sharing Selfies? #SelfieCrazy

I am the individual of different age wherein the keen interest of today's youngsters to click their selfies coolly is off from me but the interest to project myself as something concrete at this stage had lead me to write this post bringing out what a selfie can mean to me indirectly..

With a total work experience of almost 40 yrs as I look back today, that introspection instantly brings out certain high-lights of holding my job with all dignity and safety throughout my career which go thus..

'The day I am officially out from my school/college with a provisional certificate in hand, I should be on the lookout for my job.

A prospective employer may not select me immediately but would be keen to know how I made use of my time from that day whenever he/she conducts an interview for my job subsequent to this.

Thus the only way in front of me is start searching a job and meanwhile

  • Apply for higher studies,
  • Train my skills by joining certain improvement programs or
  • Start doing a part time job in my related field with/without pay! 
Anything in that direction from my end would be appreciated by the future employer but never hearing the dreaded words like
  • ‘Nothing Done’, 
  • ‘Not attempted’ or
  • ‘Doing other things!'
Subsequently on appointment, as I take up my job and start working with all ambition, 3 entities continuously accrue to me..
  • A compensation in terms of cash and/or kind for the work I do,
  • A continuous gain in the skills I basically use in my work and
  • An eligibility from my side to compete for higher responsibilities thru' promotion!
Basically, these three together go into a brief 'Write Up' which I start keeping as a Record called Curriculum Vitae (CV)!

Subsequent to this, as I stand in the employment arena, most of the Employers who feel that I would be useful to them will evaluate me from a distance through an enquiry/reference and a few may ascertain in their minds that I am the required person.

Here, I would be presenting to the prospective employer my best through this 'Write Up' or CV alone and naturally the best written one creates an interest in the employer. Based on that the employer
  • May select me and give me what I expect,
  • May select me but give me a limited of what I expect or
  • May not select me!
And any of the above happenings directly/indirectly gets added to my work experience invariably and gets recorded in my CV. These in turn reflect my proficiency as well as my demand in the market, both of which even if I want to hide can never do that..

Thus goes on my work life and the pages of my work experience get filled in as time moves on and the CV gets updated continuously. During this period, I should grow continuously and again the dreaded words like
  • ‘Was not lucky’
  • 'Was never encouraged' or
  • 'Was the victim of partiality'
Etc., should never be allowed to come out of my mouth.. And that's possible only when I start getting
  • Good Performance Appraisals, 
  • Regular increments and 
  • Timely promotions with additional responsibilities attached
Throughout my employment period!

Thus moves on my vibrant employment and towards my retirement, this CV of mine becomes a 'Sizable Book' but interestingly when condensed it simply ceases to exist and in its a place invariably prevails a firm request from the prospective employer in the field with a welcome message..
  • “Sir! We've already chosen you for our project as the right personality required. Your compensation package includes............. Can we know when you are ready to join us?”'
The 'proud unfaded selfie of mine' today!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


“Sir! At times, I feel unhappy in the way my parents had brought me up imposing their own ideas of culture, customs and rituals of social life around. Had I not been thrust with those ideas, I would have been relatively sure a free person today..

Because they told me from my childhood to give value to certain of these practices which really have no significance in life, today my entire personality is filled with them and I'm totally chained through that conditioning. I can do nothing about it at this stage and no one else too can help me here..

I understand that certain values are to be stressed by parents upholding truth, honesty, work orientation and family values but not all these meaningless taboos and beliefs!”

“Dear! There's no use of weeping over spilled milk and if you do so and it's never heroism. You should rise, cheer up yourself and start going ahead in your life with the other precious gifts invariably none else other than your parents alone bestowed upon you..


  • For all that had happened in your life so far, your parents alone are not responsible except that they shouldn't have thrust their beliefs on you.. Instead they should have allowed you to express within the limits of social, legal and ethical norms around..
  • They were helpless there and you had no option in front of you at that point of time. But they had given their sweat to you and kept you in society as an individual having your own dignity and freedom a 100%..
  • Why not you do a bit here making use of the status given to you in the society by your parents and try spreading the right message everywhere on lines of truth and reality of life equally bringing laurels to your parents instead of constantly finding fault with them and thus remain in your own cocoon?”
Again remember..

  • The Great Men and Women of the world many times never had great parents. Many had ordinary parents alone and some even couldn't bestow upon their children that what you have today in your life.. 
  • It's the Great Personalities alone that had seen life in front as different, taken the best out of what their parents had given, experienced freedom in their own way irrespective of various cultural and social pressures on them and did the untold good to the world and nothing less!"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


"Sir, of late, I constantly feel that I am ever limited in protecting myself in total from an impending danger whatever precautions I may take in my life and an unknown fear is crippling me when I think in this direction..

As belief in God too is one of the entities at mind level, without that support, is there any way of getting out of this uncertain feeling and remain stable to a certain extent in my life?"

"Dear! Whenever we refer to the

'Sacred Concept of God',

In our life, we should just keep off all logic and theorizing in grasping that as here,

The experiencer in me,
The experienced with me and
The experience of mine

Often seen as the distinct entities at mind level totally identify with the

'Cosmic Oneness in the Universe'

As the 

Phenomenon merges with Noumenon!

As you said, at my mind level I really don't know how I react to the toughness of my next moment beyond other than the usual as my presumption of the next moment therein forever goes to the accustomed known toughness alone and nothing more..

In extreme helpless situations, I expressing as myself is a big question as my personality there would likely be totally destroyed by the toughness of the moment..

If I truly understand this, invariably a certain discipline primarily sets in me and I voluntarily move from the concept of enjoying the life to the concept of sacrificing those bits and pieces offered to me as enjoyment all along keeping off my mind from the ever craving desire for such things..

When such an inner discipline sets in me, sure in time I'll have a certain hold on my wavering mind and can discipline it to search for more permanency in life. As I continue my search thus, the

'Presence of God Everywhere',

Forever described by our Sacred Books and by the Great Men and Women of the Earth as

'The Omnipotent, the Omnipresent and the Omniscient'

Becomes part and parcel of my life in line with ideas imbibed in me from my childhood and that sure becomes the True Safeguard with me to fall back upon if any uncertainty of sizable nature crops up suddenly trying to make me immobilized..

In the words of the Great Saint that Understanding goes thus..

  • 'When one visits a new place on work or vacation, one will first fix suitable accommodation to return in the evening and stay for the night and then alone goes out but never does the other way..
  • In a similar way, I should first believe in God and then only start leading my life of uncertainty in front and whenever that uncertainty surfaces in me with an unknown fear ready to cripple me endlessly, I sure will have a certain stability of mind to face that and thus sail thru' my life!'
Finally to say..

To have a true ultimate meaning to my life, is there another option here other than embracing the Philosophy of Godliness as declared by Sri Adi Shankara in His Devotional Composition Bhajagovindam as said thus?

'Bhajagovidam bhajagovidam
govindam bhaja muudhamathe
samprapte sannihite kale
nahi nahi rakshati drukrun karane.'

'Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda (limiting yourself to the ordained duties).. When the end approaches, the Grammar Rules (the craving for materialistic gain and recognition) will not save you!'

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Monday, March 19, 2018


It was evening hrs.. The child of 6+ had to study for an hr after his evening play.

That day, he was not in a mood to do that. The mom tried to convince him for a while but seeing his relentless mood not to study, she decided to impose her own discipline.

That situation soon lead to an emotional out burst of a cry from the child who appeared to be firm not to study.

All the while, the grandfather was observing the happenings and the helplessness of the boy's mom to make her boy study at that point of time. He knew that such a situation could become too emotional if not controlled in time and thought of making it lighter if possible so that the child did his work happily and the mom kept her cool.

He patted the boy, smiled and said,

"Okay, dear.. If you don't want to study we won't. We'll do what you like to do. Promise!"

"I want to play!"

The little boy said in a crying tone looking at his grandpa..

"Okay, okay..You'll sure play.. But today, You'll not play with your usual play items.. You'll play with your books!"

"Silly.. How can I play with my books?"

"Yes.. There's a way.. Bring your maths, history and geography books. I promise it's play only!"

The child was amused. Instantly, he brought his school bag and took out the 3 books. The grandpa looked at maths text book for few secs and instantly said bringing out an old riddle and his own addition to it,

"Why's the maths book so sad?"

The boy got wondered with what his grandpa had said and looked at him. His mom too was not knowing why her dad asked thus..

"It's very sad.. Do you know the reason? If I tell you, you should promise me to help the book. Nothing more!"

"Sure, grandpa.. I'll help!"

  • "Because it has so many problems, it's very sad. So many problems and no one is solving its problems.. We'll help in solving at least few of them today. Rest we solve slowly over many days. It'll be very happy, okay?"

That funny talk instantly made the child very curious.

"Next, the history book is not caring. Shall we tell it to be more attentive?"


  • "Because all the people it talks of are not there today to question it, isn't it? So it became careless. We'll make it alright.. We'll open the book, I know where it had become careless, we'll read that portion and say aloud to the book, what great works the great people had done to the world and ask the history book to be disciplined, okay?"
The child was too jubilant to listen to his grandpa talk thus..

"The next.. The geography book is very anxious.. You know why?"

"I don't know.. Why?"

  • "It has everything of the world in it and wants to share that with others.. So we'll open the book, read some chapters, take all that for today and make our geography book happy..
If you do all this,
  • The maths book will be happy because it's problems are solved..
  • The history book will be happy because it knows now how to keep up it's discipline..
  • The geography book will be happy because it can share it's treasure with us.. and
  • We'll become happy because we make our books happy!
We'll do this now and then you will have your favorite drink..... I promise!"

"Yesssss...." said the little boy coming to a totally different mood and soon got into the studying mode for the day!

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Friday, March 16, 2018


I murmured aloud..

  • "All along, my life remained average with nothing to proclaim from my end as an achievement!"
The wise man heard saying,

"Life gives every moment a chance to connect with the world and it's people..

  • Instead of constantly craving for achieving the limited, make use of that great chance to express yourself the best thru' a service to the world!"
I continued my murmur..

"Forget.. All that service etc. It's not for people like me.. Okay..
  • I lived in this state for so many years. Never I got one thing as special to me!"
The wise man again said,

"Whatever you may think, Life never stops giving a chance to connect with the world and it's people..
  • As a part of gratitude towards all the unseen plus you got, why don't you drop the idea of expecting more in the scenario?" 
I murmured again..

"Again the same.. That's okay but what about this?
  • All these days, I felt that it's my own place. But having seen the wide differences among-st people, I wonder now, what that my own is here?" 
The wise man continued saying,

"Life never stops giving chance to connect with the people of your place directly..
  • Instead of looking at these differences and remain static, why don't you do a single work of unifying those differences?"
I continued my murmur..

"Fine.. What do you say here?
  • All these years, I was proud of my neighborhood. But seeing the endless gossips going around, I sometimes get dejected and feel lost!" 
The wise man said,

"Life forever gives a chance to connect with the people whom you know and like..
  • Instead of lending an ear to such gossips, why don't you take certain lead in preaching something good in your neighborhood?"
I murmured next without a stop..

"Got it.. Let me try if I can do anything.. Okay.. One more issue..
  • Of late, the grown-ups of my family are countering my advices given for their own good. It's a real pain hearing all they say!" 
The wise man firmly said,

"Life 100% gives a chance every moment to connect with your people whom I' am sure, you love most..
  • Instead of finding fault with the behaviors of your grown-ups, why not just advise them on the right and keep off beyond respecting their decisions 'as is'?"
I said in the end..

"Yes.. I agree that I should do something here. Okay, tell me on the last point, whether I am correct here..
  • This life looks to me aimless and totally meaningless with so much unhappiness and pain around. Am I becoming philosophical?" 
The wise man smiled at me and said,
  • "That's called dry philosophy with you at this point of time constantly seeing misery alone everywhere ending up in nothing. All along, it will be taking out your attention even from the small work you wish to do in the right direction. And that's the exact reason why I advised you to act supporting everywhere. It's.. 
The No 1 Magic Action
  • In the world for all evils and here the doer is 100% benefited thru' happiness and peace within without a single exception!"
The Post is written in line with the Week's IndiSpire prompt #Life gives a chance to connect with the world that people which you love the most.... Do you agree..#addlifeforsomeone

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Thursday, March 15, 2018


“Sir.. Now a days, I'm not finding any time at all to do my personal works because of too much pressure at work in my Company. My family and people say that I'm not paying necessary attention to them in time. I'm finding myself helpless in meeting both the demands at the same time. Is there a way out here?”

“My dear, I can surely say that you are not very clear on the concept of true working and so this confusion in you. The ten Golden Rules ever to be remembered as I take up my work are..

  • Whatever said and done, my work alone truly supports my basic living all the time not the many other activities which appear to do that..
  • My work starts in youth in twenties and ends with retirement past sixties. All along, it's to be seen as a single entity with me and never in bits and pieces..
  • My job except in very few cases invariably is in buyer's market and the buyer has no time to listen to my stories other than taking the best available in the market..
  • No one truly knows when the work picks up pace and tempo and when that eases in between. I necessarily need to wait for that right time to attend to the important personal works of mine..
  • Leave from my work is just a privilege given to me and never a right bestowed upon at any point of time in my employment..
  • Leave from work should be either for sickness/injury of self or family and to discharge the related core family responsibilities, for meeting social obligations or for personal needs and no other reason has a place here..
  • I can't take the leave off from my work without appropriate permission except in case of exigencies / emergencies as it may affect my Employer's business and can create loss therein which can't be corrected subsequently..
  • Too much of leave taken for any reason in spite of being sanctioned appropriately forever gives a feeling to my employer that I have too many personal problems and hence another one with less problems may do his/her job better in my place.. 
  • Unnecessary leave from my job gives certain leverage to the members of family to take issues easy as additional help is readily available for them making them indirectly less effective and dependent.. 
  • Finally to say.. It may be difficult to understand in depth the concept of work but all other ways of grasping it quickly is nothing but ultimately myself working against me only.. i.e., 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


"Let me live my life to the brim seeing the best part of it and let me never forego this whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"

Remarked a man.. God remained silent and life pulled him towards world the next moment..

  • "Enjoying alone is not life. As I live thru' my life, let me do a certain charity with my regular income and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Firmed up another.. God smiled and blessed him go ahead with his activities..
  • "Doing charity alone is not the end. I should equally spend a certain of my time towards service to a cause and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Asserted the third.. God smiled and moved towards him to support his activities..
  • "Doing charity and service to a cause alone are not the end. I should equally spend a certain of my physical energies here making it a total contribution and never keep off from that activity whatever the pressures from various quarters be.. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Reiterated the fourth.. God smiled and joined him in his activities..
  • "It is said 
'Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya!'
  • What all I see, perceive and experience in my life is nothing but a dream. Let me understand this to the root thru' discrimination at every moment of my life and thus live thru' non attachment doing minimum activities required in my day to day life and never keep off from this discipline whatever the pressures from various quarters be. Then alone this life will have true meaning!"
Said the fifth.. There was an instant caution from the Skies..
  • "For people of average understanding, 
'Jagat' is very much 'Satyam' and never 'Mithya!'
  • Better check your potential thru' repeated testing before embracing such a discipline. Rather, living normal life utilizing one's own monies, time and energies for a good cause and thus live thru' is sure the right way for many on the earth!"
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Sunday, March 11, 2018


The 4 meaningless traits in me that quickly make me lose my freedom..

  • Taken over by emotion, giving it off for a throw away price firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by intoxication, auctioning it off in the fastest way having been lured by the other party firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by a blind belief, surrendering it off and remain chained firmly believing that that's all the life..
  • Taken over by greed, pawning it off indirectly thru' meticulous balancing the give and take in every exchange without a least consideration for human values firmly believing that that's all the life..

The 6 meaningful traits in me that eternally help me in securing that freedom..
  • Ever be ready to pardon below a level in a situation and never to retaliate beyond a level..
  • Ever be ready to get into the action part of a moment leaving the questioning part of it..
  • Ever be ready to get off from the discussions beyond by diverting the topic..
  • Ever be ready to avoid an impending ugly argument by politely saying 'one minute please’ in time and get off from the scene..
  • Ever be ready to refuse politely an extended unnecessary help and depend on self help alone therein..
  • Ever be ready to memorize the ultimate fact in life Viz., 
'Leaving the Truth part of it, caring for various ideas/views all along the life really carry no meaning when the time ripens to leave the world!'

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Friday, March 9, 2018


A man approached an independent 3rd party for a specific requirement. In the process, the 3rd party straight away asked him 3 questions..

1. What are you all by yourself?
2. What is your ancestry?
3. What were doing all these days?

There, he was forced to answer all the 3 questions and the man invariably modified them slightly to make them presentable for the primary acceptance of him by the other party.

Of course, that disclosure wasn't just taken on the face of it by the 3rd party as the final acceptable criteria, it was checked and cross checked again and again thru' reliable agencies and then only the accepting party took a decision whether to..

'Accept the man' or
'Keep him away'

For their requirement..

As I look at the 3 questions asked, it's very much evident that at any point of time in my life, I'm defined as

'So and so'

Forever referring to the 3 entities of mine Viz.,

1. My own traits with which I am born on the earth,

2. The genetically acquired traits I got from my parents and the near time ancestors and

3. My own learning thru' constant interaction with my surroundings around

Which in total is

'My past.. The ignorance in me'

Living today as

'The present',

Very conveniently covering up

'The Untainted'
'The Unattached' and
'The Unscathed'

'I in me.. Truly the Present'

Nothing less or nothing more!

The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt Your past never define your character but the present can tell that what type of person you are... Anyone don't have much time to know about your past they always look at your present situation so stay in present not in past.. #followpresent

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


A service provider gave his details to 2 individuals to fall back upon him at any time for the particular service he provided. As soon as he left,

One man discarded the details saying that better he hired on the spot service as much possible rather than took the service from a known person forever..

The other stored the details saying that better he took the service from the known person as much possible rather than hired on the spot service..

The first one asserted,

  • "It's an ever green fact that familiarity breeds contempt!"
The other equally said,
  • "It's a well known fact that familiarity brings in its own safety!"
The first one continued saying,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the lesser ease one will have in certain of day to day movements!"
The other too said,
  • "The more familiar one becomes, the more ease one will have in other day to day movements!"
The first one again said,
  • "Familiarity takes out the carefree life in front and imposes it's own chains!"
The second one too was no less in saying,
  • "Familiarity instills it's own carefulness and brings in it's own safety!"
The first one emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, the newness in life is lost!"
The second one too equally emphasized,
  • "Become familiar, a new life is in front of you!"
The first one finally said,
  • "Live today forgetting the yesterday's happenings that force you to become familiar!"
The second one too said in the end,
  • "Live today remembering the yesterday's happenings that help you in becoming familiar!"
Thus went on their arguments endlessly. An elderly wise man listening to their talk, intervened with their permission and said..

  • No doubt familiarity breeds contempt but managing there and making use of the safety net it provides is ever the wisdom in life..
  • Yes.. My freedom to a certain extent is curtailed in a familiar environment but it's equally true that that extra freedom of mine sure ends where the other man's nose begins in an unfamiliar environment too..
  • Carefree or careful movements, the yardstick in life for ever is the right discipline of living and when that is given due importance, familiarity sure will have an edge..
  • Become familiar or not, the newness of every moment in life is a fact. Once seen that, one can meditate peacefully in the most interactive familiar environment too but when not seen that, concentration in isolated unfamiliar environment too becomes a herculean task with streams of past thoughts engulfing the individual endlessly..
  • Finally to say, knowledge is ever power and familiarity truly helps one secure that with utmost ease but when one gets lost to the same familiarity thru' an attachment feeling, that sure takes out the benefit of securing the very knowledge!"
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


It was the cool morning hrs. As a retired person, I had some work to be done in the city and so decided to leave early catching the morning 0730 bus from my colony, finish the work and return home before noon..

  • As I got into the bus and sat in my seat, I saw at pretty long distance a college student running towards the bus with his bag on the back..
  • He never left his attempt in spite of the bus moving ahead, ran on leaps and bounds, crossed the road and instantly stood there with his head bent indicating to the driver his obedience as well as his intention of getting into the bus else he would be missing the first class in the college..
  • The senior driver looked at him, moved the bus a bit ahead but stopped for the boy to get in equally conveying a message that he would not allow breaking the rule of getting into a moving bus..
  • The boy got into the bus, by then as all the seats were occupied, stood close to the vertical bar, opened one of his books and was seen recapitulating it's content..
My heart instantly felt for the boy for his determination and the instantaneous action in meeting the schedule and the expertise shown in the process but equally there was a concern that the boy should have been more careful in that context!

I subsequently finished my work, got into 1 PM bus which was not much crowded and was returning home..

  • At the next stop, a young lady got in with her 3 year old kid with his school bag and simply stood in the bus holding the bar next to her politely refusing a seat offered by a person saying that it was just a 2 stop travel..

  • As the bus conductor approached her, she took out her purse from her hand bag, appeared giving the exact change for the ticket, kept the ticket in her purse, folded the same and kept it in her hand bag all the time holding the bar firmly around one arm paying attention to her child..
  • In the process, she was continuously listening and talking softly to her child who was communicating to her his own school experiences of the day in between praising the boy for the 'Great Little Work' done for the day..
  • The journey continued thus for about 10 minutes, her stop came up and she, with all elegance and care, got down the bus and headed homewards.. 
My heart instantly felt for the young lady in handling such a complex and very much needed work so well without a single murmur except a smile for every question put to her!

As I got down the bus at my next stop and moved towards my destination, a beautiful feeling overtook me in no time as I remembered the day's 2 precious events I came across..

“Hats off to these young men and women around for the very extraordinary skills they exhibit every minute in their lives at the back of the intense stored energies expecting
  • 'Few Simple Returns'
All along depicting a
  • 'Never Failing Smile'
On their faces and an
  • 'Ever Fresh Determination'
In their hearts as life moves on..

A True Gift from the Almighty to the young men and women on the earth!”

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


To help out the little boy learn max
As the boy
Expecting nothing 
Losing no hope 
Involving deep 
Smiling everywhere 
Taking things cool 
Calculating never 
Started exploring the surroundings 
Endlessly probing into 
The newness of Her 

nature, newness

Monday, March 5, 2018


That Sunday morning, the 4 friends were relaxing chitchatting in the balcony of one of the friends flat over a cup of hot tea. Soon their discussions ran into the costs of various items and services around and their helplessness in meeting those expenses..

  • "These our monies are not very big. A visit to the shopping area 2 times in a month simply takes out Rs 5000 from the pocket. There's not much left out to make another visit there in the month. That way, every month end we are forced to be at home with nothing to do!"
  • "You are right.. For people like us, it's still tight. Go for few standard pieces of clothing, that itself coves Rs 5000 and we are forced to keep off from other weekends' relaxation and outings.. Sad part of our working and living!"
  • "For me, one fine dining with family on a weekend and having some entertainment takes out Rs 5000 at one stroke. You can think of any other buying or spending, in the next month only. That way seen, we are getting pittance amounts as salary with all our struggle of studying and getting degrees!"
  • "Yes.. Our salaries should go up sufficiently.. Other wise, no meaning to a decent living.. You see, last week end, I had a full day's program of going round places, having some entertainment and modest eating out. Rs 5000 nowhere could meet all that cost. I had to......"
The friend in whose flat the meeting was going on, noticed the neighborhood elderly gentleman slowly coming inside the complex with a heavy bag. He instantly greeted the elderly saying,
  • "Hello, Sir.. Good morning.. How are you doing? Morning itself out?"
The elderly looked at him and the friends, smiled and replied softly

"I'm doing good dear! How are you all?"

  • "We are all okay, Sir.. Seems, you had gone for shopping in the morning itself? Anything special?"
"Nothing much Dear! Today is the month end, you know? That corner shop in our street sells the items at reduced rate on this day of every month. May not be much concession but that matters for people like us who are retired and get a modest pension!"
  • "How are your monthly expenses, these days, Sir? Are you comfortable with your limited pension and interest on the retired monies you receive for the month?" 
"Yes, dear! Those monies are quite good enough to meet our monthly expenses..
  • You know, just for Rs 1500, I could get our essential family food items like rice, wheat, oil, few dals, tamarind, chilies, salt, sugar, tea etc of course, for 2 of us for the month.. Another 1000 goes in milk, 1000 in vegtables and the rest essentials like electricity bills, gas bills and telephone cost one more 1000..
  • Summing up.. Within Rs 4500 we can get our bare essentials and another 500 will cost misc expenses!
  • Thus seen, Rs 5000 or a little more is quite good enough for our normal monthly expenses for a decent living leaving out exigencies. I'm happy that I could still save out of my pension/interest from deposits of my retired monies.. 
How's life other wise? Is everything under control?"

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Friday, March 2, 2018


The man dreamed with a total self expression..

  • "I want to venture in my life!"
God smiled and instantly started helping him..

Time passed.. The man again dreamed with a greater thrust in that direction..

  • "I want my venture to be interesting!" 
God again smiled and blessed him with specs of his self interest seen here and there..

Time Passed.. The man dreamed once again making his spirit go up by leaps and bounds..

  • "I want my venture to be more interesting!"
God smiled and okayed that with certain of his self interest firming up..

Time Passed.. The man never stopped there and further dreamed with certain craze in his mind..

  • "I want my venture to be exciting!"
God remained silent and a definite selfishness surfaced in him with Satan making a note of that..

Time Passed.. The man continued dreaming with no recourse to that craze lessening and a certain greed too entering the picture..

  • "I want my venture to be more exciting!"
Satan laughed softly behind the man at the back of continuous rising selfishness with him..

Time Passed.. The man picked up pace in his dreaming with his craze going up in leaps and bounds and the greed firming up everywhere..

  • "I want my venture to be thrilling!"
Satan laughed aloud with no look back and moved towards him to take over charge of him..

Time Passed.. The man never looked back and had gone ahead with his dreaming the greed in him going up by leaps and bounds..

  • "I want my venture to be super thrilling!"
Satan burst into the loudest laughter and joined by his side as the thickest friend..

Time Passed.. That was the ultimate in the man's dreaming with his sky rocketed greed making him totally a mad person for life with a single aim ruling everywhere..
  • "I want my venture to be mind blowing!"
Satan started laughing endlessly and took over the man in total from that very moment till he was finished!

The post is written in line with the IndiSire Prompt Their is a great difference between smile and laugh that is smile can can create positivity but laugh sometimes demotivate other.. Do you agree with this. #greatdifference

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Thursday, March 1, 2018


It was 6.30 PM.. The Saturday evening hrs. As the business man of the town sitting in his luxury car with his family waiting for the return of his driver sent on a personal errand casually looked out, 
he could, in distance on the other side of the road notice, 

A man approximately of his age slowly packing all that he had spread out for the day for his modest business on a road side shelter. Having finished the packing and securing of everything, he headed home with some load in his hand, walked up to the end of the lane which was pretty long and soon disappeared from the sight!

The rich man remarked,

“What a pity!

  • This man's day starts in the early morning hrs as he walks all along from his small home definitely located not in the busy area.. 

  • Further to that, he struggles the whole day under sun and rain, cold and heat, dirt and dust to sell his limited skills and earn few rupees for the day..
  • The next day the routine again starts, his customers would be there in the morning and he can't be late even for a small time..
  • His entire life goes thus with no charm at the back of almost no holiday / leave from his work and he is destined to live thus.. 
It's very sad that he has to suffer like that in his life as every day of his is

  • Compared to him, how much lucky we are? No such hassles and struggle with us as comfort and convenience rule everywhere with money instantly filling up all the gaps!"
Soon the family returned home and it was time for the gentleman to go for his business dinner arranged in a hotel. That went on till late night at the back of certain serious discussions and he returned around mid night. Further to that, he spent some time going thru' the concurrent business affairs and went to bed around 1 PM.

It was 0530 AM. The twilight was seen in the eastern sky. The gentleman got up from bed with certain uneasiness continued..

Worried and tensed up, the family members urgently phoned up for the ambulance service and the man still reeling under pain was quickly moved to the near by hospital. En route, as the ambulance passed thru' the same junction where they parked their car the earlier day, with a single glance outside thru' the closed window glass of the vehicle, the family members could not escape noticing..

The yesterday's man on the road already back to his work with his load busily arranging the items with a cover above as it started drizzling with intermittent gusts of winds blowing in all directions..

No doubt, he was destined to suffer like that in his life that day too being


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