Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Hidden 'Truth'....

In an Office, two Managers were functioning in parallel….

An Assistant who in the past had given enough headaches to few Bosses in respect of the discharge of his Official Duties, strangely was found to be quite listening to one of those two Managers where as for the other as usual, was a 'hard nut to crack!'….

On a particular day during their Coffee Break, the two Managers were discussing causally the Office Matters and in the process the discussions turned to the problematic Assistant….

“Dear!  I found you somehow pull on with this Assistant in our Group without much problem…. How are you able to do this?  I find it really tough to handle this man....” commented the one who was almost a failure in that aspect….

The other Manger smiled and said, “Dear! You know…. In respect of those who work with us, there are some responsibilities attached to them along with their own rights at work….

I sincerely follow a Code of Conduct here…. Never question on their rights but meticulously follow up with the discharge of their responsibilities….

After doing this in the right way, whatever cushion is with me which our Top Mangement had provided to manage the day to day issues, I use that judiciously so that when they listen I give out but when refuse to listen, I ration this giving…. That’s one of the reasons of my control on this Assistant too…. Further....."

The other Manger interrupted him there and said, “What you are saying, I too follow and there is nothing great unknown here…. But still this man gives me the never ending problems…. I think he favors you and not me; that’s all!”

The first one said, “Yes! that’s right…. The reason for this is………”

The other one abruptly interrupted him and said, “It’s nothing…. Again I am telling you.... This man likes to take Orders from you and not from me; that’s it…. You are just lucky.... Else, you are not doing any thing extra special here which I don't do or am not ready to do….”

Just then, the Office Boy came in and said, “Sir! Mr……… (The Assistant) seems to have a problem in his work…. He wants to talk to you…. Shall I send him in?”

The first Manager instantly said, “Hey! Wait….Tell him  that I am busy…. I’ll see him later…..” and as the Office Boy left, he turned towards his friend Manager and said “I don’t want this headache in these morning hrs…. Let me avoid him now…. He surely spoils my day and I can't afford it now as I have planned an Outing today evening with my family …..”

The other smiled and said to his friend, "If you agree, I'll try to look into his problem...."and immediately called the Office Boy and said, “Let him come to me in another half hr…. I’ll look into his problem….”  After the Office Boy left, he prepared himself to move to his Chamber for the day’s task….

Later, One of Staff Members in the Office was seen speaking to another Colleague in a soft tone…. “Our that.……. Manager Saab appears to be too much afraid…. He quickly gets away from many Office problems and takes shelter with a comfortable position….. But Our other Sir,…..... No, never like that!…. He is totally a different man at work…. Always ready to take up any issue whether he is able to give a solution or not…. He is the Manager who is never afraid of facing any issue in our Office however complex it may be…. Actually, he is the right Boss for us…. The other man…. I don’t know why our Management gave him promotion and brought him here....”

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Strange 'Back Up' Services'....

###  When it is a question of making use of a Door Delivery Service, the same may be sometimes a little uncomfortable in respect of the receipt of duplicate Keys for front door....

### I was trying to make an important call on my mobile phone…. As I selected the Contact, instantly a Voice message came up, “You are not allowed to make a call on this number… Please make a note!” I was shocked and could never understand the meaning behind the message as the number was that of a known man only and I correctly selected the name what was saved to my Contacts…. Perplexed, as I opened the details saved under the name to my surprise, I noticed a single digit saved as the Contact No…. Don't know how but the tone of the Voice message haunts me even today….

### The prospective Customer was in rage due to the total failure on the behalf of Vendor in respect of his Supplies in time.... He picked up his mobile phone and made call to the Vendor's number to blast him saying as a Supplier he had to bend down before the tough Customers like him….A Voice message came on the phone instantly saying, “The Customer you are trying to call is presently busy on another call.... If you want to speak to him, please wait.... He can be contacted only when he finishes the other call….”  The man quickly rang up to the Phone Company and shouted, “This is not my Customer; he is my Supplier.... Please correct yourself first!”

###  Overheard a joke…. Long back when Telephone Services were in the primitive stage, limited in number and getting  connected to the required number was not an easy job at important places, a man used to help out dialing for the Customers waiting in long queues so that those not familiar with the Systems and Instruments did not make mistakes in ringing up to the wrong numbers…..

Once a Customer asked for a number to be dialed and it came up as the wrong one…. The gentleman manning the Counter before disconnecting the line shouted aloud, "The number 'XXXXX' is connected…. Does any one in the queue want this number?”

Friday, February 21, 2014

The 'Preaching' is never for Me!

The Milk Man was 10 minutes late….

“What my Dear? How can you be late?…. I already lost my precious morning hrs waiting for you…. Yaar! If you work like this, soon I have to find an alternate Supplier…. Now I've to make up my time…. How can I do this? I’ll be late to my Office!”

The News Paper Boy was 10 mts late….

“Dear! You know that I cannot start my work without reading the Headlines…. My entire day of work depends partly what’s going on around….Why don't you come in time? Now I have to rush thru’ your Paper....”

The Servant Boy was late by 10 minutes....

"Dear!  You should be here by sharp 7 as I told you.... You see the time now.... For you hrs may not matter but for me minutes matter.... I am waiting for my Mail from the mail box.... If you delay, I have to leave to Office without seeing my Mail and how do think that I can do my work without knowing yesterday's Mail? Take care.... From tomorrow onwards, you should be dot at 7 AM at my Door Steps else you should find your new Boss!"

There was some traffic jam on the road…. The Driver diverted the vehicle on to a longer Route….

“I don't know when our city streamlines on the traffic issues…. This way, daily I'll be late for my work…. I can't start early also as others too are daily late by 5-10 minutes…. If every one starts in their right time, this mess will not be there.... All because, every one wants to relax and take life coolly.... I don't know what will happen in the coming days.....”

At the Entrance Gate, the old Security Guard was late by a few minutes in opening the Gate….

“Dear! It's time you take rest… Let some one else do this…. Time is very important and old people cannot rise to the occasion…. You may need the job but think, no one can stop doing a job properly when he gets a payment…. Don't feel that I am harsh here.... This is Law of Nature....”

In the Office Chamber….

“What I say!  You are again late…. Don't tell me that it is just 5 minutes.... I don't allow it.... From, tomorrow onwards, be early to Office by 5 minutes daily.... That solves your daily late problem!"

After two hrs at the Office Desk…

“Hello! Is it…Oh yeah! I know…. OK.... Got it…. Means we are through our Precious Deal…. What a good News!…. All my waiting here fully paid off…. I was telling…. When luck decides to favor us, nothing can stop it…. This is a life time gain…You know what it means?…. I am left with enough money now for a decent living even if I do not work for my entire life…. It does not mean that I will keep quite…. But I need not run for my day to day works and my earnings are around me in whatever way I work…. Let’s celebrate…. Tonight, we will have the choicest dinner at….. and even if I return late in the night, I need not run for my work in the morning as from tomorrow onwards…....."

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Service.... Readily Available!

I needed an important timely Appointment with the Expert in the Field for a solution to a burning issue with me and the same could not be delayed.... As I was quickly searching the Web for the related phone number to take Appointment on priority, I suddenly came across a Web Page which was doing the job of arranging such Appointments.... As I cross checked, soon I was convinced of such Service being available in the field.... I was instantly thrilled as my work became so easy with a dedicated Group for me doing this job and inform me on the details, all free of cost.... 

I just followed the guidelines given on the Page and in no time fixed my Appointment which was subsequently confirmed on my mobile phone as a Message and a Mail sent to my Mailing Address.... Every detail mentioned in the Mail and the Message was crystal clear and I could take even a print of it to show to the Authorities for my Appointment date and time....

Subsequently, a Voice Message on my mobile phone requested me to rate the Service provided with '1','2','3' or '4' button inputs and obviously I gave 'Excellent' rating by pressing '1' without a second thought....

Days passed and the D-day neared.... The Web Page said that I would be reminded of the same a few hrs before on the day of my Appointment.... Oh!  Yes! It happened.... Exactly a few hrs before my appointment, there was a call on my mobile phone.... The Person at the other end enquired all the details and I quickly confirmed the same and was about cutoff my phone with a Than 'Q' when the Person on phone coolly said, "Sir! Since 2 days, I am trying to ring up the number of your....... Expert for your Appointment, but no one is picking up the phone.... I am held up here.... What do you want to do now?  Cancel the Appointment for today and re-book for another day or will you physically go there taking a chance for a quick hearing from you? We will help you accordingly...."

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Truth Speaks by Itself!

An issue with a man was pending for a while which needed clearance from the concerned Authorities…. And on one of those days, the Authorities had given a date to hear his case.... To get it approved in the first instance itself, the man decided to prepare well on all the related points and thus present his case so that the Authorities would be well impressed and could never reject his case.... 

For this as a first step, he had gone through all the laid out rules in detail…. And important points in the related Links were searched and well memorized..... Every rule was interpreted in the best way to see the applicability of his case and the related points noted…. All Annexures and Clauses referred therein were well read to note important points of the case….. And finally, a few Experts’ opinions were sought and their justifications noted….

Thus prepared, the man proceeded to face the Authorities to get his issue go through the toughest of moment where it totally depended on the Authorities getting convinced and Okaying the proposal...

Another man with a similar issue too was ready on that day but without many references except with the basic papers needed….

Amused, the first man asked him, “My dear! Both of our issues more or less are the same or I can say almost identical…. It is the time when the Authorities had to be convinced on our issues and accord the necessary permission by approving our cases…. Here, it is totally in their hands to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and it is our strength to bring out all answers for their questions so that they ultimately will never say ‘NO!’  When I am so much prepared with all answers to the point, how is that you seem to be without a single reference, preparedness or volumes of physical papers except the minimum and appear so cool and calm? Are you really serious to push your case through?”

The second man smiled and said, “Dear! All our Rules and Procedures are meant to see that only the Genuine issues are cleared carefully weeding out the non Genuine cases…. I exactly don't know of your case but mine is just a simple case of Truthful and Honest presentation and Truth and Straightforwardness alone are the strong points of my issue.... Tell me, where is the need for me to carry all those additional convincing entities and which such convincing arguments are needed to call a 'Spade a Spade?'”

Monday, February 17, 2014

A 'Fallacy' or a 'Reality?'

Once, there was a King who was ruling like a dictator in his Kingdom…. No doubt, he was not that bad but still a dictator was a dictator and so many people in his Kingdom thought a bit seriously.... 'Why not have a change?'…. If thought comes up thus, in time it takes a shape and it happened here too…. 'Let this King go.... We will Rule ourselves.... Here after, the Citizen is the King!' were the strong Slogans.... No doubt, a Great Thought!

The King noticed the change in the mind set of his people and instantly allowed it.... Then the Process began.... As all cannot Rule, a few had to take the Reigns…. So a Group with a Head was only the solution…. But to check if the Core Group had done anything wrong, another Group would do an independent evaluation.... To have a second and more such evaluations, more and more Groups could be formed, the matter could be discussed but never a wrong would be allowed... Thus, the chances of a single man acting solely on his own were almost remote….

Then it all started…. The King too as a Citizen first faced the Citizens' choice, soon got the 'Approval Stamp' as there was no equivalent man having such a vast experience in the Ruling Field and then started discharging his duties; that's all and no other additional Powers were given…. But at the back of his mind, he had his own plans with his own men which never went wrong…. 'Be the Head, lure a few, influence the Groups and implement your own Rule!'

Soon the 'Original Dictator' was under the garb of a 'Benign Lover of Freedom', the 'Authority' just shifted to the back doors and the 'Anarchy' followed as usual.... And rest of the 'Story Making' everywhere in the 'Free Province' was never a difficulty!

The Total 'Discipline' required....

A wise elderly man narrated an Event thus….

“One in life used to say, ‘Enjoy and live the life in full!'…. Another used to say, ‘Make a fortune and safeguard yourself!'.… The third used to say, ‘Share and live with others!'…."

All the three suddenly got into not-so-easy problems in their lives....

The man who enjoyed the life maximum was helpless…. The man who made good finances was no doubt comfortable but helplessness struck him too…. But the man who shared in  his life could face the problem boldly and the companions around him too shared his difficulty in whatever way possible….”

Listening to this, a young man asked the elderly what one should really do in life as enjoying in life is a primitive force in an individual, saving for future is an in-built safety mechanism and caring for others is treated as the right human approach…. The elderly smiled and advised thus….

“Problems of various levels do come in life.... The Greatest Men on the Earth had the toughest problems in their life! That way no one can predict a problem and no style of living will change the course of an impending problem beyond....
  • One who lives to himself / herself all the life no doubt will be happy but will be the weakest in the moments of a difficulty…. 
  • One who lives making riches will feel the same way except for the abundance of finances with him / her to have certain facilities in difficult times…. 
  • The person who shares and lives will have a great Mental Strength to put up with the difficulty because the nature of sharing interest from the beginning conveyed a message to the inner Self that all here is neither rosy nor guaranteed....That 'Inner Feeling'  will be the ultimate strength of the person since that belief had firmed up over a period of time....  Only such a person will be ready to address the problem in the true sense…. 
Of course, here the choice of living one's life is purely left to the individual and it is better he / she averages out everywhere!”

The young man at that moment truly understood the concept of living the life forever with a right thought…. “I should live with ease and relax as I wish, save enough as I earn, spend on a decent life and save the remaining but all along share the same with others too all along my life!" 

The 'Cause' and the 'Effect'….

An elderly relative of a man met him one day at his Office on a casual visit.... After the close of Office hours, they both were returning home by walk as the distance was not much....

On the way, they passed through a big vegetable market.... “Sir! I‘ll buy a few vegetables for home to night and then we will go!” said the man and went to a very old person selling some green leaf and a few vegetables.... There, he bargained for quite some time over the prices and at length purchased the cheapest ones a small quantity….“These people are never fair in their prices..... That’s why I bargain to the root. After all, if not here, elsewhere? At least I am a king here!” thus he remarked and they started moving homewards….

As they approached the house, a neighbor of the man greeted him and asked for some thing.... The man instantly said, “No problem! I will see to that tomorrow!” and bid bye to the neighbor.... As the neighbor left, the man said with a mischievous smile, “This is how I have to manage here otherwise these people eat you out in no time. The trick is.... Just tell a lie and get away…. Else tell me, who has the patience to listen to all these stories of others and sort out their issues?”

They entered the house.... The family welcomed the elderly and after a few mutual enquiries, they both comforted themselves in the Living Room with some snacks and tea.... Suddenly, the younger son of the man approached the father and whispered something in his ears…. Immediately the man shouted at the boy.....

“No, No….It is a big waste of money.... I'll not allow this.... Do you know how much the trip costs? More over the places are not safe, I heard.... You will not go! Now don’t ask me about this a second time!” The boy left the place, totally disappointed. The man turned to the elderly visitor and said, “Sir! You know.... His school unnecessarily plans some trips here and there to make extra monies.... There is no great learning in all these trips.... It is simply a daylight robbery! I am very careful in all these proposals….”

They both discussed for a while a few routine issues and after an hour, the man bid bye to the visitor and went inside saying that he had to make an urgent phone call.... The elderly took leave from the family and came out of the house.... As he was leaving the premises, he overheard the man inside talking on the phone in a distinct tone..... “What? Even this attempt had failed? In fact, I was waiting for this moment.... I don’t know why Gods are so unkind to me.... I regularly visit Temples, offer Prayers and stick to all Sacred Practices.... I am doing all the charities systematically and help out people in need.... But still the Almighty is never kind to me! I was expecting at least some positive outcome in the present Venture and I could have at least saved, if not a fortune, a small sum... But even this had failed....The other day, I asked a small favor from my Boss. He promised me that he would surely look into that….But, he coolly forgot and till today there is no say on that!.... First of all, why should he promise at all? Every one is unfair to me and I don't know when the Lord would favor me....I really feel miserable and hopeless!”

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 'Security Measures'....

What I heard in my younger days is modified and retold here….

Two countries were in a constant conflict and cold war.... Each was worried about an attack by the other at any time....  In their own safety, each had formulated a number of Innovative Security Policies to guard them against spying and other indirect attacks.... Thus, each had excelled the other in many security and safety measures.... And at the back of this elaborate security background, the life was going on….

On one occasion, the Secret Agent of one country had to visit the other to deliver some important data physically to another Agent of their own operating in that country.... He had one week Crash Course Training at his Head Quarters on the ways he had to behave in the enemy area, prove himself as the right person with their own men positioned there as Secret Agents and get through his work….

He had an elaborate plan in front of him and was briefed on all the steps he had to take to identify himself there in the right manner.... He was given a week time to go, complete his job and be back.... The Agent followed all the steps diligently and soon entered the other country secretly at mid night through the innovative methods he was taught.... He could thus move ahead, sneaked into the city and further to the right address and entered a multi storied Housing Complex....

He went up to the required floor level and knocked at the door of the flat required three times simultaneously making a scratching sound on the door instead of pressing the Calling Bell as a first measure of getting himself identified in the right way as taught….

A man opened the door….

The Agent smiled at him, showed his palm with middle finger at the centre of it and said, "The sky is clear, the moon may rise shortly but the darkness is reigning this moment and I am on a difficult job.... Just now, the wind has started blowing but still the twinkling of stars is seen so clearly with no signs of any rain coming up..... Can I get some water to drink and relax till my way is through?”

The man looked at him and said, “Oh! You wanted the man living above us..... His Flat is exactly above ours.... His Floor is 12A and you are at 12 Level ...You got confused between 12 and 12A as in our country we don't have 13 at many places!”

Friday, February 14, 2014

The so called 'Best Service' around....

“You have been selected as one of our Esteemed Customers…. Please visit our Branch Office at………. and experience the Unique additional Customer Care...." was the message on the mobile phone....

The man was thrilled…. A long time pending issue with him needed a solution….. "It is a Special Attention now I am getting…. Let me get full clarification with this extra care from the Service Provider…." the man thought....

Accordingly on a particular day, he visited the Branch Office…. No doubt, what they said was a fact…. Knowing that he was their Esteemed Customer, h
e was instantly welcomed and was quickly lead into an A/C Chamber….

The area was neatly arranged….. Sofas to one side, where in the Customers were seated and on the opposite side, Help Desks 3 in number with a young man and young woman moving around to assist the activities…. 
In the Center, was a Table with beautiful Decorative Flowers on it along with a few News Papers and Magazines by the side…. The cool weather of the Chamber was truly relaxing for any one who just entered in getting off from the heat of outside…..

One of the Assistants politely offered Coffee for the man and he refused the same with a smile….

In no time, the man’s turn came, he was lead to one of the Desks and the gentleman at the Counter listened to the man in full about his pending problem, took his papers, went through them thoroughly for a while and said, “Sir! Everything is crystal clear here and yours is a straight forward case.... Please, bear with us for a few days…. We will get back to you…. Till that time you please relax…. Nothing to worry!” having said that he bid bye to his Esteemed Customer with a broad smile….

The man was quite relieved as his pending problem was thus fully taken care in no time…. He waited for a week… 
But, nothing great happened…. And his problem continued…. He was thus unhappy and was planning to ring up the concerned, the next working day….

That evening, the man was on his usual walk in the Park and after the walk, as he was resting there for a while, he overheard a few lines of conversation between two contemporary men of his age sitting a little away….

“I had the problem for a week…. I went to the Branch at …… and there was a big queue…. I had to wait for over an hr to get my turn…. But the waiting was worth…. The man at counter 12 is the right man to clarify to you on this…. I went to him, he in no time set right the issue in front of me and said, ‘Done!’ That all; my problem is resolved forever!"

"One more info for you.... When you enter the Main Building, never go on to the right into the A/c Room….That is not for us…. That is for a few VIP Customers…. I don’t know what they do there….”

As the man thought over, slowly it became evident to him that it was nothing but more of a 'Show' that was offered to him at the Branch Office without the real ‘Know-how’ with the people who were supposed to resolve his issue….. In that way, he got from the 'Exclusive Best Service' from the Service Provider losing the 'Truly Best Service' which the normal man was getting all the time….

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elderly Wisdom....

### An elderly man had difficulty in walking fast.... He was generally seen walking slowly especially in up and down areas as such a terrain used to strain his leg very easily....

One day he had to go with a young man to a certain area away from his place.... While returning it became dark and for some distance, there was no go for them other than walking as there was no transport.... The young man was hesitant to tell the elderly to walk that distance before they could catch some transport.... The elderly seeing his hesitance asked what the matter was and knowing that, instantly said that he could walk….Not only that, he started walking quite fast too and in time they both were in an area from where transport was available to their place....

The young man got astonished and asked him, “Sir! I saw you all the time walking quite carefully and with some support near rough terrain etc.... How is that here you walked so well even though the road was bad?”

The elderly smiled and said, “My dear! You have seen me all the while walking in my area where I am known, get support and well taken care of.... Here we are in a strange area with darkness and not many lights around further appearing a bit lonely too.... If by chance I am spotted as helpless, there may be thoughts in a few bad guys around to overpower me so that they can get something out of me…. Along with me you may also get into certain trouble.... Such people generally will not dare to do anything like that in my area as they know that I get full support and they would be caught…. This is the simple reason for this change in my attitude to quickly get away from this place, in spite of having the physical pain in me as I walked fast!”

### A retired man’s Services were sought for an honorary job in his vicinity of living....

“Sir! You have the valuable rich experience of life.... No doubt, the works you handled earlier have no relevance to our work, but I am sure, with the back up of your past experience in management of various life aspects, you will be able to do a great job for us.... We eagerly await for your valuable advice and guidance in our day to day problems…......” said the younger members around....

The aged man smiled and asked for a few days time to convey his decision....   After two days, he conveyed thus....“Based on my past experience in management of various life aspects, I decided not to take up this present task at my age in my own neighborhood!”

Friday, February 7, 2014

The 'Noise' Vs 'Silence' in Management....

It was morning hrs 9 AM…. The Estate Manager’s Office in the Huge Housing Complex was busy with hectic morning activities…. The Manager was seen actively moving around, instructing a few, questioning some and listen to others…. The atmosphere was full of vibrations and movements….

“Mr Rajesh! Where is the Plumber? Flat No….... Resident has a problem with the Water Supply…. He rang up just now…. Send the Plumber immediately there!”

“I am not seeing the Electrician since morning…. I think, he is late today also…. You should be strict…. Bring him to me when he comes!”

“The Gardener is not coming today and he informed me by phone…. Please ask someone to take care of watering the plants for today….”

“The Cleaning People are not doing their job properly…. Many complaints are with me…. What actions are you taking? If this is  allowed unchecked, soon this Complex stinks and every one will ask why we are here.... Take care, Mr Supervisor!”

“Hi! You have come…. Why are you so late?  The Office starts sharp at 8 AM  my dear!  I don't want this indiscipline any more here else you have to find another job.... OK, now go to Flat No….. immediately; they have a Short Circuit problem…. Set it right…. If some thing goes wrong, we will all be squarely blamed…”

“Rajesh, I see the Security Boy at the Gate simply allowing people IN without a check…. Dear! this way, a stranger can get access to this place very easily…. Talk to his Boss and ask him to replace the boy with a better man....”

“Many complained that now a days, their Post is not being delivered in time…. Why is it so? You have to streamline all these issues else you know what I mean…. Take care of your job, dear!”

“Hello! Yes…. Please…. Sir! we cannot send the Technician, the moment you ring up…. I noted down your Complaint, he will be at your door step after lunch!”

“Hello! Yes! Sir…. I am there in 2 minutes! What Sir?  Yes!  I noted down the Complaint…. Sir…. These Residents too cannot wait for a few minutes…. The moment a problem comes up, they expect immediate attention…. That way we don't have enough manpower to take care everywhere… I am 50 now and I have an experience of  working in similar jobs for 30 years.... I’ll explain…. Daily, from the time I come to the Office in the morning, my voice is forever heard aloud in the entire area…. No one moving around will miss it…. That itself is the proof that I am after every one, chasing them towards doing their works…. Inspite of this much hectic shouting and constant driving people around, still some one is complaining means he is expecting simply the moon…. You can ask any one here,  how I manage my Office…. I am coming there….”

A month passed….  Suddenly the Manager’s popular voice was missing…. Enquiries reveled that he was asked to resign and go and in his place, the earlier Supervisor was promoted and posted  as Manger…. And to every one's surprise, it was almost a total silent atmosphere around in the Complex….

Strangely, there were no major problems except the routine ones in respect of Power, Water, Cleanliness and Security other activities being well under control with no major complaints from the Residents.... The new Manger was silent all the time with not much talk except the soft tone heard once in a way but every one being on their jobs and life in the Complex maintained smooth and friendly….

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 'Reality' behind the 'Show off!'

###  “I did all types of swimming myself alone and learned a few new techniques on my own..... Trust me,  I took no help while learning all these…. Simply jump into waters and experiment was the way….. I had that type of thrust to 'experiment and learn' from childhood in all fields…. And thus swimming too was no exception…. Some how that fear was never there with me and even now it is like that… I don’t know the reason for this…. You know, In deep waters, I once tried almost Scuba diving like thing too on my own without any breathing and other supporting equipment…. Manually holding the breath for a long time, go down the waters, move hectically but majestically with various leg movements under the water, come out and get relaxed in the sunny environment…. These were my own trials a few times…..” thus was talking a man about swimming in his life…..

The listeners were few for the talk….

“It seems this guy, a few times drowned himself and was almost in helpless state, went down waters, held the breath for want of air but swallowed waters in the process, thus became partly unconscious, was brought out of waters by the passers-by, given first aid on the sunny sands and thus luckily was saved…..” heard someone whispering…..

###   “See! If a Seller is smart, I show him in no time what I am…. No one can take me for granted.... The Customer is the most important person in a Business and every Seller should remember it forever.... If the Customer goes, the Business is gone for the life time.... I used to buy from a few Sellers for quite sometime.... But slowly they started acting smart.... I found that they were constantly charging a higher price for the items they used to supply.... This must have happened earlier too but I noticed it sometime back only.... That’s all…. I just cut them off, not one but all of them…. One by one! After all it is my right and the Seller depends on my buying and I stopped going to them.... Now, they must have realized that they lost a good Customer…. I am determined to do this to any one who tries his tricks on me while buying.... These People should ever remember that the Customer is always a King….” thus was boasting a man on how in the past, he dealt with a few Sellers of bad reputation and his associated care taken in that context….

One man from the audience was murmuring, “Those smart Sellers must have already made a lifetime money from you and that was why they themselves were not interested in you subsequently!”

Monday, February 3, 2014

Timely Actions....

A King was good, Ruling well but was never acting in time.... Further he was too emotional in his approach.... These were the only weaknesses with him but delays and emotions were playing havoc in his Ruling indirectly....

Once he got a confirmed message from his Assistants that one of his Army Chiefs was indirectly ruling himself partly as a dictator and troubling people.... And the King decided to end him…. Indeed, a good decision….

He took his trusted Men and made a surprise visit to the Army Chief’s place.... When he saw him from a distance, the Chief was found praying to God.... The King thought, “If I kill him now, he will go to Heaven.... What is the use of ending him now?  Let me wait....” He left him thus at that moment and returned….

Next time, on another occasion he made an attempt to end the Chief but found him playing with his own little son.... The King thought, “If I kill him now, I’ll incur a great sin....” He left him thus the second time also….

On a the third occasion, the King found the Army Chief giving alms..... He instantly left him thinking that God would never forgive if he killed the Chief then....

By that time the Anarchy had increased in the Kingdom beyond a limit.... People together in Groups came and requested the King to end the Army Chief....

At that point of time, the King firmed up in his mind to end the Chief whatever may be the situation as the people suffering out of that directly asked him to do that.... But by that time, the Army Chief could develop a huge army of his own and the King found it difficult to kill him with a Group of few of his own.... The enemy had already become strong and powerful....

At that point of time, the King collected an Army of his own and made an attack on the Chief.... A mini war ensued and finally the Army Chief was killed and thus ended the Anarchy in the Kingdom…. But, the end result of delay beyond was.... Hundreds of Army men on both sides were killed along with the Chief....

Delays in our actions thus cause untold miseries…. I generally delay my actions in life because often my emotions dictate my doings, unrelated theories are ascribed to timely actions or I am lazy....

It so happens that as I am unable to directly witness the out come of the timely actions, I take cool and postpone those right actions.... As time passes, the actions required to be done become tougher and tougher and at one stage, there would be no going back but to live with the inevitable result which would never be acceptable for me and which brings in untold misery....

Why not we make sincere attempts here, avoiding these 'traps' in our lives and be ready to call a 'Spade a Spade'  meaning 'See as much Reality as Possible' thus never covering up the 'Wrong' beyond and do our actions in time? 

(The Story is based on an old time Classic Master Piece of 16th Century)