Thursday, June 30, 2016


It's said,

'Let the home affair be ever a secret; the disease within never!'


  • A home/family secret would settle by itself sooner or later and if such a strife is revealed, a few can take advantage there and trouble me eternally..

  • In respect of disease even if I keep it as a secret, soon it blows up and comes out by itself ridiculing me at the futile attempt made..
  • In a similar sense, in my life I've my own personality the max of which is only known to me. This is like my home secret and I should never reveal this to any one.. Meaning, I should never talk easily as well as less of me openly however nobler the other man's life in front appears to be.. 

To help him out concentrate and meditate, the Master enquired the villager the most interesting thing in his life. He confided that he loved his dear goat kid very much. The Master advised him to keep an image of goat kid in his mind and meditate and nothing more was required from his end..

conveying the basic message that every man is unique at his/her own level and there's nothing to feel less about that!

  • But at the same time when I talk greatly of myself, it's a fact that my mind is diseased with the feelings of pride and prejudice. I may try various means to cover up this ugliness but whatever, soon I'll be out as the other man sees this in no time. So let me be ready to tell the world openly that I'm not great as I do mistakes and equally be ready to take as much punishment as possible for the earlier mistakes I have done and thus truly evolve in my life!
When the highway robber surrendered to the Lord, the Lord advised to him to visit the same village where he made attacks earlier, take wholeheartedly what the villagers would award him as a punishment and come back.. Then alone he could be inducted into the category of close disciples!

conveying the basic message that it alone is the right treatment for the man's so called mental disease of dominating his fellow beings!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


One day Morning..

“Hi, Ramesh! I made a small Script. Can you read this and suggest me a good title?” “Why not Suresh? It’s a pleasure to help you. Let me read your script.. Done! OK, here are.. 'aaaaa, bbbbb, ccccc' titles of my choice.. Take any one!”

“Can you suggest a few more?” “OK.. Wait.. 'xxxxx, yyyyy, zzzzz'.. Yes! These are really good.. Take one of them!”

“Seems the 2nd one is good.. One minute.. I’ve got a list here.. Can you look at this once before finalizing?” “Naah! This list appears to be prepared by some Novice in the field.. Don't go for these!”

“Oh, Is it so? OK, I’ll give you a link.. Can you search on the net and suggest?” “Let me see.. (Pause).. Yes, dear! These are the few I could finally select.. They are really good!”

“This one is OK but not so good. This one.. No.. Not at all! This one.. If I give this title to my Script, I'm gone! The 4th one.. Oh.. I can't think of such titles! The 5th one.. Yaar! How can you suggest this for my....?” “Sorry.. Am not getting what you want!"

“What dear? I gave you so much info but still you are not able to suggest one good title.. Is it so difficult? OK.. Leave it.. I'll find out myself! Any way, thanks for spending your time!” “?????“

In the afternoon..

“Hi, Dinesh! I made a small Script. Can you read this and suggest me a good title?” “Why not Suresh? It’s a pleasure to help you. Let me read your script.. Done! OK, give me something. I’ll say whether it's good or not!”

“Why don’t you suggest something? I‘ll be very happy!” “Yeah! I agree.. But selection is your personal choice and I've nothing to say in that.. Once done, as a good friend I’ll confirm that. Please bring out a few, which you like the most!”

“OK! One minute.. Out of these, 'ppppp, qqqqq, rrrrr', I like….... What do you say?” "Yes! The first two are definitely good.. The 3rd one has a small wrong message..”

“Out of the two, which one you suggest?” “That’s once again your choice. For me both are good!”

“My vote is for the 1st one….” “Excellent.. Well suited.. Go ahead!”

“One minute, am seeing a 4th one here. Isn't it good? For me it appears..” “Let me see…. I see a small flaw here, but still it’s up to you to use it!”

“OK.. Let me see.. Wait.. One minute.. No.. The 2nd alone looks to me the best.. I’ll go ahead with that title.. Beautiful, isn't it?” “Yes.. Sure the right choice.. All the best dear!”

“Thanks dear! You really helped me in this selection.. Bye!” "Bye dear!"

Saturday, June 25, 2016


That was Sunday early morning hrs.. The South-West Monsoon had set in and there was a big downpour.. As I sat in the veranda of my house, seeing the dripping roof with jets of rain water carrying the dirt accumulated for all those earlier dry days gushing down the slope incessantly, I got lost to my thoughts which ran haphazardly..
  • "I have lots of ambitions in life. I dug out everywhere to know how to meet all those ambitions with my limited resources. I'm finding that my resources are never a match to my ambitions and there's no way of increasing them unless a miracle happens!" 
Suddenly I hit upon a crazy idea.. 
  • 'Why not visit the Saint near our place who is famous for doing miracles and get certain blessings from Him?' 
That's it.. The next day, straight away I headed to that place and prayed to the Great Man help change my base of living!

The Master smiled and said, 
  • “Meditate daily for 2 hrs for the next 3 months and come to me!"
I was thrilled instantly and subsequent to that, meticulously followed what the Master had told me and visited Him again on the D-day. Seeing me, the Master again smiled and said, 
  • “I'm seeing 50% change required in you with the shedding lots of deadwood.. Now on wards, meditate daily for 1 hr for another 3 months and come to me!" 
And no doubt, that I followed and visited Him again an evening. The Master smiled and said, 
  • “I'm seeing 70% change required with all the dead wood gone completely.. Now you have almost tuned yourself.. Come tomorrow.. I'll initiate you for the change!"
The next day as I visited him, he prayed for me and said, 
  • "You are blessed! The change took place in you.. Now on wards, you will be getting what all you truly wish for in your life.. Go home and reconcile to yourself!"
That was again Sunday early morning hrs.. The returning North-East Monsoon had set in and there was a big downpour.. As I sat in the veranda of my house, seeing the dripping roof with jets of clean rain water gushing down the slope incessantly I got lost to my thoughts which no more ran haphazardly..
  • “Yes, the change is there.. But, it's not outside but inside me.. Meaning.. Am truly a changed person now!
  • No one can do wonders for me and bring changes in my worldly possessions and my life style.. It's me that should first get rid of all those cob-web like thoughts of mine which truly engulfed me for the past 6 months making me completely ineffective in my life..
  • Here after, through this change alone I'll investigate, find out what I'm searching for and thus truly meet the purpose of my life all along living happily with what God had given me and what will come to me through my own effort!”
‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Friday, June 24, 2016


  • “God is truly unfair to me. I very much love my family and am interested in a small life alone for me.. But am continuously suffering. There seems no end to my problems coming up in my life!” 
thus I was often complaining.. An elderly well-wisher of mine called on me on a day and said, 
  • “Dear! I've a permanent solution to your problems.. Take a white sheet, draw a line across the mid of the sheet and above that list out all your problems!”
I quickly wrote the long exhaustive list of mine well fitted into the half page.. A big one indeed!
  • “Now below the line, write down the problems which you see with people around you and which are not with you..”
I started writing all that and soon I was at the end of the paper..
  • "Please take one more sheet and write the left out!" 
I was about to do that but my consciousness warned.. 
  • "No.. That paper too will be over in no time and the next one too.. There's no end to that if you truly start writing.. The memory of yours which had meticulous seen, recorded, compared, felt the comfort of not having that with pity out flowing copiously at all those moments.. Yes.. Truly a list that never ends!"
The well-wisher was staring at me.. 
  • “See dear! At one stage, you may be afraid of even to think of these problems/difficulties which were not there with you at any point of time in your life. But you very well know as well as you see people around living with these problems. And further you might have seen many times smiles too on their faces!" 
he said and concluded,
  • "Dear! If we are honest, let's feel for those people and do something concrete to help them in times of their difficulties of course, without neglecting our own duties towards our families.. Compared to their strain, ours is nothing and God is truly kind to us! 
  • Once you fall in love with such a sacred attitude and start doing that great Yagna of your life I'm sure there after, you'll never search for a complaint book to register your problems as you would be truly a king within yourself may be only the physical crown would be missing.. Don't you want such a Crest Jewel of Pure Love be your companion for the rest of your life?"
And right at that moment alone without a say there, I truly fell in love the second time in my life with all my senses remaining 100% awake!

The Post is written in line with the Indispire Prompt With all your senses, "Fall in Love - One more time"#FallInLove

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Thursday, June 23, 2016


The young man of 25 was a little adamant to change his habits and style of living and there he was not listening to his dad's advice. The dad was thus unhappy and at length sought the help of a close well-wisher to the family to advise his son on the right way of living. The well-wisher met the son on an evening and further to that their talk went thus with the well-wisher enquiring ,

  • “Dear! You are now 25 and you feel that life should be approximately led the way you like to lead, am I correct?”
  • “Yes, Sir! That’s exactly what I like do in few issues and with the rest, I don't have a problem. But my dad never wants me to be like that in those issues only. After all, I too know......”

  • “OK! Tell me one thing. Roughly about 5 yrs back when you were 20 yrs, were you like this only?”
  • “No! I was different. It isn't right any more to be like that!”
  • “Another 5 yrs back?”
  • "What are you saying, Sir?  It's too funny to be like that now.. Who'll do such things?"
  • "OK.. Another 5 yrs back when you were 10 yrs old?"
  • “Oh, No! Don’t talk all that.. That's just childish behavior!”
  • "But tell me, were you not happy with your own those behaviors in those times and never wanted more?”
  • “OK, may be but.....”
  • “If you again look back and recollect, you fully listened to your father in those growing yrs, did what he asked you to do and at the back of all that alone, you are expressing the way you want today. Am I right?”
  • “Yes! I agree.. Because of that I completed my studies, learned certain specific skills, mannerisms and all that useful to express myself today in my life!"
  • “See, dear! Your father has a unique love for you and that love sure does only good to you. And out of that love alone, today too he is trying to tell you what you should do in parallel with your own expressions so that after another 5, 10 and 15 yrs, what you really wish to be in your life can be that reasonably, don’t you agree?”
  • “You are right!”
  • “Then, further I needn't tell you anything. Please pay attention to what your father says now and follow that. It truly does good to you. And remember, he'll never stop you from doing what you want if that really doesn't come in the way of your future growth and welfare.. Sure, there's no doubt here!”
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


  • On a day at a corner in the forest the cheetah awaits, the deer sighted, the cheetah runs and happily succeeds in his mission with the deer miserably failing in its escape plan because of the lesser initial distance between them..
  • On a subsequent day with a proud feeling the cheetah awaits at another corner in the forest, a new deer sighted, the cheetah runs but strangely fails in his mission with the new deer casually getting thru' it's escape plan because of more initial distance between them.. 
  • The next day believing in the 1st corner the cheetah awaits there, the same new deer sighted, the cheetah runs but squarely fails in his mission with the new deer getting thru' it's smart escape plan of starting early.. 
  • Further to that day back to the 2nd corner the cheetah awaits, the same new deer sighted, the cheetah runs and to his surprise is thru' his mission with the new deer miserably failing thru' its lax escape plan of starting late..
  • On another day at the same 2nd corner, the cheetah awaits, another new deer sighted, the cheetah runs but straight away fails in his mission as he gets hurt in his leg with the new deer getting thru' even with it's lax escape plan..  
  • Subsequent to recovery on a day back to the 1st corner all along blaming the fate the cheetah awaits, the same 2nd new deer sighted, the cheetah runs and surprisingly is thru' his mission with the new deer totally failing as it suddenly trips over in spite of hatching a smart escape plan..
with the basic qualities of cheetah and deer remaining the same all along Viz., 
  • The cheetah can run faster than the deer but only for a short time and 
  • The deer can never compete with cheetah in speed but can run for a longer time! 
This is the exact Competitive Business Scenario in the world with the
  • Basic inherent skills of the Core Working Group, 
  • Timely decisions and actions of Management and 
  • The crucial factors played by the Providence 
together making a Venture a Success or Failure!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


  • The Lord keeps His Entire Creation readied for me and tries waking me up thru' warm sun rays in the morning hrs of the day..
I totally forget this and keep my window curtains pulled in so that I'm not disturbed by the bright sun light and can sleep more!
  • His Creation forever is dearer to Him.. 
I simply forget this and begin my day expanding beyond that sure hurts His Creation! 
  • He created work for me for the day for my well-being.. 
I just forget this and feel that I am forced to run for work daily!
  • Every inch of His Make in the Universe starts supporting me in the day.. 
I sure forget this and think that my monies, name and fame alone are behind that! 
  • He alone is the Originator of all Skills of the Universe.. 
I 100% forget this and feel that my skill alone is doing the wonders at my work! 
  • He expects me to forgive others in my interactions of the day.. 
I no doubt forget this and instantly hate all those people who try to come in my way!
  • He has given me a certain capacity to help myself as well as help others to the extent possible..
I invariably forget this and use the entire capacity to expand myself making it zero for my next man! 
  • He said, 'I am with you all the time through an Ardent Faith in you; nothing more is to be done here from your side!'
Knowingly well too, I forget this and often get into the elaborate Rituals of Worshiping Him without an exception!  
  • He alone saved me all the time myself just doing my part of work therein.. 
I in no time forget this and feel proud of my attention and care having done the best job there! 
  • At the end of the day, there is a chance for me to repent for all the wrong done and ready myself not to repeat it the next day.. 
Alas! Here too, I feel proud of what all I had done for the day and plan my next day with double vigor on similar lines! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2016


Everything till then was so rosy and perfect people thought that the man is truly in great love and they had their own laurels for the person for being so much dedicated there in..

Suddenly developed a situation that sure needed a certain definite Sacrifice from the man ready to share the related pain, guilt and agony of the aggrieved party but unfortunately that sacrificing for such a noble cause alone held the man tight squarely directing away from that actually to be done..

Instead, another great program was put on to the anvil bringing countless number of patch works into action with great vigor but all that show didn't help a bit and the aggrieved party's pain remained the same..

Further actions of tempo too added therein with some prices fixed everywhere and every available help around sought without a single exception but all that appeared less alone before what exactly was required to be done with the Monies, Power and Status seen very much limited..

Having found no go, the aggrieved party turned to God and prayed with an open heart for a solution and instantly there was
A Great Message from the Skies
to the man who all the time was just skipping the required action..

'The simplest to do in the situation is
Love the job in front and do the related sincerely 
as that Pure Love will alone do wonders in reality..

It can stop the Oceans rolling up and down
It can scale down Mountains and rise
The Sky itself will descend on to the earth under Its influence
which when scaled down to basics is ultimately
nothing but upholding the seven qualities required from you Viz.,
Attention.. Care.. Fearlessness.. Patience..
Perseverance.. Humility.. and Cheerfulness..
And equally I have equipped you with these in
abundance for use all the time!

Let man do wonders in the world by
Controlling the Roaring Oceans,
Scaling the Mighty Mountains and
Reaching the Limits of Sky
Thru' the Innovative and Scientific Temper within
but let these Sacred Seven
be never stopped from coming out which alone
ultimately keep
The Ever Craved Human Touch in the World

The Post in line with the IndiSire requirerment Loving is not always an easy task. Love comes with it's shareof pain and guilt. Share a story or invent one where that pain is revealed in a form unimaginable, in a direction not-thought. #thatstory

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Saturday, June 18, 2016


I was 10 yrs old.. My mother said, “Go to the temple, Pray to God and come back.. The Almighty takes care of you!” Along with that she reminded me of the procedures to follow there..

I was too enthusiastic.. Went there and exactly did what my mother told but for the final ringing the bell as I had to jump since I couldn't reach that height, I was harshly told by the Authorities to go away and not to cause nuisance in the Premises leaving me totally confused and tensed up at that tender age..

  • My father instantly rose to the occasion.. He intervened and made it clear to the Authorities that children are the Incarnation of God and it was wrong to admonish me who was devotedly doing what others do with my own limitation
Thus restoring my confidence back to 100%!
Soon I had grown to a young adolescent of 18 and constant questioning / advices too started pouring into my ears from my father shaking my confidence a bit temporarily..
  • “What happened to the work I asked you to finish yesterday?”
  • “I told you to go and talk to that man and tell him……… Why did you not do that and wasted the whole day?”
  • “Go to the place, wait till the man turns out, talk to him and tell him…..”
  • “Dear! In your age, you know..I had taken up a big responsibility of..... These are also like that only!”
  • “OK! You might have done this now, but don’t relax.. Tomorrow, we are together going and getting the monthly needs for our house.. OK?”
And as planned we both went there, I was made to involve in buying and bringing all that stuff in a small open van along with him. On the way as the vehicle maneuvered a steep up, it suddenly swiveled and rested on the edge of the road tilting precariously towards the side slope.
  • My father instantly jumped out of the vehicle shouting, "Dear! Leave everything and get down first!" and as I just got off in a hurry letting off the items in my hand, he hugged me and comforted me with the tins of oil, few powders and some items thrown on to the road by the side standing as the true testimony of his ever available support if an exigency calls for
Thus boosting my confidence back to 100%!

Finally, when I being a grown up personality of mid thirties was in the process of changing over to another job, my father wished me all the best along with a caution..
  • "I may be none here to intervene as the present crucial decision may help you to come up further better in your life and a few times may not help you and instead may create a problem.. Discuss the matter in detail with your colleagues and other contemporary well wishers keeping my doubt fresh in the mind.. Best Wishes.. I'm sure you would be a success here
Thus finally ticking that same confidence almost a 100%!

Monday, June 13, 2016


A man of rigid discipline in Philosophical Path in respect of his habits, behavior and thinking and a sick man with a certain disease visited an Ashram at the same time.

The Head of the Ashram welcomed both, comforted the sick man and blessed him saying, 

“You will be alright soon!” 

Subsequently, the man left happily.. The Head then turned to the man of discipline and said, 

“I can't find a cure for your disease!”

The man wondered at this and said, 

“Reverend Sir! I am perfectly healthy and there is no problem with me. I just visited you to pay my respects and get your blessings!”

The Master smiled and said, 
  • “Dear! The sick man who visited me was only physically diseased and soon he could either become better or adjust mentally to live with the disease and thus be happy.. But strangely, in your case your entire personality is diseased with your own rigid discipline.. 
  • Further, this will increase in time with a confidence by the side that ‘I am improving’ and as a contagious disease spreads by leaps and bounds among people around thus doing the never expected damage.. In this process, many feel that they are equally evolved which is nothing but the highest form of one's own self deception without one's knowledge.. 
  • Tell me, is such a condition not worse than an Epidemic? An Epidemic too may go away in time but this disease will never leave us and only strength more and more firmly with time!” 
The Master concluded, 

“Philosophy of life never expects one to get into a  rigid discipline.. As the Great Saint had said,
  • 'It is as hard as the rock but at the same time as soft as the butter!'
conveying the inherent meaning of the high flexibility of all the procedures and methods involved there in.. And ultimately, it is living a life out of one’s own right understanding at heart which forever asserts the principle..
  • ‘Contain yourself the maximum and curtail the other never!’
All these rigid disciplines here truly take one nowhere whereas all along an ordinary man at the back a certain simplicity in his/her life not bothered about these elaborate procedures would definitely be leading a nobler life; no doubt here!”

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Sunday, June 12, 2016


A father very often used to treat his son with a Special Toffee and the boy's friend with an Ordinary One whenever they were together.
  • “I have a greater responsibility towards my son and than towards his friend. I am simply doing my job!” 
used to be his answer to any one who happened to point out the differential treatment.
  • "But it's not right to show that differential treatment in front of his friend. It's unethical!"
a few well wishers used to point out.
  • "That way if I do daily, it's going to be a costly process. And equally I don't want to give my son almost daily the Ordinary Toffee. What else can I do here?"
used to be his argument.

Another gentleman in a similar situation used to give the Ordinary Toffee to his son as well as to his friend keeping the cost well under control saying that his son did not need special attention from him in such cases and so both were equal to him and he could not differentiate there.

  • "But he is your son and why do you deny him daily something Special?"
a few well wishers used to ask..
  • "I agree but that way it's too costly for me to give both of them Special Toffees. And it's equally unethical to give that Special Toffee secretly to my son when his friend is with him by the side. The best option in the situation is this alone!"
used to reiterate the father..

Days passed thus and soon they rolled into months and years.. Both the sons had grown into full matured individuals with their own attached family responsibilities and both the fathers had become old with their own infirmities..

The first one ever expected something or the other from his father.. 

  • “Why are you not treating me Special? I see you keep a lot of monies with you and neither you spend that on yourself nor prepared to give me out of that. I was all the time Special to you. Is this the way you treat me as Special? Further, all along I see few others who constantly interact with you too are eating into this which is genuinely mine!” 
The second ever used to reiterate,
  • “My father has every right to live like me and be happy in his own way. I don’t want any Special monies or facilities from him and my life can well be managed with the capabilities he developed into me. 
  • In fact, his capacities are down now and I should rise to the occasion. Let me see if I can help him at this stage so that his day to day activities go on smoothly in the association of his friends and nearby!” 
A story that truly fits in to the WOW Challenge.. Welcome to Cafe karma!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Saturday, June 11, 2016


"I may be a little well off not like the rich and the Super rich, you know.. But just because of this, I constantly see a greedy man around me.. Truly a greedy man who would never leave me in my life ever trying to take max out of me by hook or crook with no consideration at all for my feelings!

I go to a Restaurant.. Naturally when I have a car, I got to park it.. I've to tip the man who takes care of my car.. Not a small amount.. He straight away expects.... as mine is the latest model of....

  • The No One greedy man in front of me! 

OK, I finish my dinner and as usual I have to tip.. It's not small; almost 10% of the bill..
  • The well known greedy man next to me! 
I stop my vehicle near any small shop, seeing me getting down from my car, the small trader in no time jacks up his prices instantly..
  • The very familiar greedy man with me! 
I engage a man to drive my car but that man is no less and expects lots of extras..
  • The never leaving greedy man by my side! 
I take a small physical help, the man expects a hefty amount from me just because I'm a little well off..
  • A ever seen greedy man around me!
Everywhere this greedy man appears, there's no place he is not seen, never he leaves me and if I'm careless, he just eats me out.. Wants more, more and more.. And ultimately, I alone have to pay all that!"

thus I was musing for days endless when that night after my hectic day schedules, when I returned home, to my dismay I suddenly found my wallet missing! 

There was quite a bit of money in that along with a few debit and credit cards, the codes for my 2 accounts, a few checks and some imp paper slips.. The whole thing had gone at one stroke and I couldn't recollect anything in that context!

"Yes.. It's the ultimate work of the greedy man alone in disguise of this smart guy who had picked my pocket and done the max damage!"

I was fuming within..

The next day, my landline phone had gone wild and as I picked it up, a shop man informed me that a rag picker found my wallet on road in the early morning hrs when he was on his routine and gave it in their shop as he could not do much in tracing the Owner.. The wallet had Rs...... as cash, ATM and Credit Cards and few Papers and everything appeared to be intact along with my phone number!

"That's so nice of the boy who picked it up.. Hat's off to his honesty.. He truly saved me from loss and a big trouble!"

thinking thus I was instantly elated.. But, the next moment it struck me..

"No..No..No.. Wait.. That's nothing.. Here, the boy had done much more to me.. Yes.. I understand that.. He straight away opened my eyes and made me see good in everyone and never think of the bad hitherto I used imagine with an unlimited greed to rob me at the earliest!"

Thus, the all familiar greedy man I encountered 'n' number of times in my life till then had once for all packed his bags and left from my cleansed up thinking promising never to return and then I never saw him again!

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire prompt Write a story ending with ".... and then I never saw him/her again." #MyStory)

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Thursday, June 9, 2016


The young man got his appointment into the highly skilled job after a brief stay at home soon after his graduation..

“Means I'm really capable.. No more sitting at home and doing home management.. That work my younger bro can do.. I'll get into my ever loved profession with all dedication and get laurels there!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Years rolled by.. And he was the Group-in-Charge..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing of this one job except hopping onto essentials here and there.. That work my Juniors can do.. I better do the job of guiding them!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Time moved on.. And he was into the Manager's Role in the next Company..

Means I'm really capable.. No more sitting with my Juniors.. That work my Assistants can do.. I better take up the Management of activities around!”

were the then his thoughts.. Time never stopped.. And he was promoted as Team Lead..

Means I'm really capable.. No more day to day follow up with my Working Group.. That work my Managers can do.. I’ll just catch up the latest in the field, do the over all Group Management and concentrate more on the delivery schedules!”

were the then his thoughts.. Some more years passed.. And he was the Departmental Head..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing my earlier job.. That work my Sub-ordinates can do.. Enough learning! Got to concentrate on discipline and manpower management in my department and answer on figures everywhere!”

were the then his thoughts.. 2 years passed.. And he was the General Manager of a newly formed Company..

Means I'm really capable.. No more doing these departmental works.. That work my dept heads can do.. I've only one work now in my Company.. What Profits I have brought to this Company as the GM.. That's all!” 

were the then his thoughts.. Next 5 years passed.. And he retired, streamlined all the pending issues at home and was totally at ease.. 

"Means I'm less capable now.. No more managing the complicated financial issues except living thru'.. My children are well settled with good jobs and family responsibilities and they can take over these.. I'll join some devotional programs and thus spend my retired life happily simultaneously helping out the needy and the sick around!"

were not the then his thoughts and instead strangely

“I've made this fortune all by myself.. My wealth had grown beyond expected.. Every pie of it is out of my hard work alone..This whole is mine, continues to be mine and I'll take every care of it and thus work continuously to safeguard it.. I don't want to hand over this responsibility to any one in my family!”

were only the ever firm thoughts in his mind!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


“I'm the Manager in my Department and I have the responsibility of taking care of my work progress in my area and the Company's property. The Owner of the Company had very much bestowed this responsibility on me. But when I act thus, I'm often vehemently opposed by own men. But this task is with me and unless I tell strongly and make them feel responsible, am I not working against the wishes of my Owner?" 

“Dear! I very much emphasize that forever you should act in time and set right the issues in front of you. Else your duty is incomplete and you will be actually dishonoring the faith your Employer had kept in you. Okay?"

"Right Sir!"

"But a small point here..When you do thus, without your own knowledge an element of Ownership enters you that you own the Enterprise and the related and that's why you should tell all that at any cost. Am I correct?”

“I agree with you Sir! I get a feeling that it's my Company and I should take care. But what's wrong in that?”

“To tell you 100% right you are not the Owner here but just have a Manager's Role in your work area; neither a bit more nor less of it at this point of time! And sure, as a Manager alone you should Question, Act and pass Orders and never with a Ownership feeling.. 

And with such an attitude when you instruct your people, it sure goes into your their heart and they feel that seriousness deep within and in that scenario, they see in front of them that your are not instructing but there's just an 'Instruction' and they got to follow that! This Spirit in Nature prevailing around us, automatically guides them there and soon they start loving their work.. 

  • When the Great Man instructed His followers not to give back but bear the assault aimed at them Himself taking the assault right in front of them, the followers too patiently took the beatings without resisting nor getting off from the scene! 
No doubt, that was truly possible for the Great Personality in action as a True Leader when He disowned Himself in total, but myself being very much limited would never do at that level but at my own very much possible for me and should do my bit of disowning too and thus present myself before my Assistants who sure in no time react to that tiny sacrifice I do in the situation and mold themselves to follow the right.. What else do you want if that happens in black and white right in front of you?

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Monday, June 6, 2016


  • “Whenever I want to be happy in life, I always encounter a problem. And that invariably makes me restless. I don't know why this happens to me alone in this way.. After all, life is meant to be happy. In my case, I never get a chance to be happy in my life. Destiny is just unfair to me!”
thus was lamenting a man of mid thirties sadly.. A wise elderly man by his side looked at him and said,
  • “My dear! I heard what you said and I have a word of advice here. Please tell me, who stopped you from being happy in life? I can say that you yourself are inviting your unhappiness!” 
The man became a little wild and said,
  • “Sir! How do you say that so easily? Suddenly, a problem independently comes up and I only have to give a solution there. When I can't do that, it's a real a pain!” 
The wise man smiled and said,
  • “See, Dear! Problems with us will be coming and going whether we want them or not and they in the world are always the same. In fact, the vagaries of life alone are the problems around us. In the temporary absence of these problems, my mind would be in a different plane. Instead of living my life steadily with limited enjoyments and doing my related works on hand, I most of the times, try to expand beyond to express myself unlimited.. 
  • These Circles of my expansion always encompass at a certain time with those of other Living Entities in the Universe. And that conflict alone is perceived as my problem.. 
  • The right solution here is to reduce this conflict as much as possible in my life by controlling my expansion and containing myself. And it can't be done to a zero level as my basic living itself over which as an ordinary living being I truly don't have much control too generates this conflict! 
  • Leaving this min level of conflict, rest beyond can be minimized if I'm truly disciplined.. And that discipline is nothing but balancing myself between serving and taking.. 
  • That's where activities like doing my dedicated work, taking care of family, serving in the neighborhood, helping out the needy and feeling for life around in general take prominence and through discharge of these direct/indirect responsibilities, my circles of expansion in the world are well controlled making way for true peace in my life! 

In such a scenario, the feeling that problems are a burden on me will surely come down max and giving a solution therein alone remains most of the times!”

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Friday, June 3, 2016


Once, all the 4 fingers of Right hand had a fight among themselves..
  • "I always wear the golden rings.. Means surely I'm special.. Then how can I be made to participate in every activity just like that along with others? Let me show my resistance for a while!"

were the proud thoughts of the Ring finger..
  • "I'm the biggest finger and should have been straight away given the Leadership Role.. Instead, am made to join with others so casually.."
were no less sarcastic comments from the Middle finger..
  • "We are all basically equal.. How can myself alone be put to use of unethical work of pointing out while others carry no such stigmas?"
were the loud thoughts of the Index finger..
  • "Just because I'm small, I can't be sidelined and talked.. If I don't join them, the next moment their strengths are halved.. Let me see how they get on without me!"
was the viscous conviction of the Little finger..
  • The elderly thumb could say nothing in the situation being afraid of the wrath of its angry members and 
became silent for a while!

With such malicious thoughts constantly going round for a while among its members, on a day of small hurt all works hitherto being done by the Right came to a halt and continued thus under the pretext of extended pain!

Having seen the Right of no use in the scenario, the left was put to use immediately for essential works. No doubt, it was a Herculean Task to take over that task but unfettered by the hardship, the job was taken over by Left with a great zeal..
  • "My dear all.. There's a true requirement here and equally a good scope for us to show off our skills.. Let's move together with all love and attention in the situation to accomplish this unique task bestowed upon us presently.. Am with you all along!"
thus spoke the left thumb extending a loving hand to its members..
  • "I may wear gold rings in normal times but that doesn't really mean anything great unless I join here with all love and care!"
was the determined thinking of the left Ring finger..
  • "I may be big in size and be in the middle but I can't claim any value for me unless I love my work and join with my colleagues.. Let me rise to the occasion!"
were the inner feelings of the associated Middle finger..
  • "All works are important and let me not carry an impression that I'm unduly made use of.. Let me do the right in the situation with a cent percent loving attitude and be done with it!"
were the loud thoughts of the next Index finger..
  • "I may be small but along with the group am ever strong.. I love my group and I contribute my best here!" 
was the firm conviction of their friendly Little finger..

Soon, the left fingers became partly Experts in those works and thereby the left hand was equally allowed to continue doing them.. The Right members quickly realized their mistake and in spite of becoming active again, they permanently lost their long cherished monopoly over certain potential area of operation in their life to their competitors!

At length, the Right hand fingers murmured within..

"True Love and Dedication
Towards Working,
Upholding the Group Togetherness and
Respecting the Leadership Skills
Alone ultimately secure the right and dignified life in this world!"

(The Post is written in line with the IndiSpire Prompt #LoveChallenge)

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