Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Mind!

Instead of truly helping me out in my life issues, at times you color the same and present it in a way that totally distracts my attention..

You plan so meticulously my Programs and make ME believe in their implementation to the root level, totally making ME forget the fact that life a few times can move in its own direction with neither prior intimation to nor prior permission..

You drive ME concentrate so well on every Rupee spent making ME thus assess it's worth in spending rather than advising ME remember that those Rupees finally would not come along with ME..

You evaluate so nicely the faults of others and the mistakes done by them centuries ago not making ME forget the finest details therein ever coolly making ME forget my own similar mistakes all along..

You work out for ME so well a Program to enjoy the best in the world by making ME probe the nook and corner of the Centers of Fun and Excitement making ME totally forget the fact that here moderation alone is the true safeguard..

You meticulously guide ME on safeguarding the welfare of my people through a fine division without allowing ME see the fact that those on the other side too can equally be helped in the process..

You firmly make ME believe in God but instantly force ME to be stingy when 'Giving' surfaces thereby totally making ME forget the fact that the Entire Spirit of Godliness lies in nothing but 'Giving' alone..

You often make ME hanker on take pride on my own self expression again making ME forget the very fact that others too have Great Ideas worth paying attention..

You assert ME try rule the surroundings indirectly through coercion when truly no such Powers are given to ME at anytime..

You many times cajole ME escape into the imaginary scenario of supporting my own opinions there by totally diverting ME from the very physical Scene of Reality in front..

And strangely I, instead of seeing you as indisciplined and dangerous there, firmly believe you as disciplined and valuable only thus deceiving myself again and again and remain there stagnant in the so called 'True Personality Development!'

Saturday, June 27, 2015


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  • “In spite of being so careful too, my health failed here.. I don't know, why it happened so.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • “I took every precaution but still this mishap had happened.. Luckily, it just had gone with a scratch.. Today, am totally disturbed.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • “Oh, why did I get into this Financial problem at this stage? It’s nearly a lakh that is at stake presently.. It would be really a big relief for me if I get over this crisis soon.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • “I'm confused.. Am in this Litigation now because I believed the wrong people.. I should have been more disciplined in these matters.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • “I'm afraid of that man around me.. He looks too influential.. Let me negotiate and settle for something for the present.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • "I'm off to the distant Lands away from my home for a long time.. Have to go else the small earnings here take me no where.. I wish everything goes well.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • "Presently, am directionless.. Every Path in front appears confusing.. The forces around are seen not less.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • "The future appears bleak.. Which ever way I try moving, there seems to be a problem.. The most unfortunate situation.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • "My name is at stake.. Have to do something.. Let me first come out of the present hitch.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”
  • “I was a success all along and with the same faith am venturing into this.. I very much believe in my own capabilities.. Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me!”

Ten different people and ten different problems..

  • Failure of Health,
  • Ordeal of the after effects of a Mishap,
  • Wealth at stake,
  • Going thru’ Litigation,
  • Facing a Threat,
  • Living thru’ Separation,
  • Exposing to Unnecessary Thrust,
  • Feeling Helplessness,
  • Defamation on the anvil and
  • Taking a Risk..
But sure, all with a single Hope…. ‘Having A Better Tomorrow!’

The same Evening, all of them were at their Worshipping Place to Offer their Prayers to the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent with total Devotion in their Hearts for the Ultimate Take Care..

Here, I'm sure I'm too none but the eleventh man in the list with my own problem in my life being at the same Worshipping Place at the end of the day, for a better tomorrow!

No doubt the Almighty would play His 'Divine Tune' to our Living invariably bringing in the 'Sure Peace' in us whatever be the end result provided we try singing the 'Right Song of a Promise' all along our life to the best of our efforts Viz.,

'Show-offs will not divert me,
Sweet words will not trap me,
Obedience will not carry me away,
Monetary Returns will not make me yield,
Influencing will not hold me,
Politicizing the issues will not change me,
Abuses will not deter me,
Threats will not weaken me,
Back-stabbing will not leave me wondered and
Apathy will not make me pardon
When Truthful Actions lack in the other person and untruth is forced upon me!'

Friday, June 26, 2015


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A young man fresh out of the College full of energy received his Appointment Order for a job he applied for and reported at the place on the D-day at the stated hour.. 

On his acceptance of the appointment as per the Hierarchal Reporting Structure of the Organization, he came under the care of a few Senior Disciplinarians who initially asked him to sign up many papers saying that therein he agreed to the strict Rules and Regulations of the Organization in vogue..

Further to the same, he was briefed exhaustively on the strict discipline required at Work, Code of Conduct and Procedures in Work Area like being obedient to the Superiors, not wasting time in unnecessary movements, not talking aloud or representing in Groups, not disturbing others at work, not entering the Classified Areas without permission, using judiciously precious entities like papers, writing materials and other stationary items, saving on Computer printouts, power and water etc, etc, etc.. 

Puzzled with the too many constraints and limitations imposed on him at a single stroke, the young man straight away asked.. 

“If restrained thus from all directions, what  Great Work will I really do here that would be useful to the Organization?”

That's how forever reacts a youngster.. A personality, full of energy and openness everywhere ever ready to bring out something NEW into the world!

Very appropriate to say that this energy and openness of young men and women should be streamlined and rightly utilized for the betterment at the place of work, betterment of the own family and betterment of the society at large.. And this energy and thrust should neither be allowed go waste wherein the precious output is lost once for all nor allowed to go freely in an uncontrolled direction causing definite damage and bringing untold misery around..

Such young personalities are invariably kept under the fold and care of the experienced/elderly in the line up and are controlled and monitored with certain Authority but unfortunately here, the controlling many times goes beyond what is really required.. And exactly to say, here only the young forever want their freedom as that enables them rightly express in the way they want..

Thus the experienced / elderly in direct contact with the young should see that these young men and women are never kept under their grip with selfish motives which can happen often but allowed to explore and bring out the ‘NEWNESS’ to the world..

That ‘NEWNESS’ alone has the right place in the world which does its own good of finding out the cause of suffering at large and eliminating or reducing the same.. And such an energy is with the youth and only with the youth and with none else in this world!

Thus, let there be a true awakening in the minds of the experienced / elderly personalities of the society that this precious energy of the youth forever is given out to the world freely and freely only but never given under the chains of over dose of Discipline and imposition of too many Customs, Rituals and Practices and too much of Morality!

And that day is sure the ‘Day of Liberation’ for all!

Monday, June 22, 2015


A man was surrounded by a set of problems.. Rightly to say too many problems and specific problems of pestering Nature! As he thought over, he could clearly make out how his peace of mind was disturbed and how his near and dear ones were subjected to suffering because of those problems.. And there, equally he could clearly identify the specific people from known Circles because of whom the problems surfaced…. 
  • ‘That man had done this or else I would have been the happiest…….’
  • ‘My own man created all this mess for me and now it has become my job……..’
  • ‘My that man had become a constant headache to me for the past six months and….…..’
  • ‘Now, in case he does that, how can I face people and further…….?’
  • ‘What's the end to this? I am totally doomed here.… My that so called dear friend had disturbed me to such a level………’ 
etc.. etc.. with all the related murmur, anguish, conflict, misery, shouting and crying within with a vexed feeling at the heart that finally brought the firm conclusion.. Because of 'My the other Man' alone, I am in this bad state!

He instantly became angry and further was doubly angry in a short time…. When the anger strikes thus, a man forgets himself in no time, loses discrimination and quickly plans certain meticulous damaging actions indirectly overpowered by hatred too; a phenomenon inevitable in Nature! And in this particular context too, the man got agitated thus and was planning his own style of actions to hit back…. That rage was not uncommon…. The self many times reacts thus!

He, in time had the great plans of bringing down the Kingdoms of his disliked ones…. And the plans were too meticulous and no where it could go wrong!

Action 'Number One' was the anvil.. The result would be monitored closely.. At one blow, the axe would strike where it was aimed at.. Next follows, action 'Number two'.. Thus the viscous thoughts were ruling him strongly and at that point of time he was totally in a mad state and no one could stop him there!

Suddenly, his son aged 14 years entered the room with an excitement clearly seen on his face…

“Dad! Today I heard from a great man who visited our School that the whole world moves in the right direction because of the operation of two Truths…. It seems they are…

1. Life is not a bed of roses.... and
2. Between a cup and a lip there are many slips!

What exactly is the meaning here and how our world is controlled by these Truths? Do you know anything?”

The man was instantly speechless and was dumb struck for a while.. It took some time for him to come to his senses..  Slowly it opened up in him, "When nothing is guaranteed in this my life of small time compared to the Eternal Existence of Nature, what is that I am aiming at here?"

And as he pondered over again and again on what his son had mentioned, a certain calmness took over him suddenly..

"Why am I finding fault with others unnecessarily? Life has its own ups and downs as well as is favorable and unsupportive.. Let me simply do the right in the situation and forget the rest.. Whatever comes up in the process, that alone is my life and nothing else! I'm simply wasting my energies in all this wrong thinking!"

And instantly he was cool and all happy!

From distance, the beautiful Sloka 65 from Chapter 2 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita was heard on Loud Speakers melodiously recited with the meaning explained in parallel..

'Prasade sarva dhukhanam hanir asyopajayate
Prasanna cetasohy asu buddhih paryavatisthate'

'When one attains the precious mercy of the Ultimate personality ( When the Ultimate Truth strikes) certainly the end of all miseries occurs ( all miseries end) and soon this happy minded person has his spiritual intelligence fully established (will be at Total Peace)!'

Friday, June 19, 2015


The little girl was with her dad in the Toy Shop….

“I want that toy!” she was nagging and forcing him to buy what she asked.. The dad just checked for the price and the next moment, it was seen beyond his reach.. Not so easily affordable.. Immediately, the child was cajoled and brought out of the shop and the dad bought another cheaper substitute toy to please her.. She was all the way silent and no doubt, the dad noticed it but kept quiet for the time being.. She came home, ate her food and slept early..

The next day morning, as she got up from sleep at her usual time she found in front of her the same toy she asked for.. The dad was not there immediately as he had left home early to work more to make up the finances spent.. He returned home late in the night for the same reason and the girl slept by that time.. Further to that, the little girl safely kept the toy with her as a precious item and occasionally used to play with it..

Soon, days passed into months and later into years..

The girl had grown up and was in her twenties.. She got a good Academic Degree, joined a job of her like and was posted in the best place on the behalf of her Company..

Days passed and the year's Father's Day was ahead in a few days time.. And on one of those days, a big Check was received by the dad in his name from the daughter..

The dad immediately phoned up and asked her, “What for is this?”

The daughter said, “I'm held up here with my job for a while and as such am unable to visit you on this coming up first Father's Day after I got my job.. On the eve of this Precious Day for me, I am gifting this lump-sum money to you as a token of return of a very small percent of the cost of the item one day you purchased for me! Please buy whatever you like out of this and spend the day happily.. Best wishes to you dad, on this Special Day of a Father!”

The dad not understanding what she said asked her back, “Dear! I don't get it what such a big item I purchased for you paying thousands of Rupees at any time in my life? As I look back, I never did anything like that so far!”

The daughter replied with all warmth, “Yes dad, I agree that out of the great love for me, you will never remember such Events of your life where you had taken care of me to the best possible.. I too know that such a buying was never there in our lives at any point of time..

But if you remember exactly, one day you struggled and purchased the dearest toy of mine when I became sad and was silent for a while for not able to have that with me..  Seen from my side, it was something a very highly valued item at that point of time compared to any other thing in my life and I was the happiest over that! 

Out of that great satisfaction alone, I had grown to a full Personality and all my capabilities of today which the world around values so much have come out of that contentment and great feeling of my childhood.. Rest of the support given and the monies spent on me had their true worth mainly at the back of this happiness alone.. Such a strong foundation was truly made by you by your timely care and attention for me in your heart! Today, as I look back and try to give any value to that gift of my childhood, I'm forever seeing it much, much less only as the love behind with which you bought the item for me is truly priceless!”

Thursday, June 18, 2015


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A man of mid thirties was too miserly in all his spendings and thus used to save every Pie with him.. It sometimes happens in one's life when such a tempo grips the man.. When questioned on his attitude, he proudly used to reiterate..

“Yes! Money is the most precious entity in our lives.. It is rightly said, take care of your Pennies, Pound will take care of themselves! Thus, if every Pie of mine is not spent unnecessarily and saved, without my own knowledge do you know, how much I would be saving in my life towards the end? My God! I practically worked out the other day and the figures that came up are never, never small.. Over 30 yrs of our active life comprising of so many days, the whole thing comes to......"

The friends who for a while observed him behaving a bit odd, initially used to advise,

"Dear! The Saying you mentioned applies only to those people who spend away monies lavishly without thinking of their future.. Monies are basically meant for living a standard life and growing up.. A percentage of it as per our level should necessarily go on charity too and the remaining alone should go towards saving..

Tell us once.. What's the point in living a substandard life all along thinking of saving money alone forgetting these important aspects of living? At one stage we have to leave all this and go from this world, isn't it? And at the back of such monies with us, the children too do not carry the right respect for us or even may become double greedier in grabbing the same.. It's better we live the right life never crossing the limits anywhere.. Think it over and try to be realistic in life!"

"Oh, is it so?" the man used to say for all that but never thinking beyond what his friends were saying again used to continue his talk about money..

"Money need not always be in cash or in an asset form.. A Facility extended to us also costs and when we scroll down to basics and the figures over a period would come out astronomical! It indirectly means that I am simply paid that much of money..”

And his friends could never understand his crazy behavior beyond and most of the times left the matters to himself alone!

It so happened that this man once met with a bit serious accident.. Immediately, his Company where he was working offered him the required medical treatment in one of the good hospitals in the city and granted him the necessary Sick Leave.. And that way the Company had sincerely done its job..

The friends were there to see him at the Hospital on an evening and as they were sympathetic to his accident and wished his speedy recovery, suddenly the man said with a beaming face, 

“Do you know one thing here? I am eligible for all this medical treatment as per the terms of my Job Contract with my Company.. See, such a nice room is given to me with Phone, TV and Internet Facilities.. There is extra space too for another person to stay and help out.. The room is quite wide, clean, well furnished and looks great..”

One friend said, "Leave all that dear! Thank God, the Problem has gone light for you.. Else these accidents a few times may............"

"Oh, is it so?"
the man said immediately but never thinking beyond of what his friend had said, turned towards the window and continued, 

“See! As I look out through this window, I see the beautiful garden in front of me with thick bushy trees at a distance standing over the green lawns.. Daily, I am sitting in this comfortable chair relaxing and having my evening tea.. It's simply a luxury in our lives and do you know how much the same facility costs in a Star Hotel? In a place like our city, this facility itself costs around Rupees……. per day but not that alone along with other extras offered here, I tell you, it goes up to….... and all this presently being given away by my Company freely and where else I can get such a luxury free of cost?”

Another friend intervened and said, "Yaar! See the reality once.. All this can be enjoyed only if we are all right; is it not? Your stars are good else....." 

"Oh, is it so?" the man said again but never thinking beyond on what the friend had said, continued with a double tempo, 

“I forgot to mention one more thing.. All this is given along with a Special Leave from Work.. Meaning.. The Company is paying me full salary and all the monies I am eligible from Perks point of view and further I am covered to receive a Compensation........”

At that point of time, the On-duty Nurse came in and said, “Sir! The visitors had already left..You may relax and take rest now!”

"Oh, is it? I just wanted to tell them another indirect benefit the Company gives in such situations.. It's OK, I'll tell them after I am discharged.. It's not small........." he thus continued his talk as murmur within himself when the On-duty Nurse too left the place by that time..

The friends who were just outside by then, overheard the conversation and were simply stunned for a while.. Subsequently, the learned man among them smiled and said, "Dear! Friends.. I now understand why the Great Scholar and the Saint Bhartruhari had said in his Nitishatakam Chapter 3..

labheta sikataasu tailam api yatnataha piiooayan
pibec ca mrugatrushshikaasu salilaha pipaasaarditah
kvacid api parayat an sa sa vishaasham aasaadayat
na tu pratinivishta muurkha cittam aaraadhayet


We may extract oil from a fistful of sand,
Quench our thirst by drinking water from a Mirage,
Fetch the horn of a rabbit by going around the world
But can never appreciate / understand a fool's mind!

For a long time, the Message looked quite unrealistic for me and I was thinking why the Great Saint had said thus but today only I am fully convinced of the True Meaning to His Saying!"

Sunday, June 14, 2015


###  As the Passengers were waiting in the Boarding Lounge beyond the departure time of their International Flight without any sign of the boarding announcement, a Senior Crew Member came up inside the Lounge and announced at the mike.. "Ladies and Gentlemen! One of the ground vehicles had just touched the Aircraft and damaged the paint outside the skin.. The Aircraft cannot takeoff till the Experts decide on the rework required to be done and the same is completed.. We are sorry for the delay and I request you all to be patient and relax for a while.. Soon, we will be serving some snacks and drinks at your place!”

The Passengers murmured within but there was no go for them and they patiently waited in the Lounge as snacks and drinks were served.. Time moved on thus and after a delay of nearly 5 hrs, the boarding announcement was made to the relief of all.. The tired Passengers quickly boarded the Aircraft, occupied their seats and put on their seat belts.. All was ready for the take off.. 

Before switching off his mobile phone, one of the Passengers who got fed up with the delay was heard by many around speaking on his phone aloud.. “Oh, God! This's too much.. I never had such a bad experience even in my train journeys I made so far in my life.. For a small repair like this, they held up all of us for such long time.. There is already 5 hrs delay here and it appears, this may not be the end.. The flight time from now is 10 hrs and in this time, at least if the Aircraft doesn't slow down or further not held up on the way, we will be reaching the destination roughly by 2000 hrs of our time.. Too tiresome!”

  The clean well lit Aircraft on the prestigious International Route was ready to move as all the passengers boarded, sat in their seats and the door closed.. At that point of time, the Pilot made a special announcement.. “Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a historic moment for our Airlines to start the Engines.... We proudly announce that our Airlines having taken this latest World Class Aircraft for lease from the reputed --------- Aircraft Manufacturers is introducing today on this Route for your comfort and pleasant journeys with us here afterwards.. Some Special Souvenirs are being distributed in this context.. I request you all to stay back in your seats, relax and enjoy the historic Flight!”

Listening to the announcement, one of the Passengers with a clear apprehension on his face asked a nearby Stewardess a bit nervously, “Is your Airlines, flying this Aircraft for the first time after the purchase?” And soon he was comforted by the Stewardess who said that it was already a flying Aircraft with the Airlines making the first Flight on the current Route!

###  The Aircraft was cruising smoothly in the early morning hours of the day on its routine Flight with clear skies around.. As the Passengers were sitting and relaxing in their seats, they noticed the smart smiling Stewardess with a pen and paper coming to every Passenger and requesting them to write a few good wishes for some of the members of their Crew as it was their first flight experience on a Commercial Airline Route.. First take off, first level flying and first landing experience.. As the Passengers were happily writing their own comments and good wishes, one of them with an extra admiration on his face asked the Stewardess, “Can we meet the Pilots once to wish them personally for being on this Aircraft for the first time?”


The Great Man was approached by a stranger one day  who said to Him, "Sir!  I'm hungry.. Give me some food!"

The Great Personality replied, "I've a work to be done.. Please complete that and I'll give you food!"

The stranger retorted back, "Sir, how can you ask a man to work when he is hungry and weak?  Can't you be sympathetic to a man in distress?"

"I agree with you... If you are really hungry and weak, I'll give you food immediately... Please eat it, relax for a while but promise me that after that you would finish the work I've planned to give to you!" said the Noble Man with all calmness..

The stranger flatly refused the proposal saying that the Man whom the world was honoring so much seemed to be too calculative and after a few minutes left the place.. All along, the Great Man was firm and never yielded beyond..

The story very much reminds me of one of the most Sacred activities eternally going on the Earth i.e., 

  • Working with all sincerity to make a Living.. 
A little deeper.. 
  • Doing Productive Work with all sincerity to make a Living... 
And at the deepest level..
  • Doing a sale-able Productive Work with all sincerity to make a living.. 
And nothing less can replace this most important activity of the world!

Thus, whenever I'm in a deal in my day to day life, it's one of my duties there, to bargain over the right price for the Item or Service in exchange.. And this bargain has its own edge, it should never be done for name sake and should be done by putting my heart and soul into it.. When I thus get into the Sacred Activity of bargaining, it is sure going to stir up the Seller and soon would put him on his heels where in he had to look into his Costing Aspects of his Product and trim up the inefficiencies if any with him.. This ultimately balances both sides and would make the flow of easy monies come under stringent check.. Further to that price fixing, I should still not leave the issue but suggest to the Seller through my assertion that he can still balance the deal by disposing off some of his underutilized items with him at that point of time to me which look useful to me in the situation.. 

This way done with all sincerity, the deal is indirectly well balanced as it rightly helps both the Parties and the Law of Supply and Demand is rightly met in the scenario.. Seen from any angle, this is only right way of keeping off excess and easy monies in circulation bringing out the Ultimate Truth in the world Viz., Right Pay for the Right Work, of course with no room for greed and exploitation any where from both the Parties....

From childhood, I've noticed this attitude of getting the Right Value for the price they pay in the people around me.. Be at the Groceries Shop while buying monthly Provisions always being happy with the Seller when he used to pack each item after weighing a little more free for the Customer and add a bit of extra of the material and further offering a free drop of the material Home if the billing exceeded certain value, be at the Book stores While buying routine Stationary Items offering the New Year Calendar or Diary in the beginning of the year or be at the Fancy and General Shop where certain New Products are given as Samples for the Customers along with the routine Products.. These Practices forever kept or are keeping ultimately the Customers happy by providing or getting them the Right Item for the Right Price..

Our Economy no doubt is quite stable because of one of the reasons of this attitude with almost every one of us being ready to bargain for the ultimate worth either in cash or kind as many of us do not have the free flowing monies with us and those limited monies with us too are earned under the same conditions of stringent give and take.. Thus, when my precious monies or so to say sacred earnings are in the trade, I naturally become tough in all my bargains of utilizing the monies well, demand the best and thus optimize my living..

With the background of such a Reality, Lufthansa Airlines seemed had newly launched the Premium Economy Class in their regular Flights.. This indeed is a boon for a few needy Passengers such as the elderly, those in difficulty and mothers with small babies.. By providing the extra space, comfort and the related additional Services with a little extra cost which worked out optimum for them, the Airlines truly is going to help these people who other wise would have to adjust with normal Economy Seats with no room for stretching their legs and thus suffer silently as many could never afford the cost of a Business Class which may provide those amenities liberally but with a very high cost attached all along.. The Airlines' Proposal works out to be the best in the Scenario for many ordinal Travelers and for a few Better-offs too whenever they make their Travel..

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Friday, June 12, 2015


It was the difficult day for the Mom and the Little One and for the Grand Pa too at the Park.. All along, the Mom expected a certain discipline from her boy but the Kid never obliged to be at that level foregoing his freedom..

The Mom was helpless for a while and left him to his own.. The child too was not less.. He was just adamant and didn't budge even an inch.. And silence alone ruled for a while..

The Grand Pa saw all that for a while and just mentioned to the daughter, "Dear! The boy has to be naughty and noisy.. No child should be silent even for a moment unless he / she is tired.. The punishment is too much for his natural behavior.. Take him nearer, give him what he wants and let him play around!"

The daughter shot back, "Dad! It's easy for you to say all that.. If he does not listen to me now, tomorrow he will not listen to others too and none would like him.. And that is going to be a big problem for me and for him too.. He needs to be disciplined for a while.. There's nothing wrong in this!" she said with all firmness..

The Grand Pa knew that indiscipline is a problem with children but his question was.. 'Does a child being naughty come under that?'  But that was not the time for him to ask his daughter anything as she was already furious with the boy and decided to implement her own style of bringing him to her line..

Some time passed..

The child rolled over on the floor, lied down to a side for a while, started gazing to a corner next to that but in between was trying to look at his Mom expecting some thing to happen.. And he equally noticed his helpless Grand Pa silently watching him.. But the Mom knowing well the boy's tricks never yielded even though she was observing him from a side..

Soon the limit reached, there was no go for the child, his reference seemed to be lost and he burst into a big cry suddenly..

The Mom instantly reacted and comforted the child but still she had her own firmness in her mind..

"Dear! I like you only if you do what I want.. Then I'll give you everything and take you wherever you want to go.. Will you just do what I tell?"

The boy could not believe that.. He was almost in low spirits but the way shown by his Mom gave him a tremendous boost..

"Mommy! Can I have my bicycle for a ride?" he requested in return..

The Mom said, "Yes! You will have your bike.. So now do what I say.. OK?"

It was too much for the Grand Pa... "It's over, isn't it?  Why test him further? What other great things he has to do now? 
Just take him nearer and comfort him!" he ordered the daughter..

Strangely, she never heeded to his advice and instead of listening him she said, "Dad! Please.. I want the boy to do this..You be sitting there in silence!"

The Grand Pa had no go there and instead of arguing with his daughter, he decided to do what she wanted.. But within, he was feeling bad for his Little Grand Son under going all that disciplining..

The Mom turned to her Kid and said, "Dear! Go to your Grand Pa, put your hands round him and repeat what I say!"

The Little One instantly did that without saying a word..

"Now say.." continued the Mom.. 

'Grand Pa! I love Mommy very much..
I love you and Dad too..
I'll listen to what all Mommy says..
I'll not trouble Mommy, you and Dad!'

The child did say that ditto and again looked at his Mom for further instructions.. That looked to be too much for the Grand Pa but he just stayed there unmoved for the moment..

"Now hug him closing your eyes!"

The Little One quickly did all that 1:1 but as he closed his eyes, he secretly opened one to see what his Mommy would say further which the Grand Pa could equally see..

The Mom with a smile she said, "Now you are a good boy.. Take your bike and go with your Grand Pa!"

That's all.. Next moment, the loud Wordings..

"Hi! The bicycle is mine now.. Am going!"

"Yeah! The bicycle is yours now.. Am coming!" 

simultaneously reverberated the surroundings with the Little One and his dear Grand Pa jumping in joy


and instantly the child ran towards the bench where his bag was kept with an ecstatic smile on his face, grabbing his cap and putting it on his head reversed, got onto bike and pushed off at a great speed the aged Grand Pa in a double ecstasy equally running behind the boy to the astonishment of the Mom herself and a few nearby visitors to the Park for a while! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


"It' s really a big tension for a man like me living in the ground floor of my Apartment Complex.. I have to constantly face the nuisance from the wastes mostly liquids thrown into my backyard from above.. I made a temporary extended shelter with plastic roof to prevent the direct spilling of liquids into my backyard.. Now, they fall on the shelter and dry up there itself but sometimes flow down the slope making the backyard dirty.. And when these liquids hit the plastic roof, big sounds are heard all round..

If at all there is some culture with people means, it truly reflects here only.. I know the family who does this regularly as I see the distinct marks on the white washed surface originating from the balcony wall of the flat.. Three days ago, I met the man and told him that I can now prove his doing.. He pleaded ignorance saying that it was a mistake unknowingly done by his family members and assured me that it would not repeat.. And imagine myself daily sitting in my Meditation Practice disturbed by these big sounds of dripping liquids around.."
thus was saying a man to his friend on a Sunday early morning who returned from his Pilgrimage and was briefing the man about his visit..

“Oh, God!  With me it is another type of nuisance in my Apartment from a fellow neighbor.. This man forever is ready to disturb me and trouble me the moment I'm available for him.. Now, he will not even understand that I had gone on a Great Pilgrimage to see various Deities and Places of Worship and returned with such a Pious mind.. You know, all these days I just switched off my mobile phone to avoid this man during my Pilgrimage and kept another phone with me for contacting my people.. As usual, he is going to bore me with his politics, fights, ill feelings at his work and among his relatives etc.. Many times, I told him to leave all such talk and think of God.. But no use at all.. That's the exact reason I'm here today in these early hrs to escape from his nuisance.. Otherwise, by this time my entire Sanctity would have vanished..” replied the friend..

Suddenly a rattling sound from the backyard was heard intermittently but quite louder.. The friend asked, “Is this the noise you were talking of all the time?”

"Yes!" said the man fuming, “See! As a one time visitor you yourself are finding the noise so loud.. I stay here; bear this nuisance continuously and in addition with all the dirt above and around.. I told you.. That neighbor above made all that great promises but it appears, he forgot the whole thing! Or may be, he is angry with me for having reminded of his civic sense and taking revenge on me.. I'm not going to leave him any more..”

Both came out and as they looked up, they found distinct marks on the parapet wall of that flat.. “You see....This man is never bothered to educate his people.. No use, I have to lodge a complaint..” The man was jumping with rage…

Suddenly, the phone rang.. The man rushed in, took the phone and said to his friend in a soft tone covering the mouth piece.."It's for you... Your that neighbor wants to talk to you.." The friend in a hushed up voice said from the backyard itself, "Just take the message and disconnect the phone.. That's it.. I don't want to talk to him now!"

Thus saying as he casually looked up, he saw three crows actively moving on the plastic sheet, hopping in between for the left out and dried up waste food material which actions caused the big sounds but in the process automatically were cleaning up the roof top surface!

The man answered the phone and after disconnecting the call said to his friend, "It seems there was an important Letter for you in your absence.. The Courier boy could not contact you on your mobile neither this man.. He took that Letter from the Courier Boy by convincing him, saw the importance of it, went to the Office who sent the letter, convinced them and got time extension for action till your return.. He is telling that you should go there tomorrow without fail and do the needful!”

God was Smiling from above.. ”I am always in the man next to you forever listening to you and doing your works.. No doubt, One of you daily may be doing hrs of long Meditation to Experience Me and the other already made a big Trip to Offer his Prayers to Me but have you both forgotten the easier way of Seeing Me directly in that next man by caring for him/her a little more?”

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


A man visited a distant Place thousands of miles away from his Native Place on the other part of the Globe.. And the very next as he ventured out of the house on his own and everything looked strange at the New Place.. The Local English accent appeared different, the Social Customs looked a bit strange and the Rules and Regulations in force were quite strict.. He was a worried man for a while and returned home with a certain tension..

  • But life has to move on and soon in few days the man was at the nearby Grocery Shop for buying a few items.. Without looking this side and that side, he quickly picked up what he wanted, kept a single Currency Note of a little higher Denomination ready in his hand and as soon as his item was billed and heard something, quickly handed over the Note, took the change given, thrust it into his pocket and walked out of the Shop…. And then alone he was at peace for the day….
  • A week passed and the man had to venture out again to buy something.. There once again, more or less the same actions were repeated but during that period, he could distinctly hear the Clerk talking of the cash to be paid, handed over the Note readily kept in hand, took the change and the item but walked out slowly in a bit relaxed way..
  • Another week passed.. That time, he himself ventured out with certain ease carrying with him the list of items needed for the week, carefully looked at the Display at the Billing Counter for the total Cost, gave almost the required Cash, took back the small change and the items given and came out with all ease..
  • That continued.. And soon in the next month beginning, it was a big purchase for the fortnight.. The man moved to the Shop with his bags, carefully checked the Prices, selected the cheaper ones leaving out the costlier, mentally summed up the cost, took out the nearest Currency Note denomination, handed over the same to the Cashier with a smile, saying ‘Thank You’ took back the change and the items indirectly counting the change returned and came out of the Shop with all ease well relaxed..
  • A month passed.. The man was again at the Stores.. He greeted a few people saying ‘Hi’ to them with a smile, picked up his items and as he was moving towards the Cash Counters, noticed a few ‘Self Check-out Counters’ too by the side and decided to give a try there.. Initially it was some confusion but he quickly could take some ‘Help’ there and complete his buying..
  • For the next one month, he was totally a free and relaxed man at the same Automatic Counters slowly scanning the items, inserting the cash, collecting the change and items and walking out with his bags..
  • After a while.. On a day, the man was heard requesting at the Shop.. “Hi! I billed this item yesterday and am finding it defective…. Can I just exchange the item? Here's the receipt and the item intact..”
  • On another day later, he was heard insisting on something at the same Shop.. “Hi! This is defective.. I don’t have the bill but I think you will get the details when you scan the item.. I need the right replacement..”

That was the end and and finally it was time for the man to return from the Foreign Place.. The day before his Travel, he was seen at the same Grocery Shop arguing on something..

“Hi! This one am not liking…. I don’t have the bill and may be it is beyond the time of Exchange…. Can you check the details please?”

“Yes, Sir! This's beyond the period of Exchange….. I'm sorry we can't.................”

“Why not? As a Customer, I'm just unhappy with your item….The time limit might have crossed, but I see no great point here.. The item is intact and you can definitely use it.. And please, I don’t want the replacement but just want my cash back….That's it.... Kindly do the required…. I’ll be the happy man!”

Monday, June 8, 2015


To a question on ‘How effective is the theoretical learning at work’, a Senior Retired CEO humorously answered in private,revealing his own valuable experiences... 
  • “Just for a few days from the day I was appointed as the young Engineer in my Company, I had time to visit my Library.. There, seeing a number of books in my field of Work, I instantly borrowed half a dozen of them and neatly arranged on my small table.. But from the next day the pressure at work increased tremendously, I hardly had any time to look into those books except once in a way glancing thru'.. Continued thus, in 3 yrs I was promoted to the Senior Engineer Post and was made In-charge of a small Group of my own Juniors.. 
  • In no time, even that little time to glance thru' my favorite books too vanished as the new Job was demanding beyond.. Thus I continued for the next 5 yrs, by which time I was promoted to the Manger’s Post and which again I had to take up with all pride.. 
  • The learning of Content of my Work thru' books thus totally stopped and the books were returned to the Library but again as a young Manager and with no less zeal I borrowed different set of books on the subject 'Effective Management'.. Forget about reading those books, in a short time the Managing activities started eating into my own personal time at home and thus I could hardly glance thru' the books even once.. And before I could know the meaning of the Effective Management, I was promoted as the Group Leader and was entrusted with the Task of motivating a Non-Performing Group of the Company.... No need to say, I began mastering the new subject.... 'Leadership Skills' with few new books on my table simultaneously doing the challenging job in front.. 
  • Other than continuously renewing those books for issue from the Library and motivating my Group Members at work nothing more happened but soon against the Post applied in a new Company, I was offered the Senior Executive Role as HOD of one of their Departments... It was truly a joyous Occasion as I became HOD in the new Company at a much younger age... And the ‘Challenge’ of taking care of a huge Departmental Activities in front had squarely put a stop to my further learning of the subject ‘Leadership Skills’.. 
  • As the HOD in my new Company, I purchased 3 prominent books related to the Departmental Responsibilities but my those very responsibilities never allowed me to just open the books even once for the next 6 yrs when I was promoted and transferred as the General Manager I/c of a Sick Division of my Company functioning in a remote area without a choice.. I thus once again had to leave all my that bookish learning behind and quickly get into the hectic task of turning the sick Unit into a profitable Venture…. 
  • As GM, I just had 2 Books on my the then huge table on 'How to turn out a sick Unit into a viable Venture' but all along I was only physically into the process of implementing certain concrete plans to revive the non performing Asset of my Company... As life continued thus at the back of a certain success, I was offered the post of CEO in the next new Company to take care of their total affairs without a say.. 
  • No doubt I accepted the same and as the CEO there, the sooner I chalked out an Ambitious Expansion Plan for my once again new Company to turn it into a Global Venture and equally purchased the then latest famous Book on Successful Corporate Management, my retirement was due.. And no need to say.. On the D-Day, I was praised as a man of deep Knowledge in everything, heavily garlanded and and was coolly sent off home but with a 2 yr Contract Job Offer of the ‘Consultant and Adviser’ to the next CEO in line in the same Office…. 
  • From the next day onwards, my table was loaded with various books and magazines of my related knowledge and the sooner I decided to read them and advise my the then CEO on the Effective Performance and Growth of the Company than I was bypassed by him who decided to implement his own styles and practices with the advice of his close Team Members..Thus I became a redundant Functionary for a while and after the 2 yrs tenure, was permanently at home... Finally there alone I found enough time with me not only to read in full..'atig davagahb damirs koob dercas eht' but also pick up the same by heart from the beginning to the end!"
(Written in reverse just to keep my Readers guessing; sorry for the small trouble given!)

Friday, June 5, 2015


Two friends had a great plan of spending a coming up vacation and soon were on the train to the place in the comfort of the luxury AC First Class travel..
  • “Our Hotel booked at the Camp has the facilities of ultimate comfort and can simply be described as Heaven on the earth.. The food is going to be classic as the best Chefs are going to be into it.. The Guest Service would be beyond description” said one friend pondering over the planned relaxation stay.. The man moving round the Compartment on his routine work there overheard the talk and murmured within.... 
  • "Oh, God! On one hand these people can enjoy so much in their life but I have just enough for a living and even to get that have to continuously work very hard in my life.. Why did you make me like this in my life?"
  • “We are expecting soon some monies too.. You remember, we had put up some bills sometime ago and there were a number of queries.. Thank God! It seems the file is cleared and that money is coolly ours now.. In fact, I have planned this trip with the back up that coming money..” the friend over took the conversation nodding his head mischievously.. The man listening to all that again murmured, 
  • "They can do anything and get away easily.. And for ever the monies are theirs only.. That way, I can never get anything extra except my salary.. God! Why did you put me in such an awkward position?"
The train moved on.. A few hrs passed.. In time, it started raining and the winds became gusty.. Soon, the temperatures dropped below normal but there was no problem for the two in the comfort of AC.. The first friend continued.. 
  • "Last week I got a letter; you know from where? How can these people refuse to do my work? They were not knowing my back ground.. I just made one phone call and things are back to normal!”
  • "See.. These people are given so much power to twist the matters as they like.. If some one challenges me, really I can't do anything except adjusting and avoiding.. God! Why have you made me so weak not able to protest on a single wrong being openly done?" the man grumbled overhearing their talk..
  • “You need not go that extent.. The people there are really very timid.. Last time they had done similar thing to me.. I just went there and showed my anger verbally.. That’s all; it worked.. Show up your resentment once there ends the matter!”  the friend was heard replying..
  • "I did similar thing once and I had to face a hell out of that doing, had to say sorry for the ambitious approach to assert that I am not small... Now, I know that I'm nothing in front of these powerful people... God! Why am I such a small man in this world?"  the man again felt within as he further heard that...
  • “OK! Leave that issue.. I recently booked a Villa with M/s…..... If you really own such an Estate Property in our city, there is nothing like that! By the way, a few more are still available.. Why not you too book one? We can be together at one place..” the first friend changed the topic..
  • "See! these people can plan such great things in their life.. Every one agrees that a shelter above is a must for all.. But with so many years of working, I still live in a small rented house not able to buy my own.. Please tell me God, why did you put all the eggs in one basket leaving nothing for others like me?" the man was equally angry within for the prevailing wide difference in the livings when he heard that..
  • "I too want to buy there.. You know that great man…….. He lives there and I don’t like him.. The moment I book a flat there, he starts commenting on my monies, the sources etc etc.. He is a thorn in the shoe.. I don’t know when he will have a punishment from God for troubling people like us.. I don’t want to see his face!” the friend said a bit agitated..
  • "Yes! These people can openly talk like that and if at any time I talk a bit in that way, immediately I am advised 'What are you thinking? Do you think you are a great man? Be in your limits..' thus come the Sermons.. God!  Why am I so much vulnerable to attacks by others so easily?" the man felt depressed when he heard the same..
By that time, the train had slowed down and stopped at a very small Station for long time.. The two friends did not notice that for some time.. The rain increased with strong gusts of wind in between.. The atmosphere was terrific.. The temperatures had dropped down quite low by then It was lunch hour but there were no signs of any Service around.. The two friends got out of their compartment and made an enquiry with a few co-passengers.. An elderly man of wisdom with his back drop experience of facing toughness of life answered in a calm tone…. 

“Sir! Our weather predictions have totally gone wrong and Nature has its own way.. The track is flooded all along.. The train can move neither forward nor back.. We are all caught surrounded by floods of water.. There is a small village quite a distance away from here but presently reaching there itself is a hectic problem..The Station In-Charge is rationing the food available.. The temperatures are likely to fall further towards evening and hope the Power would not fail.. Presently none can do much in the situation other than patiently waiting for the conditions to improve soon.. Meanwhile, it's truly Wisdom here that we all offer a sincere Prayer to God for the Ultimate Take Care which at this point of time, the Almighty alone can do that equally for one and all!"

Thursday, June 4, 2015


"The Great Stories go thus....
  • “The rich man of the Town had a very bad dream one night.. He suddenly lost his monies, name, fame, was imprisoned and put in a Cell with its own cold away from the warmth of his family.. Utterly weeping in himself, he was looking at every corner for solace and nothing seemed helpful! Suddenly he woke up from the dream profusely sweating and looked around.. Instantly, he found himself in his own home with the family sleeping by his side and with all his wealth, name and fame intact! He felt highly happy and relaxed with nothing really lost and thus further went back to sleep blissfully for the rest of the night…. In a similar manner, One who is truly delivered from the turmoils of mundane life will forever be freed from the conflicts and sorrows of life and from their harrowing hold!
  • When the night watchman on vigil at midnight was casually repeating the words, 'Hoshiyaar.. Jagte Raho (Be alert and be awake)!', all got up from their sleep, checked the doors for security and went back to sleep.... But a young man thought, 'Am I really sleeping in my life?' He thus got a Great Instant Awakening through this normal message, opened the door at that midnight and walked off into jungles for ultimate Meditation and Penance! 
  • A crow got a piece of meat, flew to a tree branch to sit and eat the piece.. But in no time, a dozen crows attacked it together.. The crow flew branch to branch to escape from the attack, but the dozen crows equally followed.. It was restless for a while and finally in a total helpless state dropped the piece of meat to ground.. The chasing crows immediately left the original crow and went after the piece of meat fighting within themselves.. The original crow rested peacefully on the branch of the tree. A Sage passing by saw that and thought, “The only way to be at Peace in this world is to drop the attachments with me!” 
"Sir! What's the use of all these stories to a normal person like me? In spite of listening to all these, a man behaves almost in his own way and never becomes truly Spiritual.. Renunciation is never for people like us.. Better we get into some productive talk and the related activities.. They alone are more useful here.. Spirituality is a myth for normal humans as the world is very much real for them!"

"Dear! You are very much wrong here.. Even though the stories talk of the state of mind of the highly evolved man, a silent Message for an ordinary man like me too is there here to be more awake in my life to the Reality that the Rose is given to me with a thorn too attached to it!"

"But it appears, I have no choice here.. My ignorance is too thick to remember this constantly and I forever see the Rose as a beautiful flower only and nothing less to that!"

"Yes! That's very much true and here, the only way in front of a normal man like me is to be honestly doing the duties attached to me as I live my life around.. Let that be at home, at work, in the neighborhood or in the bazaar! 

When I thus do my duties equally remembering these stories, the same stories truly come to my rescue and divert my attention partly from the worldly objects for a while.. If done with all sincerity, soon these Noble Works alone take out the force of the attractions around resulting in a some clarity where in the rich man's dream experience gets lessened..  

When I thus become more attentive constantly negating the attractions thus spending less time in that direction with more in the direction of my duties, ultimately a certain Level of Calmness is bound to come to me which surely makes the rich man's dream truly distant!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers
The child started walking.. Uncountable advices from people of all walks of life poured in instantaneously..

  • "Oh! Be careful.. He may fall down!" 
  • "From now onwards, he'll never make you sit for a minute!" 
  • "The foot path ends there at the intersection.. Some vehicle may be coming from that small lane.. You have to take care here.." 
  • "You got to keep a constant watch on him.. Soon he starts running.." 
  • "On hard floors running is a bit dangerous.." 
  • "In crowds it's a problem.. You should constantly hold his hand.." 
  • "Child restrains are available if required.. Generally grand Parents use them to hold their grandchildren moving away from them.." 

The young man got into running every where with a style.. Many remarks and advices from friends and well-wishers soon followed.. 

  • "You should really go for the Marathon Race.. That's the age!" 
  • "Yes! Running in the open air is one of the best exercises to keep trim and fit.." 
  • "For safe and comfortable running, good shoes are a must.. Also light dress makes......." 
  • "Keep a monitor on your body which tells you........."  
  • "I wanted to tell you that the casual walking with which I've seen you in the past is never good for your age.. You should be fast in all and should be running everywhere for your works.. Good.. You are active!" 

The middle aged man changed over to the fast walking style.. Some suggestions from his Contemporaries and Seniors were around for a while.. 

  • "Walking is ideal for this age.." 
  • "A few Aerobics added to your daily routine is the perfect fit here.." 
  • "A good health is crucial in this age at the back of various responsibilities hanging over around.." 
  • "This activity cleanses your mind and reduces your stress levels.." 
  • "Unknowingly, walking brings its own new friends to you.." 

The elderly man decided to walk slow.. Only A few around casually remarked..

  • "Everywhere slow is good for this age.. Here too!" 
  • "More Adhyatmika Chintane is right for this age.. Slow walk and interaction with Nature truly fit in here for that.." 
  • "This walk can be part of our day to day small works too which anyhow we got to do at this Stage of life!" 

The very elderly man had to walk very slow.. People many times over took him without uttering a single word!