Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year 2014 Greetings!

A Year had passed with many Events happening around as time brought out its own significant changes here, some for our betterment but a few not at all….

If we look back we quickly find that apart from the Economics of Living, lack of the Right Knowledge is the prime cause for the set backs around us as forever Knowledge is Strength, Knowledge is Supreme and Knowledge is Sacred!

And in the process of this 'Sacred Learning' it is said that the 'Speaker of the Truth' is a Wonder in Nature, the 'Listener to the Truth' too is equally a Wonder and both together continuously Learn at different Levels, these 'Great Truths' of Nature at the back of an 'Eternal Quest' in them to Learn and Spread the Message!

The Ancient Philosophy of Life forever values this Great Interaction between the 'Speaker' and the 'Listener'…. 
And here, the Entire Universe of the Almighty’s Creation Gears up to help out whenever this Quest for Knowledge is sincerely expressed and brings out on front line all the Channels of Access for this Learning….

Let this Learning Process continue in our lives with more and more vigor…. 
And let all of us determine firmly to move up this 'Eternal Ladder' by always Questioning the 'Right' in the World and never be satisfied  and limit ourselves with what we know today since this Questioning alone opens the Doors for further Higher Learning which truly speaking is a 'Limitless Entity!'  And through this Questioning alone, we forever experience the 'Best' in our lives.... No doubt here!  

Let this be the 'Wish' of all of us in this New Year and further let this 'Expression' around us too be supported with all Sincerity to see a better World of Tomorrow!

A Very Happy New Year 
To all my Indiblogger Friends and FB Friends 
 With whom I am able to actively 
Communicate through these Channels!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why do many the so called, 'Welfare Programs' fade out soon?

A man was very much interested in doing a Service to the Society around.... Simultaneously, there were enough resources too with him for that Great Work....  He had specific time, sufficient finances and a little prominence around to get things done or make the issues move easily….

He, accordingly started his Sacred Service with that great interest....  in no time, men and material as required were deployed for the purpose....  And all necessary clearances and permissions could be obtained in time, if not easily….

Time moved on…. 

Slowly, the man started noticing that the pace of the activities had come down in time even though the activities themselves were going on and further noticed a deficiency in the 'Quality of Service' delivered compared to what was there initially as well as what the original aim was....

“I appointed the best people to do these jobs and they are equally doing the required job.... Also, my supervision through trust worthy Assistants is quite satisfactory as I see around.... I, myself am checking now and then and keeping the strings pulled in time where required....  In spite of all these cares, the whole program has slowed down.... I am unable to understand the ‘wrong’ that had taken place here....” Thus he was thinking constantly within himself....

One day, when he visited an elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom, casually mentioned this issue with him and sincerely wanted to know the reason for the Program to slacken….

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear! No doubt your ambition was great and even now continues at the same level!  But, remember you have put in the direction of this 'Great Work' only your 'body and mind' but not your 'heart and soul!' Like wise, the others too with you are doing ….

Just sees simple case of  how a parent works for his / her ward.... He / she puts in the maximum resources sometimes beyond his / her reach, does many core jobs himself / herself leaving only the unimportant ones to others around, personally monitors the activities and sees that the welfare is done to the root level else he / she will not sleep.... And  not a single activity is let off without this total care!  To say precisely, the parent is ready to work 25 hrs a day, if required and if given, for the betterment of his / her child….That’s the reason, the child always grows up to almost the best personality in the world…. Are you and your people doing / able to do in a similar way or is it a 'secondary work' for all of you?"

Sunday, December 15, 2013

True 'Self Respect'....

The Great Man said, “I don’t mind undergoing a punishment rather than be out of it if my actions do not bring in the True Justice to my people who are affected!”

To an information that His own friend was plotting on His life, the Great Man straight away went to meet the friend late night alone and when the friend opened the door for Him, gave a weapon to him and said, “I heard that you are planning to kill me…. I myself came here alone voluntarily to help you in that…. And I did not inform any one on this!”

That is the 'Self Denial' the Great Men on the Earth ever maintain for a 'Cause' They have taken up without caring for their own lives…. The Highest Personality Expression....

For a normal man like me, this is an impossible task and I am far, far away from this Great Strength…. Here, the best of way of Expressing my Personality is always living with the 'highest self respect' at a level where my decent living is not questioned....  And when this is ensured, accepting something extra out of greed is truly bringing down this 'self respect'…. If I am man of true 'self respect', I should take care to say 'No' here but that should never mean a hurt to the other man and his / her dignity is upheld all the time….

It is possible that I may be accepting some of these additional favors without never getting off from rule bound discipline here since straight away saying 'NO' to all these, at this level is sometimes too difficult and looks as if I am losing some thing…. So, let that go on since I am still within the accepted behaviors and discipline around but ever keep an eye open all the time with a thought, "Why not I say ‘NO’ here too and still be happy in life?”

If that happens at whatever level it may be, it is a big 'Credit' to my 'Personality' in this life making my 'Self Respect' go steadily 'UP' in the eyes of people around along with the Blessings of the Almighty from above!

A task Worth taking up in this life!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Unusual Cyber Experience....

The man of mid thirties was too enthusiastic....

“Now a days, I am not able to go round and make various monthly bill payments for the Services I am using as I am not getting any time…. That’s why, I purchased this Laptop and secured the internet facility…. With this, all these payments are at finger tips and I can leisurely do them in the evenings, night times and on week ends…. It is safe and secure…. I don't know why people still go and stand in long queues for these routine known bill payments....” thus was his instant talk and n
o doubt with a good facility in front….

So the man thought and on the week end, sat in front of his Laptop to do the initial payment transaction…. He opened the Web Page by typing the URL, Oh! a big 'Welcome!' sign appeared instantly and asked him to proceed by giving certain basic information including the Log In information…. The man was thrilled at this and in no time typed in the information….

A message appeared on the Web Page…. “Please wait…. We are verifying the details….”

It took about 3 minutes…. There was no change….

The man got worried and went back to the site and proceeded again….

The Web Page re-opened and the details whatever asked were again given....

A message flashed…. "Please provide Bill Number with date...."

When he wanted to give the Number, it did not accept the same but a 
message had flashed, “What is the amount?”

When he started giving the amount, it asked, "Please give the Account No........”

When he wanted to input the account No, it did accept but did not accept all the digits of it..…...

The man by that time was a little worried and started erratically inputting whatever numbers asked.... And in such a desperate mood as he tried hitting the Enter Key repeatedly, a message flashed on the screen, “You are no more allowed to proceed on this Web Page.... Please press the 'Back' button to begin!”

He thus repeated the process and after a time of half hr with no way out,  he got fed up and finally logged out of the Account…. Instantly there was 
a Success…true Success….

A face with a smile and waving a hand flashed the message, “Than Q .... You have successfully logged out!”

No need to say that the next working day, the man took leave as it was the last day for the payment, walked a km all along, stood in queue for an hr and with lots of sweat finally paid off the bill for the month taking in return a printed receipt….

Monday, December 9, 2013

In life, no Single Way is Sacred!

"A man of average income always carried an idea that life was to be lived through the 'Best'.... He opined that chances of development were in the hands of individuals and to reap the same one had to spend, see the best in life, learn and grow.... He thus stuck to this philosophy of living in the prime time of family growth with certain expectations.... Strangely all along the growth of his family remained only at moderate level but the expenses and the corresponding loans availed had shot up in no time.... Soon, a stage had reached, when he found it difficult to manage the money matters and the life thus had become really unhappy....

A better off man with good resources had exactly the opposite view Viz., Save as much as possible, spend the least and let the family members fend themselves with only the limited resources readily kept at their disposal....   He believed that this discipline ultimately would safeguard ancestral finances and family would grow the best on their own with minimum decent support.... Thus, he spent minimum every where and advised his children to follow only the cost effective measures for their development.... The family had grown to a reasonable level but the family members could not become better than that in spite of truly having sizable finances to support that growth.... There used to be moments of criticism in the family and the man was unhappy because of that...."

The Head of a Great Learning Centre in Ethics had narrated these two separate Events of life to a group of audience and asked them a question, "Can you explain whether  the two gentlemen were right in their actions or was something missing there?"  The listeners unable to get His point requested Him to explain further.... The Head continued, “Truth in life is a powerful Entity and no one can ever gain good by negating it at any point of time.... Here, in one case, the finances were limited but spending was beyond.... Convincing explanations were there saying spending would result in growth.... No doubt it would have happened but there were equally many pitfalls in that route.... Those were never considered and the necessary care in that context was simply ignored....

In the second case, the strict discipline in spending was good, the constant message to the grown up family members all the time ‘Fend yourself’ was no doubt equally good but still something better could have been achieved in that direction through expending some of the finances in the right time rather than saving the same.... That way, the beneficiaries i.e. the family members forever lost a golden opportunity of improving themselves to a much better state….

Here both were the Truths…. That, one of them had limited resources and the other some what more of them.... All along, each one of them should have followed a life taking care of this fact in spending rather than giving undue importance to the wild thoughts of their own minds.... Here, the Truth in fineness was never seen and hence the unrest prevailed in both of the families at certain point of time!”

In conclusion, the Head said, “Betterment of an individual always lies in gently living nearer to the Truth as much as possible.... The situation in life for each individual is different and further ever changing with time.... Thus no single way of living becomes sacred or safe.... We should try to experience and live in the dynamic moments of life backed by a sincere care as we pass through the same... There alone lies our safety forever!”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Computer Gimmicks....

A certain man was advised by his well-wishers to buy an Anti-virus Software available in the market for installation on his Desktop to combat almost all Virus attacks....

"We see you constantly sending a number of on-line communications and doing various on-line financial transactions on your Desktop.... In these times, if any malicious Virus enters your machine and captures the sensitive information you are keying in, the secrecy is lost in no time and your monies too are great risk...." they used to say.... At length, the man was truly convinced of the necessity of installing a Anti Virus Software on his Machine but chose a not so standard one and the Supplier was contacted for installation.... The next day their Rep. was at his door step....

“Our Software fights out all types of Virus attacks on your computer and all the Programs and Web Pages are constantly monitored.... In fact, it physically creates a fort around the Web Page seen on the screen.... It protects all sensitive information like Login IDs, Passwords and other Personal Information.... Even though your computer is slightly slowed down during these thorough checkings, the unique protection offered here out weighs this small disadvantage!” declared proudly the Engineer cum Sales man as he installed the same on his System through an almost an hr job, all free of cost!

The Engineer having left, the man sat happily in front of his Desktop.… "Now I am fully secured against all types of Virus attacks, hitherto I was afraid of while down loading any file or opening any secured Web Page!" Thinking thus, he opened a Web Page...Lo! It was a wonder.... The powerful Software was already on its job seen providing the necessary protection.... By building a fort around, by providing checks everywhere and by allowing all sensitive information through its own Virtual Keyboard, what not? "Great!" thought the man….

The next day, he had to do some financial transactions on one of the secured Financial Websites.... He followed systematically all procedures of typing the URL himself, checking for the 'https://' symbol and padlock for security of Webpage, going through the Public Key Certificate for validity date, Certificate Authentication etc.... And, no doubt, the Anti-Virus backup was seen instantly active and providing all its background protection…. The man was quite happy and as he was trying to enter his Login ID and Password through the Anti Virus Software Virtual Keyboard, a message flashed on the screen….

"Beware! Some suspicious Software is trying to encroach in the sensitive information area…. Enter these informations only through the original Virtual Keyboard seen on the page opened directly under the URL!”

And subsequently, the web page allowed him to proceed only when he deactivated Anti Virus Package for a while and competed the job as usual he used to do before!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The depth of Honesty....

A young man was particular in being honest to the core in all day to day dealings that he used to encounter with others very often....

Thus, he used to remember even a small transaction where the giver himself was not much bothered about his receipt and used to pay the maximum attention till the return is done in the right way....  Whenever asked the reason for this extra care, he straight away used to say, “Where is the doubt here?  It is the right way; is it not? I owe him and I should pay him off!  I am exactly doing that!”

An elderly well-wisher and a man of wisdom who observed him for a while, at length decided to discuss the issue with him.... Accordingly, one cool evening he met him and after a few exchanges said, “My dear! I see straight away that you’re honest in all small issues of life to the core.... No doubt, it is a good discipline but I have a small question here.... Why do you want to be this much precise, remember every detail and be speaking on that till the issue is settled fully?”

The young man got astonished at this remark and said, “What Sir?  You are telling me this?  What is wrong to be honest in this way? It really helps me out and I am doing the best in my life.... Why are you questioning me on this?”

The elderly said, “My dear! The reason for my asking is.... Generally in life, I tend to be honest in small dealings but when major things are involved I may deviate under some pretext as the benefits would be too alluring.... I am not saying that you would be like that but you must test yourself repeatedly in respect of your actions in this direction.... If still your actions truly support honesty, it is established that the person’s depth of Understanding is different as he / she sees a direct link between his / her ultimate happiness and safety in life in being honest to the core.... But sometimes if the same Understanding had not set in me firmly, then I would be doing exactly the opposite when major issues surface as my 'self' always drives me towards the ultimate fulfillment which forever lies in 'possessing' alone!"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The End of a Stress Relieving Exercise!

The gentleman was on his brisk walk in the walking path with his friend that day cool evening.... He was advised to walk daily for an hour in the evenings with aerobic breath in and breathe out to reduce the predominant stress levels in him and that was his first day…. The chirps of the birds in the bushy trees around echoed simultaneously with the rattling sound the dry leaves were making as the cool breeze moved the trees rhythmically.... The pleasant evening with right temperatures pumped in around was perfect for a healthy walk....

After two minutes of silent walk, the friend had slowly opened the conversation…. And the topic soon shifted to a burning issue.... “Dear! I was hearing this all these days from people but I never wanted to trouble you by telling it to you.... But now no go.... It reached the limit and better I speak out…. You know, your other great so called friend……. Of late, he had become too selfish and is constantly trying to talk ill of you.... My other friends told me this earlier but I did not believe till I over heard him yesterday talking to some one so openly…. Instantly, I felt very bad….  If he wants to say something, he should tell in front.... See! There, he has no courage and instead is doing back stabbing.... I think he will get back one day for all this non sense behavior and God will not pardon him....” said the friend as they just finished half a round....

The gentleman was instantly annoyed to hear the same and said, “Yes! Yes! I heard the same from others too.... This man needs a lesson.... I’ll not leave him; I am waiting for the right time….”

Just then his mobile phone rang aloud.... The gentleman saw the caller’s name and immediately blurted aloud on the phone, “Hi! How dare you do this? Are you not feeling bad to ring up to me now?  How can you talk ill of me at my back?  If you remember.... Long back, you came to me in a helpless state when you had a difficulty and I gave so much to you and supported you.... Have you forgotten all that?  Where is your gratitude for the help taken from me?  And, why do you ring up now and try to talk as if you are so innocent? I’ll soon see the end of your drama….” Saying thus he angrily cut the phone....

Silence continued for a few minutes.... Suddenly, the gentleman said, “Oh My God!  I forgot.... There is one more burning issue; I have to attend to it immediately…. See!  Already, I have my own thousand problems and this man is creating an additional headache.... Ok!  It's time, I get back home now… I’ll finish first the urgent pending work…. It may take 2-3 days time.... Then, I’ll decide what to do with this man.... But surely I am going to put an end to this drama.... I am not going to leave him…. Number one nuisance.... OK, Bye!.... Sorry for the change....  We can meet probably next week by which time these issues would be resolved I hope and then continue our regular walking program..... ” Saying thus he bid bye to his friend and to his walking temporarily and moved towards home with a mind full of tensions and hectic plans of action....