Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The Little Boy staying abroad was back to his native city on vacation along with his parents.

The next day was a little cloudy and as the boy and his mom ventured out along with the boy's grand father, it soon started raining cats and dogs. And the kid who never experienced such heavy rains at his place was no doubt excited beyond.

The family finished their outing towards evening, hired a 3 wheeler and was on their way back home.

The traffic was thick, the movement of the vehicles was slow and the rain started pouring too heavily. The boy was seated in the middle of 3 wheeler with the mom and grandpa sitting on either side.

Soon the vehicle was almost at dead slow speed, with pools of water spread out on the road with the day light sufficiently dimmed out and the intermittent lightening and thunders following at the back of blinding flashes and roaring sounds.. And the boy's joy and excitement was beyond any one's guess..

That was the time when nothing could stop him from coming in direct contact with Nature as is and it was too interesting for him to watch all that happening around. And just then one more happening there had added to the boy's excitement making it a 100%!

As the traffic got a bit respite from slow movement, the 3 wheeler pulled on instantly but an impatient vehicle behind too pulled on having decided to overtake the 3 wheeler in front on the left side. In the process, as that vehicle entered deep waters there at max speed, all that muddy and cold waters around instantly splashed profusely straight on to the inmates of the open 3 wheeler to the surprise of every one..

The driver got enraged seeing the plight of his passengers plus himself and was about to raise his speed to over take the culprit vehicle in front and scream at it's driver for the nuisance he caused adding further misery to the already partly wet inmates with so much mud landing straight on every one without an exception..

Had it not been to the Little Kid's simultaneous greater screaming saying... "Hiiiiiiiiii......." with a total excitement clearly seen on his face under the flashing head lights of the on-coming vehicles with all that dirt and what not on the road straight away bathing him whole and soul profusely!

And as the grandpa and the mom looked at the boy, no doubt to say.. He was in his own world totally lost himself to Mother Nature's fury by his side!

As the vacation got over, the boy was back to his place with his parents, no doubt to the place where the life is different, movements are different and culture too is different and soon started going to his favorite parks and play areas around once again totally getting engrossed himself seeing all those beautiful flowers, green grass and other aspects of Nature around him..

The innocent Little boy thus could never, never distinguish Mother Nature with him wherever he met Her and in whatever shape She embraced him and caressed him showering her unending blessings except getting lost to Her all along with a never failing fun and learning interest which She every time acknowledged and simultaneously taught him the required in the situation with all love!

Sunday, March 27, 2016


The popular Saying very much may ascertain that.. 'Old is forever gold!'
But the associated silent reality behind that Saying
forever goes thus.. 
'Equally, cruelty too was part of that old!'

If we keep this Truth in it's entirety in our mind, all that the so called old related which truly support the youth of today for their betterment and upkeep of their dignity alone should be respected and straight away be taken by them as guidelines for their future of course, ever remembering in that context that the final search in the process Viz., that does the ultimate good for them should exclusively be carried out by each of the individual alone in their life and none else on their behalf..

Thus seen, One can easily recognize all that good told to the world thru' the time tested parables, stories, sayings, proverbs, advices, speeches, guidelines etc etc interwoven with few cliches which often emphatically assert the core message of that talk and equally all of us should take the same if those Cliches truly uphold the dignity of humanity in general respecting every expression around!

In this context, the Cliches of today can broadly be classified into 3 groups,

No 1 being.. Those Cliches which are very much expressive of today's contemporary world speaking of our day to day problems around giving importance to the feelings of the youth involved there in.. 

All such Cliches which are very much on the lips of the younger generation of this day come under this group which anyhow need not be mentioned here..

No 2 being..Those Cliches which are expressive of the earlier times no doubt not much relevant to the today's language, living aspects, slang and the values but those which speak of the worthy traits of yesterday's life which truly did a great service in those days and which indirectly support the expressions of contemporary world for the ultimate betterment..

Some of these Cliches may look rough or crude on the face of their saying and a little funny as well but never aim at to speak lesser of any segment of the world. These have their own value and importance in our today's living if one looks at them a bit deeper and we all can truly be benefited thru' these sayings.. A few examples of these Cliches which the modern generation may not be aware of are..

In the nick of the time,
At the speed of the light,
As old as the hills,
Brave as lion; weak as kitten,
Frightened to death,
The writing on the wall,
waking up on the wrong side of the bed,
till the cows come home,
It's Greek and Latin,
love may be blind but neighbors aren't etc.

And finally to say the No 3 being.. Those Cliches which of course, not relevant to today's times but which had their footing in times when certain dictatory forces ruled indirectly the world very much suppressing the freedom of speech and expression around and were forcibly made popular, they, a 100% need to be taken out from today's list, never to be allowed by any civilized community to speak of and have to totally be driven away from the today's cultural values and vibrations.. In fact, the single statement for all that doing is..

Strictly kill all these Cliches mercilessly without an exception which any how can never be listed on these Sacred Pages at any point of time in our life!

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Friday, March 25, 2016


When vagaries of nature appear never relenting, 
When life around loses certain luster,
When few people who looked close till then instantly become strangers,
When certain beliefs of life suddenly look dry without substance,
When escape from the present looks meaningless, 
When involving heart and soul is seen disheartening,
When monies, power and status are perceived of limited use to solve the knotty problem in front,
When mind starts oscillating between involving and getting off,
When Sun, Winds, Seas, Mother Earth and Skies appear silently doing their job endlessly in spite of turmoil within which hitherto was never observed so closely
When the Sacred Books kept in cup boards all those years are taken out as they alone seem to be supportive in the situation..

That day is indirectly the 
Auspicious Day 
For me as 
I would start firmly believing in the
Omnipotent and the Omnipresent
and reset my sails to steer my future ready to face the up coming life with a heart but never deviate an inch from the path of being a firm 
Believer in God 
Which Faith indirectly is nothing but sticking to the 
Truth and doing the Duty 
Thus ever remembering the Advice of erstwhile 
Great Men of the Earth 
Who forever believed that 
The Almighty alone is the Ultimate!

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Auspicious, Day

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Two friends working in an Office took 2 week holiday and went on a vacation trip. The first friend was of the conviction, 

"I'm off from my work for 2 weeks and going on vacation. I spend my best time here with my family and enjoy my trip!"

The second friend had a different thought like, 

"Yes.. I'm off from my work for 2 weeks on vacation. I'll see that my family will have the best time in this period but equally and indirectly follow up with the happenings at my Office too from my Assistants!"

In that way, both the friends completed their vacation and returned to their base. 
The very next day both of them were in their Office.

The first friend initially no doubt was a relaxed man but having gone a bit beyond in that relaxation mentally, lethargy over took him temporarily and that attitude indirectly created its own confusion at his work on his return.

"Dear! I don't know how you appear so cool at Office. I feel dull and a bit lethargic. It seems, I need some more time to come to the line. My family is unhappy that I've gone away immediately on our return to my work. I too was thinking of extending my leave by a couple of days and relax a little more at home. But as you know, we won't get that extra sanction so easily. It's all confusion for a while!" h
e said.

The second friend no doubt was a fully relaxed man after the trip but as he was constantly following up with what was happening at his work spot in his absence, he was up-to-date there indirectly and could take over the same without any hitch. 

He smiled and replied, 

"Dear! That's the exact reason why I never left the follow up of my work when I was away. And that indirectly helped me in many ways such as..
  • I'm up-to-date on the happenings here this moment.
  • My Assistants too are in trim condition to take my order in respect of the on-going work with us.
  • My office is kept in good clean condition as that work was done almost daily by the staff which I followed up from my side.
  • My family too had understood that my work is important and so they never questioned me for being away from them for a while following up with all that but happily joined with me for rest of the time.
  • So today, as I'm back to my work and they too are back to their schedules without much fall back upon me.
  • And the last but the most important point every one including my family members, the Assistants at Office and indirectly myself too understood thru' this discipline that all of our own activities can go well only when the work at Office is taken care to the best in the right time without sidelining!
So when it's said that 'Work is Worship', I'm understanding that that worship is nothing but doing with devotion every bit of work with us related to Office activities, personal care, family welfare, or the neighborhood support every moment of our living depending on the priority at that moment.. If I thus live my life all the 24 hrs thru' 365 days in a year, where's the problem and where's the conflict with us at any point of time?"

Monday, March 21, 2016


"You see dear there.. 
That bright red setting sun in distance! 
Wait a minute.. Now you see here.. 
I captured Him in my camera.. 
He has gone there and has come to my camera.. 
How He looks?" 
Asked the man proudly 
Showing his camera shot to the little boy!

"Oh! Then tomorrow morning 
We'll have no light.. 
And it'll all be dark!" 
Said the worried boy!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


I wrongly got myself into the present Profession I'm very much into.. no doubt a life time mistake I made. Initially, I was lured by better payments, many perks and other extra facilities offered by this job against my own inner deep interest which at that point of time, I could never recognize. 'It's truly a white collar job with a fast career growth' I thought in the beginning.

But all that glitter soon averaged out if not gone below the average and all that initial interest that was bubbling for a while was totally lost in me!

At that stage, I started very much envying my college friend who got into exactly the same job I loved most in my heart and on a day, I decided to make an imaginary exchange into this job to just experience the best of that job at least once in my life time. The friend too instantly agreed to help me out here with his experience so that the imagination would become almost a reality to me..

The imagination went thus.. Yes.. 

It was instantly a great proud feeling in me that I work for the Defense Forces of my country thru' a constant Technical Support to their Aircraft.. 

I was happy that I got into details of millimeters and grams while designing my aircraft.. Meaning..Precise to the core aspects of design.. 

My personality had become that of being constantly conscious of weight and clearances everywhere as I got into my active design work.. 

The core design of mine forever happened to be a constant bargain between the maneuverability and stability of the Aircraft as it flew.. 

A simple bolt costing just 10 Rupees in the market was costing a few hundreds on the Aircraft as no compromise could be made there on the safety of fitment.. 

It was forever a tug of war between how smartly my designed Aircraft would attack the enemy and how quickly it would return to the base.. 

And finally everywhere around were seen nothing but constant checks.. checks.. checks.. thus ensuring forever that the laid out procedures were followed without an exception!

Further to that implemented design, 

As the test Aircraft rolled out and took off to skies with a thunderous roar carrying the test models of my design, subsequently as it flew in the sky with all cool evidently undergoing all the required tests not making much sound except a constant murmur-like for a while and finally as the the flying bird landed with reverse thrust in full go making a deafening roaring sound with a milestone achieved in the tight schedules in front, it was truly a moment of a great happiness within me being one of the Designers behind 


Suddenly the Alarm Clock went off wildly sending a piercing sound into my ears that woke me up from the deep sleep I got into.. It took some time for me to come to senses and as I laid on the bed with my thoughts running backward, it slowly brought a smile on my face that I just dreamed of.. 

That single ever loved Profession of mine alone in which I worked for 38 yrs as Aircraft Designer and retired with all grace and pride..

And the friend with me in the dream was 

None other than 
My the then close colleague at my work!

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Friday, March 18, 2016


That's how the Sanskrit Saying glorifies the Basic Learning in the world meaning..

'(In this world) the Speaker is a Wonder; the Listener is (equally) a Wonder!'

An example of this Saying goes..

  • A night watchman on his usual rounds at mid night was shouting aloud, “Awake and be alert!” Every one woke up, looked out, re checked the locked doors and thus peacefully went back to sleep. A Great Personality too sleeping like them got up with the watchman's words and instantly thinking within, “Am I sleeping in my life?”, opened out the doors, moved towards forest to meditate and finally attained Salvation! 
Thus, any learning with an individual truly starts from this basic urge within and continuously moves in a particular direction endlessly so that all the subsequent contributions of the person from that very learning would be directly helping to meet certain requirement of world invariably existing by the side.

By carrying a high level of respect towards this Learning Process wherein the Teacher and the Student actively participate in the Curriculum of Education System around, let's get into the basic ingredients of this Learning as then alone we would be able to address the defects of this particular System if any that might have crept in over a period of time.

The main activities of this basic System of Education include:

  • Molding the personality from the tender age, 
  • Inculcating certain qualities of morals and ethics of life, 
  • Developing the basic learning skills, 
  • Expanding the knowledge base, 
  • Developing equally the competitive skills,
  • Developing special skills for taking up specific job/work etc. 
Subsequent to this basic Learning, the same is continued at advanced level thru' various Developmental Programs at work like
  • Improving the special skills related to the basic qualification / job, 
  • Developing the Managerial Skills, 
  • Developing Interpersonal Relationships, 
  • Organization Development, 
  • Personality Development, 
  • Quality Management etc. 
Thus seen in the whole structure of this Learning at any point of time, Marks or Gradation given indirectly may define the level of achievement in the specific field and as such they need to be with us all the time which instantly speak what a person is but they alone would never complete the assessment in this Complex System of Learning as the actual interactions that continuously take place over years alone speak that, whose assessment and recording truly become a difficult job.

Here, the Certificates of Achievements in the Extra Curricular Activities in which the Learner actively participated all along with a Record of a few of human traits exhibited by him/her towards higher qualities of life like

  • Caring for the fellow human being, 
  • Taking a lead in a movement, 
  • Upholding truth and justice around. 
Culminating ultimately to the quality of
  • Humility and a Service Attitude with certain level of Sacrifice from within!
complete the assessment to a great extent.

Thus seen, if an individual has to be fully evaluated in this comprehensive Learning process, no single index can speak of that as each person excels in one particular area and become almost 90-100% proficient there and that requirement too exists in the surroundings. 

As such every individual of this entire learning process overall should truly be kept on High Record for his/her dedication all along except very few individuals countable in numbers who strangely miss this very purpose of expanding in their life and suffer indirectly in spite of being fully capable of doing that!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


An elderly man thought thus..
  • “There is a lot of difference between values of life of my times and those of the present day youth. Some of these are not all acceptable to me and a few are equally disgusting and repulsive. It’s a wonder how the youth of today accepted all this and are happy. I don’t know, where they are headed to in this scenario. 
Let me keep off from all this and lead my life thus in my own way!” 

Another man of the same age thought..
  • “There is a lot of difference between values of life of my times and those of the present day youth. Some of these were repulsed and straight away refused in my younger times. Today the youth are bold enough to bring out all this. This's the actual life and we missed all this in our times. 
Let me support all this and lead my life thus with no conflict!” 

The contemporary 3rd man thought..
  • There's a lot of difference between values of life of my times and those of the present day of the youth. Definitely, there's certain good in these expressions around and that's truly in the direction Human Uplift. In fact, the same were suppressed in my times, sometimes beyond a level and a few disadvantaged people used to suffer silently. It’s good to see that all such people are boldly coming out and expressing in the way they wish. 
  • But life is never that simple and it’s very difficult to be free from the associated downfalls here where the earlier values and culture protected there for a long time. Reckless enjoyments under the guise of expression of freedom are very much around and a few unscrupulous elements are making a hay out of that eternally keeping the present day youth under their grip. That way seen, it's another trap and the freedom gained in one hand is bound to be lost through the other. 
Let me actively support the true expressions of today's youth to free themselves from the chains of barbarism imposed by a few vested interests of my times simultaneously advising them on the pitfalls of reckless enjoyments under the guise of expressing their freedom and thus be doing a Sacred Work for the rest of my life in tune with Mother Nature's Original Plan!”

No doubt, subsequent to their decisions, the 1st and 2nd elderly men were soon repulsed by the youth of the day as nonsocial and odd without a say but the 3rd gentleman was simply just accepted by them as their True Adviser and Well-Wisher of a life time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


### The child traveled to his grand parents home along with his mom on a holiday of one month. Seeing the grand parents, instantly he became too active and noisy.. As the little one's activities were going beyond the safe level, the grand father decided to keep them well under control.

That day, the little boy standing on the huge bed started jumping continuously precariously going to the edges and equally started rolling over from end to end, the elderly man took the boy's favorite soft toy and said, "Dear! If you come to the edge, am going to throw this out of the house!"

The little one instantly shouted back.. "No, No, No.. Don't do that. I'll be in the center!"

And the grand pa's trick worked there 100% without a say.. The elderly man was jubilant for a while that he could control the boy in no time.

That day morning the grand father just sat 
for a while on the bed waiting for something.

The boy came in, saw his grand pa sitting on the edge of the bed and instantly screaming aloud, "Grand pa! You are now sitting on the edge. Am throwing the toy out!" threw the same favorite soft toy out of the house before the old man could respond!

### The grand mom along with other family members took him to her favorite shop to buy a good costly dress for the boy for the up coming Function.

The family for a while sat thru' the various selections at the Child Section and finally the grand mom selected one of the best dresses for the boy.

She wanted to try the same on the boy to see how the fitment was, accordingly she got it checked and found it to be a perfect fit for him.

She took the child nearer and asked him, "Dear, do you like the dress?"

The boy said,"Yes" and immediately asked, "How much it costs?"

The grand mom instantly got wondered at the boy's question and as she was about to tell him the price, the daughter smiled and said, "He means nothing. At our place whenever we go out for purchases, his dad invariably checks the price before buying and here, he's just repeating those words!"

### The vacation being over, the family moved back and it was a dull time for a while for the grand parents. After some time, the grand mom decided to buy a good gift for the little one on an occasion and send it to him.. That evening she made a video call and asked the child, "Dear! For the Festival, what gift you want from us?"

"Gold and Silver!" said the boy.

"What are you asking? They are very costly. Tell me, what else you want?" the grand mom asked again.

"Gold and silver!" repeated the boy.

"He means shining items like gold and silver as he had seen a few shining plated ones here and was fascinated by their glitter!" clarified the daughter with a smile!

### Later after some time, the child was given a few Certificates in his School and one day he was proudly showing those Certificates to his grand parents on the video call.

The grand father said, “Oh, dear! You already got 3 Certificates. Nice!”

The little one, wide eyed exclaimed, “No, I've one more!”

The elderly man asked with all curiosity, “What's that? Where's it?”

The child cutely replied, “It's my Birth Certificate and it's with dad!”

Monday, March 14, 2016


"I'm a bit cynical about this place and the people here..There seems to be no basic order and well defined mode of action anywhere.. Anyhow having settled here, I got to live with all this and there's no go here..

Compared to this, take the case of the place....... There the systems and people living are truly unique. Everywhere there's a discipline and every man you meet is well aware of that. I very much love that place. Anyhow, this summer vacation, I decided to visit the place for a fortnight and explore........!"
  • "Dear! I got your point but I wish to say something here. I strongly feel that there's nothing like an absolute good place and totally a bad place around us. Every place has its own plus and minus. I equally know certain evils of the new place you've talked of so high and......."
"Sir!  Do you mean to say that those evils are not there in our own place? I too know what goes on in our place like........ These are the most common issues of every place on this earth.. What I'm saying here is.. Keeping all common issues aside for a while, the specific greatness of the new place is..........."
  • "Dear! am too not ignorant of all of that you say.. But the problem here is, if you carry such a special importance in your mind for the place you are talking of, you are likely to sideline the evil existing there to a certain extent since you proceed everywhere with an extra enthusiasm, believe beyond and are likely to be more easily targeted or made use by the evil forces of the new place. 
  • Again, by carrying constantly a remorse attitude to your place, you are likely to doubt everywhere more than required and assess the certain evil around as a greater evil thereby forever becoming non social around and constantly living with a hatred feeling unknowingly within. 
  • Both these attitudes are never in our interest as the right approach everywhere should be..
'Believe around but 
Believe with Care!'
  • And neither more nor less of it at any time. When you thus remain without taking any sides anywhere since the appreciation / condemnation indirectly misguide you, you are likely to behave as the right person in both the places with the required care from you being never neglected at any point of time. 
  • Tell me now.. Don't you want to retain this.. 
'Precious Jewel of Discrimination' 
'Encouraging the Right'
'Keeping off from the Wrong'
in all your actions instead of acting based on
'A Mere Opinion of just the Good and Bad'
out of 
Your own Feelings?"

Sunday, March 13, 2016


At the back of a great enthusiasm and with the help of the Time Machine, I traveled into my Past to correct a few of mistakes done by me in the Past because of which I find a certain quality of life missing with me Today..

But there as that correction needed a specific time of undoing, I quickly found that spending my quality time there definitely was going to affect my Present the other way which once again I could not afford..

Subsequently, I traveled back to the Present and further thought of traveling into Future to see what is in store for me there but that thought instantly reminded me of wasting my time unnecessarily musing beyond which once again was seen affecting my Present..

I instantly firmed up..

Let the Past be Past.. And let the Future be the Future.. I don't want into get into all this dead as well as promised worlds of mine losing the lively Today's world of mine..

This Present with me is all Sacred, sure Worth Living and Divine one hundred percent.. And such a Present living to the best of my abilities alone wards off the evils of my Past and molds my  Future.. And that living again truly needs every sec of this day and every bit of energy of this moment..

Let me thus divert myself here to the sacred tasks in front and thus truly rise in my life for the ultimate happiness and peace.. And nothing else is great in this scenario!

Thank you Time Machine for the timely help.. Sorry, there's no further time for you!

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Friday, March 11, 2016


  • When the king offered the men of his Palace to sleep in his own Palace for a night out of a great reverence for the work they were doing, they could not do so as there they missed their usual noisy surroundings, proximity of many people, the regular hard beds etc and were restless for a while. Soon they left all that comfort provided, together went to a corner and finally slept there on the hard floor happily.. 
Thus confirming the very much sought certain happiness existing with mankind at Tamasik Level!
  • When God bestowed the routine of 8 hrs of body and personal care, 8 hrs of family take care and 8 hrs of regular work on the man, the man was not happy, wanted more, accordingly started running round everywhere and then alone was happy and relaxed at the end of the day.. 
Thus confirming the equally sought certain happiness existing with mankind at Rajasic Level!
  • When 3 sculptors were once asked what they were doing, one said, 'I'm chipping!', the other said, 'I'm carving an angel out of the stone!' and the third Great Sculptor said, 'Don't you see the angel imprisoned in the stone? I'm just freeing her!' 
Thus confirming the finally sought certain happiness existing with mankind at Satvic Level too! And beyond all, we equally have stories like..
  • When the parent of the Famous Devotee was sleeping resting his head on the lap of his son and right at that moment as the Devotee started praying to God, God appeared in front of Him and granted Him the instant Total Liberation asking Him to join with the Ultimate. The Humble Devotee smiled and said, 'Right now, I cannot leave my body and come to you disturbing my parent's sleep. I can do that only when he wakes up all by himself!' 
Thus indirectly confirming the ultimate sought happiness existing with mankind beyond these 3 Levels again!
  • Having said so, the happiness with us is ever seen as a mixture of the first 3 Levels mentioned above in this mudane life and is constantly tending to rise to the Ultimate Level as said in the 4th example called the 'ETERNAL BLISS' where in the SEEKER, the SOUGHT and the act of SEEKING truly merge and become ONE!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016


  • “I've a problem with my......... I'm not able to operate………”
the man requested for a solution through E-mail.. And pat came the reply..
  • "Thank you for contacting us.. Your problem will be resolved in 2 days time!” 
The man waited and sure got a call after 2 days..
  • “Sir! There's a problem with the Software and right now we are working to set right...... Please bear with us for one more day.. Sorry for the inconvenience!” 
Got agitated with the reply, the man raised the level and shot a mail with a copy to the GM. 
  • “Your staff are unable to address my problem…..” 
The next day, he received a mail from the GM himself which stated..
  • “Sir! I'm very sorry on behalf of our staff for not able to resolve your issue in time. I ordered them to look into this on priority and your issue will be resolved by tomorrow itself.. 
  • By the way, for the trouble we had give you, we decided immediately to upgrade your status as our Esteemed Customer. Please visit us at your convenient time to experience this new service and come in contact our new products offered with a discount specially for you. Hope you make use of this opportunity!” 
The man became cool and felt confident that ultimately it worked. He wanted to advantage of the new Facility given to him and accordingly, he visited, experienced the good Service and returned with a few Products at discounted price. No doubt, his problem was set right the next day but intermittent failures continued!

The man finally got fed up and straight away wrote to the CEO on the persistent problem with him with no solution from down the line.

The very next day, he got a mail directly from the CEO himself. Through the mail, the CEO profusely apologized on behalf of his staff for the delay and promised a speedy solution. He further wrote,

  • "Sir! For the deficiency in the timely customer care from our end, I offer you and your spouse a free 2 day stay in our Hotel in the Picturesque..... Please make use of this offer and enjoy your visit!" 
The man was truly thrilled. He instantly planned, went on a trip, enjoyed the stay and returned happily. His problem too, no doubt was resolved in the end!

After a while, one evening while he was on his usual walk in the park, he happened to overhear a certain conversation next to him.

  • “Now a days some of these concessional offers have a trick behind. Through these, the operators in the field straight away push unsold products on their customers, equally promote their new products and indirectly bring in customers to their Ventures during lean times.. But these costs are again indirectly recovered through the extra charges laid on the other facilities used by those customers at these places!”

Monday, March 7, 2016


The car door might have been closed, locked and in addition the 'child lock' too switched on

But still we are advised not to lean on to the door and keep off as the vehicle zooms!

The sophisticated Aircraft might have been fully automated where in the Flying Machine can land perfectly and safely in thick fog conditions too without a single look outside

But still the cockpit is ever equipped with basic instruments and controls for direct manual application too, in addition!

The electrical appliances might have been made shock proof thru' earthing, double earthing a few times backed by stringent standards of safety in manufacture and supply

But still we are advised to keep off whenever the appliances are in use!

The lift might have been fully automated, provided with instant communication facilities for emergency hold ups and checked fully for safety of operations

But still a few times countable in numbers, they are avoided in order not to get trapped, when it's possible to use the stairs!

The thick walled steel wardrobes at home might have been kept locked, double locked, further the home itself is firmly locked/bolted and carefully checked before going out or going to bed

But still we are advised to keep all the extra cash and valuables in a reputed bank!

Many nutrients and essentials might have been added to foods on shelves and further checked for stringent quality and safety in use

But still it is often advised to use the food direct from Nature!

Stringent travel plans might have been made backed by good monies in purse, essentials in carry bags, emergency contacts in phone book and details of instant stop-overs in the mind

But still while leaving, the ever Green Message/Wish often passed on is ‘Take Care, Good luck!’

The man may too often, believe in money, power, status with the related forts and people around

But still constantly wishes for ‘Lady Luck’ to favor him!

As Uncertainty goes thus everywhere with Fear eternally ruling around in spite of the best care taken, the only way in front of one forever is oneself Surrendering to the Almighty thru' a Sincere Prayer alone and none else!

On this Auspicious Day of Mahashivratri invariably that Single Prayer at heart to Lord Shiva for the Ultimate Care goes thus..

'Om Trayambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanath
Mrytor Mukshiya Mamrutat.'

'We worship the three eyed one lord shiva who is of spiritual essence and nourishes all beings. May he severe our bondage of samsara and thus liberate us!'

Sunday, March 6, 2016

'SAFE' >>>>> 'SAFER!'

'Safe, Safe..Sure Safe' said
Sophistication showing
Surrounding Sky-scrappers 
'Single Spider survival straightaway Stopped!'

'Safer, Safer..Sure Safer' said
Survival Spirit showing
Sober Surroundings 
'Spiders should stay simultaneously Side-by-side!'

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Saturday, March 5, 2016


The story starts here with the Goodness that accrued by following Srimad Bhagavad Gita..

The young man was too straight forward..

"I can't allow a wrong to happen in front of me.. Let me take the lead here and see to the end of this non sense drama right this moment!"

Thus he thought, got actively involved himself in questioning the wrong doers knowing little that they could put him down in no time, was soon snubbed beyond by the powerful in the game and finally had no go but to retreat.

Feeling sad he was directionless for a while not knowing what to do to uphold the righteousness around till a day when he incidentally happened to read the Sloka 35, Chapter III from Srimad Bhagavad Gita which boosted an indirect strength in him..

'Shreyan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanusshthitaat
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.'

'Ever safe is one’s own duty than the duty of another even well discharged. Better is even death in one’s own duty than the duty of another full of fear!'

The young man soon motivated by that Message, decided to go ahead in his life in that path which is said safe for him.

Thus the first Sacred Book Srimad Bhagavad Gita truly helped the man stabilize in his life diverting his mind towards his own duties in front!

And again moved on his life.. Soon, he was in mid thirties, life in front had become more alluring, more cheap advices were around him to divert his attention from the swadharma he vowed to follow, and that way, he slowly slipped into the wrong path as the related bad people surrounded him and held him tight there for a while. As riches and comforts started coming to his door step, the man had no go but to welcome them yielding beyond and in no time became haughty and authoritative in his surroundings.

That again had its own effect soon, when one day the then man of mid forties was straightaway cornered beyond and was made to shiver with fear for a while.. He had no go other than weeping in himself and equally was vehemently searching books for a solution for true peace in the situation.

On one of those troublesome days, as he was casually going thru' a few religious books for a desperate solution, the second Sacred Book 'Bhajagovindam' was spotted and again when he was having a quick glance thru' the same, Sloka 9 there captured his attention in respect of truthful living.

'sastangatve nissangatvam, nissangatve nirmohatvam
nirmohatve nischalatatvam,nischalatatve jeevanmuktih'

'From the company of seekers of truth non attachment develops, from non attachment comes freedom from delusion, from the freedom from delusion develops self steadiness and that self steadiness (alone) leads to true liberation (in one's life)!'

Greatly inspired by the Message there in, the man firmly decided immediately to get off from all that easy life and easy going people thru' some actions and sacrifices and that change itself made him closer a few good people in his own vicinity. As he thus started living with good people, the right interactions with them soon followed whose ultimate motive was ever to do good alone to the world and that path alone ultimately established theTrue Peace in the man for rest of his life!

Thus the second Book 'Bhaja Govindam' truly helped the man stabilize in his life the second time diverting his mind once again towards his own duties in front!

The story ends here with the Goodness that accrued once again by following Bhaja Govindam.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Part of Mahabharata in Sanskrit is traditionally ascribed to Sage Veda Vyasa and Bhaja Govindam Devotional Composition in Sanskrit is attributed to Sri Adi Shankara.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016


We regularly converse with our grand child now 4 yrs+ staying in foreign land thru' video calls.  As some of our past experiences with our loved one were unique, I wish to share some of them in this Post. 

It was almost a year and half back, when he was nearing 3 yrs, these funny instances happened which are ever fresh in our memories.. 

### One day, when his grand mom asked him what he was doing, the boy said with a smile, "Am making a special cake for you!"

We were thrilled at his sweet talk but as he could not pronounce the word 'special' so easily at that point of time, the grand mom helped him out to say so with great difficulty but the next moment, he said with all pride, "I made it.. Come and eat!" so innocently when he couldn't speak the very word 'special!'

###On another day, my wife said with all seriousness, "Dear! Today, I'll teach you a Prayer. Repeat with me closing your eyes. Come on.. Say now!"

Thus instructing, she started, "Om! Jaya Jagadisha Hare, Swami Jaya Jagadisha Hare........"

No doubt the boy faithfully tried his best to say all that but finally when the grand mom said, "Say now.. Baba.." and paused for a while due to some cough to complete the saying there, '
Take care of me well!', the boy with all zeal continued, "Ba! Ba! Black sheep.. Have you any wool?......"

### My wife used to tell many Epic Stories to our grand child.

One day she said, "Dear! You know.. Little Krishna is very funny.. He used to eat lots of butter, play with children around, save all good people and help them. Once he ate even mud but when his mom........ So little Krishna is great and every one liked him. And here.. You are my little Krishna.. Who are you?"

The boy with great difficulty said,"Little Krishna!" but the next moment said, "But I can't eat mud.. Butter.. Daily I eat a bit. Not so much!" 

Finally, it was time for both of us to visit our grand child at his place and as such we planned visiting the place for a stay of one month. 

###I packed a number of toys and play items for the child in a separate check-in bag to handover to him directly at the Airport itself when they come to receive us. By bad luck the particular bag had not arrived with us and we were told that it would take a day or two to receive the same. When we came out, my daughter was at the airport with her family and the child ran to us calling aloud!

I was feeling bad for the boy as immediately I could not give his toys. As I was telling the matter to my daughter, the little boy instantly said, "Grand Pa! At home, I've a bag with me. You can take it!"

### During our stay there, on a day we were going in the car and the car stopped at a signal. I said to the boy, “Dear! This Road is called Jamboree! Can you repeat?”

The child instantly said nicely to the amusement of every one in the car, “Jamboree!”, paused a while and blurted out with a smile, “The next is February.. The next is March..”

At another stop, the signal was red for a little while.. The boy said, “Go.. Go.. It’s green!”

I got amused and asked, “Hey! Where's the green here?” The little one smilingly said with all softness pointing out the trees on the side, “Green!”

After a while at another signal when it was green, he suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

I got wondered and asked him, “Why? What for, dear?” He pointed out at the setting Sun in distance and said, “Red!” 

### One day, I was educating the child on the names of the rooms at home.

“Dear! This is the bed room and we sleep here. This is the dining room and we eat here. This i
s the living room, this is the rest room, and this.. Closet.” 

The child sincerely repeated all the names and as soon as we came out of the closet, he pulled the door tight saying "I closed it!”

### On a day, the boy was playing with me and was too fussy with me for a while. Suddenly in the middle of the play, he shouted aloud near to my ear.

I instantly screamed at him saying, “Ohh..! My ear is gone!”

The boy carefully looked at my ear from a side for a while and said with a big smile, ”It’s there!”

These funny experiences with our grand son forever remain in our heart as truly the sweetest memories of our life!

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